uhh, yeah, i'm special!

I got a call today at work

Me: "Place I work, this is Breanne, how may I help you?"
(I didn't really say place I work...just for the record!)

Dude on the line: "Can I please speak with ________."
(name kinda mumbled and said really fast)

Me: "I'm sorry, who?"

Dude: "_____________"
(repeats the name in a somewhat mumbled manner)

Me: "Sorry, does he work here?"

Dude: "Yeah, he's the CEO."

.......uhhh....whooops!!!! lol...

but in my defense...I DO know who our CEO is..

the name he said was similar, but not the name of the CEO (or at least the name I know him by.)

and really, most people who call the Logan branch don't ask for the CEO!

Let's just hope he didn't pass the message along...lol...


you know when...

...people are just ripping into you about something

and you are super nice and apologetic that you can't make things different...

and they keep going...and then stop and say, "I'm not mad at you. I know it's not your fault."


do you ever want to yell back, "then why are you yelling at ME!"


yeah...it was one of those days!!
(good thing my co-workers rock and have my back!)



i kinda wanna go here...

love me some beach!


Made my day...

A couple came in to the credit union today to close a loan.

They brought their little girl, no more than 4 years old.

While her parents were with the loan officer (Steve, who ROCKS btw!)...

This little girl was sitting on some chairs we have set out,

reading her book, and...

SINGING at the top of her lungs!!!

She didn't care who was in there, or who was listening.

Totally cute, and totally made my day.


Christmas 2010

Yes, it's finally time for my Christmas post...kinda...

So, due to the fact that I have a real job now, I don't get a lot of time off around the holidays, but I did ask for the 20th off so Greg and I could go get our car (FINALLY) from Star Valley that weekend before. This car has been a headache since the beginning! Dang you dishonest people! (a story for another day...if I ever simmer down enough to talk about it!) Anyway, it was a nice relaxing weekend. I love going up there, and the fact that it was beautiful covered in snow made it all the better. I have such a hard time thinking of things to get Greg for Christmas, so Sunday evening when we were getting ready for bed I had a thought, so the next day I took my camera out and took a bunch of pictures of the land up there, because I know how much Greg loves it up there. Anyway, so I had them printed on shiny paper and framed them. I really like them...lol, he doesn't really get into the excitement of everything, so I don't actually know if he likes them or not, but they are up on our wall anyway...lol..

Anywho...here are a few of the pictures that I love....

Christmas was awesome. I got Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and the day after off, so that was great. Christmas Eve we spent doing some last minute shopping, then spent our evening playing XBox. Super fun! Christmas day was pretty great too. We played a lot of Xbox, ate a delicious ham dinner, and opened presents throughout the day. He got me some clothes that I love! (thanks Shaina for helping him!)

a foot massager (which is totally awesome after work!)
and the movie Charlie St. CloudHe also let me get the 6th book of the Vampire Academy series. (LOVE IT!!!!! Read it 2X already!!) and a few other random things. Then he took me shopping after Christmas so I could pick some stuff out for myself, and I got some super cute jeans and a few shirts.

Ben and Shari gave us some gift cards to go to the movies, and cafe rio, we got pajamas from Greg's parents, a Scentsy warmer and some desserts from Shaina, and my parents gave me some boots and Greg a hoodie.

I got Greg a bunch of just random things (He really is SO difficult to shop for!) and some Xbox games, and some shirts and the pictures.

Our car was the most spoiled (as we spent the most money on it!). We got it 2 new tires, and a new ignition! Lucky car.

Anywho, of course I didn't take pictures, but it was a wonderful Christmas, and I loved the time I was able to spend with my hubby! We don't get enough of it as of late.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas as well!

Cutest Movie EVER!

So, I'm still playing catch-up...I'll get there...

So, Greg and I waited a while before putting up our Christmas lights....(like really....a long time! It was well into November!) but when we finally decided to put them up, it took like 3 hours!! FOREVER! But they look totally awesome, and I love them and yes they are still up (just outside). But I didn't take pictures, so too bad for you!

