Happy Birthday(s)

Alright, before you get started on this MONSTROUS post...It's late, and so there are probly a THOUSAND grammar and english errors. Sorry. It totally bugs me when people don't use proper grammar, but I just get so excited and start typing that I don't pay attention!!! This is also REALLY LONG, so bare with me! THANKS!!

So, today (March 30) was Brady's birthday. It's crazy to think that he's 21 already (even more crazy to think about because I'm only 22..so it's almost as if he's only a year younger than me...) Anyway. It's just crazy how much time flies! It seems like just yesterday we were fighting like crazy on Sundays (I don't know why, but they were the worst!) Anyway...In dedication to him, I will tell you a few stories about him...hehe..

I don't know how many of you read Shari's blog, but she mentioned Kennan's birthday (BTW happy birthday to my other little brother a few days ago. I didn't forget, but I get to talk to him, so I didn't post about him...sorry bro. I love you though!:) and some of the things he liked. One of them was playing Power Rangers on the tramp...well, that was actually started my me, Brady and Trevor. Brady and I LOVED power rangers. It was the coolest thing. We'd watch it all the time! We even got action figures from McDonalds when we were at a volleyball tourney with Dad (when he coached at BL). We made up a game that we played on the tramp and called it Power Rangers. I don't remember all the details of how we played, but we were always fighting each other. I had a brilliant plan to give us each superpowers, and I ALAWYS chose invisibility. lol...Brady and Trev weren't always so happy about that, but I was kind of a brat..so I always got it. lol. we'd play for hours!! Oh boy. it was fun...It's kind of funny to think about all the things Brady put up with when it came to our grand ideas!

As I also mentioned earlier, Brady and I would fight a LOT! Well, it got so bad that Mom and Dad decided to put us in the same room with bunk beds. Man alive was that the dumbest idea ever! I think it made things worse...lol...One day we decided to split the room up. I slept on the top bunk, so he said that I could use the bottom two rungs of the ladder to get up to my bunk, and if I did, he would kick the crap out of me...haha, so of course I would do it on purpose to make him mad, then he would fight me...(geeze, do I make us sound evil?! we kind of were, but looking back it's kind of funny...) Needless to say, we didn't split the room up too much after that...lol

I got this old video camera that my uncle found at the dump..(haha) so Brady and I would like to make commercials. We went out to the swingset we had and used the swingset as "exercise" equipment. Brady was the actor, lol, and I really wish I had it to show you, but it was funny. One of the scenes he lifted up his shirt and stuck out his belly and said, "Do you look like this," then sucked in and said, "but wish you looked like this?" lol, then went on to sell the product...oh my heck. It was the funniest thing ever! I hope we still have that on camera! It's priceless. He would even do the whole "must be 18 or older to call"..lol, oh boy. It was great!

When we would have pancakes, waffles or french toast for breakfast, he would SMOTHER it in syrup, and always took way big (DISGUSTING) bites. There was definitely a lot of "Brady! Take smaller bites!!" coming from around the table. Lol, as he got older, I think he toned it down (or at least it didn't bother us(me) as much!)

When we were really little, Brady would chase us around the house with skewers (like the things you roast marshmallows on!) lol. It was really scary sometimes! We would either hide behind the couch or lock ourselves in the bathroom (this is me, Shari and Kandyce...I think Violet and Tami may have suffered through some of those times as well! lol) It was pretty scary...lol, and we tease him about it to this day! After a while we'd threaten him that we'd call Uncle Robert to come get him..for some reason he was scared of him!

This one we'll never let die either. Brady was kinda of a whiner when he was younger. He'd always complain about different injuries he had. Well, having a volleyball coach as a father we would practice our approaches and try to touch the ceiling fan, or even the ceiling. Someone put tape on the ceiling, and one day Brady did an approach to get it. When he landed he started yelling, "My foot! My foot!!!" All of us (including mom!) were just like, whatever, stop being a baby! This went on for a couple weeks....and well, come to find out, he had broken his foot.

