So, the good news is I AM DONE WITH MY CLASSES...the bad news...I still have to get hours in until we go over my folder tomorrow to make for sure that I can be done! and I am SO GLAD!!! I could have been done SO much sooner, but I was too flippin' lazy to get it done...I'm now way mad about it, but there's nothing I can do about it. I was just stupid and didn't get it done! But, I am DONE! But yeah, I'm still at school getting hours in, so I decided to blog...

State is this week for us. We go in ranked 2nd in our region, behind Morgan...We play Cedar in the first round at 3:00 on Thursday in the McKay Center (I think that's right? the UVU one?) Anyway. I don't know really anything about all the Utah teams, so we'll see how it goes. I'm excited for it to be over, though! lol, I love the girls, and I will miss the seniors, but I'm ready for it to be done. Hopefully we go out on a good note!

Mmkay, well that's about it on my boring life. Here is what I have been working on here at school. The good thing about it is they have all the Adobe products, so I can edit my pictures while I'm just sitting here surfing the net. Once again, though, photobucket is blocked, so this is going to be a small picture, but enjoy anyway!!

PS...so, I learned on this shoot that Ashley and I most likely played against each other in volleyball. She is from Morgan (what? A volleyball player from Morgan? I know!!!) and graduated in '03...Small world, eh?


Happy Birthday Sister!!!

So, 27 (i think) years ago today, my oldest sister Shari was born. Though I remember nothing of that special day, I'm sure it was wonderful. I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday and tell her that although I didn't call...I didn't forget...You'll just have to wait until you get your card. But I still love you, and hope you had a happy day, and I hope Ben and Lilli spoiled you rotten. You deserve it!! Love you lots sister!!



My take...

So, are you ready for this? I didn't want to get into it, but here is my take on politics and voting. I can't believe another 4 years has gone by and we're about to elect another president. As people have discussed their opinions about who they are going to vote for, and getting an almost sick feeling in my gut when I hear people say certain things (from both sides mind you!) I just wanted to share this. I'm sure you have all heard it, but there are some things I wanted to point out..

As citizens we have the privilege and duty of electing office holders and influencing public policy. Participation in the political process affects our communities and nation today and in the future.

Latter-day Saints as citizens are to seek out and then uphold leaders who will act with integrity and are wise, good, and honest. Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in various political parties.

Therefore, in this election year, we urge you to register to vote, to study the issues and candidates carefully and prayerfully, and then to vote for and actively support those you believe will most nearly carry out your ideas of good government.

The Church affirms its neutrality regarding political parties, platforms, and candidates. The Church also affirms its constitutional right of expression on political and social issues.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas S. Monson
Henry B. Eyring
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
The First Presidency

Alright, so the first thing that stuck out was in the second paragraph. I know it's politics and it's somewhat difficult to find someone who is HONEST, etc. (HA!) Also, someone who has principles compatible with the gospel. (in my opinion someone who doesn't support abortion, gay marriage, to name a few) In selecting the candidate, I also love how it said to study it out carefully and PRAYERFULLY! How many people do you think actually pray about who they are supposed to vote for? I know they've said it before, but have we actually thought to do so. Or are we following what WE think is best. We may think that one candidate speaks better, has better ideas, etc, but are those your own thoughts, or did you actually pray about who you needed to vote for. Put your own selfish thoughts and feeling aside and listen to what the Lord would have you do. I really think this is an important election, and if we don't consider our options carefully and PRAYERFULLY, things may turn out for the worse...

Now, I'm not saying to vote for one or the other. One thing that has really bugged me is that people believe everything they hear. Whether it's about Obama or McCain, they'll believe anything. For example. I have gotten about 500 emails about all these terrible things about Obama. I know you have all gotten them too, but whether they are true or not, why would you believe it? You can't base your judgement off of some stupid email. I mean, I got an email a while ago about a talk that Boyd K. Packer had written, then recently got another email saying that he didn't really say that stuff. That's about a church leader, which makes me think, really, how can you believe it. I'm not saying it's not true, I'm just saying you can't base your judgements off of that. And I'm sure the same is true about McCain too. I just use Obama as an example because they're the only emails I've actually gotten.

and don't think I'm sticking up for Obama, because I'm definitely not. I personally get a sick feeling in my gut when I think about him being our president...(lol, but the same is true about McCain! ;) But...everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that's whats great about living in America. You have the right to vote for whoever you want, but I just wanted to share that and ask that before you vote you PRAY about who you should vote for. Don't just follow what YOU think is best, because let's be honest...who knows better, you or the Lord?! Right! (**EDITED TO ADD** and that doesn't mean if you get Obama as your answer you have to keep praying until you get a different answer!!! :) (TINA!))

