Thursday Three | 07.30.15

            • Today was a hard day. There are so many people I see that struggle financially, and I wish I could help them all. I nearly cried looking at an overdraft I new wasn't going to be approved, even though I wanted it to so dang bad! I can't wait to be rich someday....
            • The more I go on each day the less I want kids. Okay, I guess that's not the right way to word it. I do want kids, but I don't think I'd be able to care for them, and I'm slowly becoming okay with it. I just need to fill my time with other things. Plus I never hear anything good about having kids, so maybe I'm not missing out...#dontbeoffended 
            • My emotions are really tender right now for some reason. Pretty sure I could cry over just about anything...#andnoitsnotthattimeofmonth
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                      Thursday Three | 7.23.15

                              • 1) I woke up thinking today was Friday and that I didn't have to work. I seriously thought I didn't have to go...#sadday 
                              • It's been a tough week. Life is hard sometimes. Especially when members say they want to go to someone else because they're nicer. Haha..I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure she was trying to offend me by calling me either a democrat or Republican (not sure which was the offensive one). All because I wouldn't give her information about an account she isn't on. #tellerlife #tellerprobs #whatswrongwithpeople 
                              • Will get training on my new "assignment" on Monday. I'm excited, but hope that I will be the one "in control" as this was a task offered to me and I'm supposed to (and going to) own it. #iammyownbossnow #jkivealwaysbeenmyownboss
                                      Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                                      California Dreamin'

                                      Ah, man, going through these pictures makes me REALLY want to go back. I may need some time before continuing this post. **tears**

                                      Anyway, so Greg had the opportunity to go to San Diego for a work conference back in June. I convinced him to let me tag along, and boy am I glad we got to go. It was amazing! I have been to San Diego one other time in my life {6 YEARS AGO} when we went to Sea World, but there is just something about California that I just can't get out of my head. I NEED to go back. I'm pretty sure I'm meant to live there.

                                      Greg was thrilled to be flying. He hates flying, but I LOVE flying. I don't know if it's just because it means that I'm going on an adventure when I'm flying, or what, but I am obsessed. If my job required me to fly every now and then, I would NOT complain! (Hint hint....you know because so many of my co-workers read this blog). But seriously. I can't tell you how much I love flying. Seriously love it.

                                      Here we are before boarding.

                                      Waiting for take-off...Goodbye Utah

                                      So close...

                                      Hello Cali!

                                      We had so much fun on the plane. I stared out the window the whole, Greg read and didn't cry.

                                      And we've landed!! Oh my goodness. Everything about that place is just amazing. The weather was PERFECT, and the palm trees. I tried to convince Greg that we need to plant palm trees here, but he claims they will die. I just want to make it feel more like Cali and less like boring ol' Utah.

                                      Greg was as excited as I was to be there.

                                      There were about 10 or so of us on this trip. Greg knew all of them, but I only knew a few. Once we landed we took a shuttle to our hotel on hotel circle, where the convention was being held. The ride there was a little long as we got to San Diego around rush hour, but it was fun driving through the city and seeing different sites, with Greg saying, "There was a murder there" "There was a murder there too." It was loads of fun.

                                      We checked into our hotel, which was awesome, and our view was fantastic!

                                      We arrived on Tuesday, June 16, and got into our room around 5:00-ish. The NBA finals was going on, and the possible last game was that night. The others went to a steakhouse that I guess was super expensive, and took forever to get their food, but Greg and I ordered pizza and watched the game. It was a great game, and the Warriors came out on top which was also pretty sweet. It was nice just to be able to relax after a long day of traveling.

                                      Day 2: Greg had to leave early in the morning to go to the conference, so I was left alone in the hotel. I must say, I did not care one tiny bit! I loved the rooms, and it was such a beautiful day that I was able to go out and read under a patio umbrella next to the pool. It was fantastic. I just read and listened to music, then went to my room for a bit and watched Netflix, and just chilled. It really was great. I could do that every day if I could!

                                      When Greg got back, a bunch of us hopped aboard the train to Old Town San Diego. Because they got back a little later, we didn't have very much time to explore. We headed straight to eat, then went back, but it was beautiful, and we had some delicious food, and some good laughs.

                                      Greg got a nice per diem check, so of course we had to use it. We ate at Rockin' Baja Bar and Grill. You definitely know you're not in Utah when the waiter gives you a big long spiel about their drinks and you have know idea what they're talking about. I ordered surf and turf tacos and Greg ordered lobster chowder that was super yum. It was a lot of fun and great food.

                                      The palm trees.....

                                      When we got back to the hotel that night Greg and I hung out outside by the fire. It was such a beautiful night. I didn't want it to end!

                                      Day 3 was my favorite day. Once again I hung out at the hotel. Had I known exactly where we were staying before hand I would have mapped out a little adventure, but I didn't and didn't want to risk getting lost. But again, I hung out by the pool and read, watched some Netflix, and waited for Greg to get back. They got back a little earlier, so we had a bit more time to explore.

                                      I totally intend to live in a house up on that hill someday.

                                      We took the bus down to the beach. Not gonna lie, I nearly started crying. It's just so beautiful, and I loved every single aspect of it, including the bus ride. People are hilarious. We had some pretty awesome adventures on that bus.

                                      I'm not exactly sure what beach this is, but I don't even care, because it was all just amazing!

                                      After that trip we headed down to another beach where our group split up. Greg and I went with Grant and Nev down the pier. It was so amazing. The ocean is beautiful. There were some surfers but not the greatest waves. There were also some swimmers clear out that. Crazy people. I would have loved to get in the water, but we didn't. It was still just amazing though.