Another time when we were young (sorry this is SO LONG! I keep thinking of things!) After church all the grandkids went to Grandma's house. One after another we went in the house, and slammed the door shut. Brady was the last one, and when he slammed the door shut, the window shattered. Lol, we were all so scared we hid upstairs until grandma came home, then blamed it on Brady...Poor kid. Grandma never had that door replaced (until she got her new house in!)

Brady is just an awesome brother. I love him so much, and though I regret being so mean to him when we were younger, I know I can't take it back, and I'll just try to be a better sister to him...We have become closer, and I think running track together really helped. We both ran distance, so we had 2 years of "hells" (hills), 80's, and the thousands of miles coach had us run...(haha...I would do it ALL over again if I had the chance!) So we were together quite a bit. Even though the boys always outran the girls, we still were a close group, and it was fun to have my little bro with me. He put up with a lot of my moodiness, which I really appreciate. He is such a nice, kind, loving person, positive, happy person and everyone I know just loves him. I'm sure he's an awesome missionary, and every email he sends home is upbeat and uplifting! I love him so much, and I'm so glad that I have him for my brother, and I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL HE GETS HOME FROM HIS MISSION!! I'm already planning on being the first one to hug him at the airport...(though I'm sure I'll be fighting mom, and the rest of the kids to do so!) Sorry this turned out to be so long. There are so many more stories, lol...so if I think of more I'll share! But I just want to say HAppy Birthday little bro,and I love you lots!

Here's us...before he went on his mission...so 2 years ago....

Also...(and I always thought this was the coolest thing when I was younger!) but it's also my friend Aubrey's birthday. So I want to tell you happy birthday. I love you lots, and thanks for being an awesome friend through the years! (even if you once told me and Tatum we were gay when we held hands when we were little!:) Just a little about Aubrey...she is one of the most talented singers I know. She has an amazing voice, and I was always jealous she was so good. She's also one of the happiest people. She took a lot of teasing, and she took it with a smile. One of my favorite things about her is she would just bust out in song at random times. Doesn't matter the situation...it would be like a musical when they just randomly sing things...but at least she was a good singer, so it's okay! :) But now she's a wife and mommy (still weird!) and I'm sure she's awesome at both. Buck and Mikayla are so lucky to have her! And I was definitely lucky to have her as a friend! Love you Aubs! Happy Birthday!!!

Here's us on senior sneak forever ago...(okay, only 5 years...but still!)


Sorry people, i just don't get it!

So....I don't know how many of you have check out Seriously So Blessed...but I have (ever since Shari put it on her blog), and well, I guess I just don't get what the big deal is about it? I just DON'T GET IT!! I don't get why it's such a big hit! Does someone want to explain this to me? I have been checking it out for about a week now (partly for the music. I like the first song that playes..) and partly so I could try and figure out what was so great about it. I want to state my real opinion, but it's not very nice, but it just seems weird to me that there are so many people that head on over there. I really find it weird! So maybe you should tell me why it's so great. Is it just that I'm NORMAL and you aren't! (haha!) <--sigh--> yes I like to ramble. It gives me something to do...and yes I pretend that you care, otherwise I wouldn't write!

Heck, maybe I should start my own blog and call it Seriously So Much More Blessed than You....would YOU read it?



What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know how
to get my pictures to be clear? They really are clear,
but when I upload them to my blog they aren't so
clear...Any ideas?!?

I'm going CRAZY! thanks! :)


Question of the day...

All you American Idol 'freaks' (said in a NICE way..lol, can't think of the word i want)

Do you actually call/text in and vote?!?

lol...be honest! I want to know!

yes I watched it tonight after ANTM and I think
Adam? is the best...the guy who slicked his hair
back and looked like Zach Efron...

oh, that girl megan..she really needs to not dance
or whatever you'd call it...lol..

oh well...on a side note...in the digi scrappin world...
I am on the fabulous SuzyQ's CT, so I get all her
fabulous kits (hehehe..) But she made a Mad Scientist
kit, and I don't know how many of you would remember
a picture Brady used for his SBO campaign, but I
thought it would be PERFECT for this kit..lol, so I used
it for a LO (layout)...everyone laughed at it..haha, but
I also won LOTD at Enchanted Studio Scraps (layout of
the day! Sorry for all the acronyms...they bug me too
when I don't know what they mean...) Here's the LO

Lol...I was pretty excited...that was my 3rd LOTD
this week at different shops. It made me happy! The
other LOs are just a few that I did of Lilli...(Sister, I'm
running out of pics! GET ME SOME NEW ONES!!! or
anyone else who wants some free scrappages done. Take
advantage now before I start charging...lol..email me

here are the links if you wondered...

until next time...

