slc marathon

I am super late posting this one.

But, a little over a month ago, my sister Shari and her family made the drive from Omaha-ish area (I don't know for sure where they live) to our end of the world so my brother-in-law Ben could run the SLC half. It was on a Saturday...the only Saturday I had off that month, so I decided I would make the trip down to hang out with them. It was a perfect day for driving. Not too hot, and only a little rain. The worst part was trying to find a place to park. (The finish line was by the Gateway). Anyway, I got down there a little after 9 (i think...it's been so long!) And made my way through the crowds to find Shari and the kids.

I arrive to find the boys strapped in the stroller and Lilli tied to the stroller to keep her from running off. (haha, not really, but Shari must have threatened her because she was actually sitting calmly next to the stroller) Of course when I show up, the first thing I do is release them all from their bonds and let them run wild. Shari was waiting for Ben, so I thought it would be okay for me to let them run around.

Of course the first thing they want to do is go where they're not supposed to. Don't worry. we caught Aidan before he made it too far into the lane of traffic.

Alex was a little grump-o-la! (if you can't tell) He wanted to run around like a maniac, so of course I let him.

The drama queen herself insisted on having the umbrella, even though it wasn't raining, and kept smacking everyone around her with it. You'd never guess where her younger brothers get their attitude from...never...

I was there for maybe 20 minutes before we spotted Ben. So we all cheered him on as he came down the last stretch before rounding the bend to the finish line. I have to admit. Watching all those people running (old and young, fat and thin, fast and slow) kinda almost motivated me to do a half (or at least a 5K). I just need to find someone to wear matching running gear with me and either tutus or colorful wigs. But it was still pretty cool to be a part of that and to hear all the cheers for these people they didn't even know. Very motivational!

While we waited for Ben to find us, the kids took me on an adventure. They climbed rocks, ran on fake grass, started yanking on the chains that are supposed to be "keep out" markers, and almost got in trouble by the security guards. Good thing when I spotted the security dudes I acted responsible and said, "NO! get back here!" then when their backs were turned let them do it again.

Ben got back and brought with him some creamies and other treats and goodies. The kids loved the creamies, and made huge messes. The saddest part of the day was when Alex's fell off the stick. It was picture perfect. You see it all the time on TV, but it's even better when it happens in person. He of course started crying, and I had to try not to laugh...especially when he tried to eat it off the ground. Don't worry. it was totally sanitary!

After cheering runners on for a little while longer, we decided to head back to the hotel. Lilli and I brought up the rear of the group and she kept me pretty entertained with her, "and this my friend..." stories. I learned that dandelions turn into sunflowers, and Jesus owns some parking lot in SLC.

The course runs right by the entrance of the hotel, so we stopped out front to cheer on some more runners (we were actually watching for some of Shari & Ben's friends from Georgia who were also running the race.) There was some music playing on some big speakers, and I look over to see Alex with his ears plugged. I don't know if it was too loud, or if he just didn't like the music. Either was it was pretty cute.

Inside we chilled in the room while Ben showered and got ready to go out to eat. The boys ran around and were crazy while Shari cleaned up their stuff. Lilli was content to watch her weird cartoons and draw me pictures, while Alex found the one button on the alarm. It was pretty funny. He was just messing around and all of a sudden some loud Spanish music came on. He jumped and looked at us and then started laughing. He thought it was pretty funny. Let's face it. It was! Alex had laid down with his blanky, but once Alex got bored with the alarm, Aidan decided it was his turn.

Once that got old, they decided it would be funny to attack me. Aidan is a lot nicer, but Alex can be brutal. He would pinch my cheeks and my nose and my eyes, so i would pinch his back. He thought it was so funny, and got me pretty good a couple of times. He's a funny kid!

Aidan wouldn't sit still for me to get a picture of us. I'm surprised I got Alex!

Once Ben was ready we headed over to Rodizio Grill, and boy oh boy was that delicious. The last time I had been there was after Shari and Ben got married. A lot pricey, but super delicious! I even tried chicken something (i want to say heart, but now my mind is blank) Some random body organ, and it was kinda gross. But I did try it! Anyway, thanks Shari and Ben for treating.

After lunch, I took Lilli to the bathroom where she spent about 10 minutes telling me story after story (while she was in there) about all the pets she wanted. (a dog that was brown and could talk just like scooby doo!) Quite entertaining.

When that was done...the kids were a bit restless after sitting pretty still for about 30 minutes, so we went out front where there was a fountain. I gave them all the change I had in my wallet so they could throw them in the fountain. When I ran out they started picking up rocks, twigs, grass, cigarette butts, etc. etc. to throw in. Don't worry...the fountain wasn't clean to begin with...right...It was pretty funny. The kids were able to release a lot of energy while I did my best to keep them from falling it. (Though I have to say it would have been quite funny if they had...and to be honest...the kids probably wouldn't have minded too much!)

totally funny if he had fallen in, right? (I can't remember if it is Alex or Aidan...haha...but funny either way!)

