Thursday Three | 12.31.2015

            • I'm sad Christmas is over. Sad I have to work and not get a vacation.
            • My hair looks sort of red in this picture. Way rad. 
            • Grape benadryl is WAY better than cherry.
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                            Aggies, BYU, Halloween, & Thanksgiving

                            New Year, New Resolutions....like blogging more frequently to avoid massive catch-up posts! :)

                            I had a day off in October, and decided I would clean the house. Of course it turned into a bigger mess than actually cleaning, but I did find this cute gem. Pretty sure Kennan drew it while I was at Western. (Hence, the red jersey). Too cute, right?

                            I'm still lucky enough to work Saturdays. I have a tendency to not get out of bed early enough, so this is a rush to shower and get out the door attempt. First time in a while that I've kept my hair wet and scrunched it. Kinda like it...

                            Greg & Marcus the Carcass

                            I had to go to the mall to search for my Halloween costume, and we decided to get lunch here. It was...ehh...okay. I had the fish & chips. Fish was okay, fries were soggy, but the mushrooms were excellent. I'd go again just for those.

                            This is pretty much what work is like....and no, I did not write that.

                            Dad and the volleyball team have been coming to Aggie games for a while now (we did a couple of times when I was in High School even). I met up with them and really enjoyed going. I was thinking I needed to get me some season tickets for next year, however, the benches are too low, and I doubt I can convince Greg to go with me.) Once in a while is fun though.

                            DFCU is part of the USU Special Spectators program, which means we get so many tickets to go to football and basketball games. Back in August-ish, our manager asked if we wanted to go to any of the games. One of them was against Wyoming, so I took those. It's been a very long time since I've been to an Aggie game, like since early high school. Ironically, it too was against Wyoming.

                            I got to be on the field before the game, and that was pretty neat. Not going to lie, I kind of miss being in the "lights", or on the court  playing in front of people. It's quite the experience. (Also one reason it's hard for me to watch any team lose.)

                            Oh, and Greg went with me. I was afraid it was going to be super cold, so I dressed extra warm. It had rained all day, but the weather was quite nice, and only drizzled a little on us. Overall a fun night. We even stayed through the 3rd quarter.

                            Little-known fact about me:I rather enjoy being a pain in the butt to my co-workers. Steven really despises BYU, so I thought it would be fun to buy a BYU shirt, and the next time we were allowed to wear our game-day gear, I'd wear a Cougars shirt. It happened to fall on Halloween, so as part of my brilliancy, I would wear the Cougar shirt, with a sign that Steve actually wrote that said, "Kick Me" on my back, and call myself, "A BYU fan in Aggie territory." I'm super creative.

                            It was $5. Also, a youth XL. #score! (Also, turns out it's one of the more comfortable shirts I own! and Yes, I have worn it more than that one day!)

                            The Oldies getting our pictures taken, and yes, Donna literally kicked me.

                            One Direction came out with a new Album. It's my favorite. I am obsessed!

                            Leaving work after it's dark is a bit scary sometimes!

                            My part of our "turkey"
                            Our branch turkey

                            Our Thanksgiving was just lovely. Slept in, watched TV, Greg cooked the turkey. It was delicious. We didn't cook near as much as we normally do, but it was enough, and it was really yummy. Lots to be grateful for.

                            This is our family photo for this year! Turkey-day 2016.
                            We went to the Hunger Games after eating. The cowboys were not doing so awesome, so I think Greg just wanted to get out of the house (even though he watched it on his phone while waiting for the movie to start.)

                            Great movie. SO much better than the book (that I didn't even make it through). Really well done. Of course, I love Jennifer Lawrence, so that helped a bit too.


                            Thursday Three | 12.10.15

                                      • My #thursday3 with @rukristin consists of complaining about silly things (work, people, life), multiple people lately asking me if I'm pregnant (not prego. Everyone else is. I'm just bloated all the time due to a crappy GI system, and yes that's what I say. "Are you expecting?" "Nope, just bloated. How do you want your cash back?", and my cute new cardigan I got for $10 and looked way cute with my @lularoelindsayedvalson dress. I never wear yellow. #andthatsmylifelately #tiredandmoretired
                                                      Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.
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