Easter Weekend

I've been meaning to do a major update but there has been such little time, so I'm just gonna post about me Easter weekend. I actually had that Saturday off (*shock*) and it was awesome.

Greg decided to hold an egg hunt for the Elders' families. It was kind of last minute but we had a great turnout ... (better than any other activities, that's for sure) but it was fun and I think the ones that showed up had fun to.

Right after the egg hunt Greg and I went to a 3-hour long CPR certification class. Totally awesome and not boring at all...lets also just say I hope I never have to do CPR and more importantly receive CPR from anyone in that class...okay a bit rude. But really. It was nice to take the class with Greg and my SIL Shaina instead of by myself.

After class we went and got food. Then ate and relaxed for a bit. Then Greg and our neigbbor went and picked up our new bed that we bought...in the nearly 7 years we've been married we've been sleeping on a mattress on a floor, so it was nice to get this. We love it, despite the fact that Greg keeps stepping on me getting in and out of bed. We had fun putting that together.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. Movies, eating, church, etc. Super great weekend in my opinion!
Maira Gall