It's All About the Money

How much money is in your wallet?

Cash-wise, I think I've got some loose change in there. I really don't carry cash on me. Cards are so much more convenient! (And really, they are safe. You're backed by your bank AND VISA, so I don't know why people have such an aversion to them). But I have to say, I kinda miss having cash. Remember when having a $20 bill was a big deal. Now it's just money. I guess that's what working at a bank does to you. It's funny when people ask me questions like how it feels to handle so much money during the day. I honestly don't even think about it. It's just paper. Kind of strange to think that that paper is what people work for...a lousy piece of paper. Just crazy.

Okay, kind of got off topic there. I love my job.


'Tis the Season!

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas season?

I love Christmas. I have ALWAYS loved Christmas, though I feel like I've become a bit of a Scrooge in the past few years. I don't know what my deal is, but I just am not in the mood to ever put up Christmas lights, but I know once we do, I'll be glad. Because I love turning on just the Christmas lights and watching a movie, or cuddling up on the couch. I also love the snow (not necessarily the cold), and I love watching it fall. I love the spirit of Christmas, the music, the joy, the happiness. I wish it could last all year, for reals!


In real life news, it's been 6 months since our last 'major' car catastrophe, so it was time. Don't worry, we survived this one too. Can't wait until May for our next one!


I feel most self-conscious when...

...when I have to talk about myself, or when people ask me questions about myself. I really don't like it. I don't know why. I just get all sorts of self-conscious, and I kind of shut down and don't like to talk. Or if I have to do something in front of lots of people (or even a few people, really). Just don't like it. So....yeah...quit asking me questions...I'm all sorts of self-conscious even answering these daily post questions.


I really wish....

....that our cars wouldn't break down like they do.
....that I could just quit my job (and be a millionaire! I'd even take half a million. I'm not selfish!)
....that I had the guts to say what I was thinking (though it may be a good thing I don't. I could be pretty mean!)
....that the school would just fire one of the counselors so we could get a job. (like right now would be nice)
....that we just knew what we were doing already! (I need to quit praying for patience!)
....that my body would be normal again (with my current weight of course)
....that people would just do their jobs and not tick me off (though I'm beginning to wonder if they think that that is their job, and that's why they do it!)
....that facebook would not allow status updates that are nothing but stupid complaints
(man, I'm on one tonight! Sorry!!)



Today's prompt is to list five words that make me giggle.
Well, I can't think of five. But a few quotes/ phrases we currently are quoting...

"Well, good for you. You're probably going to get a belly ache!"
(From a Jimmy Kimmel video challenge thing, where he told parents to film themselves telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy)

"Butt Fumble"
(In regards to Mark Sanchez running into his own player and fumbling the ball. Quite funny.

"I am the guy on the standee!"
(Hottie Tom Brady Funny or Die video)

If I can think of more, I'll add them. Put me on the spot and my mind goes blank!


What Did I Get to Do Today...

Let's see...

I got to go to work.
I got to eat dinner with my parents, brother, sister, and practically sister.
I got to come home and relax with Greg.
I got to go grocery shopping.
I got to go to Hastings.
I got to eat brownies and ice cream.

Lucky me, right?


Oh, So Worried!

What worries you?

At the moment...that I will be stuck at my job FOREVER!
That Greg or I will get really sick, and not have any insurance.
No schools will ever hire another school counselor.
It's never going to snow.
We'll never ............................
I will get fired from my job and have to find a new one.
Our car or house will break down and will cost a fortune to fix.
I won't be able to sleep tonight.

And that's all I'm worried about. (Okay, not really..but I'm too tired to think of much else!)
Ps...just noticed I put I'm worried that I'll both be stuck at my job AND fired from it....no wonder I don't feel well..


The Ups and Downs

What have the ups and downs of the past week been?

-I had to work
-Work was a bit frustrating last week
-Thanksgiving was just one day
-Black Friday deals...not so awesome!
-It's freezing! My hands are always cramped and it makes it hard to want to do anything
-It hasn't snowed yet


-Thanksgiving was a wonderful day off from work
-Work this week has been good thus far

-Spent all afternoon making Star Wars snowflakes at work
-Had a member five us coupons for FREE Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes to Chik-fil-a! So stoked!
-Got complimented on my hair and weight
-Almost got our Christmas lights all up


Sounds That Make Me Cringe

What sound do you hate hearing?

Anything scraping --- fork on the bottom of a pan, scraping the frost from the windows, etc. etc.

Sniffling --- like the kind where they like breathe in and sniffle and wheeze and it's just all sorts of nasty!


5 Shows

List your top 5 shows right now.
(In no particular order)

1. Emily Owens, M.D
2. Family Feud
3. The Big Bang Theory
5. Around the Horn


Last 3 Things I used

Name the last 3 things that you used today:
1) My computer
2) My kindle fire
3) The bathroom


Favorite Holiday Recipe & 20 Questions

Because I cook SO often, this one will be easy.

Around this time of year, I remember my mom making crab dip, or cheese ball. Since I've been married, we make crab dip just about every year. I love it, but is one of those things that you can only have once a year...and around Thanksgiving/Christmas. I'm pretty sure I've posted the recipe on here before...Okay, I don't know where it is, but it's pretty yum.


