New Moon

So, it's been a long time since I blogged last...Lame! Oh well...when was the last time YOU blogged? (that's what I thought!)

Anywho...so...first things first. I went and watched New Moon a little while ago. Greg, Shaina and I hit up the midnight showing. There were a few people in there, but not too many. So that was nice. You want my honest opinion of the show? Okay...it was not as bad as Twilight, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob is an EXCELLENT idea! But here's what I've noticed about the movies and why they bug me SO bad....There is absolutely NO EMOTION coming from the actors/actresses. It's pathetic. Bella and Edward totally annoy me...When they say "I love you" it's like they're saying, "i bought toilet paper at the store today." Nothing! I mean, granted the books can go into details about thoughts, feelings, and emotions, I get that...but a good actor can portray those feelings and emotions the way they should be done. I also was annoyed that they downplayed Jacob a lot. I really appreciate the fact that they showed him shirtless a lot...and in the rain...but I don't think they did him justice at all! I don't know how to explain it, but they just downplayed him a lot! But...there were some super cool parts, like at the beginning when Alice leaps over the railing on the stairs. That was way cool! And Jasper's face...doesn't get any better than that...Oh...and when they're running through the forest in slow motion! Wow! I can't wait for the next movies! But it was totally cheesy, they need a better Bella and Edward, and they should make a movie ALL ABOUT JACOB! mmm...he is the best thing to happen to that movie! So yeah..overall it was cheesy, and LONG, and they should have just ended the movie/book with Edward dying...but then I wouldn't want Jacob to end up with Bella, so it's a toughy...But yeah...the movie bugged me mostly because there is no emotion (aka bad acting)...so...yeah..I think that's all I'm going to say about that...except for...TAYLOR LAUTNER!! Go Team Jacob!!!

Nothing else going on around here...Can't wait for Christmas. Sure hope Santa brings me a new computer + Adobe Suite, and a camera lens...but we'll see...What are you getting me?


The Nutcracker

So, last year around this time for our combined mutual activity, we had a dinner for the widows in our ward, then our bishop took them to watch the Nutcracker. Well, he promised us last year that since we did that last minute service, he would take us to the Nutcracker this year. He paid up last night. It was my first time EVER watching the Nutcracker (well, I watched the Barbie Nutcracker once...I don't really remember why...it was just recently too...haha, I had it on tv while I was on my computer) ANYWAY...and it was my first time to a ballet, kinda. (I went to the ones that SV would put on in Cokeville..but I don't really remember them...) It was pretty good though. I used to want to be a ballerina, but Cokeville only offers so many extra-curricular activities like that...(wait...they don't offer any!) so that dream was shattered, but not before receiving a pink tutu for Christmas (I have pictures, but I'm too lazy to scan them in!) I had forgotten though that there is no talking in ballet, so for the first few minutes I kept expecting them to burst out in song or something...lol, but they didn't. The first scene was actually kind of boring. There wasn't much "ballet"...and I was pretty bummed, but it got better and better. Especially when the men came out! (HA!) Really...I know that it's been this way forever, but can they not have the men wear pants? Ugh...haha...Let's just say when I say they were wearing tights...they were TIGHT!!! Especially the very last guy...haha...he was really good, but ... you could see every muscle...and well, everything else! I guess that's the ballet though. It really was good, and the dancers did a good job. It was fun to hear some familiar songs, and actually see where they came from...I would go to it again...(maybe!) haha...So that was a new experience for me.
And...I was editing some pics and wanted to share these. I'm too lazy to upload to photobucket, so you'll have to click on them to get larger.

Poor Aidan....

but we were able to get a smile out of him!
Maira Gall