More cute couples...well, just one, but still..

Go <--HERE--> to see more...ENJOY!

Still not much going on here. Just preparing for our yummy, delicious Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday...To see what we plan on our dinner looking like, go <--HERE-->. I can't wait, and hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing lots of Thanksgiving posts! YAY!!

Also, I will be in Provo on the 4th of December, and have an opening for a shoot, if anyone is interested or knows of anyone interested. Let me know!!


11-20 of 100 things about Bre

Decided to do this since my blog is in need of an update...(It's been at least a day or two!)

#11: Ever since I got married, I can't eat a ton of chocolate and ice cream. Still love it, but I can't eat it like I used to...(That's not saying that I don't still eat a lot....just not as much! :)

#12: I hate filing my nails, I hate THINKING about filing my nails, I can't stand watching or listening to other people file their nails, and I can't stand thinking about other people filing their nails...

#13: I hate shaving my legs...I could easily go 3 weeks without doing it (and I do!) my poor hubby....

#14: I love listening to Greg's silly songs that he makes words up to and all the weird nicknames he has for me..(He has a new one every day...)

#15: I use ... way too much. Even when I text...

#16: I know I've used this one before, but I really don't like talking on the phone. I would prefer to email or text, but I DO NOT like talking on the phone. If you need to talk on the phone, call, leave a message (cuz I most likely won't answer), and I will get back to you...

#17: I HATE scary movies. HATE HATE HATE them! Any time we watch one I will turn and bury my head in Greg's chest. It doesn't even matter if they are totally cheesy, predictable movies. I just don't like to watch them!

#18: I love clipping my toe nails. I know that's totally disgusting, but I really enjoy it. haha

#19: Speaking of disgusting...I pick at everything...zits, scabs, etc...even if they're not mine..(I don't do it a lot, and it's only to Greg that I do! ha)

#20: I love my hair (and at the same time I don't always love my hair, but...)...doesn't matter the length, cut or color, I love it. I have been blessed with really healthy hair. It's kinda funny cuz back in the day when I would color it all the time, people would always tell me my hair was gonna fall out, but it hasn't, and it's always healthy...I get compliments on how soft it is all the time, and now I'm sounding vain, so it's time to go update a different blog or something!!

For #1-10, click <--HERE--> and as always...be sure to stop <--HERE-->!


More cuteness to look at...

Go <--HERE--> and <--HERE--> to see more from this shoot!!!

He had so much fun running around, leaning over the bridge to look into the water, running through the mud. What a character! He is so cute though. But....does anyone have any suggestions on how to "tame" these energetic children long enough to get good pictures? lol...I'm patient enough to just follow the kids around, and I really don't mind it, but for the parents' sake (I mean, they are paying for the pictures!) I just need any helpful tips/suggestions on what to do...Anyway....

this one makes me smile. i think it's so precious, even though "j" isn't looking at me....

And this....I love looking at pics and being surprised at what I actually got...

Well...not much going on around here. The wind is blowing like CRAZY and once it's done, we are going to have to put all our lights back up! Good heavens, I thought I left Rock Springs! HA! Oh well...We will survive. I do get a little nervous though when our house (trailer) starts shaking and I'm afraid we're gonna get caught up in a twister...It's all good though. The joys of living in a trailer, right? Yeah, so not much happening. I'm getting together with Steph, Tate, and Tiff tonight for a little girls night. I haven't seen them all in a while, and since we're all living in Logan, we decided to hang out before the holidays hit. (BTW I can't believe next week is THANKSGIVING! I'm stoked. I love the holidays!) But yeah, that should be fun. Maybe I'll take some pics to share.


**EDITED TO ADD** (I didn't want to make a new post, because everyone ignore old posts, so....) Random thoughts from me for the night. I am re-reading Twilight to prepare myself for the movie (so I can be ready to watch it when it comes out on video. HA!) and can i just tell you how much it BUGS the crap out of me at how INCONSISTENT Bella's character is. i don't think she is supposed to be that way, I think the author just screwed up, but really. I am so annoyed with it. I really like Bella, but I am bugged at the way it is written and thought out! UGH!!! SERIOUSLY! Plus, the author seriously needs to cut half of the book out, because it just goes ON AND ON AND ON!! Maybe it's bad that I am rereading it. I really do love this series..but the more I read it, (and after reading #4) I am just getting bugged....BUT I'm still excited for the movie!! YAY!!! OKay, those are my thoughts for tonight! UNtil next time..

