Shut up! and put your money where your mouth is...

...that's what you get for waking up in Vegas! Yes, that wonderful song by Katy Perry pumped me up for Vegas. I listened to it like 50 times, and sung it in my head the entire time I was there!

Vegas was so much fun! I wish we could have stayed longer, but...something about jobs? ugh! Anyway, here's how THAT trip went down.

Get home from GC about 7-ish? then packed for my trip while Greg was still at work. I thought we were going to leave around 9:30 when Greg got home, but Shaina texted and told Greg that her dad had just barely left (we were riding down with him.) Well, Robert got here late, I can't remember what time. Maybe 11:30? and we began our adventure. I stayed awake long enough to see the new Wal-Mart south of town, then woke up MANY times between here and there. We stopped at Kyan's along the way to drop some stuff off, then were right back on the road. Luckily I didn't have to drive. If I did, wow, that would have been bad. I woke up one time when Greg was driving and it was raining like crazy. I was so scared, and kept saying a pray over and over that we wouldn't die! obviously we didn't. I actually woke up to see Mesquite this time. Somehow I missed this the last trip I took. Then we got to Vegas about 6 in the morning. The kids (Jake and Kyla) were awake to greet us. But we needed sleep so we slept for a few hours.

Didn't do a whole lot, just played with the kids and held baby Austin, who is ADORABLE, and such a good baby (other than peeing through his diaper...I always managed to hand him off before I got wet. How I managed that...I don't know. Must have a sixth sense about that...) But I don't think I heard him really cry once. He just ate and slept...and peed..but he was so cute! Greg and I took Jake and Kyla outside to play in the water. They had a lot of fun spraying Greg and I (mostly Greg) and running around. They kids were so funny. Anything one would do the other would try to do. Jake wanted to swing, so Kyla was sitting in my lap on the cement. I laid back flat, and Kyla was laying on top of me face up. Well, when Jake got off and Kyla got in the swing, he ran over to me and did the same thing. Then a little later, Jake had gone inside and gotten some Cheetos. Kyla was laying on me again, and when Jake came out he like attacked my face. I thought he was going to give me cheetos, but no...he laid right on my face and fought with Kyla for a better position. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't push him off..lol...it was great. Wish I had a video of that. Quite funny.

That night, Mike, Robert, Greg and I hit the strip. Again, we just went to different casinos and walked around. It really was a lot of fun, but not something I could do on a daily basis. And of course we went and gambled again....well, Greg didn't, but I did. Mike gave us $5, and we played some poker type game. At first I didn't get it, and it was bugging me, cuz I kept losing. I got down to like .25 a couple of times, then would get up to $1 or so. I quit and played black jack which is a whole lot easier, but you don't win as much, so I played the other game again. I am probably the best I know. I got down to .25 again, and kept winning and winning...I totally got up to almost $15. I was so proud of myself! Then I told myself I would play until I got to $10..got to $10.25, and won back up to $12...lol. I can see why gambling is addicting...really...The first time I had a bad experience with it, but this time...I'm pretty much a professional gambler, but I thought the men were getting bored, so I stopped again when I got to $10. Paid Mike his $5 back, and walked out $5 richer! Very exciting. Crazy story though, some dude sitting next to where we were had like 800+ credits, which is like $200 bucks...which probably REALLY isn't that much, but for me it was pretty crazy. I'm happy spending a few bucks...You just gotta know when to stop...I'm addicted though, and I'm going crazy not being able to gamble...I think have a problem, and am already planning my next trip to Vegas...After stopping at In-n-out Burger, we got home about 1-ish maybe? Then we talked to Mike for a while, and then played the wii for a while (few hours!) Greg and Mike are quite the pair. Mike works graveyards, and Greg stays up that late anyway...so give them a wii, and they'll never get to bed. I had to clock out a little earlier. After my little sleep at GC..I was exhausted... but the wii was a lot of fun. we bowled all night long, and played a little baseball. great fun!

Friday...I don't really remember what all we did on Friday...(my heck, my mind is blank! I don't even know if all that other stuff happened on Thursday...) I think we just hung out and played with the kids again all day. Crap, I really don't remember! that's a bummer... (not that I didn't enjoy my time there, because I did...lol) I think we went grocery shopping with Mike and Jake. That was fun. Jake's a hoot! Oh and more wii playing...We were playing tennis one of the nights and Mike asked me if I played tennis in HS. Yes I was that good! (ha, not really, but it was pretty funny) I'm also a pro boxer. I beat Mike one round, but boy is that a workout on the arms!! WOWEE!! Still fun though...

