New Moon

So, it's been a long time since I blogged last...Lame! Oh well...when was the last time YOU blogged? (that's what I thought!)

Anywho...so...first things first. I went and watched New Moon a little while ago. Greg, Shaina and I hit up the midnight showing. There were a few people in there, but not too many. So that was nice. You want my honest opinion of the show? Okay...it was not as bad as Twilight, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob is an EXCELLENT idea! But here's what I've noticed about the movies and why they bug me SO bad....There is absolutely NO EMOTION coming from the actors/actresses. It's pathetic. Bella and Edward totally annoy me...When they say "I love you" it's like they're saying, "i bought toilet paper at the store today." Nothing! I mean, granted the books can go into details about thoughts, feelings, and emotions, I get that...but a good actor can portray those feelings and emotions the way they should be done. I also was annoyed that they downplayed Jacob a lot. I really appreciate the fact that they showed him shirtless a lot...and in the rain...but I don't think they did him justice at all! I don't know how to explain it, but they just downplayed him a lot! But...there were some super cool parts, like at the beginning when Alice leaps over the railing on the stairs. That was way cool! And Jasper's face...doesn't get any better than that...Oh...and when they're running through the forest in slow motion! Wow! I can't wait for the next movies! But it was totally cheesy, they need a better Bella and Edward, and they should make a movie ALL ABOUT JACOB! mmm...he is the best thing to happen to that movie! So yeah..overall it was cheesy, and LONG, and they should have just ended the movie/book with Edward dying...but then I wouldn't want Jacob to end up with Bella, so it's a toughy...But yeah...the movie bugged me mostly because there is no emotion (aka bad acting)...so...yeah..I think that's all I'm going to say about that...except for...TAYLOR LAUTNER!! Go Team Jacob!!!

Nothing else going on around here...Can't wait for Christmas. Sure hope Santa brings me a new computer + Adobe Suite, and a camera lens...but we'll see...What are you getting me?


The Nutcracker

So, last year around this time for our combined mutual activity, we had a dinner for the widows in our ward, then our bishop took them to watch the Nutcracker. Well, he promised us last year that since we did that last minute service, he would take us to the Nutcracker this year. He paid up last night. It was my first time EVER watching the Nutcracker (well, I watched the Barbie Nutcracker once...I don't really remember why...it was just recently too...haha, I had it on tv while I was on my computer) ANYWAY...and it was my first time to a ballet, kinda. (I went to the ones that SV would put on in Cokeville..but I don't really remember them...) It was pretty good though. I used to want to be a ballerina, but Cokeville only offers so many extra-curricular activities like that...(wait...they don't offer any!) so that dream was shattered, but not before receiving a pink tutu for Christmas (I have pictures, but I'm too lazy to scan them in!) I had forgotten though that there is no talking in ballet, so for the first few minutes I kept expecting them to burst out in song or something...lol, but they didn't. The first scene was actually kind of boring. There wasn't much "ballet"...and I was pretty bummed, but it got better and better. Especially when the men came out! (HA!) Really...I know that it's been this way forever, but can they not have the men wear pants? Ugh...haha...Let's just say when I say they were wearing tights...they were TIGHT!!! Especially the very last guy...haha...he was really good, but ... you could see every muscle...and well, everything else! I guess that's the ballet though. It really was good, and the dancers did a good job. It was fun to hear some familiar songs, and actually see where they came from...I would go to it again...(maybe!) haha...So that was a new experience for me.
And...I was editing some pics and wanted to share these. I'm too lazy to upload to photobucket, so you'll have to click on them to get larger.

Poor Aidan....

but we were able to get a smile out of him!


I'm Thankful For...Part 9-27

9. Electricity...even though half the power goes out quite often, I'm still grateful for it, and grateful that at least 1/2 of it stays on (and that half happens to be the circuit our computers and TV are on..THE MOST important circuit!) haha...

10. Family...I love both sides of my family, and I'm so grateful for each and everyone of them. For loving me, for being forgiving, for being there for me, and for randomly texting me about things that happened during the day.

11. Military men and women...I have quite a few family members and friends who are/were in the military, and I am truly grateful to those who are willing to risk their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today... (and of course I'm grateful for their families too!)

12. Ice cream...Nothing can be more of a comfort food than ice cream. Mint chocolate chip is my fave, of course, but almost any kind will do!

13. Laughter...especially when I'm able to laugh with Greg about the dumbest things in the world. I also love the sound of children laughing...

14. Nice hot bubble baths...so relaxing....

15. My ability to play the piano...There are very few things I feel comfortable doing in front of people...playing sports is one...playing the piano is the other. Not that I don't get nervous, because I do...but I am always willing to play the piano, and I'm grateful for all of the piano teachers I had over the years, and for their patience with me. They were all great teachers! and also being able to play the organ. Thanks grandma for teaching me how to play it!

16. Photography...i love photography so much! And I'm grateful to be able to use it to capture moments and memories and feelings.