OH...and if you haven't...be sure to play along with my post below this one...I will reveal the answers soon so everyone can know what kind of random things I listen to...


I just want to play my music... ***EDITED***

So, I found this fun tag on some random person's blog...(I'm telling you, I am the BIGGEST blog stalker!) But I thought it would be fun, and I like my readers to be interactive, so....be sure to guess...no matter who you are. Even if YOU are a blog stalker!

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play (no matter how embarrassing)
Step 3: Strike through the song when someone guesses the artist and song title correctly (Artist isn't necessary, but kudos if you know).
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or another search engine is CHEATING! However, if you think you know it, but can't remember the name, and you have it on your iTunes (music player) I will allow you to try and find it there...

I'm going to bold the ones that have already been correctly guessed, so don't guess those ones.

Also, there is a variety of songs...most of them are pop/alternative rock, but there are a few country (maybe one or two?) just so you know though...


1. I'm the one, I'm the one who knows the dance. I Don't Have to Try - Avril Lavigne (Linds)
2. Circling your head, contemplating everything you ever said. Headstrong - Trapt (Linds)
3. I'm sick of being alone, when are you coming home (They were a big punk band a few years back..umm for anyone who remembers, the boys in my class did a lip-sync to a Christmas song they had)
4. Creo(?) Williams, lived down the dirt road, made homemade wine like nobody I'd known (Country song, it was on my wedding video)
5. Burn it down, til the embers smoke on the ground. Your Heart is an Empty Room - Death Cab for Cutie (Jackie)
6. Is this a dream, If it is, please don't wake me from this high. You Found Me - Kelly Clarkson (Linds)
7. Are we growing up, or just going down, it's just a matter of time until we're all found out (Three words in their name...very political group (as if that helps...) Boy is in their name)
8. Been running so long, I've nearly lost all track of time. In every direction, I couldn't see the warning signs. (it's an older song, it's on 13 going on 30)
9. Don't know, what I was looking for when I went home. I found me alone. Back Home - Yellowcard (Linds)
10. I learned how to write it, when I first started school. My Last Name - Dierks Bentley (Linds)
11. Can this be true, tell me can this be real? God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You - *NSYNC (Linds)
12. Feeling sorrow, for all the things you had to steal and borrow. (Had a hit that was always on the radio about abusive husbands)
13. I wanna love I wanna leave, I want you to love me, I want you to leave me. Keeper - Yellowcard (Linds)
14. I didn't want to listen, to what you were saying. I Learned From You - Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus (Linds
15. I'm back, back in town, and everything has changed. Shadows & Regrets - Yellowcard (Linds)
16. Met on a rainy evening in the summertime. On the Rocks - Sarah Barellis (sp?) (Linds)
17. Just cuz she dances go-go, it don't make her a hoe no (There is a bunch of talking before this, but this is where they actually start singing...haha, this reminds me of Tyson when he lived with us...) (I have nothing here. I thought everyone would know this..ask Tyson..he HAS to know!)
18. Softly we tremble tonight (#12)
19. All I am, all I'll be. Everything in this world, all that I'll ever need is in your eyes. I Do Cherish You - 98 Degrees (Linds)
20. You thought, we'd be fine. (Linds you have one of hers on yours)
21. Wandering the streets in a world underneath it all. (Brady used to play this song all the time on his guitar)
22. You're a song, written by the hands of God. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira (Linds)
23. I heard that you've been asking bout me, at least that's the word out on the streets (umm...three words, one is a color, one is an item of clothing..)
24. Midnight bottle take me calmly through my memories, and everything will come back to me (#20)
25. This could be the song everyone relates to, another melody something we go through. Golden - New Found Glory (Linds)
26. It's a shame, that it had to be this way (Linds, I think you may have had one of their songs on your wedding video)
27. I'm taking my time, I'm trying to leave the memories of you behind (#3)
28. I once knew a girl, in the years of my youth. Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab For Cutie
29. They're gonna clean up your looks with all their lies and the books (It's about "teenagers"....)
30. I'm just so tired, won't you sing me to sleep and fly through my dreams so I can hitch a ride with you tonight. View From Heaven - Yellowcard (Linds)

Have fun guessing!!!