Saturday the girls (Laura, Juanita, Annie, Austin (is a boy though) and I) went shopping, and Mike and Greg took the kids to the park to fly kites. (Greg & I bought kites at wal-mart for like $2...SWEET!) I guess the kite flying didn't work out so well...and Jake got his head stuff between to bars or something like that. lol..Poor Jacob! When we left he had a black eye and a bruised other cheek...(we all blamed greg for it!) lol..You'll have to look at the pics. But Saturday we had a Father's day dinner, and Mike's dad and his wife came over, and we had tacos (beef and sweet pork...DELCIOUS!) Great job cooking Mike (using the recipe on my blog...) Super yummy. Then Robert, Greg and I took a little trip to Hoover Dam. I've never been there either, so that was pretty cool. It was totally hot and windy, but way cool. It's always fun to see new places. On the way home, the alternator in the car went out. Luckily we made it home, and Robert was able to fix it that night. We were going to go to the stratosphere and ride one of the rides...but we decided that since the car was broken, we would just save it for another trip...oooh, I'm excited...though I'm afraid I'll pee my pants a little. Greg said he won't go with me though...

Sunday we loaded up the car and went home...such a long drive. I really wish Vegas was closer! It's just too far away...Besides, if Vegas was closer, I wouldn't have to get a job. I could just make a living off of gambling! (okay, maybe it's a good thing we DON'T live closer...haha!) Anyway. It was a lot of fun to see Mike, Juanita and the kids again. We dont' get to see them nearly enough! Can't wait until August when we get to see them again!!! And thanks to Robert, Laura and Annie for letting us ride home with them! We had a blast!

Alright....are you still with me? Or did you skip all the way to the pics! DON'T LIE TO ME! I know you got bored...Here's some pics. I didn't take many. but here's some anyway...

See the black eye? Poor Jakey!!!

The Hoover Dam

And of course the baby...with his beady little eyes! (You'll have to ask Greg about that one!) lol, but isn't he ADORABLE!!! I just love him to pieces. It's fun to be able to see a baby when he's actually a baby! He's gonna be all growed up when I see him again. Luckily I've got another little nephew due in a few weeks that I'll be able to see when he's a baby! I'll post more of little Austin when I get some edited. This is just the only picture of me I've got! :)
Anywho that's about it....Great fun for sure!!

Oh...I had to speak in church today...not really speak...but the YW spoke on GC, and while I was HOPING they would take longer, and the leaders before me...they didn't (I think Melanie purposely took little time so I would have to. (haha, JK. there was still like 15 minutes left. While I was HOPING she would take the rest of the time...I didn't expect her to...) but short story not so long...I ended up talking for like a minute...I HATE public speaking...HATE HATE HATE it...you have no idea how much I hate it! UGH!!! anyway. that's over...

OH! The best part about our sacrament meeting, was when Farina revealed why she got the "prankster" award....Remember the little skunk that freaked everyone one? Yeah, it was all a joke..All the leaders knew about it...lol, but almost all the girls mentioned the skunk getting into the tent during their talks...lol, so all us leaders had a good laugh about it...Farina had a skunk fur that she stuck in their tent...lol, so funny...OKay, that's all. I'm tired...and this is SUPER LONG!!!! Sorry...

One last thing...this is the ride I am going to go on...someday...if I don't chicken out....

But I'll go at night. It's lame during the day...hello...night...bright lights...big city...yeah that's a song...


Girls Camp '09

Alright, well here it is. The awaited Girls Camp post! Here's how it happened...

Tuesday, June 16, while many of the Logan 17th ward young women and their leaders were up bright and early at 6:00, ready to leave by 6:30, I was peacefully sleeping. I didn't have to wake up until 9:00! HA! I went up later with Melanie (YW Pres) and one of our girls (Sarah, my Mia Maid Pres) who had a doctors appointment that morning. We left about 10:45-ish I'd say. Lucky us, we didn't have to set anything up...lol..Thanks Sarah for having to have knee surgery, and then rehab the morning we had to leave for girls camp so we didn't have to help set up! What a gem! Anyway, so I've never been to where we had girl's camp, but it was so pretty up there. It was up Cinnamon Creek, if that means anything to anyone. Gorgeous area!