17. Digital Scrapbooking...Yes..I'm obsessed with it. I could do it all day, everyday if I could...(wait...I pretty much do!) It's been fun to learn a new craft and to get a new hobby. Plus I get to stretch my creativity to reach new levels.

18. The Gospel and my testimony...They have both grown so much over the past few years, and I'm grateful for the principles that the gospel teaches.

19. Jesus Christ...for the sacrifice he made so that we can repent and be forgiven and be able to return to live with him.

20. My calling...Yes, I am not always happy, and yes the girls sometimes drive me crazy, but I still love them all and wouldn't want any other calling...(well, except for ward organist...see #15...hehehe)

21. My computer...what would I do without it? I have everything on here. It's my baby, and I am grateful for all the programs I am able to use on it...(and thanks mom and dad for buying it for me all those years ago!)

22. Cuddling up in nice fuzzy socks and a nice fuzzy blanket on a cold day...

23. Texting...yes..I'm grateful for texting...it's the only way Greg and I can communicate while he's at work...or in the other room...(hahahaha!) Plus...texting is great when you want to talk to someone, but don't necessarily want to talk to them in person or on the phone...(lol..come on, you know I'm right!)

24. Positive people...what great examples they are. I strive to be positive everyday...and I'm grateful for those who are able to always be positive.

25. Ramen Noodles...The most healthy and nutritious lunch a girl could ask for! (okay...insert quick for healthy, and easy for nutritious! That sounds better!) But I love ramen noodles! So delicious! (i may go make me some now...)

26. Pizza...Papa Johns is the best EVER...but I could have a cheese Little Caesar's pizza (with their cheese sticks of course) anyday! (ummm...I'm kinda unhealthy!!! Just a little bit though...)

27. My wonderful husband who is so thoughtful and funny and kind....and makes a killer turkey!!! (Oh my gosh! We had the BEST Turkey yesterday...seriously so delicious!!!) and I love him! lol

Hope you all had a fantastical Thanksgiving, and for those who decided to take on the Black Friday crowds. I hope you made it out alive while I was safely in my warm bed dreaming about stealing people's wedding rings at the beach then giving them back to the people...

don't ask...I am weird sometimes...i know...


I'm Thankful For...Part 8

Friends: I have had a lot of good friends through the years. I was lucky enough to live in a small town where you pretty much have to be friends with everyone, but it was a good thing because I became super good friends with people I normally wouldn't.

I was very lucky to make friends with the younger girls, Jenna and Lindsay...lol...I have a lot of funny memories of these two...Dressing up for halloween, driving down Stoner Ave, letting Lindsay drive my car when she was only 14 (maybe 15! So scary!) haha...A day trip to Evanston with Jenna. Volleyball and basketball trips...Even now that it's been many years later, and I don't stay in touch with them as much as I could/should...I know that if I were to call either of them on the phone, we'd be able to chat it up like the old days.

Even younger than them, thanks to a special ward girl's camp we had, I made friends with some 8th graders my senior year. Camille and Talisha became fast best friends. Even though they are a lot younger than I am, I had a lot of fun talking to them and hanging out. Now that we are all graduated, and again, I don't see them as much as I'd like to or talk, when i do see them it's great to get a big hug and be able to re-connect our friendship (haha...is that even a real term?!)

Of course, there are the girls in my HS class. For the most part all 5 of us have been together forever...at least that's what it seems. Not that we never had fights, because we sure did...but at the end of the day we were still friends.
(Sorry Tiff isn't in this pic!)

I made some awesome friends through my photography class. Photography was awesome...having only 6 people in the class we were all able to become good friends. One in that class became my best friend during my senior year, and I'll always be grateful for that. Two were my cousins, and boy oh boy...was that fun to be able to hang out with them in class (especially when Forrest wasn't there! lol) and two were foreign exchange students. One from Sweden (Sofie), one from Germany (Jana). Jana was also on my basketball team (of 7 girls!), she had never played before, so it was fun to teach her and watch her learn, and get to know her better. Before she left to go back to Germany, she gave me a picture of me and her taken at regional basketball. On the back she wrote "Friends Forever." and I'll always treasure it!

After HS I met some great friends at college. It was pretty easy to meet friends because of volleyball, I instantly had 15 friends. (again with the fighting..haha! a whole other story!) I knew most of them from visiting Kandyce while she was at Western, but it was still fun to be able to hang out with them and talk to them...though I do wish I would have hung out with some of them more. But I was able to make some friends for life through that experience.

Of course I met my BESTESTESTEST friend at college. I never expected to meet a BFFFFFFFF there, but I did, and I'm grateful for it. (One of the best things I gained from going to school in the hole of Wyoming!) But I met my husband. The first night we met we talked all night long, and every night since then. I love him so much, and he truly is my best friend!
Since being in Logan, I have met a few more great friends. I met a lot of great people working. One of them being my friend Shay. She was the very first person I met there, she trained me, and we were instant friends. When I got moved to the service desk (taking her spot! lol...not really...the boss just didn't like her for some reason..) and she moved to the office...we would spend A LOT of time talking on the phone! It's surprising we got any work done. Everyday we were able to talk and complain and just laugh with one another. Sadly...once she left work to have her baby, we haven't been able to hang out as much...though we recently re-connected and have decided to become friends again...lol, even though we STILL haven't hung out. But she is a great friend, and she will always be my friend. (And Shay if you're reading this...we should do something sometime! haha!)