So, I had to work today. So fun. So busy. Okay, not really. So, we had a kid transfer to our branch from St. George, and he's been here for about 4 months. He's hilarious. He definitely brings a much needed dose of testosterone amongst all us women. (Even though he can be as much of a girl as the rest of us. I think he'd admit that as well!) So, it's super slow, super boring, so we decide to play 20 questions. We only got two rounds in while I was there. I stumped him on GPS. He stumped us on dandelion, though I still argue that you couldn't classify dandelion as a flower, and you also couldn't buy them. So I declare myself the winner. Yes...we play childish games at work. But what else are you to do when everyone is out shopping, and not hitting the bank?


How I played...

How did you play today?

Interesting question. I guess I 'played' by NOT going to work. I got to stay home, sleep in, eat DELICIOUS food, relax and play on my kindle and computer.

That is my form of "playing".


Last Text Message

The last text message I received was from: Greg
and said: Shrimp Ring. Yams. Oysters? Gravy. Pop? Button Mushrooms. Pies? Potatos. We have turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, eggs, we can make rolls. You know of anything else?

(yes, that is our Thanksgiving dinner list!)


Lately as of November

I don't know why this question keeps coming up. It's always the same week after week...

Work -- super exciting. I think work is the reason I don't feel well. I've got to stop stressing!

Seriously...that's about all I've been up to. Scrapbooking when I can. Trying to decide what to get Greg for Christmas. Not fun! I never know, and I'm no good at surprises. Maybe i'll figure it out. But for now..that's about all that I've been up to!


3 Things...

I need to buy...

Ice cream (since Greg didn't let us get any when we went shopping yesterday)

ummm...that's about all I can think that I NEED.

Maybe food for our Thanksgiving dinner? I guess it's also time to start thinking about Christmas.



Favorite Sandwich

What is your favorite sandwich and how must it be made so it's perfect?

To be honest...I'm not a fan of sandwiches. I can do like Subway, or Jimmy Johns, but there is something about bread, mayo/miracle whip, and sandwich meat that kinda makes me gag. I can do grilled cheese and grilled tuna, no problemo. I can also do sandwiches as long as the bread is toasted (like BLT's, or sometimes if we just have meat, I'll toast the bread anyway.) Sam's club has these hoagies that are actually pretty good, so I can do them with meat, cheese, and mustard (no mayo). When I was in HS and had to pack a lunch for ball trips, I would make the sandwich with just bread and meat. No mayo. I don't know if its because it's soggy, and I don't like the feel of it sticking to my teeth, but I just can't do it.

I need to stop being picky.


Home Project To-Do

What's on my home project to do list?

Organize and declutter for sure! I kind of feel like I don't have space to do anything...kind of like I cant breathe. The walls are closing in. Luckily we recently kind of started cleaning out our side room. I spent my Monday day off cleaning the bathroom and some of the kitches. We were able to move some shelves from our kitchen into the aide room and move the treadmill against the wall so its not in the middle of our kitchen. Its been fabulous. Now to tackle the rest of the house...


Today I Am Feeling...

a bit stressed...
hurt (as in physical pain)...
(it was a rough day...)

But, I had the opportunity to go to a meeting with all the Stake Young Women's Presidencies. The talks given were awesome. Sister Thurber gave one on time, and gave a great example from 3 Nephi about when the Savior was visiting the America's, and he told them to go home and ponder on the words that he had spoken. And though he had other things that he was supposed to do, instead, he took the time to bless the sick, and the children, and all the people that were there. She compared it to us as Young Women leaders, and how we need to take time to make sure that our young women are doing okay, and take time to see how they are doing. She, of course, told it a lot better than I did, but it was awesome, and much needed. I complain a lot about my calling, but I wouldn't rather have any other one (except ward organist...because that's the best calling ever). But we have some amazing young women, and I am blessed to be able to work with them. I just need to take more time to be a better leader for them. It was a great meeting. (and much needed after my day!)

After, I had told Brother Tyler from my ward that I would referee some church volleyball games. It was so fun. I have never seen so many poor players having so much fun! And I have to say, it was some ugly volleyball, but I was quite impressed with how 'decent' some of those ladies were. I'm sure most have never played anything other than church ball, and they weren't too bad.

When the games were over, I was walking out, and this girl looks at me and says "How are you?" I smiled and said, "Good, how are you?" Then we kind of stared at each other, me thinking, "do I know you?" Then she said, "I'm from Cokeville." I just stared at her hoping for any form of recognition...finally I said, "Who are you?" It was Jennie Sorensen. I didn't even recognize her. In my defense though, when she said she was from Cokeville, I was thinking of people my age, because she looked young enough to be my age. It was kind of cool though to see someone I 'knew'.

Anyway...that's how my day went!


In One Year...

In one year I would like to tell myself...

"See, it wasn't so bad!"

(It would be a really short conversation!)


Too Much!

What do you have too much of?

I would say...time to think. I think way too much, and sometimes I overthink. Especially with all the downtime I work. I just think about things that make me angry, frustrated, jealous, upset, etc. (Obviously, all negative thinking, and not much positive thinking.) Somedays I think I should just be able to turn my thoughts off, and think about nothing.


