25th B-day & More

I celebrated my 25th birthday this year. It's kinda crazy to think that I'm that old. A quarter of a century old! That is old for sure.

Since I am writing this post more than a year later, I don't remember all the details of this day. All I know is that I turned a year older! I don't even really remember WHAT I got for my birthday. (This is why I need to do a better job blogging.) If I do remember right, though, I'm pretty sure Greg took me shopping...which I hated. I hate spending money on clothes, and I hate picking clothes out for myself. I would gladly give someone the money and send them shopping FOR me. But I do appreciate the gesture, as I'm sure I complain a lot about having no clothes to wear! Greg also got me some pretty flowers.

We planted some lily's outside our house. It's what I look forward to every summer. Seeing them bloom. They are so gorgeous! We have some orangeish ones, then we have these ones. (They color is off in these pics, but they are so pretty!

The week after my birthday was a Saturday...and we were bored. For whatever reason, Greg and I decided to go for a drive. We ended up driving over to Brigham City, and boy was it a ride. It started raining like crazy! I have never seen it rain so hard here. We couldn't see the road, and it was just pounding on the windshield. It was awesome. Greg has video on his phone, but since we don't have them fancy iPhones, we can't upload for you to see. It was awesome though.

Another favorite summer activity is getting shakes from Arctic Circle. We usually go once a month after we get coupons in the mail. Unless there is a seasonal special (Moose Tracks or Huckleberry), I'm bound to get a cookie dough shake.
(Pretty sure this is Greg's. Mine was probably half gone by the time we got home!)



....brief re-cap of the past few months...

+ celebrated anniversary #6
+ watched my baby sis graduate
+ watch my baby cousin get MARRIED
+ rear-end an Idaho driver because I thought she was going, and i was looking the other way and went...she didn't...(then got yelled at by the old lady passenger for "being on my phone"...for the record, I WAS NOT! It was in my lap and when i got out of the car to check the damage grabbed it)
+ endure the heat of both a semi-working swamp cooled house, and a broken air conditioned car
+ enjoyed some fireworks from the roof of my house
+ turned the big 2-5 (i'm super old now!)
+ work average of 35 hours/week (hired on at 25)
+ joined a Biggest Loser competition (lost 8.2 lbs the first 8 weeks)
+ joined round 2 of the BL comp (week 1 - lost the 1.2 pounds I gained in my week off)
+ been working out 4/7 days (consistently)
+ been WORKING 17/20 days (consistently!)
+ found out I'm the only person in my ward who doesn't do her visiting teaching...well, me and my partner apparently...(I don't know whether I should feel guilty for not doing it...or if I should be proud that I'm the only one who doesn't lie about it...)
+ enjoyed getting shakes from Arctic Circle
+ enjoyed some McDonald's fries and their frozen strawberry lemonades
+ made Greg a Texas Roadhouse fan
+ made AND enjoyed some DELICIOUS strawberry/rhubarb crisp (don't ask how I lost any poundage...I still eat like crap!)
+ found out some good news....found out some bad news
+ done a couple of fun photo shoots
+ hung up some pictures around my house
+ organized a few areas of my house (just a FEW!)
+ got in a bit of digi scrapping
+ spent too much time on my computer
+ didn't take enough pictures

+ and...I'm going to enjoy tomorrow off...and next Saturday-Tuesday off!
Maira Gall