3 Years and Counting...

So, Tuesday the 27th, Greg and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! It's so crazy, at times it seems like we've been together so long that 3 years doesn't really seem that long. But it has been 3 years. Greg is the most patient, loving, spiritual, humble, thoughtful husband in the world (the list goes on and on...). He puts up with me when I'm moody (if I can get that far. He usually cracks some joke so I can't even be in a bad mood) and he is always thinking of things he can do for me. He's been such a wonderful husband, I only hope that I can be a wonderful wife for him. I love him so much! He's the best, and I really don't know what I'd do without him...Love you Greg!!!

Our story (my side, for those of you who don't know): We met October 2004 at Western Wyoming Community College. I had seen him walking around campus is in shorts, hoody, and a hat, but he was always looking down and never looked very happy. (haha) One night, Bridger Mackey (from cokeville) knocked on my door, and Greg and Marc (greg's roomie) were with him. They were going around door to door asking people if they wanted a kiss (then give them a hershey's kiss). I told them no, and we kinda talked for a while. then they left. I told tatum (my roomie, also from cokeville) that I thought Greg was cute, and she said she had a class with him, so she was going to invite him to the Halloween institute dance. Well, between her and Bridger they got him to go to the dance. I still remember what he was wearing...a kinda tight pink wrestling shirt, and the first time I ever saw him in jeans. He looked HOTT! :) I didn't' actually dance with him, because he just sat against the wall most of the time. but i did go over and talk to him once. It was only for a little bit, then he CLAIMS I 'ditched' him, when really I had curfew that night (volleyball). Well, I left for a few days, but when I came back, I had Bridger talk to him, and Greg eventually came to my room. He left pretty quickly because "his phone was ringing." So, we still hadn't talked much. He got my number and called me from the room right about mine...we talked for quite a while on the phone. I had a paper to type up, which I hadn't read the book for, so he offered to come down and "help." Pretty much he ended up writing the whole things. What a sweetheart, huh? He ended up staying in my room until about 5 in the am just talking and learning about each other. After that, we were pretty much together all of the time. I'd go to his room every evening and we'd stay up TALKING all hours of the night. My roommates used to make bets on what time I would come back...(Greg lived in the rooms right below mine and across the hall, so we were really close..) Anyway, I loved staying up late talking to him, and I still do. He is my best friend, and I would be lost without him. We were engaged December 21, 2004 (i'll tell that story another time) and married May 27, 2005 in the Logan Temple. 

So that's the story, onto some pictures.. (This is a LONG POST!! sorry!)

This is us when we first started dating (ha, note the shirts we are both wearing...haha)

Here is us again in my room at college
This is us after we bought our house...oh, you can't see the BRIGHT orange carpet...sadness...we are still here though, and it's been a really good home.
Us on our wedding day. I love him in the picture. He looks so good.

This is the first time he took me to the zoo. It was my birthday...SWEET!

This is us last August in Star Valley.
I love this pictures of him too...
Ha, this is us at Easter...(gotta love the self-taken pics, huh?)
Sledding over spring break
and the most recent of us at Hogle Zoo!



Okay, so I need some opinions. I have been invited to a few baby showers lately, and I don't know what to get the mothers...I HATE buying gifts for that type of stuff, cuz I don't want to get them something they don't need or even want...so I was thinking...Is it a lame gift to give a gift certificate for like 25 free birth announcements? Or is that weird...Be honest...If it's lame, give me some ideas! haha...but really be completely honest and let me know what you think..THANKS!!!



So, I was working on my homework, and I just finished this project...and, well..HOLY COW!! It was a lot of work! I still didn't even get it as good as I wanted, but I have about 10 other projects to work on, so this is gonna have to work for now! But yeah, I just thought I'd show it off.




More Grads...

Here are a few more...I scaled them down, so the quality might not be great, but they print at a higher quality. Click on the images to see a larger view! ENJOY!!!

*Photos courtesy of Ellen Thompson


Hogle Zoo

So, today Greg surprised me with a trip to the zoo. I LOVE going to the zoo. I know that sounds funny, but I really do. Last night when we were getting ready for bed I was trying to decide what time I should get up for school. He told me I shouldn't go, and when I asked him what time he was going to wake up he said 6:45. Of course I didn't believe him. That's so early!!! He just said he had a lot to get done today. So, I knew he had something planned. We really did get up at 6:45, left here at 7:30, and ended up at Hogle Zoo. He's such an awesome husband! I love him so much! He's always thinking of things to do for me...He's just so sweet! It was such a fun day. We were there for about 3 hours. It was a nice day too...It was cloudy, so it wasn't way hot. He wanted to go now hoping there wouldn't be a ton of people, and little kids...Well, we were lucky for about 20 minutes, then a bunch of elementary kids showed up on a fieldtrip. Haha...It's okay, we both had a lot of fun. It was such a good day! What a great husband I have!!!

Anyway, here are some pics!

