Thursday Three | 04.30.15

            • It's getting way too hot. I really prefer to be cold. Plus I really think the heat is almost worse on my body. 
            • I honestly can't remember my days off the week. I woke up in a panic on Tuesday thinking we had a meeting, and then yesterday thought was Thursday and today feels like Friday.
            • I need to workout. "Workout" I really do but have no motivation since the stuff I can do seems so pointless. Someone motivate me NOW! #lazybum
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                        State Basketball 2015

                        The first weekend in March I had the opportunity to go watch my baby brother, Kennan, at state basketball. I had told my mom when I went to his last home game that if they made it to state, I wanted to go watch him. Since dad has a "Gold Card" for coaching for 500 years, his family gets in free to all state events. I was super nervous the week of regionals, then super happy when they took 3rd at regionals.

                        So the next week, mom came and picked me up on Wednesday after work so we could head out Thursday morning for Casper.

                        I didn't know, but my little sister McKenzie was also coming. Party!! We got all festive and painted our fingernails orange.

                        The next morning we picked up Grandma, who I also didn't know was coming. It was bound to be a party now! I sat up front with Dad, while Mom, McKenzie, and Grandma acted like teenagers in the backseat.

                        It's been a while since I took the forever long trip to Casper. I forgot how long and boring it is. It was still fun. I love traveling, so the only thing I could complain about was my sore butt.

                        We got into Casper and checked into the motel, then went to McDonald's for dinner, then up to the Event Center. Oh boy. It's been forever since I've been there. First thing both Kenz and I noticed was that they changed the seats. They are blue instead of red.

                        Oh, being back there, though. So many memories! Mostly volleyball memories, but a little basketball. It was fun to be back. I can't believe my baby brother is a senior. He's the last one, so there's no one to watch anymore.

                        Kennan didn't know Kenz or I were coming, so it was fun to surprise him. He has always loved the game of basketball, and has turned into quite the ball player. I was glad I got to watch him one last time.

                        They played Upton for their first game. They started out really good, but then slowly lost their rhythm. Kennan ended up fouling out, which was super sad. I really wish I could have sat next to him on the bench and tell him to keep his head up. Unfortunately they lost that first game, but the good thing about State is that it's double elimination, so he had at least one more game.

                        Brady and Ashbee also came. I'm serious when I say after that weekend, I'm quite convinced that I am adopted!

                        Kenz and I shared a bed, and she totally cuddled with me. Brady and Ashbee were in the other bed, so we had some fun talking about funny things, and apparently some old boyfriend I didn't know I had. Lol, good times....good times...

                        The next game was the next day. If they won they would have another.

                        Kennan did awesome! Hit quite a few three's, and can dribble and has major ball control. It was so good to see him play so well.

                        Casper College...Some more great memories there. Volleyball mostly.

                        We also got to watch the girl's play. It is so fun seeing them run the same offense I did when I was in high school. They have a good team, and made it to the state championship game.

                        Saturday was the last day for games. Kennan played again at Casper College. They were playing Snake River again. Kennan played really well again, however, they were not able to win that final game. It's always sad to see that, but I couldn't have been more proud of him. He's such a hard worker, and I'm sad I didn't make more of an effort to watch him throughout his high school years.

                        We stayed to watch the girls play in the championship game. It was a super intense game throughout. Finally in the 4th quarter they started to play better and come back. They ended up winning. It was so exciting. I was so happy for those beautiful girls and their amazing coaches! I love the coaches that I grew up knowing. They are such amazing men. I'm glad to see them still coaching.

                        We headed home after the game and got home about 3 in the AM. It was a really fun weekend, and I'm so glad that I was able to go. I don't know when/if I will ever go back for state basketball, so I'm glad that I got to go at least once more.

                        Since we got home so late, Dad said, "Maybe we'll just sleep in and tell people that we didn't come back until today." So naturally I slept in. I was the only one. Everyone else went to church.


                        Happy 5 Years to Me!

