29 Feb - Today I Love

February 29, 2012
{Today I Love}

I love that there are 29 days in February this year. It's totally random, and I guess I don't understand why February gets shorted days. Why not just give them 30, and change the months with 31 to 30, and every 4 years, give one of the 30-day months 1 more day. Totally makes sense, right? Pretty interesting I guess.

But really, I love that February is over. Crazy how time is flying!


28 Feb - Today I Love

February 28, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love date nights with Greg. We don't "go out" very often, but we went to the Olive Garden where we had some semi-delicious food, and pretty much enjoyed our night together. I love eating out anyway, so spending it with my husband just tops it off!


27 Feb - Today I Love

February 27, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love all my nieces and nephews. I've got 11 now, and they are all cute, adorable, pains, etc. in their own ways. Well, except maybe #11, because he's brand new...TODAY!
(this pic isn't from today...it's from the future, but we won't get into that!)
I haven't met him yet, but I sure do love him already.

I love being an aunt, and will claim my title as favorite aunt to ALL my nieces and nephews...probably forever, because I have legit reasons. But again, won't get into that one. I look forward to being an aunt again and again...I've got another nephew on the way (future knowledge), that I can't wait to meet, but will have to wait until August or so, and at least 6 more from the mom and dad of the cute little guy above (according to Annie).

So yeah, basically I love being an Aunt!


26 Feb - Today I Love

February 26, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that my hubby will fake sick so we can stay home from church and cuddle on the couch. (okay, he was sick, i faked sick...and we didn't cuddle...but we still got to spend the entire day together, so there!)


25 Feb - Today I Love

February 25, 2012
{Today I Love}

Guess what! I didn't have to work today! That is a rare occasion for Saturdays, so today I love that I didn't have to work on a Saturday, and I got to be lazy all day long!


24 Feb - Today I Love

February 24, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today is Friday...what's not to love!

Also, I forgot to post this yesterday, but I love the kindness of strangers. I have a finger problem, so I wear gloves. Every now and then people ask me questions as to why I wear gloves, and I tell them them because my hands are cold, and we leave it at that. Well, yesterday I was helping a member who had a shared branching account, and we were talking about my awesome hands when he told me about these gloves that the fishermen on the west coast wear. "They are thin, and they have a grip so they can pick up the fish. I'm going to Wal-Mart, I'll pick you up some." To which I reply, "No, it's alright," basically wanting to tell him no without being rude. Well...time passed, and I was thinking/hoping he wouldn't remember, but around 5:45, this gentleman drops something in the drive-thru drawer. Sure enough they were gloves. Sure they're way to big for me, but they'll be great for doing dishes. I just thought that was totally awesome of him to do. So thank you kind, hippy, stranger!


23 Feb - Today I Love

February 23, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love lazy Thursday nights. Greg has school, so basically I'm lazy all night...play on my computer, watch TV, NAP! (haven't done that in AGES!) I did get some laundry folded, while I was waiting to hear whether we were going running or not. So that's good. (and no, we didn't end up going!)

Then, of course I love my late night McDonalds that Greg brings home for me. What a sweetheart!


22 Feb - Today I Love

February 22, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I learned that my sewing machine is not actually broken. (which is great, because it's not actually mine!) So what if I've had it for quite a while and never used it yet because I thought it was broken....Yeah, I'm special! But now that I know it works, maybe I'll actually use it!


21 Feb - Today I Love

February 21, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that it's a short work week for me...and I mean short, short! Like only 4 days instead of 6. That's pretty much worth celebrating!


20 Feb - Today I Love

February 20, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that my job, and Greg's current "job", allows us to have federal holidays off! Thank you George Washington! So, obviously we got to spend another whole day together! AWESOME!!

I also love that TV has all-day marathons of NCIS ALL THE TIME! Tony (love him), McGee (Annie loves him), Abby, Gibbs...Who knew my sister-in-law Annie's obsession with it could get me hooked. It's great that it's on all the time too. Ah, I can't wait to move to SV so Annie and I can watch it all the time! (okay, probably shouldn't say that, or my mother-in-law might not let me hang out with Annie ever! ;)

Anyway. that's all. So love that I didn't have to work!


19 Feb - Today I Love

February 19, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that Greg faked sick so we could stay home from church.
(Okay, maybe Greg WAS sick, and I'm the one who faked it so I could stay home too...don't tell anyone!)

Mostly, I love that we could spend ALL day together. 

Also, I love that I understand computers/blogger/HTML so I can mess around and make blogs look cute. Obviously I make mine over a lot, because I like trying different things, but I've also done some for friends...like {my sister's}, and {this one} that I worked on today for my friend. (ignore the fact that the links at the top still don't work and that there is still some spanish on it. Geeze. You try re-coding a blog that was made up in Spanish!) But I love that I understand it, and love that I have friends that let me mess around with their blogs....so if you want a blog makeover..let me know! I love being creative.


18 Feb - Today I Love

February 18, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I work with awesome people. The person I got to work with today is just the nicest person. Not only does she rock at her job, but she is just a great person.

Also, I love that Greg and I got to spend all day on the futon.
(We don't get to do that near enough now days...)


17 Feb - Today I Love

February 17, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that we can go to Texas Roadhouse twice in one week, and NOT feel guilty about it. It's Texas Roadhouse! It's delicious! I also love when I have coupons for free appetizers....love their onion blossoms.