Don't worry...she didn't drink the dirty fountain water out of that straw she found on the ground...okay, she totally did!

And then we ended the day running through the bushes.
All in all it was a super fun day, and I retained my status as the favorite aunt! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys! Love you!


hair cut

yeah. it's only been over a month since i cut my hair, and i am just now posting...oh well.

when i was in hs i was constantly changing my hair. i love(d) getting my hair dyed (thanks linds!) and trying new cuts. since I got married i've probably only done my hair maybe 5 or 6 times in the past 6 years. i just can't justify spending 50-60 bucks to have my hair done. maybe when greg and i make our millions i can do that, but not now.

anyway. I've been wanting to have my hair chopped for a while now. i have had long hair for a long time, i think it's been like 2 years since my MAJOR hair cut. and i wanted a change. I wanted to do my hair like Katy Perry's in her firework video, but again...to have my hair dyed would cost more than i wanted to spend, so i decided last minute to chop it. I went to Leilani's salon and the girl that cut my hair was a doll. I really liked her, and would definitely go to her again.

So i chopped it to above my shoulders. I liked it at the beginning, but now i'm wanting it either shorter, or longer...it's in that in between stage that I don't love, but it has been fun to have this change. Oh, and i have to say that I dyed my own hair. it was super dark at first, but has lightened up a little and I kinda like it.

Here are some before and after pictures. Ignore the quality...I was in a hurry and just used my little point and shoot.


2011 CHS Graduation

holy moly, I feel so old! Not only was my graduation 7 years ago, but this year by BABY SISTER graduated! What the heck! Anyway. It's just crazy to think that she is old enough to graduate, and head out on her own!

I was able to take a few hours of off work on May 25 to head up to her graduation. I went with Britney Petersen (whose little bro was also graduating), and it was fun to be able to make the trip with an old friend from HS. We had plenty of time to catch up and relive our glory days. Thanks Brit for driving!

We made it there just in time. I was able to sit with the fam and let the kiddos crawl all over me, drink my water, drag me to the bathroom, etc. etc. Loads of fun! I should remember more aobut the graduation, but to be honest, I really don't. I think graduations are boring and they could really do without all the speakers and blah blah blahness. (Not saying the speakers were bad, because they weren't...but just skip to the slideshow and presentation of diplomas, and 90% off the audience will be just fine with it!)

Plus, when you have a nearly 5 year old, and two 2.5 year olds. They will do whatever it takes to get out of there. (Such as having to go to the bathroom, so Lilli and Alex and I went off, then Alex played in the toilets and later put his hands in his mom's mouth...good thing I thought to wash them, right Shar?! Then Alex taking off out of the auditorium, and cousin Trev having to go get him.)

Luckily there were maybe 20 graduates, so it didn't take near as long as it could have! But it was fun watching the slideshow. It's really crazy because the pictures they were showing of the graduates back in the day is how I remember them. I remember them being in their awkward glasses, pig tails, lost teeth stages, now they're all grown up! My little sister...I can't say enough about how talented and gorgeous and totally awesome she is! I'm excited to have her go to school down here...it's gonna be so weird!

(this is how old I am...when I graduated, the girls did a music video, and we had some clips with Kenz's class in it..when they were in FIFTH GRADE!!!) Where did time go.

Anyway. It was a good trip, and I'm glad I was able to go to the graduation. Congrats Kenz and the rest of the CHS 2011 Graduation!

Kenz & Kennan...I don't think he's too excited about being the only one left at home!

I don't know what other graduations are like, but after CHS graduation, all the graduates line up out in the commons area, and everyone goes through the line to congratulate them. The middle pic I didn't mean to take right then...haha, sorry Kenny!

The fam...

Me and the Grad...See Kenz, I told you I was taller!!

Here's her grad announcement that I designed.

And that night I just went and chilled with the family while Britney and her family were doing their thing. I just played with the kids briefly before sending them to bed. Lilli had me put her to bed, and she was sleeping in my old bedroom. I had originally put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, so when we were laying there I told her to look at the stars. She said, "I've always wanted stars in my room." I told her I put them up there, and she said, "For me?" Of course I said yes...It was pretty funny. What a cute kid.

We also watched some of the videos that dad's classes had made. They were pretty funny and it's pretty cool to see the talents of the high schoolers. So much has changed since the start of the CHS movie making business ("Losing Lester"). There are some talented kids. And if you want a good laugh, check out this video that the boys in my dad's class created...

That's all...maybe one of these days I'll keep up with blogging!



So I mentioned in my last post that Greg and I went to Star Valley a few weeks ago. While we were there, not only was there a TON of snow...but we also got to see some moose. Only in Wyoming can you see some moose in your "backyard". (Okay, I'm sure there are other places...but for the sake of this post, I'm saying only in Wyoming!)

From the porch...you can barely see them, but they are there...

We got in the car and followed them to the neighbors where they stopped to get some food.

And just cuz...
Maira Gall