I love you!

Who is the last person you said "I love you" to?

Most likely my husband, since he's the only person I see ever, and talk to ever, and really one of the few people I actually like! ;)


Completely Out of Character

What is one thing you've done recently that's completely out of character for you?

This is  tough one. I don't think I've done much to step out of my comfort zone. Maybe talking back to my boss? But I wouldn't really call it 'talking back'... More voicing my opinion? Needless to say, I'm usually one that keeps quiet, even if it's not something I agree on, but lately, and I don't know why, I've been speaking up a bit more. Sometimes I freak out a bit...completely not normal. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I'm going crazy...but I just can't keep quiet about things if I don't agree with it, or if I don't understand it. I should learn to control my emotions, and not speak without thinking. I have a feeling it may get me in trouble one day.


Last Thoughts...

What did you think about before you fell asleep last night?

I'm sure it went along the lines of...
I don't want to work tomorrow.
I wonder what we'll do after work tomorrow.
Why can't I just sleep already?
I hope it snows.

or something like that...


What's in My Fridge?

I should just take a picture, because that would be a lot easier than trying to tell you everything in my fridge. So, maybe I'll do that, and come back to update.


The Weather Today...

I find it really funny when people here in Utah talk about their winters. How they complain because "It's snowing already" and it's November. Like they know what winter is! Even when there is a snow fall, it lasts for about a day, and then it's gone. But, the weather today was cold. It's supposed to snow tonight, but I have my doubts. I love snow, mostly because it means it's not going to be freezing. But this 'winter' weather needs to do something, because it's just cold and blah. Come on winter!


5 Things

I wish I had with me today...(written at work)

-- My kindle fire (so I could read, or play games)
-- Photoshop (so I could do something besides stare at my co-workers)
-- My blanket (so I don't have to freeze)
-- Something to eat (because the tootsie rolls are getting old)
-- TV (so we could have some sort of entertainment!)


Dear God,

If you could ask God a question, what would it be?

At this point in my life, I would like to ask Him what our future held (ie, jobs, home, school, babies, etc.) I'm not a fan of this waiting and see what happens. I hate not knowing what to tell my boss when he asks what our plans our. I just want to know now! Now, I love a good surprise, but I don't want this to be a surprise. I just want to know. I NEED to know, or else I'm going to go crazy. I don't know what to plan for. I just really want to know. So please, God, I think an answer in the form of a very clearly written letter would be the best plan. I don't do so well waiting for prayers to be answered! ;)

I guess that's what faith is for, right? Faith that my Heavenly Father knows what He's doing, and while He probably isn't going to give me the answer to that question right now, or all at once, but that it's all going to work out, and that whatever happens, happens for a reason. It'll all be okay.


Do You Love Your Job?

Yes...and no...haha...

Depends on the day.

But in all honesty, I have to say that it is the best job I've ever had. (You know, because I've had so many!)

I really enjoy the basics of the job...greeting members, doing transactions, opening accounts. It's the sales aspect that I don't enjoy, because I'm not a salesman. I do not like trying to sell to members. If there is something that I feel could benefit them, I have no problem doing it, but don't ask me to just bring up random things to try to sell. Totally not my personality. It takes a lot for me to get out of my comfort zone and strike up a conversation with people I don't know.

But I do like dealing with money, checks, and meeting new people. It's kind of amazing how many people you get to know, even if I don't know their name right off the bat, I know their faces, and it's kind of cool when you get members that want to come to you because they know and like you.

Do I like getting yelled at about fees? No...It always creates an awkward situation because I would love to tell people what I think, but I need to keep my job. If I could just help the people who do not have issues with fees or anything like that, I think I'd love my job even more...

Oh, and if they would let me install Photoshop on my computer, I'd really love my job!

Now, would I rather NOT be working...absolutely! But only if I had other things to keep me busy, so I guess for now, I'm okay with the job I'm at.


Halloween 2012

And it's a real post, with real pictures!

For Halloween this year, I had the brilliant idea to be a bank robber. I told my co-workers about it, and they were all in. This is the first year I had really dressed up, and the first year that I've been there that my co-workers dressed up as well. We had a lot of fun with it, and I'm glad that we were able to do it. (PS...it's ironic because we work at a bank)

Danny, me, Caleb, Donna, Lauren, Steve and Karen

That night we stayed home and gave out candy. It's fun seeing all the cute kids in costumes, even though I didn't know any of them. People from my ward don't come over to our house...something about the trailer park I think. Happy Halloween!


The most beautiful thing...

Seriously. What is with these questions? Haha. I really don't even know on this one....lets go with...the weather was beautiful. I can't believe how warm it is or the fact that we've only had one snowfall. Kinda crazy!



What time did ito to bed last night? Was it unusual for me? Last night I had volleyball games. Our first was at 6:45 then since we won we had to sit around until 9:00 to play our next game. Sadly we lost, though we did take it three. Because of this I didn't get home til 9:50. Then I still had to bathe and eat. So bedtime came close to 11:00. Man I feel so old!

