Thankful for

I guess with Thanksgiving coming up in November, this is a good reminder for me to be grateful. Here is a short list of things I'm thankful for.

*A job that is really a good job. Despite my complaints, I couldn't ask for a better job (outside of the home)
*A husband who has put up with school for the past 7 years
*A roof over our head, even if we don't have a working furnace at the moment
*A body that is healthy enough to get me through my days. Yes I have a lot of issues, and by 3:00 I'm utterly exhausted, but I can do enough to keep me moving
*A car that gets us to and from our jobs, and is reliable enough (knock on wood)
*The gospel that gives us a solid foundation to build our lives on


A List of Sounds

Well, had I done this on the day I was supposed to, it may have been easier.

Probably something on TV while we eat our delicious Texas Roadhouse...Heat vs Celtics. Go Heat! (Followed by Lakers vs Mavs!)


What I've taught you...

What is one thing you've taught someone else to do? Ugh...A question that makes me think! Lol. I guess at work I've taught new employees how to do different transactions, or I teach members how to log-in to their online banking. I can't think of anything else!


I Apologize

Last thing I apologized for? Maybe the fact that we couldn't give a member the amount he wanted through the drive thru? Did I mean it? No comment...


Can't Believe...

What is one thing you can't believe is happening in your life right now... Hmmm...good question. My answer is I cant believe we are where we are right now...I kinda thought we'd be elsewhere. (And that's all I'm saying.)


What I Collect

Besides my husband's socks? (Inside joke) I'd probably have to say digital scrapbook kits. How many do I have? That's a very good question. I really should count but obey its high 100's. I wouldn't be surprised if I have over 1000...some I get for free (most ofthem) some I buy. Plus I've got a ton on my wish list. What a terrible nasty habit I have! Luckily they just take up space on my computer and hard drive and not my house right?


7 Things

About the past 7 days...

1 - My SIL dyed my hair. I really love it. I wish I was a natural red head.
2 - I 'helped' haul hay...aka pushed a few bails around and tried to stay out of the way.
3 - Had SIL take pics of Greg and I. I hope we got at least one good one. I haven't looked at them yet. (BTW, she totally saved me like $200 this week. I love having a talented sister like her)
4 - Olive Garden...had a gift card. Did the eat in, take one home deal. Pretty good. The take home dish was really yummy too. Kind of surprised me.
5 - Recurring dreams about the elections = no sleep + head cold = not a fun day at work!
6 - Had an interesting conversation with my boss. I love working in a place with mostly females....drama, drama, DRAMA!
7 - Played volleyball last night. Did okay. There was one time I was going backwards for a ball...I don't move so well, so I kind stumbled...and fell right on my butt. I don't really remember what happened, I just kind of closed my eyes and landed. It was pretty funny...



How is it already October 24?!? Where did time go? It's so funny how you sit there and think..."I can't wait until _________ . Time is going so SLOW!" And then all of a sudden three weeks have gone by. Amazing how that happens! But for real. I can't believe it's already the end of October.

I'm battling a small cold, but it was worth cuddling that sick baby all weekend, so I'm okay with it. (Though I do really wish that I could just stay at home in my fuzzy socks and pants, wrapped up in a blanket instead of going to work where I'm cold and uncomfortable all day...is it December yet?!?) But oh well. Like I said...the sick baby was worth it.

But for today's prompt (and yes, I'll get caught up...)

What have you been procrastinating lately?

*Editing pictures
*Cleaning the house
*Folding the laundry
*Doing the dishes

Kinda stinks having ZERO energy!


My House is a Home

I think this pretty much sums it up.
I found this on {this ladies' blog} a while ago, and fell in love with it. Especially after reading {this post}. It's the truth.

~day 12~


This is what...

...I've been up to lately. (I feel like I just did a post about this...)

Working...takes up six hours of my day, and all of my energy. This day was particularly rough. I was accused of accusing some people of elderly financial abuse, in which I have NO idea how they even came up with that. We have limits at the drive-thru, and so when the people wanted more than I could give, I let them know why, and gave them options to get the money. They seemed okay when they drove off, so imagine my surprise when I got a call asking about this situation. It was strange. Then shortly after that I had a long-time member who we are ALWAYS good to call and rip into me about some fees that she had received on her account. I just wish people would address the situation differently. Instead of screaming at the person, I suggest asking what the fees are for (CALMLY), what you can do to avoid them in the future, and THEN ask if it's possible to have any reversed. Seriously people. This is something I have a very difficult time with. Then just the typical everyday issues that I deal with. Hence...the zero energy once 3:00 rolls around.

If I'm not working, I'm busy trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking and relaxing with the hubs.

Thursdays I get to play volleyball with some friends for the Smithfield City Rec League. We have a lot of fun, despite me not being able to serve overhand, or move. Luckily my friends are awesome and patient with me, and still let me play. One of these days I'll have my health back and will be able to kick butt again.

Other than that...I'm not sure what I've been up to. Pretty basic, boring, busy life!

--day 11--
Because I'm super!


Favorite Seasonal Food

I'm not really sure on this one. I haven't had much of an appetite lately so honestly the thought of food kinda makes me sick. (And yes that includes McDonalds French fries!) But since I have to answer this...I'd say either hot chocolate (though that's more of a Christmas time one) or some type of soup...usually clam chowder,since its about the best soup we know how to make. I love when it gets colder and we can eat/drink warm stuff. What's you favorite!



3 Things

I love to talk about?

1. Food
2. Stupid people
3. The latest gossip (yeah...I can't think if much with this one.)

**Day 9**


I Feel Most at Ease When...

...I'm at home relaxing. When I don't have to listen to people complain about life, money, family, etc. When I have my husband home to talk to and laugh with. Nothing beats coming home at the end of a long day and just relaxing. I so look forward to 2:45 every single day...

-- day 8
Maira Gall