It's been a while...

So, since it has been a while since I've seen a lot of you, or even talked, I decided to go through iPhoto and pick a few pics to show everyone what's been going on for the past little while. Hopefully I can keep up to date with this thing! :)

This picture was taken when Greg and I went to Star Valley for his family reunion. (He is so hard to photograph! He was worse than the little nieces and nephews, so I just picked the best one of me.)

The day before Brady left, Greg and I were able to make the trip to Cokeville to say goodbye. After a game of Clue with Kenz, Kennan, Brady and Trevor, we began the packing. It was weird to think that everything we were packing in the 2 suitcases were going to be all the things Brady was going to have for the next 2 years. It was so good to see him before right before he left, and although I miss him like CRAZY!!!, I know he is where he's supposed to be. I'm sure he'll be an AWESOME missionary!

so these are a bit random, but can I just say how much I LOVE my niece! We were lucky to have Ben, Shari, and Lilli come up the beginning of the summer, then Shari and Lilli came up again when Kandyce flew home. It was so good to see them. I wish we could see them more....

This is the only picture i got of greg and Lilli. She didn't like him too much.

I was attempting a self-portrait of me and lilli. Do you know how hard it was to get this? haha. she loved me! I spoiled her rotten, taking her outside to play and letting her do things her mom didn't necessarily approve of, but isn't that what aunts are for? :)
Maira Gall