                        Since my last few posts have been about my job, I decided to continue, and celebrate my 5 year work anniversary with you, as well as finish up telling you about the not-so-awesomeness.

                        Five years ago to this day, I started my job at the Credit Union. You can read about when I heard I got the job {here} and my first week {here}. Quite a bit has changed over the last five years, in fact, I can't believe that I'm STILL there. My original plan was to work for a couple of years, then quit once Greg got a job. Well, life didn't happen that way, and I'm still there. I love it more than almost ever.

                        I have had five co-workers quite during the five years (Ali, Courtney, Lauren, Karen, & Danny), which also means that we've gained some new people (Kim and Cole). I have grown to really love the people I work with. They are awesome, and they have been so wonderful and kind and caring as I've experienced my health issues. I love the majority of members that come into the credit union, and love the actual work that I do. Yes, somedays I'm lazy and just don't want to do a dang thing, but at least I get to enjoy the time with the great people I work with.

                        I really can't believe that it has been five years. No it hasn't flown by, because more years than not were less than awesome. Even as things have changed with Danny being gone, the six of us (Donna, Kim, Caleb, Cole, Steve and me) have only grown closer and more awesome than ever.

                        Which is great.

                        Considering what happened soon after Danny's departure.

                        So, as I mentioned in {this post}, Caleb was going to interview for the assistant manager position down in Murray. Steve had applied to replace Danny as the manager. They went down together, and came back saying that they felt the interviews had gone well. All of us MSR's really wanted, and basically expected the job to be given to Steve. Steve has been with the CU for almost 10 years, and was the assistant for 7+, basically managing us himself. He had the knowledge and skills to be an amazing manager, plus it just made sense to promote within.

                        Time passed, and we didn't hear anything. The longer it took, the more doubtful we became. It was frustrating, and confusing, not only for Steve, but for the rest of us. If we knew that it was just going to be that way, we would have been fine, but not knowing was really hard.

                        Finally Steve received a call from the Area Manager saying he and the AVP of branches (which is another story entirely...he came in right before Steve interviewed) would be coming up that week. FINALLY!

                        Finally that day came, and Steve met with them. They did his annual review, then told him the decision. He came out, and told me they wanted to speak with me. My stomach just dropped. I knew what they were going to say, but yet, how could they?

                        I get in there and the area manager says, "We have decided to hire from outside of the credit union," then went on to explain a bit more about this person. I must have had fire in my eyes, because when he was done, he said, "You look like you have some things to say. What are you thinking."

                        I just started laughing and said, "I have a lot that I thought about saying, but now that I'm in this situation, I can't." What I really wanted to say was, "What the hell?" (Sorry for the language, for some reason, hell is more angry than heck! ;) But instead I tried my very best to calmly tell them that I didn't understand the decision, and that I thought that it was a slap in the face, and didn't show much loyalty to their employees. I told them how it was frustrating to see other branches promote people left and right, and even though Logan is an exception because we have more tenure, when an opportunity finally arose that could possibly promote two amazing employees, to have them not to allow that kind of made us lose hope that anything more would come for the rest of us. I explained to them how close our branch was, so to do that just didn't make any sense. Not even just from a personal level, but from a business perspective. Even if there were two similarly experienced candidates, the fact that Steve came from within, and already knew the company, and how to do things, should have put him at the top by far!

                        I had a quite interesting discussion with the two of them before leaving frustrated and angry. I would love to go into more detail about all of this, but I need to keep my job. I really love the company and the people I work with, so to have them do this was really hard, and really frustrating. I felt/feel awful for Steve, and things just aren't the same, and never will be.

                        While I understand that change is inevitable and hard, I think there could have been some changes made that would have been easier, and yet just as effective. But what do I know? I'm just an MSR 3 that had to fight to get the privileges promised her.

                        The area manager came up the next week to help clean out the office, and I was able to sit down with him and basically vent. He is awesome. I had a hard time grasping some things, and even though I didn't get any answers I wanted, just being able to talk to him, and hear about some of his circumstances was very helpful.

