Snow Fun!

Okay, so Shari and Lilli are in Cokeville for a few weeks, so I went and visited them the other day. Lilli has gotten so big and so stinkin cute!! And...I'm still her favorite. She went to me right away...(of course I kinda took her from her mom, and she wouldn't look at me for a while) but once she warmed up to me...i was her favorite. She shared her ramen noodles with me, soggy cheetos, and she played outside with  me, which she LOVED. It was SOOO COLD! But whenever I asked her if she wanted to go inside she would say no. When we went into Grandma Norene's, she wouldn't let me put her down for the longest time. Must be something about Grandma...(just kidding Grandma..we love you! :)
She is just so cute. She is old enough that when you say look at me, she will actually look and smile and say "cheese."

I told her not to eat the snow, but there just be something about the snow that makes a person have to try it at least once...heck, we all ate snow...some of us still might! 

You would think after having six kids, mom would have SOME kid's snow stuff, but she DOESN'T!!! Lilli loved picking up the snow, but her hands were getting so cold so I had to find some gloves. These ones don't match and were way to big, but Lilli didn't mind at all. When we were getting ready to go into Grandma's, she grabbed these gloves and wanted me to help her put them on...

What can I say? We're just cute! :)


Happy Easter!

So, Easter....

Greg and I didn't really celebrate the commercialized part of Easter. No hiding eggs or tons of candy...granted it's not as fun hiding eggs for one person to find...lol..and we already had tons of candy...but still. It's just not the same when the "Easter Bunny" doesn't visit. :) But, we did dye eggs. Not very many though. We didn't want to have a million boiled eggs that we probably wouldn't end up eating...but it was still fun to dye them...


Spring Break!!!

So, it's spring break this week, so we went to Star Valley to visit Greg's family. It was so nice to get away and just relax. We didn't really do a whole lot there, it was just nice being with family and such. We did, however, go sledding. There is SO MUCH snow up by where Greg's parents live. We originally went in the field with the sheep. I am such a chicken. It wasn't very steep or very far, but it's been so long since I last went sledding, I have become the biggest chicken. I wish I would have got a picture of the field with the sheep, but I didn't.. :( Oh well, I ran and got my camera when we moved to just a smaller hill right next to the house. We had such a blast sledding!!! It was a great weekend...


Okay, so these are kind of old. The snow is starting to melt, but I took these pictures when we had snow. (The most I've seen since I've been here in Logan. It just doesn't snow here...not like Wyoming anyway!) Anyway. These are what are lights looked like with the snow. We thought they looked cool, anyway!
Maira Gall