Oh, and I tag whoever wants to have this fun!


And a few more....okay, a LOT more!

Here is the final post of Vi's bridals. My mom totally rocked this shoot, so all but one of these pics are hers. She did awesome, and I wanted you all to see. More of Vi's bridals can be seen <--HERE--> and <--HERE--> (be sure to scroll down to see all.) They turned out so gorgeous, and Vi and Austin, I hope you love them as much as I do! (Of course, I'm totally bias! :)

Anyway...here you go, ENJOY!!!

I love that you can see the entire back of her dress in this one. Love it!

This spot was so great. I loved the green in the background...Any of you Cokeville-ites wanna guess where it is? 10$ for anyone who can (who isn't named ellen, violet,  breanne, brittney, or has previously asked any of the above mentioned names where it is...) And, okay, I won't really give you 10$, but I want to know if anyone can guess. I didn't know it was there, so......but I'll feel really dumb when everyone knows where it is! :)

I was a little surprised out how pretty these leaves turned out to be. I love how bright they are! Gotta love fall, eh?

Nothing really has been going on around here. Greg is still busy as ever with school and work. He is really looking forward to a break. (HURRY UP CHRISTMAS!!) I am still just taking pictures when I can, and editing in all my spare time...if any of you readers out there are in need of a photographer, OR if you want to order Holiday cards, let me know! :) I would love to help you out!! Hmmm...what else is going on? Umm we had stake conference today. That was fun. I had to play the piano for the stake choir. I did pretty good, I suppose. They just sang hymns, so my job was pretty easy. I don't really get nervous playing the piano...so it was no big deal. I did have to laugh at myself a couple of times because of weird things I catch myself doing while I play. I don't even know how to explain it really..you'd have to watch me play...But yeah, that was random...today has been a nice relaxing day!

Oh yeah...Some good news....The other day we gassed up our car. We put 10 gallons (exactly, just ask Greg, he was so proud! haha) and paid $20.59, which means WHAT? Yeah, we paid only $2.05, and....at Smiths it is below $2.00. Gotta celebrate it while it's low again!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think on any of my 3 blogs!


For the most patient Bride...

Because she has been so incredibly patient with me, I just wanted to share a little of what I've been working on with you guys. Hope you love them! She's so gorgeous, huh? There are a million, so I am gonna have to bust my butt to get them edited this week! :) (But, oh how I love doing it!)

So far, this is my favorite. Love the Bride, the dress, and the location....Beautiful!


I was tagged by both Lindsay and Sarah, so I'm glad it's the same one! :)

8 Things I am obessed with right now:

Spending time with my hubby
Blog-stalking (I'm HORRIBLE! I should probably call it blog-SNOOPING instead!)
Editing pics
Whether my clients are SATISFIED or not. (seriously, I get so stressed sometimes I won't look at pictures for a day, or I can't sleep sometimes...I worry so much! I want them all to be 150% satisfied, so if you're not. PLEASE! let me know, I want you to be HAPPY!!!)

8 Words or Phrases I often use:

I love you.
I love you too.
Do ya dig? (Greg and I use weird lingo when talking to each other...) lol
You're retarded (I use this one WAY too much!)
This is a weird one, I can't think of any...

8 Shows that I love to watch right now:

90210 (the new one, even though I'm way behind and am way confused as to what's going on)
Gilmore Girls (even though I don't get to watch it so much! :(
Say Yes to the Dress
Any of the wedding shows on the WE network...I'm obsessed...really...
Hanna Montana (yes, I do watch disney channel, and no, I don't have kids!)
Gosh this is hard too. I usually channel surf because there is NOTHING on!!! so..yeah, random stuff really

8 Things I did yesterday:

Slept in
Went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for volleyball banquet
Edited pics
Spent a little time with Greg
Edited pics
Went to the banquet
Edited pics
Talked with my in-laws

8 of my Favorite places to eat:

Cafe Rio
Sizzler (BEST steak and shrimp EVER)
Olive Garden
Iggys (Only been there once, but it's delicious!)
My Home

