An August Wedding

August went by just as fast as July, if not faster!

August 1st was Brady & Ashbee’s reception in Cokeville, so I headed up after work. It was a beautiful reception. The decorations were super cute, and Ashbee looked beautiful. She had this whole vintage theme going on. Very cute. There was a slight mishap with Brady’s ring that I was supposed to help with, but really probably only made it worse. I still feel bad I didn’t double check the size, but what can you do? You don’t need a ring to be married. (Still, really feel bad.) But again, it was good to see the family and friends. I have the cutest niece and nephews, and they are always loads of fun. Brady & Ashbee had a little program where they had family members from both sides sing. Ashbee’s family is super talented, whereas there are only a select few from our family who are. Kennan rocked it on the piano, while Ben and Kenz each sang a song, and then my favorite was the song that Brady wrote and sang for Ashbee. You will have to stalk my instagram page for a snippet of that if you want to hear it. Super sweet!
The kids wanted to go home with me, so I loaded them up in the back seat and took off. It was the funnest trip I’ve had in a while. A short five minutes with their imaginations running wild. They are the best.

There was a crazy lightning storm that night so we stayed up and watched it for a little, then I stayed up and talked to my siblings for a bit longer. It was good to talk to them and catch up.

The next morning we headed to SLC for the wedding. I got to take Grandma and Kennan. Kennan was a bit boring, as he slept most of the way, but it was a lot of fun talking with Grandma and laughing the entire way. I don’t get to talk to her near enough, so I’m glad she got to ride with me. Even Kennan wasn’t too bad once he woke up. It was a bit scary driving in Salt Lake. The normal parking was full, so trying to figure out where to park freaked me out a bit. It’s alright. We made it. It was a beautiful ceremony, and was good to see even more friends and family. Derek & Sheila, Pat & Paul, Uncle Robert, Aunts Kathy and Laurel, and my cousins Heather,  Haley, and Cassidy. Plus Nathan and his wife who I’ve never met, and Buck and Aub (my friend who is the aunt). So good to see them.

The luncheon was held at Chuck-a-Rama, which was awesome because I sat at the ‘fun table’ with Heather, Hailey, Cassidy and Aunt Kathy. Oh boy. I don’t see those cousins near enough. Lots and lots of laughing for sure.   

It was a great day, and I’m super happy for Brady & Ashbee. Can’t wait for them to make me some nieces and nephews (just not TOO soon). Love you guys!


The rest of July…

I can’t believe how time has just flown by. Seriously. It’s already half way through September, and I’m so behind on blogging, it’s not even funny. I’m actually typing this up at work since I don’t really love my computer (or the chair we have over there for me to sit in.) so if I don’t do it now, it may never get done.

The 20th of July was a bridal shower for my sister-in-law-to-be, Ashbee. I was able to go to Cokeville and see family and a few friends (since Ashbee’s aunt is actually my age. What?!? Kind of crazy, right?). It was a lot of fun though, and great to see everyone. I don’t know Ashbee all that well, and of course what I do remember/know of her, is just as little girl. But I’ve always liked her, and think she just has the cutest personality. I’m super excited for her to be a part of the family. Her ‘theme’ was a time of day shower, and I had 2:00. I decided if I were home at 2, I’d probably be watching my Soap Operas (love that there is a SOAP Network), so I got her the first season of Pretty Little Liars (which I’ve never actually seen, but McKenzie LOVES), and some baking stuff. I was super proud of myself.

I also got to see cute little Liam who is just the cutest, even if he wanted me to walk him around.
Greg technically started school on the 22nd, and went in a few days that week, and then was pretty busy the entire next week trying to get the schedule figured out. I think at this point he was wondering what he got himself into, but he stuck with it, and is enjoying himself. He wouldn’t let me decorate his room, so it’s a bit bare, but it’s kind of exciting that he has his own office and everything. He’s legit people! (Oh, and we got some Coldstone a few times)

I took a few days off that week, and we went up to Star Valley on the 23rd after work. My mother-in-law and Annie were flying out to DC on the 25th, so we went up to bring them back so Kyan could take them to the airport.
It was a nice little break, despite the fact that Greg destroyed my leg when we went four-wheeling. I was sitting behind him and we ran over a bit stick and it flipped up and scratched my leg up. Of course the first thing Greg did was rub my leg. Ouch! Not the best of ideas. But I survived the attack
After that short trip to Wyoming, we brought my MIL and Annie to Kyan’s in Salt Lake. We stayed the night and then went to Hogle Zoo the next day. It was pretty fun to take the kids and walk around. There was a lot that was closed off, which was kind of disappointing, however it made for a shorter day, and less walking. I do okay if I’m not walking a ton, so we were there for the perfect amount of time. 
I was a bit disappointed though. One Direction was in the SAME TOWN as I was, and I didn’t even get to see them. They had their concert in Salt Lake on the 25th, and Greg didn’t let me go, or even let me try to stalk them in any way. I was totally bummed. I even tried to win tickets, but Greg told me the wrong radio station, even though I knew it was the right one. So disappointing. Maybe next year, right? We should be rich by then.
And then Greg thought it would be funny to text me this...
But he was good to bandage me up and keep by wounds from getting infected.
That was about how my July went. Summer just isn’t summer when you have to work. It’s all good though. We tried to find things to do with what little time we had off. It went by way too fast though.

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Maira Gall