OKay, well...sorry this is so long, I hope I didn't offend anyone. That's not the purpose of this. I don't care who you vote for..(well, kinda, but you know what I"m saying!) It's not like I"m gonna like you less for voting one way or the other....But...yeah...alright..Love you all! HAPPY VOTING!!

I just thought that I would point out also (thanks Tina) that "the Church affirms its neutrality regarding political parties, platforms, and candidates," and as Tina brought to my attention, I feel it is also important to say that you can be a liberal democrat and still be a good mormon. Just because you vote one way or another doesn't mean that you are less of a person, or not a good member of the church. So yeah...

okay, I'm really hoping that I am not offending ANYONE!!! haha...this is my personal opinion. and I appreciate all of your comments! :) I will love you all the same, no matter who you vote for! (and Tina, I am just mentioning your name because you gave me crap and freaked me out, so I'm just giving it back!!!)


....coming soon....

plus, some more engagements...maybe...to see a whole bunch go <---HERE--->....Enjoy...let me know what you think!


Let's pretend....

....that you were having a baby boy (or two). You are looking for a color pallet for some birth announcements. Which one out of the ones shown below would you choose?
#3-10. (Trying to decide on a blue(s)/brown combo)

So....please let me know because I am trying to come up with a boy line of birth announcements, and I can't tell which ones I like best. Plus, SISTER, I don't know which "blue" matches whatever you are thinking best! :) So, let me know!! Mix and match are welcome!

Me personally, I like #2 combo, and #3&4, and #7&9...But, I'm up for anything....



So, these pics are all a little overexposed, but I still thought they were super cute, and I thought I would share. ENJOY!


Dedicated to Smiling....

Alright, since I haven't posted many of these two smiling, I thought I would dedicate this post to smiling! GOSH I post a lot of pictures...SORRY!! I'm trying to keep the ones for their announcements secret....so it will be a surprise...But yeah..alright. I too love the ones of them smiling, so here are a few more!! ENJOY!!!


Just one...right now....

So, after an observant Aubrey commenting this, I realized that I didn't have any pictures posted of Austin smiling, when, in fact there are quite a few. I must admit I used to really dislike all the serious pictures, but Austin and Violet have such great serious faces, I just fell in love with all of them! But, while editing some pics while I'm supposed to be at school...(WHOOPS! :) I found this wonderful one of him smiling! ENJOY!


I also found these awesome new actions...They make my life so much easier!! Thanks to Jess for sharing your wonderful talent. (I hate being at school because any blogs that have pictures from photobucket, so I'm sure she had a lot more actions for sale, but I can't see.. any photobucket pics are blocked... :( SAD!!! That's why this picture is small too, because I can't upload it to photobucket...)

Anywho..ENJOY! Let me know what you think...


And more...

Sorry, I wish I could just site down and edit ALL of them in one sitting. I still haven't really looked through the Bridals yet, but I know there are some gorgeous ones! But volleyball is almost over, so I will have more time then. Plus, I have the next THREE weekends off!! YAY!!! So...Enjoy a few at a time and let me know what you think...

yes...I used a different texture on this one...it had some blue/purple in it, and I think it goes well with the pic

I wanted to try some different things, and this one is different, but I still really like it. Makes me feel like she is in the jungle with all those green leaves behind her...lol...Your Gorgeous Vi!!


1-10 of 100 things about Bre

So, Linds tagged me to do 6 random things..But...since I have always wanted to do 100 things about Bre, I decided I would split it up into 10 different sections of 10, so you don't get totally bored with me. (Besides, 100 things is a LOT, and I always get sick of reading after about 20...) So here are 100 things about bre, #1-10...

#1: I LOVE the smell of melted butter. I hate when I'm melting it because I want to just dip my finger in it, but I know I would burn my finger, so I don't...

#2: Instead of attacking other peoples blogs, I should clarify what I mean. I LOVE looking at EVERYONE's blogs, but my computer is retarded. Whenever I look at a blog that has music, big pictures, tons of elements, when I click the button to close out, Safari (my web browser) kicks me out entirely, so I have to open up Safari again...and it takes FOREVER. It' just one of thoes frustrating things that I hate but can't control...and for some reason it usually happens on blogs with all those things. I do have blogging pet peeves, but I won't share those. Linds, I love looking at your blog. Hope I didn't offend you!

#3: I HATE Utah drivers. I am scared for my husband and I's lives anytime we are out driving. Do you want me to pinpoint the stupid drivers? Middle-aged WOMEN, and more specifically, middle-aged women driving SUV's!!! UGH! (Haha...I am sounding like such a snob in this post, huh? I'm really not...I promise!! LOL!)