8 Things I am looking forward too:

School to be over for Greg...COMPLETELY OVER...but at least right now this semester!
Christmas break!
Taking more pics
Thanksgiving break!
Harry Potter (even though it doesn't come out til JULY 17!!!)
Twilight!! (Though I refuse to go to it when it's going to be PACKED! I can wait...as long as NO ONE SPOILS IT FOR ME!!!:)
It to SNOW!
Losing 15 (okay 10 is more realistic!) pounds...(this may take a LONG time...I have to start working out first...! :)

8 Things that are on my wish list:

Greg graduating with his masters
A house
Lenses for my camera
Become a better photographer
A new car
My biz to pick up enough that Greg can quit work while he finishes school (or a good enough paying job for me that he can do that!)
I feel selfish on this question...but...I would love a new iMac...or, rather, that mine will last until we can afford a new one!
We will all make the best of today and quit looking forward to tomorrow...(I'm the worst, I'm sure!)

8 People I tag:

I tag anyone who would like to do this! ENjoy!


More Holiday Cheer!!!

So, I wanted to share some of my last shoot with you. I have decided that newborns are my new favorite! They are SO easy to photograph..they just lay there...haha..this was my first newborn shoot, and though the light was far from ideal, I was still pleased with the outcome. We did the newborn's pics indoors then went outdoors for the family shoot...so yeah...

***Due to certain circumstances, these pictures can only be seen <--HERE--> ***

Go check it out!!


November already?!? **EDITED**

So...I really don't like Halloween. I hate people in masks when I don't know who they are, it really creeps me out. The only good thing about Halloween is the CANDY!!! So, unlike everyone else, I have no Halloween pictures or pictures of me and greg dressed up, because, well, we didn't. Call us lame, but I just don't like the holiday! Lol...however...Christmas, I LOVE!!! So, let's take a transition from October 31 to November 2. You saw all our Halloween lights. Well, we took those down, and put these ones up! Yes, it is not even a week into November, but we can't leave our Halloween lights up!! Don't worry. We don't have our Christmas tree up yet...We're waiting until next week to do that! We have a lot of lights, but I really like them. I can't wait for it to snow, because the lights look 10 times better covered in snow!

Our red, white and blue lights showing our patriotism!! :)   (By the way, since when did blue become a Christmas color?! or purple for that matter!)
And the master of it all!! Love him!

In other news...
Volleyball is over! State was last week, and it was okay. We won our first game, and played really well. It was the first time in a while that Logan has won the first game at state. From there though, it just kinda went down hill. It was a little disappointing, but oh well. Nothing we can do about it now. I'm just proud of the girls and how well they've done this year. I didn't take many pictures, because I thought/think my camera is having problems focusing...and I didn't want to lose it, so I left it in my bag. This is the one picture I got...

Also, I am officially done with school at Bridgerland. YAY!!! I checked out and should be getting my certificate sometime soon. I am so glad to be done! Now I can focus the time I have on editing pictures and doing what I can to get my photog biz going. So...yeah...that's all the news there is here! Just wanted to share my Christmas pictures. There will be more, don't you worry!!

With today being the elections, I just wanted to share a story. When I was in 1st grade (1992) we were learning (as much as a 1st grader could) about the elections and politics. Clinton and Bush were running against each other. Clinton won that year, and I remember we had these little magazines that had some information about the candidates in it. Some of us drew mustaches and blacked out teeth on Clinton when we found out he won because we didn't want him to. (Because, you know, as a first grader you know all about politics and stuff like that!) Haha, that's really funny, I know, but Mrs. Dayton taught us something that day that I'll never forget. I don't remember her exact words, but she pretty much told us that we had no right to do that. Even though we "didn't like Clinton" he was our president, and we needed to respect him. I think this is particularly true in this election. There are so many people that HATE the other party, and there have been death threats against one side in particular. It doesn't matter if we like whoever our president is going to be or not, but we still need to show him respect. He is the president of our country, the least we could do is show him respect. Even if we don't like him. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I word it better in my head, but I just wanted to share that little experience with everyone...Seriously, what 1st grader does that?! haha. I do know of a couple others with me, so none of my classmates can back out of this! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! lol....oh well..yeah..

in other news...we have a cat that camps out under our house and meows really loud...fun, huh?!
Maira Gall