I have also made friends through my calling in the YW and volleyball...Both the girls and the leaders and coaches I work with. It's been fun to meet new girls, and see their different personalities...

Alright, this turned out to be REALLY long, and I didn't meant it to be. But I am grateful for the many friends I've had throughout the years. The ones I've listed here aren't even all of them, so if you're my friend, and I didn't list you..don't be offended...I still love you, and I'm grateful for all of those who have been examples and friends to me.

THE END! (For now...I still have like 17 more to get caught up on!)


I'm Thankful For...Part 7

(I'm really trying to get caught up! I'm just so slow! Too much to do, so little time!)

McDonald's fries...

I know...that's why I've gained 20 pounds since HS! I will admit it.. lol...but seriously friends. I would die without McDonald's fries. They are seriously the best ever. When Greg and I get fast food, we usually order our burgers or whatever from wherever we want, then get our fries from McDonalds. They are the best when they are fresh out of the fryer...mmmm...my mouth is watering just thinking about them...I could eat them everyday if I weren't concerned about my health...(lol, right!) I honestly crave them at weird times (mostly in the middle of the night...) But they make me happy, and even though I don't really like a lot of MD's other foods...I could always eat their fries...just thought you should know!

(this may also be why I will die at an early age!) but at least I'll die happy and full of MD fries! :)


I'm Thankful For...Part 6

***ATTENTION ALL...IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 23...KINDLY AVERT YOUR EYES (OR IF YOU'RE MY GRANDMA! hahahahaha just kidding grandma...you might enjoy this as well!)***

I'm thankful for...




hahahah!! JK!! But yeah...that totally makes me excited to see Twilight!!!

but my REAL "I'm thankful for" might actually sound a little silly...(haha, Greg and I are watching some "dumbest blonde" moments on TV, and I think this might rank in there...I'm kinda tired..but I had these thoughts driving home tonight..)

I'm thankful for IMAGINATION! Seriously folks. Wouldn't life be so completely boring if no one had an imagination? Sometimes I have an overactive imagination. For instance...when I drive, doesn't matter if it's day or night I see things in the trees and bushes. Ever since I hit a deer a long time ago driving home in the dark, that has been my driving paranoia...I see probably 500 'deer' when I drive to Cokeville and back. I have often seen bears, and a pig, and just tonight I saw the monster thingy from "Where the Wild Things Are." Of course when I see them at first, I freak out...but once I pass them and realize that they aren't really anything...I have to laugh. Yes, this happened tonight which is why I am making this post! It just got me to thinking...how boring would my drives be if I didn't constantly imagine these things. I have to laugh at myself at how dumb my imagination is being...(can you blame that?!) But beyond myself and my imagination...think of your children (or in my case...nieces and nephews)...Think of all the silly things they say and do...What would you do if your child had no imagination? You wouldn't laugh and smile half as much as you do...am I right? I just think of Lilli...pretending she's a wizard and using anything she can as a wand (got this from a long ago post by my sister)...everytime I read about anything like that...I just laugh. And seeing some of the outfits she's created...what a nerd! It's amazing to me what some people can come up with...and all due to their imaginations!

Okay...seriously! I hope this made sense. My imagination has gone to bed, so it's a little jumbled together!!! That's all for now...I'll be back to get caught up one of these days!


I'm Thankful For...Part 5

Movies that are so dumb they're funny! There are a lot of good movies out there, and I do love them, but come on...the best ones are the ones that are so dumb they're funny! When you're having a downer day...there's nothing better than cuddling with the hubby on the couch and watching dumb movies and laughing!! Here's my list of favorite 'dumb' movies!

Yes....I'm not going to lie! I love the HSM series! #2 is my favorite. The last song totally rocks. I haven't seen all of 3 yet, but don't worry I will....

I LOVE Legally Blonde 1 AND 2...This is the Platinum Collection (thanks Shari and Ben!) It makes me laugh everytime I watch it. I used to watch it every night to fall asleep...Great movies!

Napoleon Dynamite...CLASSIC
Out Cold...SO funny. I saw this first at college...there are few movies I could watch more than once...this is one of them!
Employee of the Month....LOVE it. I think it's hellarious! Especially having worked retail...Could watch this all the time too!

Empire Records....MY NAME'S NOT WARREN!! HAHAHA...
Kicking and Screaming...this movie CRACKS ME UP! Will Ferrill is so funny
Accepted...another great one...

And the classic Christmas movies...
Elf...Love the part where he jumps on the couch to put the star on top. SO funny!
The Muppets Christmas Carol...okay, not a dumb movie, I just added in with my fave Christmas shows. This is probably my favorite version of a Christmas Carol (this and the OLD disney one where donald duck is scrooge...I don't know if anyone remembers it...but i loved that one too..)
And of course A Christmas Story...Brady and I would get up REALLY early Christmas morning and watch this over and over...haha..I don't think I need to explain it, but it's pretty funny!