On a side note I have to say how grateful I am for such good friends who let me play on their team despite my inability to perform to the best of my ability and even their standards. I'm sure there were times they wanted to kick me off the team, yet they encouraged me and cheered me on. I really needed to get out and spend time with friends and get SOME exercise in. So thanks Camille, Brit, Liz, and new friends Cortney and Tara. Maybe/hopefully next time I'll really be able to play. I love you girls!


Favorite Thing to Make?

I don't know if this means food or what,but I'm interpreting it as this. My favorite thing to make is stuff on my computer...digital scrapbook pages, cards, blogs, etc. Who taught me? I pretty much taught myself. I took a few photoshop classes but taught myself through them. Basically if I could have photoshop and a computer...I'd be good.


Thankful for

I guess with Thanksgiving coming up in November, this is a good reminder for me to be grateful. Here is a short list of things I'm thankful for.

*A job that is really a good job. Despite my complaints, I couldn't ask for a better job (outside of the home)
*A husband who has put up with school for the past 7 years
*A roof over our head, even if we don't have a working furnace at the moment
*A body that is healthy enough to get me through my days. Yes I have a lot of issues, and by 3:00 I'm utterly exhausted, but I can do enough to keep me moving
*A car that gets us to and from our jobs, and is reliable enough (knock on wood)
*The gospel that gives us a solid foundation to build our lives on


A List of Sounds

Well, had I done this on the day I was supposed to, it may have been easier.

Probably something on TV while we eat our delicious Texas Roadhouse...Heat vs Celtics. Go Heat! (Followed by Lakers vs Mavs!)


What I've taught you...

What is one thing you've taught someone else to do? Ugh...A question that makes me think! Lol. I guess at work I've taught new employees how to do different transactions, or I teach members how to log-in to their online banking. I can't think of anything else!


I Apologize

Last thing I apologized for? Maybe the fact that we couldn't give a member the amount he wanted through the drive thru? Did I mean it? No comment...


Can't Believe...

What is one thing you can't believe is happening in your life right now... Hmmm...good question. My answer is I cant believe we are where we are right now...I kinda thought we'd be elsewhere. (And that's all I'm saying.)


What I Collect

Besides my husband's socks? (Inside joke) I'd probably have to say digital scrapbook kits. How many do I have? That's a very good question. I really should count but obey its high 100's. I wouldn't be surprised if I have over 1000...some I get for free (most ofthem) some I buy. Plus I've got a ton on my wish list. What a terrible nasty habit I have! Luckily they just take up space on my computer and hard drive and not my house right?


7 Things

About the past 7 days...

1 - My SIL dyed my hair. I really love it. I wish I was a natural red head.
2 - I 'helped' haul hay...aka pushed a few bails around and tried to stay out of the way.
3 - Had SIL take pics of Greg and I. I hope we got at least one good one. I haven't looked at them yet. (BTW, she totally saved me like $200 this week. I love having a talented sister like her)
4 - Olive Garden...had a gift card. Did the eat in, take one home deal. Pretty good. The take home dish was really yummy too. Kind of surprised me.
5 - Recurring dreams about the elections = no sleep + head cold = not a fun day at work!
6 - Had an interesting conversation with my boss. I love working in a place with mostly females....drama, drama, DRAMA!
7 - Played volleyball last night. Did okay. There was one time I was going backwards for a ball...I don't move so well, so I kind stumbled...and fell right on my butt. I don't really remember what happened, I just kind of closed my eyes and landed. It was pretty funny...



How is it already October 24?!? Where did time go? It's so funny how you sit there and think..."I can't wait until _________ . Time is going so SLOW!" And then all of a sudden three weeks have gone by. Amazing how that happens! But for real. I can't believe it's already the end of October.

I'm battling a small cold, but it was worth cuddling that sick baby all weekend, so I'm okay with it. (Though I do really wish that I could just stay at home in my fuzzy socks and pants, wrapped up in a blanket instead of going to work where I'm cold and uncomfortable all day...is it December yet?!?) But oh well. Like I said...the sick baby was worth it.

But for today's prompt (and yes, I'll get caught up...)

What have you been procrastinating lately?

*Editing pictures
*Cleaning the house
*Folding the laundry
*Doing the dishes

Kinda stinks having ZERO energy!


My House is a Home

I think this pretty much sums it up.
I found this on {this ladies' blog} a while ago, and fell in love with it. Especially after reading {this post}. It's the truth.

~day 12~


This is what...

...I've been up to lately. (I feel like I just did a post about this...)

Working...takes up six hours of my day, and all of my energy. This day was particularly rough. I was accused of accusing some people of elderly financial abuse, in which I have NO idea how they even came up with that. We have limits at the drive-thru, and so when the people wanted more than I could give, I let them know why, and gave them options to get the money. They seemed okay when they drove off, so imagine my surprise when I got a call asking about this situation. It was strange. Then shortly after that I had a long-time member who we are ALWAYS good to call and rip into me about some fees that she had received on her account. I just wish people would address the situation differently. Instead of screaming at the person, I suggest asking what the fees are for (CALMLY), what you can do to avoid them in the future, and THEN ask if it's possible to have any reversed. Seriously people. This is something I have a very difficult time with. Then just the typical everyday issues that I deal with. Hence...the zero energy once 3:00 rolls around.

