With all the announcements of pregnancy amongst many of my friends, I thought it was time to announce my recent little surprise....

There is a certain photographer that I admire, who also happens to sell photo actions. She totally rocks, and not too long ago she was doing a giveaway for a Lensbaby. Always loving an awesome giveaway, I decided to enter. Like any giveaways there were certain things I had to do, "like me on fb" "mention this giveaway on fb" "purchase something from my shop" etc. etc. So I did those things. Now, I have entered many giveaways in my lifetime, and never won anything. So I didn't expect anything.

Imagine my surprise when about two weeks ago I check my email and see an email from Sarah of My Four Hens Photography. Even more of a surprise when the email read, "Congrats!! You are my LensBaby Composer Contest winner!!" I was super duper excited!!! I received my lensbaby about a week ago, and took it out to play for a minute just yesterday. It's a super cool lens, and I'm so excited to play with it a little more!!

Here are a few of the pics I took with it yesterday. This little grasshopper was the perfect model. Was perfectly still until I was done!

And of course I had to edit some of the pictures with Sarah's FABULOUS actions! I used her "Glory" collection on both of these. (I think! lol)

(Canary Fairy)

Needless to say Greg and I are both excited about this unexpected surprise. Me because I actually WON a giveaway (and an AWESOME one at that) and I can't wait to use this lens more, and Greg, because now he doesn't have to buy me another lens!



nothing new.

Spent today working and sleeping, and eating pizza and cheese bread.

Did a little work outside.

Walked around Hastings for 20 minutes (yes, I kept time!)

Came home and did a little housework.

Cuddled with the hubby while watching a movie.

Now....just waiting to go to bed!

So busy....all the time!

But gotta love those few minutes of relaxation, right?!?

i know I do!

So, until I have another few minutes...this is all you get.

Maybe next post will be about Greg's new toy that totally freaks me out!
(it's seriously cReEPy!!!!)


I've been busy!

Really...besides working my real life job, I have been busy taking photos, editing photos, and trying to keep my house clean (good thing we don't have visitors!) So until I have another 10 minute break to blog about stuff...here's a peek at what I have been doing. (to clarify...that would be EDITING this little guys' photos!)

You can see more on my photog blog or my facebook fan page

and one of my many favorites...(mostly cuz he's winking at me!)


One of these days...

I'll win a fabulous giveaway... (oh wait I did!!! But I'll post it later!) lol...

but here is another blog that I've grown to love, and they're giving away some hand-stamped jewelry (which I also love!) So go over and enter yourself! Maybe you'll be the lucky one!

Maira Gall