More Wedding Stuff

So, here is Lindsay's announcement. This is just the picture part. The wording is on a vellum paper that is the same size as the middle picture. They are attached together with blue ribbon, and are SOOO CUTE!!! I love them...and not just cuz I made them! :)



So, like i mentioned over there on the side, my mom and I do a little bit of photography on the side. Our most recent wedding has been one of my good friends' from high school. Lindsay is getting married on Thursday and asked mom and i to do her engagements, announcements, bridals, wedding pics, and her wedding video. Here is one of her bridals that mom took. She did such a GREAT job. I just added a bit of artwork and editing, but I give all the credit to my mom! She's awesome at it! If any of you know of anyone who's getting married...have them give us a call!! :) we'd LOVE to do it!!! (I'll post Linds' announcement later!)
Maira Gall