If I'm not working, I'm busy trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking and relaxing with the hubs.

Thursdays I get to play volleyball with some friends for the Smithfield City Rec League. We have a lot of fun, despite me not being able to serve overhand, or move. Luckily my friends are awesome and patient with me, and still let me play. One of these days I'll have my health back and will be able to kick butt again.

Other than that...I'm not sure what I've been up to. Pretty basic, boring, busy life!

--day 11--
Because I'm super!


Favorite Seasonal Food

I'm not really sure on this one. I haven't had much of an appetite lately so honestly the thought of food kinda makes me sick. (And yes that includes McDonalds French fries!) But since I have to answer this...I'd say either hot chocolate (though that's more of a Christmas time one) or some type of soup...usually clam chowder,since its about the best soup we know how to make. I love when it gets colder and we can eat/drink warm stuff. What's you favorite!



3 Things

I love to talk about?

1. Food
2. Stupid people
3. The latest gossip (yeah...I can't think if much with this one.)

**Day 9**


I Feel Most at Ease When...

...I'm at home relaxing. When I don't have to listen to people complain about life, money, family, etc. When I have my husband home to talk to and laugh with. Nothing beats coming home at the end of a long day and just relaxing. I so look forward to 2:45 every single day...

-- day 8


What Are You Thankful For?

Day 7

-- Late church = sleeping in
-- Fasting + lack of appetite anyway = a number on the scale I haven't seen in a while (also LESS than the weight on my driver's license! Woot!)
-- A yummy Sunday dinner - roast, mashed potatoes, mushrooms...
-- The ability to walk around the block
-- Fall weather
-- A husband who likes to experiment with desserts


Today I am Feeling...

Pretty good, actually. Despite having to work for 3 hours, I was able to sleep in (8:15), and get some things done on my computer. We didn't do a whole lot today, and maybe it was helpful to not have to walk around a lot or be on my feet too much. But overall my body feels a little better (lower back is sore for some reason), and my mind too. Not having to stress about people at work, or anything else is pretty great. I kinda like that feeling!

~Day 6~


You've Got That One Thing

(that's a song...)

Day 4: What is one thing which makes you different?

One of the reasons I didn't answer this on the day I was supposed to was because I couldn't think of anything. I have a hard time thinking of things like this, so I chose not to answer. But then I thought of something...

I think one thing that makes me different is my work ethic (and I'm talking at work...haha, we won't talk about my work ethic at home...after a long day at work! ;) One thing I've noticed about people outside of what I'm used to, is that they just don't have the same work ethic as the people I knew and grew up with. Whether it was the girls I coached in volleyball, or the people I've worked with...it's just different. I like to think I learned it from my parents and coaches. I was taught if I was going to do something, do my best, work my hardest, and I've carried that with me.

I have had some frustration at the place I work for the past 2.5 years with people just not doing their jobs. I actually 'yelled' at someone once, because I was so frustrated. I've had multiple talks with my manager, and I'm grateful that he notices the type of work ethic that I have. Even if I'm having a crappy day, I go into my job to do my job. I'm not going to just hide behind my desk and do whatever I can to avoid the people that come in (though I sure would like to sometimes). I'm going to greet them, and do my job. If I'm feeling a bit sick, I'm going to go to work still. I'm not going to call in if I sneezed a couple of times. I like to think that I'm a good employee because I am reliable and I do have a good work ethic. It's kind of crazy to me that not many people have much of a work ethic...so I guess that's one thing that I feel makes me different.


Close Your Eyes

And daydream for a moment. What did you imagine?

Greg and I swinging in a hammock on the beach...watching our children play in the sand...because really, what's a daydream vacation without the ones you love? (What's any vacation really?)

...day 3...


The Best News ...

I've heard in the past week? You mean besides Seattle winning the game last night? How about $1.50 taco Tuesday at Costa Vida and totally cashing in? I have to say Cafe. Rio is much better but can't beat $1.50!

Yes..this is how awesome my life is that this is the 'best news.'

Also...day 2 accomplished.


Sometimes I Get Motivated

Sometimes I get really motivated and think, "Hey this would be cool to do." Well, now is one of those times.

Here's my daily blogging prompt...

List your morning rituals.

As of lately it's been such:
Wake up at 7:05...hit snooze...
Wake up at 7:10...roll out of bed
Put on some clothes (sweat pants and hoodie)
Go to the bathroom
Crawl back under the covers while Greg finishes getting dressed
Drive Greg to his 'job'
Get home, shower, eat breakfast, play on my kindle

Do my hair, put on makeup, and rush out the door.

Morning after morning. (Though I'd rather be getting up early than have to go to work at 11-6...)


In other news...
I'm not sure if I ever blogged about the time I had a rough day at work and came home and went to turn on the lights and they shorted out. Yeah, that was fun. This was only a few months after we were able to get it fixed. Well, it's been quite a while since that happened, and yesterday we learned that it was just some bad wires in the plug in our side room. Now we can turn on the kitchen light, the living room light AND the side room light. It's amazing. (though it also means that I don't have an excuse to NOT put up our Halloween lights...)

