It's been quite the month here at the Aullman household. We go years without changes, then all of a sudden, quite a few all at once.

We had Greg get a 'real' job (which doesn't change much except now we'll earn a second income. YAY!) I do have to say that we've been very blessed to be able to go a year on a small single income. (I only averaged about 30-35 hours a week) but we had many blessings in disguise that helped us make it through. So what if we had to go without a few luxuries for a year. Guess what? We survived!

Second change - Last Saturday we decided to upgrade our phones and join the world of Smartphones. Now, we did this for a couple of reasons. One, we were both due for an upgrade (Greg still had a flip phone...that's how behind in the times HE was). Second, we needed to upgrade our plan anyway. The plan we were on had me a 500 non-Verizon texts, and Greg at 50. He kept going over, and since the only plans you can get now days are data plans, we decided to just go for it. We spent about 2 hours deciding what to do, and ended up going to Best Buy where the phones were cheaper, and the insurance plans were better. I got the Samsung Galaxy S3, and Greg got the S4. It's taken some time to get used to, but we both really love them. I'm excited about it...and luckily I can pick up some Wi-fi at work if I really feel the need to get on the internet.

Third change - I've been in the Young Womens presidency for nearly 5 years now. 2.5 under Melanie as president, and the last 2.5 under Farina. It has been a great experience for me, and I've really enjoyed it. A couple of Tuesdays ago, Greg got a call from the ward executive secretary asking Greg and I to meet with Bishop that evening. We tried to guess what it might be. We knew Greg wasn't being released, so we narrowed it down to it being about me. I joked saying maybe I was going to be called to be the Relief Society president. Well, imagine my actual shock and surprise when I was called to be the Second Counselor in the Relief Society presidency. My jaw literally dropped. Apparently everyone else was a little shocked as well. But I have to say I'm quite excited about it. Extremely nervous as well. It's only been about five years since I was last in relief society. But it will be good to get to know the other women in our ward. I feel like I only know a select few (ie, the ones that have served in YW). So it will be a good change. I guess this is what I get for not doing my visiting teaching or going to any enrichment activities. I guess that better change. <--yet another="" change="" p="">
I think that's about all for now. Luckily these have been good changes...



Here's the happs since I last blogged.

I actually had the 25th of May off, so since it was a 3-day weekend, we decided to head up to Star Valley. We took off after work on the 24th to make the trip. Greg's aunt who lives in Georgia (who I also have never met) came up for the weekend as well and stayed at my in-laws house. We all went to breakfast the next morning (Greg, me, Mother-in-law, two aunts and an uncle, plus Annie, and Shaina & Jesse came up that morning). Then we went to a cousin's wedding, took some pictures, got some chocolates, saw some baby kitties and went on a 4-wheeler ride. Then we relaxed the rest of the weekend. We came home on Sunday so we could spend Monday just chillin' at home.

The 27th was our 8th anniversary...crazy, right? We ate Chili's, which was super delicious, and just hung out at home. Pretty low key, but I'm okay with that.

Greg has applied to about 20 different school counseling jobs, and we haven't had much luck hearing back. He's been interning at Logan High School for the past year, and has made some good friends. We learned that one of the Middle School Counselors was retiring, and that there would be an opening there this coming school year. He applied, but we didn't hear anything for a while. After not hearing from any of the other schools, we felt this was a great opportunity. He had quite a few of the HS staff call and talk to the principal, but we knew that nothings was for sure. He got a call to interview on the 31, and needless to say I was a nervous wreck.

We learned there were six candidates that they were interviewing, two were inexperienced (Greg being one) and one was a counselor from Cache School District. The day of the interview I was pretty wound up. We had heard a lot of different things, like, they usually let the one they want to hire know that same day, then the others later the next week, so of course when we didn't hear back, we weren't sure what to think. I had a few meltdowns that Friday, and a couple on Saturday, but then I felt fine. I was just calm. I didn't get a feeling that he necessarily got the job, but it was just a feeling of everything was going to work out...one way or another.

Monday and Tuesday came and went. One of the counselors kept trying to get some info from one of the interviewers, but couldn't get much. Apparently there are some rules that you can't say anything until it's 'official'. Psh....Anyway. I just kept thinking that they would have let the person they wanted know by then, so the longer it took, the less our chances were.

Wednesday came, and we still hadn't heard anything. We just went about our normal activities, and around 4:50 Greg noticed he had missed a call from the Principal at 4:00. We don't know how he missed it...maybe it was just to add to the drama of it all. The principal asked him to call back (which I took as a good sign...because honestly, if I were calling back candidates about jobs, if they WEREN'T going to get the job...I'd prefer to just leave a, "Hey you didn't get the job" message! lol) Anyway, Greg called him back, but had to leave a message. Of course we were too wound up at this point, so we decided to try to take a nap. We hadn't laid down for 5 minutes when the phone rang. Greg left the room to answer it, and so I tried to use my Vulcan hearing to listen in. It honestly didn't sound too promising, but when they were on the phone for a while I decided to get out of bed. I heard him say, "I can go into the district office tomorrow" so I gave him a thumbs up sign. He gave one back, and long story not as long as it could be....he got the job. It's such a relief, and we're pretty excited about it.

Greg is happy to be in the same district as the counselor's he's been working with for the past year. He does already know the Middle School Counselors as he did his practicum there last year. It'll be a good experience for him, and I'm happy for him to have it. At the end of his interview, the principle told him that it was very advantageous that he had so many good friends in the district, and we truly believe that. We are so appreciative of all the counselors he has worked with in the HS, and for his references that talked him up too. And thanks to everyone else for your prayers. We really appreciate it.

And that is the goodness of the past few weeks. Here's to some more goodness to come!
Oh yeah, and I got bangs. In case you didn't notice.
Maira Gall