Thursday Three | 09.29.16

      • Apparently the picture I thought I took didn't take. #thisismylife 
      • I'm ready for the weekend. I've had crappy sleeping because I'm stressing out about our trees and house and car and lack of sleep #adultingsucks 
      • Definitely looking forward to General Conference this weekend! Need it much in my life. Lds.org
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                Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

                Towards the end of July,my co-worker Chandler and I headed to our corporate office in Salt Lake to do some "job shadowing". We went and sat with different departments, and kind of learned what they did. Apparently we were the guinea pigs. None of the groups really knew what exactly to do, but it was nice to go down, miss a day of actual work, and meet some of the people that we really only interact with over the phone.

                It was pretty interesting because we all have our "favorites" from each department, and we've really only talked to them over the phone. We also have our not-so-favorites, and while some of them proved to be more awesome than we initially thought, others were exactly as we thought.But it was a good experience, and even though I was disappointed that I didn't get to learn what I was hoping to, it was still nice to go down and meet with these people face to face. Plus, I got to go with Chandler, and we had so much fun.
                Then, again towards the end of August, I went down for IRA training with my Assistant Manager, Steve, aka the Ass. Man. (JK, i love Steve! He's the greatest!). It was a lot of fun, and a really great training. We went and ate lunch at some burger joint, where the onion rings were fantastic, and the bacon cheeseburger had no bacon.

                It was a really great training. I learned quite a bit, and look forward to becoming an IRA specialist...ha. Such a joke! But, really. Good times were had.
                Both trips I took, I couldn't help but think about how nice it would be to just head to the airport instead and take a flight somewhere. Obviously it didn't happen.
                The next evening, August 26, we had a work dinner at Steve's house. It was for all of the Logan branch and spouses. Greg was thrilled to go. But it was really a lot of fun. I have some really great co-workers. We are all so very different, but surprisingly, get along so very well (most times).
                Our manager has a bag of random $1 store goodies that she will pass around for us to draw from every now and then. We got these, which are PERFECT for our table legs!
                So, Steve has this pink bathroom that we have been talking about for a long time. He tried to convince me to buy his house, and I told him only if he redid the pink bathroom. Well, because we have been teasing him for so long, we begged and BEGGED to see it. It was pretty fantastic, and he was a great sport about it.
                I'm seriously so blessed to have amazing co-workers!

                Quick Visit

                Back on the 20th of August, my sister-in-law Adrienne and her kids stopped by on their way to the airport in SLC. It's always so fun to see her and her kids, as they live so far away, and we hardly ever get to see them. This is the second time this year that we've been able to see her, Jax, and Breklin, so we consider ourselves lucky!

                Both kids were a little tired and shy at first, but as soon as we gave Jax some LEGOs we had bought him, and Greg took Brek outside, they began to open up towards us a bit more. Greg always finds a way to do that with kids. They just love him.

                I am pretty sure all you really need to entertain kids, is water balloons. It has worked so well with our other nieces and nephews, and was just as fun with these two.

                As they were getting ready to leave, Greg grabbed a rag to wash Brek's hands. She thought he was giving it to her to clean up the water balloon  that had popped on the porch, so she started wiping the porch. It was too cute.
                Looking up at Uncle Greg with her big puppy dog eyes. Love this cute girl!
                Handsome Jax with his box of LEGOs. Definitely all you need to get a kid to like you.
                Like I said, it is always so good to see these guys, especially since we only get to see them MAYBE once a year, so to see them twice in one year was pretty awesome. I think it just means that Greg and I need to take a trip back East to visit them every now and them. We love you guys!!


                Thursday Three | 09.22.16

                  • I have never been more exhausted. I am getting a workout for sure, and I'm not even doing much of the work.
                  • SO grateful for an amazing friend who comes and tears my house apart just because I ask her. She is my hero, in all aspects of life. (Err...maybe I should wait until the task is complete before gushing about her amazingness! 😉) 
                  • Had a fabulous class tonight. Also, was the first lead student. Not sure why I did, but I'm glad it's over. 
                  • Grey on grey on grey....I want everything to be grey!!!
                  • I really miss my hubby, and i wish i could hang out in Cali with him again, and even though I think he'd hate it, I wish he were here to experience the changing of our house.
                          Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                          Thursday Three | 09.15.16

                          • Today is Thursday, right? The days just go way too fast. But next week can't come soon enough. Even though I'd rather go to California with the hubs, I am looking forward to getting things done around here. Just don't let me chicken out.....
                          • Tonight was our first Pathway class. Not gonna lie, I really didn't want to go, but it ended up being fun. And I may have signed up to be the first student leader...mostly because they won't know if I'm actually doing a crappy job or not. Also they told us that they may have spots open up for anyone still interested....
                          • I've decided my new go-to unique thing about me is, "I'm one of about 300,000 people in the US with a rare disease called #Scleroderma. I only tell you this in the event that I drop something. Please help me pick it up." People are good. But sometimes you just have to tell them, hey I can't do this. Please help. Otherwise they'll never know. I won't rant about that though. Also, because I said that I learned a girl who is in my class has a mom with scleroderma. Looking forward to talking to her.
                                Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                                Thursday Three | 09.08.16

                                          • We had a sub at institute tonight, and he was fantastic! I loved having him teach. Good night! #loganinstituteofreligion 
                                          • It's been a long week, and there is still one more day. Please help me make it through it without yelling at anyone.
                                          • I love and sustain our prophet Thomas S Monson. What an amazing man, leader, and example. We are so blessed to have modern day prophets who receive revelation for our time. #thomassmonson #iamlds
                                                Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                                                Thursday Three | 09.01.16

                                                        • I get a 3 day weekend and I'm super duper excited!
                                                        • I just have so many amazing ideas in my head. Latest one consists of mocking our company's latest new thing, a monthly newsletter...it's gonna be awesome!
                                                        • If you ever want to know what I spend most money on...Fonts. I buy fonts. And lots of them. I'm obsessed and I need to figure out a way to organize them, and be able to view them easily. Thoughts? #fontjunkie
                                                                                                          Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.
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