September thru today

Wow. October is almost over. Crazy. I haven't even blogged about September yet. There wasn't too much that happened in September though. I did go to the doctor finally, but I'm still working on the post for that one. The best part of September was going to the One Direction movie. I would have gladly gone by myself, but Greg had my sis-in-law Shaina go with me. We had fun. I loved it, though I wish they would have done more interviews with the boys, but it's okay. I'm excited for the video to come out...WITH extras. Merry Christmas to me! It was fabulous. I can't wait to watch it over and over.

October has been a bit more busy. I feel like there has been something every single day, and there almost has been. I also think I've missed more work this month than in any of the months previous. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. Good thing I've got 3 years worth of sick accrued. On the 1st, I took a bit of a tumble. I was leaving work, and I stepped off the curb, and honestly, all I remember after that is taking two steps and knowing I was going down. I couldn't do anything to catch myself, so I just fell. Kind of hard. I caught myself with my head at least. It hurt like crazy. I didn't know what to do so I just curled up in a ball praying that A. No one would run me over, and B. someone would come out of the CU to help me. Luckily there was a college kid who drove by and stopped to help. He was super nice, and he helped me stand up and go into the CU. It was totally embarrassing. My boss drove me to get Greg, then I went home and just slept. My head was killing me. I missed the next three days of work. I was just so dizzy and was a bit nervous to drive or even be at work. I needed the rest.

From that time on, I had either tests or church stuff every single night. For Greg's fall break I took a few days off work and we went to Star Valley where we (I guess just me) sat around and did nothing. It was fabulous. Sleep in, take naps, watch TV. Super great. I was sad when it was over.

Just been busy with random stuff since then. I'm looking forward to November and the holidays.


The Rest of August

The 6th, my friend Melanie had a baby shower. After two adorable boys, she finally is getting her girl. I had a lot of fun shopping for some super cute baby girl clothes. Had to make sure to get lots of PINK for her. It was a good night, and I appreciate Mel talking to me forever after. Since we’re no longer in young women’s together, I don’t see her as often, and since we can’t work out at the moment, we don’t get that time either. So thanks Mel. Sorry for keeping you so late.

Let’s see…Greg is getting closer to school starting. He finally put up some decorations. That’s about all though.

August is my favorite time of year when it comes to Arctic Circle shakes. It’s huckleberry days. Super delicious.
My brother-in-law Kyan was blessing his baby on the 25th, so we headed down on the 24th. My in-laws were getting a hotel, so we got us a room also. We had KFC and went swimming/hot tubbing. It was so great. I think my future home will have a massive hot tub. The next day we went to sacrament, then went to Kyan’s and played with the kids. They are such cute kids, and so much fun.


August was a busy month, but apparently super boring. Going through my pictures on my phone, nothing very exciting happened.

So, my boss won an iPad for work, and he was gone the day that it got here, so we decided to send him on a treasure hunt to find it. It was pretty funny, and made the day go faster coming up with clues and trying to figure out where to send him. Caleb even took it a bit further and actually burned the paper to make it look more realistic. When Danny got in the next day, the first thing he said was, “My iPad should be coming, so don’t hide it from me or anything.” Little did he know…he was a good sport about it though. Its nice having fun co-workers.
And I think that was about it for August.
Maira Gall