OHHHHH...and just for those of you who were starting to think I was nuts....I was TOTALLY kidding about those swimsuits. I understand being modest...I really do, but I also think there may be a point where they go overboard....(however, we WOULD be able to wear our g's with them...)


Modest Swimsuits...

So, I've decided it's incredibly difficult to find modest swimsuits! UGH! There are really only two options I've seen lately, and well...A...i don't think anyone wants to see my stomach in a bikini, and B...I don't think anyone wants to see my cleavage with the tankinis that they have...So, I decided to do some searching..and I actually found some REALLY cute swimsuits. however, I think by the time I order it, I wouldn't need it anymore, but I just wanted to share some sites with you, in case you are looking for some swimsuits, because it really is possible to find modest swimsuits!

The first place I found had some WAY cute ones, but they are too expensive for me, but these are the most modest ones I've ever found... You will have to visit the site, I can't get any pictures to show you. my fave is style 792T and is cocoa/dotmepink. Anyway...here's the site:

Next place is called Lime Ricki, and they have decent prices! Here's a few I like
and if I were to get one from here it would be this. It's not the CUTEST one, but I still think it's cute and it's way cheap...
And there's some way cute ones on the front page..

These ones are a little more expensive, but there are some cute ones.
But...through all the searching...I think I have FOUND THE ONE!!! What do you think?! I just have to decide if I like orange or blue better.....


If you choose to live in Northern Utah/Wyoming/Idaho...

you can't complain about the weather...

you know it's going to snow in march, april

maybe even may, june and july.

it's just a fact. you know it's going to be

cold. Either get used to it, or move somewhere

warm...just please no more complaining!


Commercials that Suck Part I

For your enjoyment...

Commercials I really dislike and think should be taken off air!

the burger king commercials
*the ones with the guys dressed up as hamburgers
*the "mini" burger ones
~they gross me out...if you think about what they're
 really promoting! I really don't like them!

free credit report . com
*the ones with the guys singing!
*especially the ones in the car
~the guys lips aren't even in sync with the music
~the main guy makes really weird faces
~he creeps me out!!

*the ones with the lizards and the football players dancing!
~ray Lewis creeps me out
~lol, okay, the white guy is kinda funny when he's alone
~but that doesn't make it any better
~they really shouldn't dance like that
~and the lizards are totally weird to me! 

*I don't remember what it's for, but there is a 30 year old lady
 with a 70 year old guy andthey have the cheesiest faces and
 they are BAD actors!
~really, who wants to see those commercials on TV? lol

I'm sure there are more! You just stay tuned!!! lol....


it's a sad, sad day in the digi-world of bre!

first the photobucket!

NOW I can't "save for web" on photoshop.
(if you don't know what "save for web" means...
pretty much just lets me shrink large images
down WITHOUT messing with the quality)
SOOO...it's pretty important. I don't even
know what I'd do to fix it. The version I
use is really old, so I may have to upgrade
(teehee...except I can't get the newest versions
on my ANCIENT mac!) lol..it just gets worse and
worse, right?!

Hopefully it's just a temporary thing. I have
an ancient version of elements so I'm gonna see
if that will let me "save for web."

WHEW!! yeah...i still haven't uploaded pics
from spring break, so I may do that someday...

for now...just feel bad for me and my
digi-world problems! :)

life's great isn't it?! (lol..said in all
seriousness! I'm totally anti-complaining
right now!)

photobucket made me mad...

just so you know..

but don't worry...

the pics will be back up..

APRIL 6...

unless someone wants to pay for an upgrade....

I accept all major credit cards, cash, and check...

actually, just cash and check...


I ::heart:: snow!
Just wanted you to know...
Maira Gall