5 Years

that's how long I've been married....pretty sweet, right?



So...I thought I would update...so here ya go...

The job is going really good. I love it! The people I work with are awesome, the environment rocks, and it's just a great place to work. I drove to SLC for training April 26-29, and that was...well, training. I stayed at my bro-in-laws house Monday night, came home Tuesday, and stayed there again Wednesday. It was fun to see the kids. They are super cute, and pretty funny. The best is listening to Nori try and talk. She talks really fast, and you can only understand a few of her words. One time she was pretending to talk to Shaina on the phone, and she was jabbering away and then she'd say, "Ha, ha, Shaina! You're so funny!" Lol it was pretty funny. It was fun playing with them though. Wednesday when I was driving to SLC, it was snowing, so I had my lights on, and as I was getting close to SLC, I thought, "I need to remember to turn off my lights." Yes, my car is ghetto, I have to manually lock and unlock the doors, roll the windows down by hand, manually turn on and off the lights (oh, and apprently my windshields are small...lol)...but anyway...so I do my training on Wednesday, and I go to head to Kyans...and my car won't start! I LEFT THE LIGHTS ON from 9-4:30ish. Oh my heck! I was so mad! Greg was at work, so I just tried texting him to see what I should do. I didn't have Kyan's number, and I didn't want him to have to come get me anyway...so I literally sat in my car for 30 minutes trying to decide what to do. Finally I decided to go in and ask one of the people who was helping with the training. He was super nice, and tried to help jump my car. Well, another little fact about my dang car is you can't just pull the lever and pop the hood. That would be too easy...You have to pull the lever, while you smack the hood to get it to pop. You have to hit it in the right place, and I obviously couldn't figure it out because it took another 10 minutes to pop the hood. Once we finally got it popped and hooked it up it still wouldn't start. Granted they didn't take time to let the battery actually charge, but whatever. I felt so dumb, and eventually Seth gave me a ride to Kyans. Kyan and I went back the next morning and charged the battery. Started right up....very nice...Ugh! Anyway...So that was an adventure...

Like I said in my previous post...I made an awesome first impression on my very first day there. So, the chairs that we have are kinda high, and the roll and have like a metal thing around the bottom for you to rest your feet on. Well, they are super high, so I went to step on the metal thing to give me a boost, my heel got caught on the metal thing, and the chair slid out from under me, and I totally face planted. Totally embarrassing. Luckily there weren't many people paying attention cuz I felt totally stupid...lol....it was great...Stupid chairs!

But other than that work is awesome. I love it, and I love getting the paychecks every two weeks! We're on our way to becoming rich again!!! LOVE IT!

Last weekend I didn't have work, so I was able to go to SLC to meet up with some of my best girl friends from HS. SLC is kinda the middle for the 4 of us that were able to go (we missed you Camille!) since we're now all over, and some of us are moving even further away! (TEAR!) But it was so much fun. It's been nearly 5 years since we've all been together. It was a blast catching up with each other. We made it to the 11:00 session in the SLC temple, and it was so cool to be able to do that. We are all married now (length of time varying from nearly 5 years (YIKES!) to only about 5 months). It's awesome to see how far we've come. After the temple we went out to eat at the Olive Garden, which was SUPER DELICIOUS, then headed down to the gateway to walk around. It was super fun! I love those girls so much, and I appreciate their friendship through the years, and for them accepting me even though I'm much older than them! I'm so sad that we're so far apart! And Jenna is moving even further! Hopefully it doesn't take another 5 years before we can all hang out again! Thanks girls for letting me invite myself (yes...i totally did...I wanted to hang out with them too!) Love you all lots!!!

Hmm...not much else is going on. I went to Manti on Thursday to Tiffany Lester's wedding. That was an adventure in and of itself as well....ahhh car...I love you...why do you hate me?!? But Aubrey and I went from Provo to Manti together, and it was fun catching up with her too. Tiff was a BEAUTIFUL bride (pics on my facebook!!!) and I love how happy her and Deven are! Congrats guys!

And yeah....this week Greg and I celebrate our big #5!!!! And we'll hopefully get to celebrate it in style down in Vegas! Crazy stuff, right! Alright...i think that's all for now!



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a hike, the airport, birthdays & bowling

So, if you're my friend on facebook, you've probably seen these pics, but for those of you who aren't, and who care...here are some older pics.

Kennan's 13th birthday was March 27, so I headed to Cokeville for his big birthday bash. Shari and the kids are home for the summer, and since I hadn't seem them in OVER A WEEK! I was excited to get to play with them again. We had a blast as always...the kids just love me! hehe...anyway...when the boys went down for their nap (I hate naptime!) Brady, Lilli and I decided to go on a hike behind the house. It's been a long time since I've been back there, but it was fun. Here are a few pics of our adventure.

she claimed she had something in her eye, but I think she just didn't want to walk.
We took a walk over to what we call "the airport". It is in the field next to Gram's house, and why we called it that...I really don't know, but we had a lot of fun out here. We had cups and all sorts of different thing to play house with, and guess what...they're all still there...lol, it was pretty funny. We always had so much fun out there and thought it was the coolest thing ever!! (yes, it is a bunch of rocks!)
Later that night we head over the Montpelier to go birthday. It was Kennan's birthday, and Brady's birthday was three days later, so that's how we celebrated.
Lilli had so much fun bowling. Despite the fact that it took 20 minutes for the ball to get to the pins...it was still fun. She was super cute.
Aidan wanted to participate...poor little guy!
Shari bowling
Alex & Kennan...
Kennan thought he was pretty cool

Slow-motion bowling (I sometimes don't claim them!)
Papa keeping Aidan happy.
Something sure was FUNNY!
Finally Aidan got a turn! He was so happy....
I let Alex have a turn too...lol, he was pretty funny...both the boys seemed to know where they weren't supposed to go, because they'd take off and get as close as they could to the bowling lane before someone caught them...they thought it was pretty hilarious! What cute kids they are!

So...apparently McKenzie has some boyfriends from all over who send her lots of stuff. Well she got this package from a boy from a certain town where I'm sure all us cokeville girls had a boyfriend or two from...But inside was this shirt (that totally smelled like cologne!) and some ring pops. We decided to have Lilli try it on..

So those were the my adventures from a couple of weeks ago...

and this is random, but Kennan didn't even tell me about this...So, Santa gave Kennan some Jazz vs Suns (my fave team) tickets for Christmas, and the game was April 14 i think....Well, they showed up early and went down courtside to see if they could get some autographs....and Kennan got STEVE NASH'S autograph (he's my fave player)....and Kennan didn't even tell me! How totally unfair is that? I think I'm going to have to steal it from him!!!

Anywho....so yeah, that's a bit of an update...Things here are good. Work is good. Training was 4 days of super boringness, but it wasn't too horrible! Friday was my first day at the branch here, and let's just say I made a really good impression!! I'll update this a little more later...but it's going good so far, so I'm glad about that! :D...So yeah...that's all!
Maira Gall