There are so many movies so dumb they make me laugh, but this is all you get for now!

So yeah...I'm thankful for movies so dumb they're funny so I can spend my evenings relaxing with Greg on the couch...laughing at the dumbness!!!


I'm Thankful For...Part 4

Good books. At the beginning of summer the bookstore in the mall was having a closeout sale, so Greg and I went in and found a lot of books for 50% off. Since then I've found more and more books that I have loved and usually get a good deal on them. I have always loved reading. I even remember the first chapter book I read...Sweet Valley Kids: Runaway Hampster. Then onto Nancy Drew, Ariana series, and so on and so forth. I have a hard time finding books I like, because I really don't like the adult fiction books. So I decided to just check out the Young Adult section, and I've found a ton of books I like (and before you make fun of me for reading young adult books...Twilight is young adult...! ;) But anyway, so here are some good reads that I have found and loved!

I love series. Because if I like the first one, there's a good chance I'll like the next ones...then I don't have to look for books I want to read..

I bought the first one used, and really liked it. The rest of the series is alright, but kind of drags out. I think I skimmed through most of the 4th book. AND there's one more! All I can say is she better marry Marcus or I'll be VERY upset! These are by Megan McCafferty.

This is another series that I liked, but REALLY drags on. There are also 5 in this series. I haven't read #5 yet (and just checked out #4 from the library). They're about some friends who had one friend die and no one knew why or how. Then the other friends start getting threatening texts from A who knows things that only the friend that died knew, and if they tell anyone about it, the stalker will tell people their secrets. She also kills one of the girls because she figured out who was sending the texts. But I'm kind of annoyed because they find out who the killer is in #4, so that killer goes to jail, then in 5 someone else is back stalking them. Really...just let it end! lol..but still good. They're by Sara Shepard

Sarah Dessen has become one of my favorite authors. Her books are probably the cleanest non-LDS books that I've read. These aren't a series, but they are SOOOO GOOD! Just Listen was the first one I bought, and I LOVEDDDDDDD it! It made me cry, and was so good. A definite must-read.

Of course...Twilight...#2 is by far my fave!!! and I still hate #4...but I can't wait for the movie to come out...Taylor Lautner...mmmmm....

These books take place in the early 1900s (I think..lol)...It's interesting to read books that take place so long ago, and to read how different times were. I really enjoyed this series. There are three out, and #4 comes out soon, and I can't wait to read it! These are by Anna Godbersen.

These are the books I was reading when I was having terrible nightmares about being a vampire/vampire killer. These are really clean as well...and easy reads, only downfall is they all are pretty much the same story...just with different characters. There is one more to this series as well. These are by L.J. Smith (author of the Vampire Diaries...the dudes on that show...mmmm!)

Alright...this is HANDS DOWN my favorites series! Yes...there are a lot of them...these are the ones we bought in the closeout sale. Well, the first 4. The rest I have bought since then. There is another one out now that I have yet to get...(I REALLY want it!) lol...and Another one coming out March 9! These are a good easy read. I have read the entire series at least 10 times...No lie! Love them, and can't wait to read the next two. (this one kinda drags on too, but I don't care...I totally love it!) They are by Kate Brian. There is a web series for this book and it totally sucks...Just thought I'd throw that out there! :)

Also by Kate Brian, this is a spin-off of the Private series. Love these ones too. There is a third one out that I have yet to read as well...Geeze, I gotta get on this!

this is just a portion of all our books. We have SO MANY! I love it!
What good reads have you found? Let me know...I'm in a lull right now! :)

PS...Don't you love the orange carpet! You are totally jealous! ADMIT IT!

I'm Thankful For...Part 3

I know, I got a bit behind on this, but I'm working on it! :) But I am thankful to have lived in places where we can celebrate all four seasons! Sure I love winter the most, but I could honestly say I think I'd go crazy if it was freezing ALL the time. The same goes for summer. Rain, however...is a different story...but for the sake of this post, we'll just skip past that! As I look out my window right now and watch it cloud over...I am REALLY hoping that it will snow. I just can't imagine what it would be like to grow up and never see snow! What fun memories would you have of having it snow so much that CHURCH GOT CANCELLED! or memories of sledding with the Teicherts? Or running Shari's fairly new car off the road because it was icy and never telling her (at least I think I was smart enough not to!) lol... Or spinning cookies, and nearly dying by the railroad tracks? And the list goes on...Now, I'm not gonna lie and say I never have complained about the weather, because I have...but one thing I've learned over the past few years is...I have NO control over the weather, so there's no point in complaining to the world about it! I will say, "Its SO COLD." But I'm not complaining. I would rather freeze to death than burn...lol...but really. Aren't you glad you get to experience all four seasons, even though I think Spring kinda gets rushed because we have long winters, but we do get to experience them all, and I'm thankful for that!