Well, we got up there, and sat around until 1 when we had our first stake flag ceremony. We also had to do our skit, written and directed by the Tyler sisters. They did a FANTASTIC job, and I think ours was THE BEST skit EVER! It was so funny. Based off of some You-tube videos...The first part of the skit from THIS video. The three unicorns were the Tyler girls, Sam was Charley, Sarah was the blue one, and Abbie the pink. They were so cute. They even did the voices. They changed it so that they found a map to Mt. Timpanogos (the camp theme was temples). Ahh, I wish we had a video. It was great. Then, (when it gets to the singing part in the charley clip) the rest of us girls popped out of the 'Mt. Timpanogos' and did THIS clip, only we used all 8 YW values. Wow! I'm impressed that those girls came up with it! It was fabulous. Seriously, we had the best skit!

After skits and the flag ceremony, we had ward time FOREVER!! I love our ward and everything, but I think we all got a little bit bored with all the time we had together. Some girls painted fingernails, some girls played in the fire (UGH!!!!!), some girls napped, some girls ran around, I chose to spend my time making friendship bracelets out of yarn. Great fun! Some of the other girls saw me making them, so they asked me to teach them. Abbie was making a scarf (using her fingers) so i wanted to learn, so Sarah (she was our handicap by the way! I'm so glad she came though!) taught me how. so i made me the cutest scarf in the world! Everyone was jealous, and when I wear it to church on Sunday, while everyone is freezing, I'll be nice and toasty warm! super cute.

Then we had dinner (Lasagna, very delish!) and then the stake had some games. They played this one 'do what i'm doing' game, which I was the very first person to get what the trick was. Even though I didn't get up there and show everyone (I don't do public dancing). But if you don't believe me, ask Sam and Alice....they both heard me say it very first! I am the greatest! It was pretty fun, then we went back to our own camps.

That night was the snipe hunt. Ya know, I really don't remember doing snipe hunts in our GC. but I knew what they were. I just think the girls were really nice to me because I was the only new beehive, and I wasn't even old enough to be there. Though they did initiate me, they were still nice about it. Thanks girls! lol...Then we sat around the fire and talked until about 1:30 in the am. Great fun...then I went to bed, nearly froze, but I survived. The best part was I didn't have to sleep on the ground! I came prepared to rough it, but Melanie brought a twin air mattress that I used...I felt bad though when mine stayed pumped up, but the one Mel and Farina were using lost the air....hmmmm...sorry! lol...But like Mel commented in my last post, I was up BRIGHT AND EARLY at 6:30...though I really wanted to sleep..

Wow, this is getting long, so I'll cut to the chase...Wednesday was great. the girls had certification in the morning, it RAINED LIKE NO OTHER. Seriously! It rained so hard, and we didn't have a tarp over the fire, so we had to put that up. It was craziness! And while it sucked, it was still really pretty out, so you can't get too mad! Then we had ward time again FOREVER...seriously...wow...yeah...I won't get into my opinions on that. All I can say is I REALLY liked the way that our Girls camp was run when I was in YW. We were always busy, but I thought we had plenty of time for our wards. It kinda made me miss it. But also...it really made me appreciate the leaders and all the time they put into it! Crazy stuff! Especially the camp directors! WOWsers!! Mom..you rock!! and lets just say it made me feel a little bit bad about the story I told in my last post...haha...I already felt bad, but being on the other end of things gave me a whole new perspective. It was fun though, and though i got annoyed with the girls playing in the stupid fire! (I was one of them..hehe, but I'm a leader so it's okay) I still love the girls, and had fun camping with them. And Sarah was a real trooper trying to get around on her crutches. I'm super glad she was there to help keep me entertained!! (oh, just for those of you who went to gc with me...the camping area we went to was nothing like Spring mountain (is that where we went?) For one it was FLAT!!! No trekking uphill and dying just to get to the pavilion. Second all the camps were fairly close together. It took about 30 seconds to get to the pavillion...so not too bad!

Anyway, enough boring, here's some pics..a lot actually. These were taken by Gillian who I let borrow my camera. ENJOY!

So....the beehives left their tent open..EVEN though we warned them many times to keep it closed, and not eat in there. Well....a skunk popped in for a little visit....MUAH HAHAHAHA!!! (I don't know if this is only funny to some of us, or if the others were eventually let in on the funny-ness...but it was pretty darn funny!)
Here's Sarah and Shandra being creative with yarn.
Angie, Abbie and our Stake camp director playing games...or something. I don't know what Abbie is doing! lol...