Anyway, the night we put them up Shaina texted me and asked if I wanted to go to a movie with her. I'm always up for movies, especially chick flicks that Greg won't take me to, so we decided to watch "Life As We Know It." and I must say, it is the cutest movie EVER! seriously...so cute! Not only is the dude in it totally cute, but it also has Steve Nash, and was filmed in Atlanta, and I totally called it! (one of the shots of the houses reminded me of the street one of Shari's friends lived on in GA, and I thought, mhmm...that looks like Georgia!) Yeah, I was totally right! But it's super cute, and I can't wait for it to come out on video.

Seriously....love it!


Work Christmas Party

So, I've never actually been at a job where we had "work parties." So now that I'm at a place where there is a total of 9 employees, this was an interesting experience. We went out to dinner then to a play afterwards.

Now, I'm not gonna lie, I really wasn't too excited about this. Greg wasn't able to come (because of school, but let's be honest, even if he didn't have school, he probably wouldn't have come! lol!) Plus there were some things that went on during the week leading up to this evening that were rather interesting, and needless to say, this was not how I wanted to spend my evening. (hopefully no one I work with reads my blog...haha, but if they do, they probably know what I'm talking about, so it's all good!) ANYWHO...luckily Courtney and her boyfriend let me bum along with them, so that was nice.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with how the night ended up. Dinner was really yummy, and not as awkward as I expected it to be. (PS, for the record, I really do like all of my co-workers! It was just an interesting week!) And the play was really good too. It was put on up at the University, and it was put on by Pickleville Playhouse called Santa's Elves. It really was super cute and I found myself chuckling a little. Until the end when they threw in an odd twist (only in Utah....we'll leave it at that!) But really cute. Had I thought to blog about this earlier, I'd totally suggest that you go to it, but they are writing a new one for next year, so that's a bummer. But it probably could be just as good.

Anyway, that's all. It wasn't at all like the work parties you see on TV...hehe..no one got drunk...that I know of!


Thanksgiving 2010

So, I'm totally late posting this, I know. But really, better late than never, right?

I totally love this time of year. I love November-December, almost as much as I love July. One of the reasons I love this time of year is all the days I get off for work. I get 2 days in November, and THREE in december. Totally awesome, right?

The week of Thanksgiving, however, seemed to drag on. Tuesday there was supposed to be a massive snowstorm come through. UDOT wanted business to close down early so their employees could get home, but to better serve our members, our bosses decided it was okay for us to stay at work. It was kind of an interesting day, because there were blue skies for a little while, then it kind of clouded over. Nothing major, so I went on my lunch around 3, and when I got back to work, it was just kinda flurrying. It was honestly crazy to see the change in that storm. As soon as the wind changed, it really was a blizzard. Kinda cool. It's been a while since I've seen anything like that.

The higher ups decided we could have people leave every half hour, and Courtney and I being the dedicated employees we are, got to stay til the very end...for that one member who just might come through. Oh joys. It really was pretty bad, but being from Wyoming...I've seen worse! It was pretty great...until we had to work again the next day...oh well!

Thanksgiving day was pretty good though. It was just Greg, me and Shaina this year. (Shaina wasn't able to go home, so she spent the day with us.) We had some super delicious food (like always!) and totally pigged out. I do wish, however, that I would have eaten more turkey, because cold/reheated turkey makes me gag, and it was a super delicious turkey. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, yams MSUHROOMS (i'm obsessed! So delicious!), rolls, jello, cranberry sauce, shrimp (cold), and 7-up. And Shaina brought that yummy breadsticks/bacon stuff and a lemon pudding/dessert type thing (sorry I don't know it's official name! )

Oh yes it was delicious! We spent the day just lounging around, watched some football, did a little shopping, and then watched some movies. We watch "The Lovely Bones" first (which Greg likes, but I really don't. I read the book a long time ago, and really didn't like it). Greg and I had seen it before, but Shaina hadn't, so we watched it with her. Then Shaina and I chose to watch "The Last Song" while Greg opted out. Umm, yeah. I totally loved this movie!! Sure Miley Cyrus is kinda ugly, but I thought it was such a cute movie! Dang that Nicholas Sparks! He always has to have someone in the movie get an uncureable disease and die! (Sorry if I just ruined this for you!) But I loved it...and I want a grand piano. Just so you know!

So that was our Thanksgiving. It was wonderful, and a lot of fun to spend a day just relaxing...of course, then it was back to the grind the next day! Gotta love being a responsible adult!
Maira Gall