Spring...notice the snow still on the ground! :) It's the only picture I have that was taken around "Spring time." (greg at the HOgle zoo when we went for Spring Break)
Summer...I had a better picture, but I couldn't find it. Plus I thought the sun flair was cool in this..
Fall...I think this one goes way too fast too...But I do love when the leaves change and fall to the ground.
And...of course...WINTER!!! Gotta love it!
OH...and PS...this isn't to say I wouldn't LOVE to live in, say, California, or Florida, or Hawaii...because I SOOOO would...but I will always be grateful that I have lived in all 4 seasons!



Our Christmas tree is up....is yours?!

I'm Thankful For...Part 2

3 Adorable Nieces and 6 Adorable Nephews!

Wow! That's a lot! I remember when I didn't have any, and now I have NINE! And I love each and every one of them!

Jeshua - Holy moly this kid has SO much energy! He is always on the go. (and I keep hearing that that's how Greg would act when he was younger! lol) He is so smart and says the funniest things!

This cute little girl always seems to be looking for trouble, always teasing her little brother, or teasing her aunts and uncles...but she is still a cutie! She used to not even come near me, but I guess actually getting to spend time with her, she has grown to like me a little bit! :)

Oh goodness! This child! She is so funny and such a stinker! She is constantly cracking me up, and I love hearing all the cute things that she randomly says.

Noriko - What a doll. She is the quiet one, who doesn't say much, but has such big brown eyes, they just melt your heart!

This kid gets more bumps and bruises than anyone I know (could be just when Uncle Greg is around, but still!) Last I was around him, he wasn't talking, but he makes noises so you can be sure you know what he's thinking. It's rather funny. He also loves reading books, and goes through probably 50 (if not more) a day!

I love his smile! He is so funny and such a cheeser. I really wish I got to see him more! :(

Love that the boys look nothing alike. They are both so cute in their own unique ways! I love Aidans big eyes...so sweet, and I love his little smile too. Can't believe they're almost a year old!!

Seiji - I have only seen this little guy like twice, and both times he just curled right up against my chest. Love cuddly babies! He is adorable, and looks a lot like his older brother.

What a little chunk! But I just love him. I am his favorite aunt too...He is such a good baby, and so adorable. Don't ya just want to squeeze those cheeks?

Aren't they all just adorable?!? Yes, I think so too. I wish I got to see them a whole lot more though! They grow up way too fast, and I don't see them near enough, but when I do...it makes it all the more worth it! Can't wait for more and more of them!


I'm Thankful For...Part 1


Last Saturday my throat started hurting, and I was REALLY hoping that I wasn't getting sick. A bunch of the girls on my volleyball team have been really sick, and being around that all week, it wouldn't have surprised me if I did get sick, but I hoped I wasn't going to. Well, Sunday we had stake conference, but I gotta admit, I just slept in...and I woke up starting to feel a little achey. Not horrible, but not fun. That night was HORRIBLE for sleeping though. I had a terrible headache, and to make things worse, I COULD NOT SLEEP! Well, I could, but every time I seemed to close my eyes, I started having MESSED up dreams! Seriously so weird! I've been reading vampire books lately, and in my dreams I was one of the girls trying to kill bad vampires. I thought I was going crazy! It was so bad. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep! Well, my sickness continued throughout the week. It was bad. I have never been sick for so long, so it was NOT fun! The worst part is I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING! It was the last week of volleyball too, but I didn't go to any practices, and I missed one game. I was going to go to the game, but one of the coaches had a baby not to long ago, premature, so I didn't want to risk getting her sick, in addition to the girls on my team. So I just stayed home. I did go to our last home game, but I was miserable the whole time. Needless to say, I'm glad it's over! I am feeling a little better today, but still have a nasty cough! As long as I can sleep at night, though, I'm not too concerned. I'll survive, but it still really makes me grateful for my health! I don't know how I would handle it if I were constantly sick with any other type of disease...Sometimes I think I have colitis, but sometimes I don't...(haha...that's probably only funny to the people who know what I'm talking about!) But still. I'm grateful to have my health, and even though it SUCKS to have a cold, I know that it will go away soon enough, and I will be healthy again! :)

Happy November 1 everyone!


Nightmare on 13th

So Friday night Lacey and I took our 5 senior girls down to Salt Lake for their "senior trip." We went out to eat, then headed over to Nightmare on 13th. It was so much fun. I love the senior girls we have. They are so much fun, so whatever we did was going to be fun. And though they really wanted to go to Disneyland...our budget just wouldn't have covered it. But it was loads of fun. I don't do scary very well, so I was a little nervous about it. Last year Nightmare on 13th was rated one of the scariest haunted attractions in America by the Travel Channel. They even did a little video about them, I guess. I have also never been to a haunted house, so I was pretty excited about that. The entire thing took about an hour, and we didn't even have to wait on line. If you plan on going, buy your tickets online and you can get a VIP Pass (no waiting in line) and an additional few rooms for way cheap(ER). I think it was like $20-$25, but compare to $35 it's a good deal! ;)