Shandra stuffing her face with marshmallows while trying to say 'chubby bunny'. Abbie won this competition!
Here's Angie...ahhh, I'm sad that this is her, Kara and Sam's last years... :'( they graduated, so they 'get' to go with the old ladies now!
Here's our little trooper! (She's also on my vball team, hence the vball blanket!)
Danielle and Shauna laughing at who knows what... (and I don't know what shauna is doing right there...lol)
Ashley, one of our little beehives
Kaylie, another beehive (I think I spelled her name wrong, but oh well..lol) We're sad she's not in our ward anymore...
This was after/during the rain storm. so pretty!
Sam and Emily after we got our tarp up...we about died from the smoke!

Maria and Melanie (I know I said I wouldn't post pictures of you, but I thought this was cute! besides, I posted a way nasty pic of me below! so it should even out! :)

This is why GC pics should NEVER be released...Ugh, my hair is so greasy, and looks like I have dandruff (from the ashes)...however...it's not allowable to shower at GC. Its like some unwritten rule. Those who do...SHUN!!!!
yeah...those are pineapples...
apparently the 'cool' thing to do is roast starburst...who knows....
Sam claims they were good...so I'll take her word for it!
So, that's that...ahhhh the joys of Girls Camp! I only stayed 2 days, and after that massive rainstorm, I'm kinda glad that's all I did stay! haha...It was fun though, and I'm glad I was able to go and spend time with the girls. Hopefully they had a great time too!

Oh, and randomness...but all week before camp I was thinking about that time at Girls camp..(haha, read last post) where we got in trouble because of another tent...well, one of the girls in the other tent was Jessie Pope, so I get up to camp, and guess who is there...yup..Jessie Pope. I had to laugh, of course there are no hard feelings still, but it was pretty funny. she was the camp director for one of the wards in our stake, so it was pretty fun to see someone I knew, and actually had our own GC experiences with...

Well, that's all for now. I will post my Vegas trip later. I'm too tired...rather, I'm too lazy to do it now. you're lucky I got this up! :) Enjoy!


hmmm...so did I mention how not so excited I am about girls camp (MELANIE PLUG YOUR EARS...or closer your eyes I guess!) It's been too long since I've camped, and I'll be honest, I've become somewhat of a wuss...and I don't want the girls to do anything to me..I would cry...not really, I just don't want any scary pranks or to get soaked for any reason...I will have a good attitude, cuz it's lame to sit and complain about doing every little thing...ie waking up at 6:30....WAHHH...I wonder if there's a bull horn that we'll have to steal...then have other girls steal it from us, then US get in trouble for trying to get it back...then getting in trouble and having the leaders mad at us all week...




woooh...flash back! HA! okay...the best ever though was when the two KTs (boehme and cammack) came and hung out in our tent and we were up ALL NIGHT making shadow puppets...or...freaking out about having to stay in the cabin because of the mice? yeah...that was so much better than the tents! or the time we fit 9 girls in one half of a really big tent..why we didn't just sleep on both sides...I don't know..it was more fun to scrunch and squish...ahhh girls camp...

HOWEVER...the all-time BEST camp EVER was our ward camp...the only one I went to...I was the only senior, so I got to chill with my bff beehives! We got in trouble for talking about banjo eating twinkies? Or something like that...and then staying up all night talking about becoming one of the girls' mommy because she has a hott dad...and he was staying the night up there as the priesthood leader...talk about embarassing!!! AHHHH...Girls Camp...I'm sure we'll have some good times this year too...I'll be back Sunday!

It's a......

PICTURE!!!! that I really like...I LOVE shooting at the SLC temple! (granted it's only 1 of 2 that I've shot at...lol) but you can't go wrong there! LOVE IT! I still wish I would've gotten a better picture of it with all the trees and blossoms. oh well. I still like this. If I had gotten married in this temple, I would get a HUGE print of it! Yes, yes I would!

Well, if you don't hear from me for, oh a week, it's because I'm having the time of my life partying it up...first tues-wed at girl's camp (a little nervous about it. last time I went camping was the summer before my senior year...EEEK!) then wed-sunday....VEGAS!!! Yay! I get to see my new nephew and my other niece and nephew and bil and sil and fly kites with the kiddos at the park, and go gamble our life savings away...not really...but I'm still excited! I may get another post in tomorrow. We'll see how I'm feeling...I need to sleep now though..I have open gym at oh......8 in the am, and it's now 2:01! Nighty night!


just when you think...

