The End of March

So, March has kind of flown by. Wow! It's been a good month. I think...so let's do a quick recap of March.

I got my hair done. We have the cutest couple who come into the credit union, and I have her do my hair. She always is so sweet, and does an awesome job. We just trimmed it up, then did a blend. (Dark on top, slowly fades to lighter brown with hints of blonde throughout). It turned out super cute. Too bad I can't ever do it as cute as she can.

Had our Relief Society Birthday dinner. We had a great turn out, and had lots of fun cleaning and washing a million pie tins and mason jars. (Okay, I actually slowly walked around gathering things, but could only carry so much so I didn't drop anything). I was on my feet all night so my hip hurt me throughout the next few days.

My credit union finally rolled out it's new online banking and mobile app. Yes we're a bit behind the times, but they finally did it, and we are so happy about it. It was a slow few days,  and it was actually kind of nice.

We have started watching The Walking Dead. First season totally dragged on, and there were only six episodes. Hopefully the next seasons are better.

Last, last Friday, I opted to stay home due to massive pains in my back and leg. Turns out I got shingles. Hooray for immune suppressing medicine! Yeah, that hasn't been fun.

I stayed home all this last week, and finally on Wednesday I decided to get Netflix so I can watch Pretty Little Liars, since I was in bed so much. I read the books, and they were weird, and I kind of feel like this first season drags on. But I'm into it, so I have to watch. I'll post more about my shingles experience over on my Sclero-what? blog.

And that brings us to today. I decided to stay home again, because I plan to go to work tomorrow, and need all the strength and energy I can muster. Hopefully it doesn't turn out too bad. We shall see. Happy spring everyone, even if the crazy weather doesn't agree.

Oh, and just putting it out there, if anyone wants a blog makeover, let me know. I get bored sometimes and would love to create the fun "about me" graphics and headers. Just let me know! (FB me or something.)


Thursday Three | 03.27.14

  • I thought when they said I'd be more susceptible to illness I was thinking a cold or the flu, not shingles. Add that to my list of health adventures. 
  • Netflix is the greatest thing in the world. For seriousness. 
  • I feel so blessed to have such great friends, family , co-workers, and doctors. They make everything better.
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Thursday Three | 03.20.14

  • I'm in so much pain right now and I can't get relief. 
  • I don't want to call my doc because I feel like it's something totally stupid and don't want to bother him.
  • I've been reading General Conference talks from 1971 and loving them.  
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Some Scleroderma Humor

Found {here}.It's totally okay to laugh. I sure did!


Week in Review | 03.16.14

Week in Review: 3.9-3.15
  • Monday was a bit rough. My meds are kicking my butt lately, and after taking them with my breakfast, while getting ready for work, my breakfast decided to make a reappearance. That was a joyous day..
  • The sickness really only lasts until about 2:00. Totally strange, and I'm not pregnant. (That has led to some fun conversations at work.
  • Monday was also my co-worker Colton's birthday, so we convinced our boss to get us shakes from Coldstone. Score! Super delish!
  • Tuesday was kind of rough as well. I woke up grumpier than normal, got after Greg about my stupid hair, then proceeded the lengthy process of getting ready. I need to shave my head.
  • I had a hair appointment on Tuesday with Emy at Serendipity Salon. Emy banks at DFCU, and she is just the sweetest. She always does a great job with my hair, and is just a doll. She is seriously the cutest. She fixed me up, and make me look pretty. Too bad I can't copy it.
  • Wednesday I was able to talk with our HR guy from Salt Lake. He is really great too. I work for a great company.
  • Thursday was a long day. We had our Relief Society Birthday party that night, and I spent a lot of time on my feet. It was a long night, but we had a great turnout, which always makes me happy.
  • Friday was another interesting day. Everyone that came in had some random weird issue. I seriously got yelled at like five times. It was so crazy. Then there was just some crazy drama going on with the co-workers, nothing horrible, but it was making me really sad, and feel weird. I don't even know how to explain it. Just my meds messing with my emotions.
  • Saturday I got to work with Colton. He is just a sweet, fun kid. Any girls out there looking for a cute, fun, guy to date, let me know. I'll hook you up. He kept me laughing the whole time.
  • Saturday was also a beautiful day. I wish I felt better so that we could have gone for a walk, but with all the walking I did on Thursday, working all day Friday, then the shopping we did Saturday, I was done. I wish I were normal again.
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Thursday Three | 03.13.14

