Life Lately

Life lately consists of...

going to work, coming home for lunch, going back to work, coming home...rest...eat...sleep, repeat.

Seriously...I feel like that's my life. Of course we have had some random events pop up...

Like having baby kittens. For some reason we have a lot of stray cats that like to play around our house. In the winter they sit and fight under our house and keep us up all night. Well, a few weeks ago Greg went to our shed to get our lawn mower out, and well, there are four baby kittens living in our shed. We've got two gray, one black, and one super cute one with white and grayish/brown fur. They hate me. They will not come near me, and there is one gray cat that I actually got that hissed and clawed at me the entire time I held it. Now they all kind of hiss at me, even though I have told them multiple times that I am NOT going to hurt them. I just want to be their friend. Oh well...we can't have pets here, so I guess it's good that I don't consider them pets...right?

Second, we have a broken car. Like broken/tried to fix but still won't start car. So we're in the process of hunting for a car. Yeah, that's loads of fun! We don't want to spend a lot, so that kind of makes it hard, but I'd rather buy a semi-crappy car now and save our money for someday to buy a not-so-crappy car. We are one-car people now, and it's been fun. I drive Greg to work, then go pick him up on his break so he can take me and drop me off at work, then he comes and gets me after his work for lunch and we come home and then I take the car back. It's not been too bad I guess, but wouldn't mind having a second car.

We've had a great, relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. Yesterday was our 7th anniversary, and apparently we were supposed to gift each other desk sets (?) and plan a trip that takes us to a place where there's lots of sheep. Sounds like fun, right? Today we slept in, then went to the Avengers at 12:30 and sat on the very front row (awesome!) I really like the show...better than the other individual shows, I thought, plus Thor and IronMan are super good looking, so that was great. Then we got Cafe Rio, and now we're home. I'm doing computer stuff...Greg playing games. Both not wanting to work tomorrow!

Gotta love life!

(Oh, and just FYI, I will be posting some catch-up posts eventually...some dating back to a year ago. Just thought I'd warn you. It's more for my sake than yours! ;)

Maira Gall