Happy Valentine's Day & Birthday...

Not to ever be combined into one day...EVER! (of course!)

So, like any typical Monday, Greg and I had to work on the big love day itself. It's okay, though. We're not really into the whole, "Let's go out to dinner on the busiest night of the year", so we just chilled at home. I honestly can't even remember what we ate, but I'm sure it was delish.

I got Greg a bag of chocolates and a card, and he got me some red and white carnations and some red roses. Very pretty, and now they're dying. Bummer! Too bad they can't last forever! Anyway, I sure do love the man I married. He tests my patience, and I'm sure I test his too...but what can I say? We're married! It really is so interesting how alike we've become over the years. There are SO MANY times when we're doing something and one of us says something and the other says, "I was just thinking that." We're pretty awesome to say the least!

The day after Valentine's Day happens to be Greg's birthday. I got him a baseball computer game and some lemon cupcakes w/ chocolate frosting that I got from Sweet On You Cake Shop.  Oh my Goodness! They were DELICIOUS!! If you're looking for some delicious cupcakes...definitely go there! The lady that runs it banks where I work, and yeah, so I'm a little stalkerish, but I wanted to see what she could do so I googled her name, and emailed her. She was awesome! So really, you need to check her out!

Anywho...again, we had to work, so we just relaxed when we got home and ate. Kinda boring, but hey...what can we do? We're pretty much ancient now, so birthdays just aren't as thrilling (mostly because we have to work on them most years!) But yeah. Happy birthday to Greg! What a fantastical couple of days! (then onto working a 10 hour day...and 39.6 hour week!) Good thing my job doesn't suck, or that would not be cool! Anyway, that's all. I will post about the weekend before later.


happy new year!

I had the wonderful privilege of working New Year's Eve. Yay me! Though, it was okay because I got paid for the hours I actually worked, plus pay for an additional day. So that was positive. After work, Greg and I got to pick up some new tires for our car, and then I headed to Cokeville.

Ben, Shari and the kids were visiting, so of course I had to go see them. I have to say I am pretty much the best aunt ever. Alex and Aidan love wrestling and running around, and Lilli just thinks I'm the coolest (unless their is an iPod touch in the room, then I'm pretty much non-existent.

Not to mention Shari and Ben's dog Syd. Yeah, we became friends real fast...a little TOO fast, and soon I had to yell at him to stay away from me. He had a tendency to get a little close (if ya know what I mean. Yet another reason I despise animals!) It became quite comical actually...(though super annoying!) But seriously, this dog would follow me around the house. Not even lying. I tested it a few times. I would stand up, walk to the kitchen, and sure enough, the dog would follow. Then...I'd walk around the island, and the dog would follow. Seriously! If I wasn't paying attention he would come to me and start doing...umm..stuff..to my leg. Stupid dog! Not cool!

But anyway...it really was a lot of fun. I love those kids. It's so crazy to see how big the boys are getting. There were a couple of times Shari had to remind me that they weren't babies anymore. (like when I asked if they could have drinks in a cup...last I knew they were on bottles!) But they are cute as ever, and I love them lots. It was good to spend some time with them. Here are some pictures from the weekend.



Miss Attitude

And a cute one of me and Aidan
Happy New Year!


didn't get the memo

I show up to work...

Donna is wearing red and black...

Karen is wearing red and black...

Steve is wearing red and black...

{me} is wearing purple and black...
(ignore the grammar)

Courtney shows up at 12:30...

she's wearing red and black {shoes}...
(it counts)

guess i didn't get the memo...

(kinda funny really!) I like being different!

oh, and p.s.

Maira Gall