Anyway, so I get scared really easy, so I made sure I wasn't first. There were two girls in front, I was with three girls in the middle, then Heidi and Lacey brought up the back. lol. I did NOT want to go first, and I'm glad I didn't! I made sure I was always close to someone. It wasn't really too bad. The times I got freaked out the most was when the stupid people would get in my face. It freaks me out SO bad!! I'm sure they are told to do that, but I wanted to push them away. Seriously. Like I had some dude get in my face, so I covered it and turned around and he was STILL there when I uncovered my face. NOT cool! Lol. I'm sure they find it totally hilarious though! It also didn't help that Lacey was behind me POINTING AT ME and mouthing "Scare her!" What a brat! lol...I had one chick totally breathe on me too when she was up in my face. Totally gross! Kinda made me mad so I just pushed pass her. I did jump quite a bit, but none of it really freaked me out. There was a room with mirrors that I closed my eyes through the ENTIRE thing!! lol. I don't do mirrors, and I was afraid of what I'd see if I looked! There was one really cool room where there was a tunnel spinning and a walk way through the tunnel. I SWEAR the walk way was tilted because I totally felt like I was tipping over. But they say it wasn't...so whatever..lol, It was totally trippy, and i was dizzy forever after, but I think that was my favorite part.

We added the extra rooms to our pass, and honestly...that was THE WORST part of the ENTIRE house!!! When you first walk in it's completely dark, and the walls are really close together...I was towards the back with Heidi and Lacey, and i was walking first. The ground was funky too...like really padded. But I was walking, freaking out because I couldn't see and I'm totally claustrophobic, and I hit a dead end. I started panicking because I couldn't see, and Lacey and Heidi were really close to me and I honestly thought I was stuck! It was so bad...but not NEARLY as bad as the end. I made it through that first part okay, but was still a little panicky. Not to mention it was WAY hot in there. But when I we got towards the end there were like two sheet type things with air blowing into them, and you had to push your way through. It wasn't just a little air pushing the sheets...it was blowing way hard, and the walkway was REALLY narrow! I got like a step into it and started freaking out. To make it worse the girls in front of me were going REALLY slow...I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Heidi was behind me and she was the same. When we got stopped in the middle of whatever you want to call it, it was horrible. I was screaming at the people to keep going. It was horrible. and to make it worse....Once I got out of it...there was ANOTHER ONE!!! It was honestly like my worst nightmare! When we got out Heidi and I were both shaking and on the verge of tears. I thought i was going to have a panic attack in the middle of it...I'm sure that would have been fun...lol. I was shaking so bad forever after we were done. But it was a lot of fun! Lol...We were going to go to another one in Ogden, but it was too expensive, so we just headed to Logan, went to coldstone and got ice cream (mint mint chocolate chocolate chip...YUMMMMY!) then headed home. It really was a lot of fun, and they are a fun group of girls that I'll miss like crazy!

But anyway...if you're considering going to Nightmare on 13th...I'd totally recommend it...Shari, if you want to come back and go to it with me...haha, I think that would be really fun (and funny!) But seriously people...go to it!!!


I've said it before...

but I seriously CT for the most AMAZING designer ever. She totally rocks, and I love working with her. Check out this little element pack that she made (just for me btw!!!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and figure some of you volleyballers might love it too!!

Haha! They totally make me smile!


I have a big ol' post that I want to do...but I haven't found the energy yet to write it...so...just stay tuned. It will come (HOPEFULLY) really soon!



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Woot! Exciting News...Spread the Word!!

Alright, this is kind of exciting news...more for 2 lucky people out there, but still excited to get my name out there a little more.

Anyway...on MONDAY OCTOBER 5, I will be giving away 2 packs of 25 cards /invitations at Today's Give Away. All you have to do is enter...nothing fancy...Though I would REALLY appreciate it if you helped me spread the word. I will be re-newing this post EVERY DAY UNTIL TUESDAY so you don't forget!! Plus to all the not-so-lucky winners...You'll get a discount (don't ask me how much...i forgot!) But just check that blog on Monday, and you'll see!! THANKS!!


Once upon a time...

I used to love to scrapbook. I was lucky (or spoiled, depending on which word you prefer) enough to have my own room. The summer before my junior year, my parents gave me bedroom a makeover and part of the makeover included a massive desk. PERFECT for scrapbooking...I wouldn't have to spread all my crap all over my floor (though I still did!) Well...

now that I am in my own house...I don't really have much space for all my crafting. Most of my scrapbook stuff is shoved in those plastic storage things under my little desk in my living room. The stuff I don't use as much I recently moved to our "storage" room. (pretty much the extra room in our house where we SHOVED everything that doesn't fit outside of that room...seriously, don't try to go in there. You might not come out alive!) Well...for mutual Wednesday we made recipe books using scrapbook stuff. I was in charge, so I busted out almost all my scrapbook stuff (half of which I didn't use by the way!) Well...long story short...it's still out! I have no desire to put any of it away. I am now reminded why I don't scrapbook as much anymore! (that and digi scrapping is SO MUCH COOLER!) It's just such a hassle to put things away! I mean I have SO many other things I could be doing . . . . . . . . (LOOOONG awkward pause!)

anyway..yeah..i was just reminded of that! Pretty lame, I know. I just have nothing exciting to say...well, I do...but it's more of a venting rage about certain things, and while I think most of YOU people (meaning Cokeville people) would understand...I don't know who reads my blog, so I will wait until AFTER certain things are said and done before I vent about them...I can't risk getting in trouble as I already have nightmares about it! HAHA! okay...enough making no sense to you guys!