This is a baby alligator...(in case you were wondering!)

This is an elephant...
These are some pretty cool frogs...ya know, the only bad part was taking pictures through the glass...it's okay, this one still turned out surprisingly well...
I love giraffes. I think they have the coolest patterns...and I thought it was way funny the way this one was standing...
I believe this is a meerkat, or however that's spelled...It got up right against the glass so I could take its picture
This is a dead mouse...in the owl's cage....
Ever seen 'Snakes on a Plane?' Yeah, they totally creep me out..
We went to the cat show, with about a million elementary kids...I was really hoping they would bring the tiger out in the little area where the trainer was...but no, they had to keep it behind a cage..Weird, huh? I think tigers are such neat animals...

This one reminded me of Brady....he used to love wolves...haha..so here's to you brother
Here's Greg observing the...Rhino's maybe? I don't remember....
Here he is again...he's so handsome isn't he?
And last but not least....Here we both are at the end of our day. Thanks Greg for making today a good one. I love you!!!
(don't mind my hair please...lol)



So, I was sitting in church today, and I remembered this funny story that happened when I was working at Kmart.

So, this one morning Brandie (one of the department managers) had brought some cookies that she made and a drink to work. She was over at the jewelry counter, which is right next to the service desk where I worked. Well, she had set her stuff on the counter and this couple with a little girl (maybe 3 or 4) came in. Brandie left the jewelry counter for a while, leaving her stuff there, and the couple put her kid down to let her run around (like EVERY parent does!!) Brandie came back to the counter and looked for her stuff, which was missing. She looked down and saw that the couple's girl had taken it off the counter and was eating her cookies and drinking out of her drink. Obviously she was upset about it, so she went and talked to Kim (another department lead) about it. Brandie came back and was standing close to the couple who had the little girl and pretended to do some work. Kim got on the radios we had and said "Brandie, if you find the cookies DON'T eat them. I put ex-lax in them as a joke to give to Kathleen." (Haha....) Well, the couple came up to the service desk, pretty upset and wanted to talk to a manager. I called Brandie (the manager on duty) up and she started talking to them. The couple was SO MAD and were freaking out because someone had left these cookies out in reach of the little girl and if their daughter got sick because of it, they were going to sue..or something stupid like that...Haha, Brandie told them over and over that she knew who made them and that they didn't put anything in them and that Kim was just joking...The couple didn't believe her and left pissed....Haha, but when I found out what had really gone on, I just laughed. It totally made my day! Brandie was just mad that the couple wasn't watching the kid, and the kid ended up eating her cookies and her drink. Of course, I'd be mad too. Brandie had to throw it away, cuz well, if you saw the kid...you would too...Okay, that sounded mean, but still...Ya never know!

But anyway...haha, maybe it's not so funny to some of you, but when I remembered that story, I just had to laugh. It really was funny...moral of the story...don't let your kids run around department stores...and don't get mad at the employees when YOUR KID (that you're not watching) ends up eating stuff off of counters....(which the little girl couldn't have reached, which made Brandie think the parents gave it to her...which they probly did..) but yeah..keep that in mind the next time you go shopping, plus, you never know what's going to be in them!


The Host...

So, I finished The Host by Stephenie Meyer....in like 2 days. I actually really liked it, to be honest. It was really weird, and there were things about it i didn't like...but overall it wasn't too bad...of course there were those characters that you fall in love with..haha...yeah, I kinda got into it. I had a dream about it once, even...lol...i laughed and i cried...I didn't want to read it because it sounded way stupid, but I think she is a good author, so if you liked her other books..(Twilight series...the 4th one comes out soon too!! YAY!!!) you might like this one. it takes a bit to get into, but it's not bad, so I would recommend it to ya'll! ENJOY and let me know what you think if you've read it!



Alrighty, so I'm at school doing "research" on the internet, and I come across this... http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810010670/video/7744470 The movie of Twilight really is coming out!!! Not until December 12, but STILL!!! I'm so excited!! (Haha, my "research" really did have to do with movies. I have to make a movie poster...haha, but this was more exciting, and yes I am at school right now as I post this!) I can't wait to get home so I can watch it with the sound..

Anyway, just thought I would share that good news with my fellow Twilight lovers!

Oh, and has anyone read her newest book The Host? I am not very far into it. but I find it kinda interesting. A little weird, and somewhat confusing, but I find myself wanting to read it all the time...If you've read/or are reading it...let me know what you think!


More Grads

So, here are Cami's finished. She used the first one, but I get bored sometimes, so I make others. :) I would post more, but I need permission first, so stay tuned!


Shaina's Grad Announcements

Here are my sister in law Shaina's grad announcements. I LOVED them. I didn't do the pictures, but I designed the announcements, and I loved how they turned out. It helps when I have GORGEOUS pictures to work with. It really doesn't matter what the design is. I could just throw them on there randomly and it would still like cute. but yeah, so here they are...

Maira Gall