                        Our new manager has been with us for a few weeks now. It's different. It's hard. It's unpleasant at times. I have a lot of feelings on the matter, but again...need my job! :) I'm having a hard time with what benefits will come to me from being there for 5 years. If we don't have opportunities to change and to grow in the company, will I just be wasting my time? I don't want to leave, and I probably won't, but it's still something I have to think about. I got another opportunity to talk with our area manager and discuss some of those things with him. It was a great talk and I was able to give him my thoughts and feelings. I don't know if anything will come of it, but it was nice to have my voice heard.

                        I really am grateful for my job, and for the company I work for, and my five close friends. Caleb did get the assistant manager position, so he'll be leaving us this week, and we've got a new kid starting in a couple of weeks. I don't know how I'm going to handle it, but I'll do my best. I need my job. Not for money (though it is nice), but it keeps my mind off of myself and my physical limitations. Things will be fine. We'll survive. We are tough. Always have been, always will be.


                        Thursday Three | 04.23.15

                                • I can't think of anything to say except #powerstance 
                                • I sat over at Steve's desk for about 30 minutes just because....it was super slow. It rocked my world.
                                • I keep thinking things will start to feel "normal" again at work. But it hasn't, and i worry it won't. Next week could be rough with Caleb leaving. Here's to not crying at all next week.....
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                                          So as mentioned in my previous posts, my boss for the last 4.5 years decided to leave us. We had planned a going away/thank you party for him, but we wanted it to be a secret. Since I'm known to pull some pranks around the CU, it was up to me to make him not expect anything.

                                          I enrolled the help of Caleb, and we took care of things the evening before. In my mind I imagined how awesome it was going to be, but when it came down to it, it would have taken forever to get things where I envisioned. We still spent about 1.5 hours. It was epic.

                                          He posted this on facebook when he came in to work the next morning.
                                          "I come to work early on my last day and this is what i find..and they hid my WYO flag. #bestemployees #13.5years #deseretfirst"

                                          Yes, we took his Wyoming flag down and "hid" it. Apparently that was the first thing that he noticed. We just rolled it up and put it in those tubes you keep posters in. It took him all day to find it. 

                                          The rest of the day was just strange. It wasn't really hitting us that he was really going to be gone where we knew we would be seeing him later that night. I was the fortunate one to be leaving first, so it was a bit awkward. Everyone else said it was a bit strange too. I guess when he was saying goodbye to Cole and Caleb, there was an awkward silence where Danny was looking out over the branch, and Cole turned on his music and "Time of Your Life" was playing. Well-played Cole.

                                          We had the party that evening at Chuck-a-Rama. Donna did an amazing job with the decorations and putting all of this together. It was Western themed and she went all out.

                                          ^^This is why you don't post embarrassing pictures on facebook! :) 

                                          After we were done eating, Mike, who is the area manager said a few things and then headed out, which was actually good because Donna and Steve had the brilliant idea of doing a "Roast", and guess who they said was perfect to host? That would be me...

                                          It was a lot of fun though. Here are some of the highlights.
                                          • You may have noticed that I had the most difficult time with you leaving. I cried probably more than any one else, which seems odd for a number of reasons, but the truth is, as the only one who has also actually lived in Wyoming, I'm the only one who really know what you're getting yourself into....
                                          • I always looked forward to our Wednsday meetings....especially when we started 15-20 minutes late because someone's kids didn't wake him up. 
                                          • I've been a bit disappointed that we didn't have them as often with you traveling to SL. I rather enjoyed getting into our spirited debates. It did get a bit awkward a few times when you'd ask if anyone had questions or issues, and while everyone looked at me, you were avoiding my gaze. I'm going to miss arguing with you. 
                                          • Besides, had I known that you just wanted to live in a trailer and pay $280 rent, I would've gladly traded you my trailer for even your rental house. Straight across! 
                                          • I don't think any of us have seen you move so fast, or cuss so loud as when your roof would leak. 
                                          • Things we learned from you:
                                            • Lending is NOT black and white.
                                            • Breakfast at Village Inn is NOT the place to talk about switching ‘assignments'
                                            • Don’t leave chocolate bars in your desk, the mice will find them. Don’t release the mice into a garbage can that has a massive hole in the back. The mice find their way back.
                                            • Sometimes it’s okay to BS your way through things, especially IRA’s. Which we also learned aren’t really that hard to do….you just call training if you have questions
                                          It was fun, and a good way to enjoy the night. It was so fun to just hang out with my co-workers. We all really do get along so well, we don't need big fancy parties to have a good time. Do you see why I'm so sad that everyone is leaving? Of course, there is more to it now. At the time we still had no idea who would be replacing Danny, though we were all betting on the Assistant Manager Steve. It was scary to go into the unknown. Change is hard. Especially when you spend a lot of time with these people that started as co-workers, and now have beome friends.