Last night we made some no-bake cookies. Yummy, right? They turned out amazing...until we actually ate them. They were not good. We couldn't figure out whether it was the peanut butter or the oats, until tonight when Greg opened the peanut butter. Yeah, it was bad. Smelled horrible. It only expired in 2009. Needless to say...we threw the cookies away.

And I also made a few old posts. I put them in order of when they happened just in case I ever print this blog into a book.
Trev & Ceara's Wedding
25th B-day & More
End of Summer 2011
And more to come!


Still Alive

...and mostly in one piece! Life has just been a bit busy around here. I'm still working, and Greg has started his internship. I'm still doing a lot of scrapbooking, Greg is still playing a lot of baseball (on his computer). We haven't had too much exciting going on recently, but it was a pretty eventful summer. One of these days I promise I'll post about them. I think about all the things I could/should post about, then never get around to it. But seriously. One of these days you'll here all about what's going on with us. Until then...we're still alive, and I guess that's a blessing!


Life Lately

Life lately consists of...

going to work, coming home for lunch, going back to work, coming home...rest...eat...sleep, repeat.

Seriously...I feel like that's my life. Of course we have had some random events pop up...

Like having baby kittens. For some reason we have a lot of stray cats that like to play around our house. In the winter they sit and fight under our house and keep us up all night. Well, a few weeks ago Greg went to our shed to get our lawn mower out, and well, there are four baby kittens living in our shed. We've got two gray, one black, and one super cute one with white and grayish/brown fur. They hate me. They will not come near me, and there is one gray cat that I actually got that hissed and clawed at me the entire time I held it. Now they all kind of hiss at me, even though I have told them multiple times that I am NOT going to hurt them. I just want to be their friend. Oh well...we can't have pets here, so I guess it's good that I don't consider them pets...right?

Second, we have a broken car. Like broken/tried to fix but still won't start car. So we're in the process of hunting for a car. Yeah, that's loads of fun! We don't want to spend a lot, so that kind of makes it hard, but I'd rather buy a semi-crappy car now and save our money for someday to buy a not-so-crappy car. We are one-car people now, and it's been fun. I drive Greg to work, then go pick him up on his break so he can take me and drop me off at work, then he comes and gets me after his work for lunch and we come home and then I take the car back. It's not been too bad I guess, but wouldn't mind having a second car.

We've had a great, relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. Yesterday was our 7th anniversary, and apparently we were supposed to gift each other desk sets (?) and plan a trip that takes us to a place where there's lots of sheep. Sounds like fun, right? Today we slept in, then went to the Avengers at 12:30 and sat on the very front row (awesome!) I really like the show...better than the other individual shows, I thought, plus Thor and IronMan are super good looking, so that was great. Then we got Cafe Rio, and now we're home. I'm doing computer stuff...Greg playing games. Both not wanting to work tomorrow!

Gotta love life!

(Oh, and just FYI, I will be posting some catch-up posts eventually...some dating back to a year ago. Just thought I'd warn you. It's more for my sake than yours! ;)


Easter Weekend

I've been meaning to do a major update but there has been such little time, so I'm just gonna post about me Easter weekend. I actually had that Saturday off (*shock*) and it was awesome.

Greg decided to hold an egg hunt for the Elders' families. It was kind of last minute but we had a great turnout ... (better than any other activities, that's for sure) but it was fun and I think the ones that showed up had fun to.

Right after the egg hunt Greg and I went to a 3-hour long CPR certification class. Totally awesome and not boring at all...lets also just say I hope I never have to do CPR and more importantly receive CPR from anyone in that class...okay a bit rude. But really. It was nice to take the class with Greg and my SIL Shaina instead of by myself.

After class we went and got food. Then ate and relaxed for a bit. Then Greg and our neigbbor went and picked up our new bed that we bought...in the nearly 7 years we've been married we've been sleeping on a mattress on a floor, so it was nice to get this. We love it, despite the fact that Greg keeps stepping on me getting in and out of bed. We had fun putting that together.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. Movies, eating, church, etc. Super great weekend in my opinion!


29 Feb - Today I Love

February 29, 2012
{Today I Love}

I love that there are 29 days in February this year. It's totally random, and I guess I don't understand why February gets shorted days. Why not just give them 30, and change the months with 31 to 30, and every 4 years, give one of the 30-day months 1 more day. Totally makes sense, right? Pretty interesting I guess.

But really, I love that February is over. Crazy how time is flying!


28 Feb - Today I Love

February 28, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love date nights with Greg. We don't "go out" very often, but we went to the Olive Garden where we had some semi-delicious food, and pretty much enjoyed our night together. I love eating out anyway, so spending it with my husband just tops it off!


27 Feb - Today I Love

February 27, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love all my nieces and nephews. I've got 11 now, and they are all cute, adorable, pains, etc. in their own ways. Well, except maybe #11, because he's brand new...TODAY!
(this pic isn't from today...it's from the future, but we won't get into that!)
I haven't met him yet, but I sure do love him already.