It rained all last night, and it was awesome. I fell asleep to the rain, and woke up to the rain..(very early at 5:00! Yes...be proud of me!) plus there was snow on the mountains, and that rocked...unless you're my sis-in-law whose car window we tried to tape shut didn't work and she got a couple inches of snow in the backseat of her car! NOTE TO ALL OF YOU! If your back window doesn't roll up...don't call me or Shaina to come fix it...apparently we aren't any good! but I can't wait until the snow starts falling, and Utah people start driving even more crazy!

OH...speaking of CRAZY Utah drivers...ugh! Nearly every day on my way to practice I almost get in a wreck. The street I go onto is behind my house, and I have to make a left hand turn on a somewhat busy road (no lights!) Well, yesterday I got to the stop sign and there were three cars across the road making right hand turns (the same way I'm trying to go) So I get there, and it's busy, but the first car can go....then the second car can go...and I've been here about the same time as all three cars...which means I got to the stop sign before car #2 and car #3 FOR SURE! Well, I knew it was going to happen, but I do it anyway...there is a small gap in which I can cross and turn left, but as soon as I gun it to go...car #3 decides to go...resulting in me half way in the road with a truck coming up fairly fast...ooooooh....I was SOOOO MAD! A- I was there FIRST!!! There's no arguing it! If there are 3 cars on that side, and one on my side...I'm there before #3 for sure...RIGHT?!? and B-You would THINK that because it's easier for their side to go they would let me go...WRONG!!! I was soooo not happy! It seriously happens everyday! I can't stand it! Have some courtesy people!

....eh....maybe it's me that sucks at driving............................YEAH RIGHT!!!

That's my venting frustrations about Utah drivers. I could go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!! lol..sorry you Utahans...I'm from Wyoming, so I am a good driver...and in a recent poll by bre...Utah ranks #1 on rudest driving (ask ANYONE from Wyoming!! hahahah!!!) Maybe we should ALL think about that next time we drive....(haha)

OKay...seriously now. I'm done..this turned into a forever long, unnecessary post about nothing! I'm thinking it's time for bed for me! I'm EXHAUSTED!!


Kids Say the Darndest Things...

So I've mentioned this little girl before, but she is such a doll. The daughter of the girl I coach with (I think she's 4?) is just the funniest girl ever. So, back in summer, i would have Lacey give me rides home from summer workouts, and everytime we would tell her little girl that I was going to live with them. She did not like that one bit. lol..she would start crying and say I would have to live in the wild. Well, once volleyball started, Lacey would tell me all these funny things she would say. Like this one time they had stopped to get lunch and she asked Lacey if she could eat in the car. Lacey said she could, but then she said she would just eat it when they got to the school. Then this little girl says, "Never mind I'll eat it now so Breanne won't eat it." Lol...what?!? haha. I don't even know why she thought that.

Well, today, I show up to practice, and Brightyn is sitting on the floor playing her PSP (?) and she had a lunch bag right next to her. I won't over by her, and went to set my keys and phone down and she grabs the bag and pulls it towards her. I didn't really think anything of it, then Lacey started laughing and told me that on the way to the gym Brightyn said (something similar to), "If I hide my lunch do you think Breanne will eat it?" haha...I asked Lacey if that's why she grabbed the bag when I went to set my stuff down. I wasn't even going for the bag! lol, it was so funny. I mean I tease her when she has like treats and stuff, but for some reason, she never wants to share with me, and she thinks I'm going to steal all of her stuff! I find it pretty funny. She's so funny, and quite fun to tease. I just find it hilarious that she thinks that I'm always going to steal her lunch.....

anyway, that's all...I think i need to go to bed! Ha!


LOVE MY BLOG?!? Yeah...I'm already changing it to make it more festive! :) For now enjoy it in all its boringness!!!
(I'm too tired to fix it tonight...I'm running off of about 4 hours of sleep....)


I know the holidays are like FOREVER away, right? But it's never too early to start thinking about your holiday cards! Here are some I recently came up with to show off the different sizes I can do, and to also show off some of my mad design skills! ;) (totally playin...I'm WAY tired..so sorry if this is a little LOOPY!)