I love that my in-laws will come and visit us every now and then (and take us out to dinner! THANKS!) It's nice to see them every now and then.


16 Feb - Today I Love

February 16, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I'm pretty much a genius. So what if I don't always come across as such...but in the end  my genius-ness comes out, and I rock.

Also...I still love our late-night McDonald's runs.


15 Feb - Today I Love

February 15, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love husband. He was born today THIRTY years ago. Yes, he is super old! But I still love him.

I also love that I can earn paid sick leave so when I'm feeling crappy I can go home and spend my hubby's birthday with him.
(I really was sick...**cough**sniffle**sneeze**)

I love that Texas Roadhouse has an early-dine special, because I basically just love their food!

Happy Birthday to Greg!


14 Feb - Today I Love

February 14, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that there is a day set apart each year to show your loved ones that they are loved (because we shouldn't be doing that all year long anyway.) 

I love the text from my husband that said, "Do you want heart-shaped pancakes?" To which I respond, "Only if they are pink." To which we have plain ol' pancakes. Love the flowers and the cards he gave me. And pretty much just love him!


13 Feb - Today I Love

February 13, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that when I do have to work all day, I get an hour lunch. That gives me time to drive home, sit down, and eat, plus have time to do a few other things as well. Much better than the 10 minutes I had to eat before...
(though disadvantage is I don't get to see Greg for lunch anymore. Sad times.)


12 Feb - Today I Love

February 12, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that it's just Sunday. No work. Delicious food. No stupid people....mmkay, maybe not the last one, so much...but still. Another relaxing day. Just don't love that it goes so fast!


11 Feb - Today I Love

February 11, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that when I do work Saturdays, it's only for 3 hours. I also love that I get to speak through the window to people, oh and I get to wear jeans!

I also love that I get to see my husband for more than 4 hours...we get to see each other ALL day! 
(Minus the 3 hours of work, of course!)


10 Feb - Today I Love

February 10, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that it's Friday. I also love that there's no drama at work...none...at...all...


09 Feb - Today I Love

February 9, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I can sit at the drive-thru and see/hear some pretty great things...such as college boys saying they thing I'm pretty, or people trying to maneuver their way to lane one, and totally not making it. Yes I do laugh at people sometimes, I'm not going to lie. I love working drive-thru.

Also, I love that my husband will bring me McDonald's late at night when he gets home from school. 
(Yes, this may be why I haven't lost any more weight!)


08 Feb - Today I Love

February 8, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that some lady thought it would be okay to use a Wal-Mart electric cart to make her way across the parking lot to come into the bank...ummm, yeah, I don't think that's what they're for. I also loved the beeping noises when she backed up and tried to manover her way through the bank. Oh, and I love that she was really going to ram the doors (we don't have the handicap buttons to automatically open the door) to get out, until I rushed over to open the door before any damage was done.
(I kinda wonder if she took the cart back to Wal-Mart, and if she made it!)


07 Feb - Today I Love

February 7, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I have good friends to go to the gym with.
(because I wouldn't go running on my own!)


06 February - Today I Love

February 6, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I totally had a conversation with a member in which she was speaking in her native tongue, I couldn't figure out what she was saying (she has a REALLY thick accent when speaking English), and she didn't even realize that she wasn't speaking English...I just sat and stared at her for about 30 seconds before responding, "I'm sorry, what was that?" At least she repeated herself in English this time. Seriously funny!

Also, love that I can make my fingers turn bright purple...
(okay, don't really love that I can do that, but I do love the color!)


05 Feb - Today I Love

February 5, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I am in Young Women's and not in primary teaching 10-11 year olds (who are super mean to each other and out of control.) I also love that I got to spend the rest of the day relaxing with my hubby, watching football, eating delicious food, and napping. (I love days we don't have to work!)


04 Feb - Today I Love

February 4, 2012
{Today I Love}

Today I love that I didn't have to work today, my one Saturday off this month! (Okay, really I have 2 this month, but that's so not the point!) I also love Burger King, Arby's, and spending the day with my husband...since he didn't have to work either.


03 Feb - Today I Love

February 3, 2012
{Today I Love}

I love that all it takes is some hot brownies to make my co-workers think I'm awesome! I love that they were willing to help me eat them...otherwise I'd have to eat them myself. I also love that it was Friday, and the brownies totally made the day better.
(I guess you could say that I also love my co-workers. They're great!)


02 Feb - Today I Love

February 2, 2012
{Today I Love}

that only part of the power went off in my house...not all of it. I love that our full electricity lasted us at least a year, with really...no problems...until now.

Also, I love that the 3 cats that hang outside our door and meow like crazy haven't died under my house.
(don't ask...i'm super ornery today, and this is all I could think of!)


01 Feb - Today I Love

With it being the month of love...why not blog about it. I've been having a tough time finding joy in life lately, so I decided to think of something that I love from each day this month...And I have to admit, it's already been tough to come up with something after a long LONG day! But without further ado...

February 1, 2012
{Today I Love}

that I totally rocked my first time play Just Dance on the Wii. (We had a Just Dance party for mutual). Sure I sucked the other 2 times, but I beat the other girls who HAVE played it before.
(also I love that my teammates got super excited with me when I did win!)
Maira Gall