best weekend....


or at least best weekend had in a LOOOONG time!

Let's just say having one Saturday off a month kinda
sucks...and even then Greg has to work still....but not
this weekend!

Greg took Saturday off...and we had fun...

Not that we did anything exciting (we really didn't!)

Didn't even hit up the Willow Park Zoo, or second
dam. But we did hit up Arby's, made two julius's
in one afternoon, and chilled at home.

I miss weekends like this one...it was pretty much
the best!


End of Summer 2011

Randoms from the end of summer...

One of the Biggest Loser challenges was basically to clean out the junk food so we wouldn't be tempted. Greg was at school one night, so I took advantage and totally de-junked one section of our kitchen. Here was what was remaining. (Mind you, this is after a whole bag of junk...also from another cupboard, but this was a main eye sore)

For one of our YW activities, we did glitter toes. One of the other YW leaders, Tawni, did mine for me, which was really nice of her since I didn't touch anyone else's feet, and she was more than willing to do mine. This is the first time in a LONG time that I had painted my toes. They looked super rad.

The end of July we headed up to Star Valley where both my sis-in-laws (from Vegas and Virginia) were in town. Here we are driving....

It was fair week, so we hit up the parade. Super exciting for sure! ;)

I love the difference in these two pictures of Jacob. See how exciting the parade turned out to be?

Kyla, Jacob, and cousin Deklin (Sorry, I don't know how to spell his name...)

Shaina cuddling with BABY Emilee (just a few weeks old), and can you believe I didn't get any pictures of the baby.  Shame on me! (Random story about baby Emilee, I was at work, and I saw this girl come in. I did a double take because she was holding a baby, and realized it was Shaina. I don't remember why she originally stopped in, but she decided to bring baby Emilee in so I could see her. She was so cute and tiny! Love me some new babies!) Then Annie giving her baby sister Shaina a hug.

 And Greg was in charge of Austin.

Austin loves Greg, and Greg loves Austin enough to let him drool sucker on his head. Yum!

After the parade we went to Aunt Amanda's for hot dogs. Then we headed to the demolition derby. Can you believe I have never been to one? It was pretty entertaining...also the most red-neck event I've been to in my life! Seriously...plaid shirts with cut-off sleeves...totally red-neck! It was a good adventure though. We ended the night with some shaved ice, and we were good to go.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, and spending time on Annie's 4-wheeler.

We took Austin with us. (I actually had someone ask me if Austin was our kid)

Enjoying the view from the top of the hill. It was a bit rainy, but I'm okay with that.

These are cows. They are all over in Wyoming, in case you didn't know. We chased them a bit on the 4-wheeler

They're kinda cute, right?

And this is my favorite thing to do when we go to SV.... relax on the couch!

It was a great weekend, and great to see Juanita and her kids (especially baby Emilee), and Mark and Adrienne all the way from Virginia!

Bear Lake w/ the Kiddos

Shari and her kids have been up for the summer, and I wanted to see them at least once more before they left. We decided to go to Bear Lake. I love watching the kids play around outside, and just have a fun time. Here are some pictures of the fun day! 

Alex  --  Uncle Kennan turning Alex into a merMAN


This is about as much into the water as they went. They didn't like being in the deeper parts as much as being on the sand.

Aidan was doing this...not sure what it is, but it was pretty funny.

Alex -- little stinker

Look at that beautiful brown skin...JEALOUS!

So full of spunk and attitude...and I really wish I had a swimsuit like hers!

Uncle Kennan taking care of the boys.

Kind of looks like a tropical beach...almost...

Shari and mom in the water -- Kennan chose to stay on shore

Aidan chowing down on some cheetos

Shari and her kids on the left, all but Kennan on the right.

 Loved this shot. Kennan and Aidan, and Shari and Mom are the two dots towards the top.
Maira Gall