I love being an aunt, and will claim my title as favorite aunt to ALL my nieces and nephews...probably forever, because I have legit reasons. But again, won't get into that one. I look forward to being an aunt again and again...I've got another nephew on the way (future knowledge), that I can't wait to meet, but will have to wait until August or so, and at least 6 more from the mom and dad of the cute little guy above (according to Annie).

So yeah, basically I love being an Aunt!


26 Feb - Today I Love

February 26, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that my hubby will fake sick so we can stay home from church and cuddle on the couch. (okay, he was sick, i faked sick...and we didn't cuddle...but we still got to spend the entire day together, so there!)


25 Feb - Today I Love

February 25, 2012
{Today I Love}

Guess what! I didn't have to work today! That is a rare occasion for Saturdays, so today I love that I didn't have to work on a Saturday, and I got to be lazy all day long!


24 Feb - Today I Love

February 24, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today is Friday...what's not to love!

Also, I forgot to post this yesterday, but I love the kindness of strangers. I have a finger problem, so I wear gloves. Every now and then people ask me questions as to why I wear gloves, and I tell them them because my hands are cold, and we leave it at that. Well, yesterday I was helping a member who had a shared branching account, and we were talking about my awesome hands when he told me about these gloves that the fishermen on the west coast wear. "They are thin, and they have a grip so they can pick up the fish. I'm going to Wal-Mart, I'll pick you up some." To which I reply, "No, it's alright," basically wanting to tell him no without being rude. Well...time passed, and I was thinking/hoping he wouldn't remember, but around 5:45, this gentleman drops something in the drive-thru drawer. Sure enough they were gloves. Sure they're way to big for me, but they'll be great for doing dishes. I just thought that was totally awesome of him to do. So thank you kind, hippy, stranger!


23 Feb - Today I Love

February 23, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love lazy Thursday nights. Greg has school, so basically I'm lazy all night...play on my computer, watch TV, NAP! (haven't done that in AGES!) I did get some laundry folded, while I was waiting to hear whether we were going running or not. So that's good. (and no, we didn't end up going!)

Then, of course I love my late night McDonalds that Greg brings home for me. What a sweetheart!


22 Feb - Today I Love

February 22, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I learned that my sewing machine is not actually broken. (which is great, because it's not actually mine!) So what if I've had it for quite a while and never used it yet because I thought it was broken....Yeah, I'm special! But now that I know it works, maybe I'll actually use it!


21 Feb - Today I Love

February 21, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that it's a short work week for me...and I mean short, short! Like only 4 days instead of 6. That's pretty much worth celebrating!


20 Feb - Today I Love

February 20, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that my job, and Greg's current "job", allows us to have federal holidays off! Thank you George Washington! So, obviously we got to spend another whole day together! AWESOME!!

I also love that TV has all-day marathons of NCIS ALL THE TIME! Tony (love him), McGee (Annie loves him), Abby, Gibbs...Who knew my sister-in-law Annie's obsession with it could get me hooked. It's great that it's on all the time too. Ah, I can't wait to move to SV so Annie and I can watch it all the time! (okay, probably shouldn't say that, or my mother-in-law might not let me hang out with Annie ever! ;)

Anyway. that's all. So love that I didn't have to work!


19 Feb - Today I Love

February 19, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that Greg faked sick so we could stay home from church.
(Okay, maybe Greg WAS sick, and I'm the one who faked it so I could stay home too...don't tell anyone!)

Mostly, I love that we could spend ALL day together. 

Also, I love that I understand computers/blogger/HTML so I can mess around and make blogs look cute. Obviously I make mine over a lot, because I like trying different things, but I've also done some for friends...like {my sister's}, and {this one} that I worked on today for my friend. (ignore the fact that the links at the top still don't work and that there is still some spanish on it. Geeze. You try re-coding a blog that was made up in Spanish!) But I love that I understand it, and love that I have friends that let me mess around with their blogs....so if you want a blog makeover..let me know! I love being creative.


18 Feb - Today I Love

February 18, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I work with awesome people. The person I got to work with today is just the nicest person. Not only does she rock at her job, but she is just a great person.

Also, I love that Greg and I got to spend all day on the futon.
(We don't get to do that near enough now days...)


17 Feb - Today I Love

February 17, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that we can go to Texas Roadhouse twice in one week, and NOT feel guilty about it. It's Texas Roadhouse! It's delicious! I also love when I have coupons for free appetizers....love their onion blossoms.

I love that my in-laws will come and visit us every now and then (and take us out to dinner! THANKS!) It's nice to see them every now and then.


16 Feb - Today I Love

February 16, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I'm pretty much a genius. So what if I don't always come across as such...but in the end  my genius-ness comes out, and I rock.

Also...I still love our late-night McDonald's runs.


15 Feb - Today I Love

February 15, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love husband. He was born today THIRTY years ago. Yes, he is super old! But I still love him.

I also love that I can earn paid sick leave so when I'm feeling crappy I can go home and spend my hubby's birthday with him.
(I really was sick...**cough**sniffle**sneeze**)

I love that Texas Roadhouse has an early-dine special, because I basically just love their food!

Happy Birthday to Greg!


14 Feb - Today I Love

February 14, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that there is a day set apart each year to show your loved ones that they are loved (because we shouldn't be doing that all year long anyway.) 