                                      After waiting for the bus for forever, another small group of us headed to downtown San Diego in search of fresh crab for Nev. I am SO glad we went. We had some pretty interesting experiences on the way. One of the ladies was getting into some very interesting conversations with some of the other bus-goers. It was hilariously entertaining!

                                      When we FINALLY got to the right place, we headed to the Crab Hut. I would have loved to have some of the actual crab, but didn't want to have to crack it (aka have Greg do it for me), so I ordered this boat of deep fried deliciousness, and Greg ordered a shrimp scampi type thing. We split and oh my goodness. It was all so delicious. My boat had sweet fries, onion rings, shrimp, calimari (yuck!), fries, and who knows what else. It was so good though. I would definitely go back if I ever have the chance.

                                      Getting back home was another adventure. We seemed to miss every train by just minutes, and then when one finally drove by, it was out of order. Oh gosh, it was insane. I stumbled upon a person doing drugs. Like, actual drugs. I have never seen it not on the TV, so it was a bit of a shock. But, I don't know. there is just something about being in the big city that just intrigues me. I loved every single second of it!

                                      When we finally got onto the correct bus to head home, the same girl who had the entertaining situation on the earlier bus had another one on this trip. It was so funny. Those of us in the group just couldn't stop laughing.

                                      When we got to Old Town, the group didn't want to have to wait for another bus, so we decided to walk. It was about 1.5 miles to our hotel, and I didn't want to be the party pooper, so I went with. Another great incident with a Californian and the one girl in our group. Too funny. That group of people seemed to go pretty fast, and I tried my best to keep up. After a little while, I just couldn't keep up anymore, and I was hurting so Greg and I held back. It wasn't too bad until we hit the section of road with no sidewalk. Oh, it was also uphill! It wasn't a super busy road, so it wasn't awful, but it was a bit sketch. We were a little bit away when a vehicle pulled up next to us and a lady rolled down her window and asked if we needed a ride. Mr. Do-you-know-how-many-murderers-are-in-california actually said YES! No hesitation. I was shocked. Lol, but it was just a little ways, and she didn't end up being a serial killer, so I suppose it was fun. We got home pretty late, but it was so worth it.

                                      Every. Single. Step. and Every. Single. Minute

                                      It all went by WAY too fast. Friday came. Last day of the conference. I chilled in the lobby for a while and got to eat some Phil's BBQ that Greg brought me for lunch, then we headed back to the airport. It was the saddest day of my life.

                                      I honestly can say that I did not want to come home. It's not one of those vacations where you're ready to be at home in your own bed. NOT ME! Nothing sounded appealing about returning back. The only thing keeping me from staying was Greg. I think I'd miss him too much. But I could have stayed there and had no problem!

                                      Our plane was delayed about an hour or so, which was fine with me.

                                      Saying goodbye to San Diego was the hardest goodbye!

                                      I need the ocean in my life!

                                      And just like that we were back in Utah.

                                      Everyone was so good to me on the trip. I don't know how many of them actually know about my disease, but they offered me help, and let me sit on the buses. They were just awesome. I'm so glad I was able to go. Maybe next time we can go and spend more time exploring. But if not, I'll take the next conference Greg has to go to! (They are begging for Hawaii next year.) We'll all just pull a Christian (who apparently would disappear from the conference, only to show up again soaking wet.)

                                      First 'vacation' together was a success. I'm still trying to convince Greg we need to move there. I would in a heartbeat if he would say yes! I miss it every single day. Utah just doesn't compare. Sorry! It doesn't.

                                      I told Greg that I'm going to have my 30 birthday bash down there, so my friends, be on the lookout for invitations!


                                      The First Half of June

                                      Since my last real update, not too much has been happening.I feel like June just flew by, and now it's already nearing the end of July. I made a goal to update weekly, so starting today...at least weekly updates.

                                      Work has been going well. Same old stuff day after day. Try to have as much fun as possible. My co-workers are seriously awesome though. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how Cole likes to collect sticky notes. Well, one day I was at the new accounts desk, and I noticed there were two sticky pads, so I left Cole a nice little note. I come back the next day to find an additional sticky pad with this message from Cole. He's a dork. Don't get me started on the time there were FIVE stick pads at that desk, which I took back and counted in front of Cole while he was helping a member through the drive-thru...

                                      I've got a business card, so I'm pretty legit, though I wish my title would have been something more exciting, like, "Knower of all Things" (even though apparently knower isn't a word!), or "Expert in All Things", or something equally awesome.

                                      Just a random inside joke that we all had a good laugh at.

                                      The 13th of June was our annual company party. I went with Steve and his wife, and we had such an amazingly okay time. They chose to go to a Bee's game, which I thought was a strange choice, but we had fun. Kim and her fiance Eric were also there, and Caleb who ditched us for "better" things was also there. So we all hung out together and caught up. It was good to see Caleb. We miss him quite a bit. Our occasional IM chats just aren't the same.

                                      Anyway, so baseball. Only the third non-high school game I've ever attended. (I went to a BYU game once upon a time, and a Rockie's game when I was doing a volleyball camp in Colorado five hundred years ago.) It was as expected. It was more fun to see people, and to win $50. Yes, I did. It was awesome!

                                      I do complain about it a bit, but I do love the company I work for. No, I don't always agree with what they do, in fact, I very rarely agree with it, however, I do what is asked with minor complaints (ha!), and it has been the best place to work. I never thought I'd be there for as long as I have, but I can't imagine myself being anywhere else....with the exception of California....


                                      Thursday THree | 07.16.15

                                            • It's almost Friday!!!!
                                            • I made two custom infographics today. They always kick my butt until they're done, then I love them.
                                            • I really forget I'm not normal until, hey, maybe I'll go shower before Greg gets home....oh wait, I can't take my cardigan or shirt off by myself. #normalness #sclerodermaprobs
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