  • I've taken way too many selfies this week. I'm sorry. 
  • I keep trying to convince my bosses that they should create a new position for me, like assistant to the assistant manager or something cool like that. I'd be awesome. 
  • I wish I had epic hair and eyebrows. They'd make my life complete.
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The Price is Right

Work lately has been really great. Today we had our morning meeting, and we had our HR guy up from SLC. He is the greatest. Super nice and friendly, and just a great guy. I took some time to speak with him and Danny, and he was just wonderful. Very concerned, supportive, answered all my questions, and was just awesome.

Then it was super slow today. Donna is off this week, so Kim, Caleb and I were working this morning, with Colton coming in at noon. It was so slow, so we spent a lot of time just chit-chatting. Well it was getting close to lunch, so we were trying to decide how to do lunches. Caleb and Kim were trying to decide who would go to lunch first. They were going back and forth, and Colton happened to walk in at that moment, so Kim asked him to choose. He said Caleb, so Caleb went. (It was quite funny, my storytelling is lacking tonight.)

Well, fast forward to Kim being on her lunch. I was having Caleb check the two ATM's and then he asked if I wanted to do them, or if I wanted him to. I told him I didn't care, that I could, or if he wanted to he could. We then got into another argument about who had to choose, so I said, Let's have Colton decide. He didn't want to, so we decided to play a game. We were going to guess the value of Colton's truck according to NADA guides, and the closest guess, without going over (Price is Right style), didn't have to do them. Yes we are dorks. We have been doing quite a few loans lately, so this was fitting. I just wrote down a random number, and then we looked it up and guess who was actually really quite close? That would be me.

It was quite entertaining, and yes this is a silly post. I just have to remember these fun times at work...kind of like Colton wanting to sing "What Makes You Beautiful" as a duet with Caleb. That was epic.

I love my job.


Week in Review | 03.09.14

Week in Review: 3.2-3.8
  • I haven't been feeling well lately, like sick to my stomach. Some days are fine, and it's normally just in the morning, and no I'm not pregnant. I don't know what is going on. The rest of me feels 'fine'. So strange.
  • I've had a nasty sore on my finger, and on Tuesday, the scab or sore, or whatever it is came off. I've been waiting for it to happen. Luckily it didn't hurt too much. Now I just need it to heal.
  • We had our Relief Society presidency meeting on Tuesday. It's always a good time with the ladies I serve with.
  • I don't always look forward to Wednesdays because we have early meetings, but this time we went to Kneaders, since there were only four of us. I had to cut my french toast really small, but it was really yummy.
  • Work has been really good lately. I don't know why. Monday was crazy busy. I had about 5 requests for loans, and have had a few since then, but it's all right. It's been fun learning new things. 
  • I stayed all day to close for Donna on Thursday. As I was finishing up, Colton asked me if I liked One Direction, which I said yes. Then he asked if I'd heard of Boyce Avenue becuase the only time he listens to 1D music is when Boyce Avenue covering them. They cover What Makes You Beautiful, so I started singing it, then Colton started singing it, and Caleb kind of. then I started laughing because it was quite funny. Then Colton said he wanted to sing a duet. It was really funny.
  • Greg made me a cookie dough shake, because I was craving one. He's the sweetest.
  • I ate way too much junk food, including some chocolates Sister Simper brought back from Hawaii. So delicious!
  • Played way too much Taptiles and Mahjong on my computer....way too much!
  • Saturday was a chill day. We didn't do much of anything...anything at all. Kandyce stopped by with Liam for a bit, then Greg and I went shopping, then to Arctic Circle to get some french fries and shakes...I got cookie dough, he got raspberry cheesecake. Our week is complete!
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Thursday Three | 03.06.14

  • I have a terrible habit of biting my lips when they're dry. Like all the time! It bugs me and I'm sure is totally unattractive.
  • I want to be a surfer girl. For real. 
  • I really, really love my job, but sometimes I wish I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without having to take time off from work.
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