I love the text from my husband that said, "Do you want heart-shaped pancakes?" To which I respond, "Only if they are pink." To which we have plain ol' pancakes. Love the flowers and the cards he gave me. And pretty much just love him!


13 Feb - Today I Love

February 13, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that when I do have to work all day, I get an hour lunch. That gives me time to drive home, sit down, and eat, plus have time to do a few other things as well. Much better than the 10 minutes I had to eat before...
(though disadvantage is I don't get to see Greg for lunch anymore. Sad times.)


12 Feb - Today I Love

February 12, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that it's just Sunday. No work. Delicious food. No stupid people....mmkay, maybe not the last one, so much...but still. Another relaxing day. Just don't love that it goes so fast!


11 Feb - Today I Love

February 11, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that when I do work Saturdays, it's only for 3 hours. I also love that I get to speak through the window to people, oh and I get to wear jeans!

I also love that I get to see my husband for more than 4 hours...we get to see each other ALL day! 
(Minus the 3 hours of work, of course!)


10 Feb - Today I Love

February 10, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that it's Friday. I also love that there's no drama at work...none...at...all...


09 Feb - Today I Love

February 9, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I can sit at the drive-thru and see/hear some pretty great things...such as college boys saying they thing I'm pretty, or people trying to maneuver their way to lane one, and totally not making it. Yes I do laugh at people sometimes, I'm not going to lie. I love working drive-thru.

Also, I love that my husband will bring me McDonald's late at night when he gets home from school. 
(Yes, this may be why I haven't lost any more weight!)


08 Feb - Today I Love

February 8, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that some lady thought it would be okay to use a Wal-Mart electric cart to make her way across the parking lot to come into the bank...ummm, yeah, I don't think that's what they're for. I also loved the beeping noises when she backed up and tried to manover her way through the bank. Oh, and I love that she was really going to ram the doors (we don't have the handicap buttons to automatically open the door) to get out, until I rushed over to open the door before any damage was done.
(I kinda wonder if she took the cart back to Wal-Mart, and if she made it!)


07 Feb - Today I Love

February 7, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I have good friends to go to the gym with.
(because I wouldn't go running on my own!)


06 February - Today I Love

February 6, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I totally had a conversation with a member in which she was speaking in her native tongue, I couldn't figure out what she was saying (she has a REALLY thick accent when speaking English), and she didn't even realize that she wasn't speaking English...I just sat and stared at her for about 30 seconds before responding, "I'm sorry, what was that?" At least she repeated herself in English this time. Seriously funny!

Also, love that I can make my fingers turn bright purple...
(okay, don't really love that I can do that, but I do love the color!)


05 Feb - Today I Love

February 5, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I am in Young Women's and not in primary teaching 10-11 year olds (who are super mean to each other and out of control.) I also love that I got to spend the rest of the day relaxing with my hubby, watching football, eating delicious food, and napping. (I love days we don't have to work!)


04 Feb - Today I Love

February 4, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I didn't have to work today, my one Saturday off this month! (Okay, really I have 2 this month, but that's so not the point!) I also love Burger King, Arby's, and spending the day with my husband...since he didn't have to work either.


03 Feb - Today I Love

February 3, 2012
{Today I Love}

I love that all it takes is some hot brownies to make my co-workers think I'm awesome! I love that they were willing to help me eat them...otherwise I'd have to eat them myself. I also love that it was Friday, and the brownies totally made the day better.
(I guess you could say that I also love my co-workers. They're great!)


02 Feb - Today I Love

February 2, 2012
{Today I Love}

that only part of the power went off in my house...not all of it. I love that our full electricity lasted us at least a year, with really...no problems...until now.

Also, I love that the 3 cats that hang outside our door and meow like crazy haven't died under my house.
(don't ask...i'm super ornery today, and this is all I could think of!)


01 Feb - Today I Love

With it being the month of love...why not blog about it. I've been having a tough time finding joy in life lately, so I decided to think of something that I love from each day this month...And I have to admit, it's already been tough to come up with something after a long LONG day! But without further ado...

February 1, 2012
{Today I Love}

that I totally rocked my first time play Just Dance on the Wii. (We had a Just Dance party for mutual). Sure I sucked the other 2 times, but I beat the other girls who HAVE played it before.
(also I love that my teammates got super excited with me when I did win!)


wanna know a secret?

I have a ton to catch up on...

I also need to fix the front pictures of my blog...
They're not mine. Came as part of the design.

I need to spend less time on my kindle...
more time getting things done...

I really want to work out more...
just have zero motivation...not even getting fat is motivation.

I crave chocolate and French fries...
All day...everyday...

I think I'm going to have a heart attack from all the salt I eat...

I'm kinds afraid when my fingers go numb (another adventure)...
They might not ever get their feeling back...

I feel tired...and don't want to sleep...but sleep way more than I should...

I think that if I tell myself only five more months of working...
It'll eventually be true...

I'm always ready for later to be here...
Wasted too much time with that...

I don't know how much of that was "secret"...
but I'm tire and trying to avoid sleep...

Also not sure if it makes sense...
But it makes sense to me and that's all that matters.
Maira Gall