                                          Back L to R: Colton (Cole) Butterfield, Danny Brownell, Steven Lucherini, Caleb Fielding
                                          Front L to R: Donna Andersen, Breanne Aullman, Kimberly Inkley - February 26, 2015

                                          We are awesome. Love these people I work with.


                                          The Not-So-Awesome Happenings Part 2

                                          Alright, so a few weeks go by, and I'm slowly coming to accept the fact that our tight-knit branch was about to be shaken up. Fast forward to a Wednesday. We typically have morning meetings on Wednesday, so I show up all ready to go, and there is no one there. This isn't the first time this has happened, so needless to say I was pretty upset. (Come to find out later that an email had been sent out that I responded to a different part of it, but missed the part about no meeting). Anyway, so I go home, and then come back when it's my regular schedule. I was still a bit upset, but slowly throughout the morning got over it.

                                          Caleb came in around noon and we were talking and he asked if we had morning meeting. I gave him my usual, "Don't start with me look" and he said, "No, I'm being serious." I said that we didn't have it, and that was why I was so pleasant. He says, "I guess now isn't a good time to tell you my news."

                                          I just looked at him and said, "Are you leaving?" He nodded and said, "Maybe. I have an interview for the Murray job tomorrow." Not gonna lie, I started bawling like a baby again. Holy emotions. It was not a good time for that.

                                          Caleb has become one of my good friends at work, and he has brought a much needed balance. He is funny, can take a joke, and is really great at his job. I really don't want him to leave. Luckily he will still be with the credit union, just down in Murray. Anyway, it was so crappy to hear that, that I ended up going home as soon as Cole got in. I just slept and that was that.

                                          I still am having a hard time with it. I try just to not think about things, because I'm really quite happy for him, but I just don't want any more shake up in our branch.

                                          Again, little did I know that that wouldn't be the last of the not-so awesome happenings...

                                          Part 1 is Here


                                          Thursday Three | 04.16.15

                                                • Had a 2.5 hour RS leadership training tonight. It was amazing! #iamlds 
                                                • I keep wanting to do something to have a major impact on the world, and realized I need to start small first, and maybe those little things will become a great thing.
                                                • Don't ask what I'm doing with my hand. I think I had a headache as headaches and body aches are making a comeback.
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                                                        Thursday Three | 04.09.15

                                                            • I am beyond frustrated with this place I work. They tell me one thing only to not follow through on it and tell me something completely different when I try to follow up. #thisishowmuchimappreciated 
                                                            • I don't want to go back to work now. #lunchtime 
                                                            • I need to binge watch Psych or New Girl. Maybe I'll be sick tomorrow.
                                                                  Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                                                                  Thursday Three | 04.02.15

                                                                    • I am soooo tired and looking forward to conference weekend!
                                                                    • I am super excited to meet @chaneltianna in person. (Hoping everything goes well and that she's able to make it okay) Also hope she's not a serial killer coming to Utah to murder me. If she wants to meet in a back alley, I'll know something is up!
                                                                    • I finally finished our taxes tonight. Hooray for not having to pay. Getting very little back, but I'll take it.
                                                                        Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.
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