How this works: browse through my designs and pick out something you like (or if you want something totally different, that’s okay too!) Head over to this link: http://btadesigns.com/WAOrderForm.html and fill out the form (I know its for wedding announcements, but I haven’t got the order form up for Holiday cards! Sorry…I’m still re-constructing the site!:) The more descriptive you are, the faster I can have a proof to you. If you don’t have a specific design in mind, just tell me all of your ideas, and I’ll come up with something. The proofing process is free, and I can generally have a proof back to you within 24 hours. Once the proofing process is complete, and you are 100% happy with what we’ve come up with, I will send it in to be printed. Before I can send it in however, I will need to receive the payment in full. I currently accept cash or check (cashier’s or personal). It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to receive your order, unless you are ordering a digital copy only, then you will receive that as soon as payment is received. No refunds unless an error is made on my end. I will NEVER send your order to printed until I receive a 100% OKAY from you.

I will also accept photos not taken by me. Sometimes the candid photos make for the best cards. However, if the photos are not done by me, then I will need a copyright release from the photographer.

Wow! That was a lot of info! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I’ll be happy to work with you

Okay, now onto the designs...and I may sound like totally snobby, but I think these are totally cute!! haha! Here ya go...

Beginning with one of my faves: (click on them to see them bigger) a 5x5 tri-fold. So many options when the cards have this many panels.

Fold cards are my new faves! This one is 5x5, but also comes in 5x7 (at the same price) and 4x5.5 (a little less)

Another of my mostest faves!

This year I am offering the digital-file of your holiday card...meaning...I design your card, then I email you the digital file for you to print them off yourself. This saves on time, money, and s&h!! I only offer 5x7 & 4x8 (and I guess I could do 4x6...but honestly...if I were you, I'd pay the little extra to have them printed 5x7...totally worth it!)

and here are the prices:

Seriously! EMAIL ME! I'm happy to design something for you! :)

But yeah...so that's all for now...I am up too late, and I have practice in 3 hours...hmm...should I go to sleep or not...That is the question!!

Oh yeah, and feel free to post this button on your blog...

because I don't have a premium photobucket account, you would need to host it yourself...just right click and save to your desktop...then upload it. If you want it and aren't sure how to do it...let me know...I'm happy to help...besides...if you choose to show off my button on your blog..who knows...a big ol' discount could be coming your way!!! Thanks everyone for your love and support...I really appreciate it!

and a special thanks goes out to: SuzyQ Scraps, Tracie Stroud Designs, Pamela Donnis Designs, and Dani Alencar


I had this plan...

to get a whole bunch of other stuff done...but then I decided I wanted to change my blog background...You see, I don't like the typical blog backgrounds...I have to design my own...

so...that's what I did ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I took ideas from HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE and a few random sites I found to come up with what I did...and ya know....I kinda like it...just kinda though...i plan on changing it, but I learned some new fun things, like putting signatures...pretty sweet, right....so now...who wants their blog re-done?

kidding (kinda)

the point is...I am so tired, and shouldn't have done it! I had a million and one other things to do..but this is how I spent my night....

the end!


Summer Rewind...Part I

Alright, so this may be a repeat, but I totally can't remember what I've posted, and what I haven't. So we're going to start at the beginning...of the end of the summer...I have like 1000 pictures from the first 3 weeks in August to share...Gosh August was SOOO busy!

Anywho. (I think I've already posted most of this, but here is a QUICK run-down, plus pics at the end!!!!) The last week in July/ First of August was my sis-in-law Adrienne's wedding. I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters-in law getting things ready for the wedding. We made all the desserts, and the cake (which I didn't upload a picture of...but I will...) All of the bridesmaids had a bachelorette party the night before the wedding, painted toes and fingernails and chatted about life. Great fun. The wedding was so beautiful and Adrienne looked GORGEOUS! We are SO happy for her and Mark...and like I've said before, we REALLY hope that they get to move back closer to home. We haven't been able to see them much this past year as they moved to Kentucky then to Philadelphia. We sure miss them! (though I'm still thinking a girl's week back East would be super fun! ;) Anyway...here are a FEW pics from the weekend. I have so many...I just really wanted to get some up...I'm such a basket case right now...too much going through my head...haha, so sorry if this is all rambled! JUST SKIP TO THE PICS ALREADY!

Here are the two flower girls. Kyla and Allie...They looked darling in the dresses that Adrienne made for them...and surprisingly, they looked totally similar. You'd have to check my facebook for pics of their similarity, but it was crazy...This is my fave pic of Kyla. She's such a doll!

And another sister-in-law we don't get to see much. Though I must say they are a bit closer than Adrienne & Mark...lol...but here is Juanita and Mikes darling little family!

(We missed Kyan's family too...their oldest got really sick the morning of the wedding and they weren't able to make it!)

Me and the sisters (minus Juanita)...Aren't they gorgeous?! Yeah...totally not fair to be pretty AND skinny! lol!

And just TWO of my favorites of the couple....LOVE this one...(Love it even more in color, but uploaded this one instead!) But still..gorgeous! They make a great couple, huh?

And my handsome hubby....looking thrilled that we made him help out at the reception..
That's all for part I for now...I will probably post random pics as I go, but this is all you get! :)
Maira Gall