#4: I love the smell of onions, and I love cutting them. I even lick my fingers after I touch them...but its really gross, so I have to use a lot of self-control not to.

#5: I hate baseball. I think it's the most boring sport in the world to watch!

#6: I used to hate hockey, until Greg and I bought NHL for the Xbox and played it all last hockey season. I must admit, I LOVED watching the NHL playoffs last season, and I'm excited for this season!!

#7: If it were possible, I would spend all day on my computer designing or editing pictures, or out taking pictures.

#8: I absolutely HATE clipping my fingernails. I hate when they get too long, but even more I hate clipping them, because I never do a good job, so they always snag on things.

#9: I think I visit my own blog(s) more than anyone else does...Sad, I know!

#10: I visit a million photography sites a day.....and I hate it when the photographers take more than a day to post new pics. It's like they're busy or something.... :)

Welp, there's my first 10..Stay tuned for the next 90!

PS...I tag everyone out there to do at least the 6 random facts!


What time is it, you ask?

Well...alright, so...I made a post earlier, and my sister commented to the post then at the end asked, "By the way, what time is it?" Totally confused I post on her blog, "It's 6:49." She then comments right back, of course thinking I'm retarded...something about how she was wondering about my last post. Still not getting it, and thinking she STILL meant what time I posted my last post, I say, "I just barely posted it..." Then after the post with Vi and Austin, and actually reading the post she was talking about...I finally understood...

What time is it?


Alright, so honestly, I think Halloween is a stupid holiday, but...we jump at any opportunity to decorate the house. At first I thought all the decorations were a little weird, since I hated the holiday, but after 3 years, and getting more and more decorations...I've actually kinda looked forward to decorating with Greg. We go ALL OUT. Lol...I will post more of the lights when I take some, but here are a few of our fun "family night" putting up decorations. He loves doing it, and I love helping him anyway I can..

Here's Greg putting up the lights...lol, I just love him!
...He seemed to think this was safe...
Thanks Shaina for helping us with our lights! You know you had fun!!! :)
The first one was an accident...but since it's Halloween, it can be all weird and creepy...

Alright, so here is an update on our garden...Our tomatos are turning red...YAHOO...and best yet, there are a bunch more growing that we didn't realize. And the best news yet....We have a squash growing! Now, don't laugh...it's still growing..lol, I think it's about the size of my thumb...lol..okay, not that small, but still! I think it's cute, so I took pics!

Alright, so another answer to the "what time is it" question is this...It's time for our house to fall apart..After a few weeks of no big problems on our house or car, I was talking to Greg one night on the phone when i was at a volleyball tourney, and he told me our window is leaking. When I asked if it would be hard to fix...he said probably...I got home and this is what I found. I don't know if you can really tell, but the the top of the window is totally caved in...Ahhh...the joys of being a home-owner...better yet...a MOBILE home owner...There's almost always something we need to fix either on our cars or our house...Usually I'd be a little upset...but really, what's the point? This house provides us with great shelter, and best of all, I get to live in it with the greatest man in the world. Why be upset over something so silly, right? Instead I will laugh and post pictures of it on my blog!! 
I could update you on my volleyball team, but I don't really want to. HA! We did have a tourney last week, but I REALLY don't want to talk about it...It was just really long, and...i lost/someone stole my iPod, and I'm TOTALLY bummed about it! It makes me sick to think about... :( lol, oh well, I guess...But...my team is ranked 2nd in our Region behind Morgan. We play them tomorrow. Pray it will be a good game! :) lol...

Oh, in case you were wondering. All those tubs in that other post are the tubs that hold our lights...Yeah, they're ALL FULL!


Just a few...

So, I know some people have wanted to see more pictures...so...here are just a few...I will do more soon, but here are just a couple more...ENJOY!

I don't know if I mentioned that my mom came with us and did a fabulous job herself!! And since she NEVER posts any of her shoots, I will do it for her!

Broccoli-Cheese Soup

I just typed this post and it didn't work..UGH! I Hate that...anyway..

I'm just wondering if anyone has a REALLY YUMMY, QUICK and EASY recipe for broccoli-cheese soup, or any other yummy type of soup. Greg has been sick, so soup is the easiest thing for him to swallow, so I thought I would try something new instead of clam chowder...(Though I crave it ALL THE TIME!!)

So, if anyone has a good recipe, especially a broccoli-cheese recipe, please let me know. Either email me at bre11414@hotmail.com or leave it in the comments!

Thanks, Love you all!


Guess what time it is...

....yup, it's that time of year again...muah hahah...now that I have you all on the edge of your seat....I am going to bed! I will post more later...ENJOY...
Maira Gall