I can't get any more random, here ya go!

Today for church I wore a very polka dot dress. During sacrament meeting (or before, because I paid very close attention to the speakers....RIGHT!) I looked down at all the dots and thought, "hmmm...I wonder how many dots are on my dress." I thought about counting them, but it would be weird since I sit up in the choir seats and didn't want people to notice me doing something so weird...

Well...after church we had BYC, and I was sitting between Lahoma (beehive pres) and Sarah (Mia Maid pres), and Sarah had on a polka dot dress too. We were just sitting there talking and joking when Lahoma leans over and says, "Do you guys ever wonder how many dots are on your dresses." WHAT?!? lol..yes, I am bragging that I am on the same mind wave length as a 13 year old!


A Funny Story...

I know. These pictureless posts are pretty lame, but what can I say...yeah, I don't know either. But don't worry, when I come back from my many adventures NEXT Sunday/Monday, I may have some pictures..MAYBE! I have Girl's Camp Tuesday and posssibly Wednesday, then LAS VEGAS again (I KNOW!) Wednesday night-Sunday. Totally stoked.

Right so my funny story...

Yesterday and Thursday we had a 2-day camp at LHS. Well, yesterday Lacey (gal I coach with) had her daughters there, and the younger one is like 4. I like to tease her because she is so funny with her responses (and she can't say her r's, so it's 10 times cuter). Anyway, her hair was a little messy from wrestling around with some of the girls, so I told her she looked like a little orphan. She told me she wasn't, and so I asked, "Do you even know what an orphan is?"

B - "yeah"
Me- "What is it"
B- "Someone with messy hair"
Me- "Okay, well your hair is messy, so that makes you an orphan, right?"

lol, so a few more times I called her orphan, and after the last time, I look over and she was licking her hand and pushing her hair back with it. (Haha, I feel bad for laughing, but it was pretty cute/funny!) So I said, "Come here, I don't really think you're an orphan!" She was a little mad at me, so it took a little before I could get her to come and talk to me. (She continued to 'fix' her hair this whole time...lol) So finally I got her to come over and sat her on my lap. I told her I didn't really think she was an orphan, and she goes, "Well you've been saying it for hours!" lol...too cute...but I really did feel bad. So I had to reassure her that I was just kidding with her, and I didn't really think she was an orphan. Haha, it was so cute/funny. But we are friends again. Even though she tried to smack my butt a few times. I reassured her that I could kick her butt 10 times worse than she could kick mine, but she tried to argue with me telling me that could kick mine 18 times worse... (yes I like picking on 4 year olds! lol)

Also, Lacey, she owes me a couple billion dollars for all the bets we made. I think she has a serious gambling problem! You should have her checked out! lol..

Okay, that's all. I may be back a little later with something else, but that's all...laters!


It's a BABY!

My SIL Juanita had her baby today...
Born at 1:30 pm
weighed 7 lbs 6 oz
19 inches long
named him Austin Scott
and he's so cute!
AND I get to see him NEXT WEEK!!! yay! I'm so excited to actually get to meet a niece/nephew when they are still a newborn baby! We're so happy for Mike, Juanita, Kyla and Jake and can't wait to see you guys!

oh and in other news...I picked up this used book at Hastings, because when I was flipping through it I saw that the previous owner had highlighted a bunch of it...lol, who does that. it was pretty funny some of the stuff she highlighted, but then there was this quote...and I really liked it...so here it is...
"...you can only be in a bad mood for so long before you have to face up to the fact that it isn't a bad mood at all. It's just your sucky personality."
Think about it! lol...

Laughter is the best medicine!

So, I was sitting here somewhat annoyed with certain things/people (NOT going to get into it, because A. it would offend probably 99.9% of you, and B. I think it's lame to sit and complain about everything little thing :) But anyway...so I'm sitting here, annoyed, and I'm looking on one of my previous clients blogs (shhh...don't tell them I am stalking them...lol, jk..but really) and there is a picture of their young child and an open kitchen drawer, and it reminded me of this REALLY funny story about someone I know. (No names, cuz it will embarrass this person I'm sure!) 

This one day I was at home (a long time ago), and I had this habit of staying up late. So me and this other person (who was really young at the time) decided to watch a movie. Well said person fell asleep, and I was just sitting there watching the movie. All of a sudden said person (let's call him bob so I can stop saying said person) gets up and goes into the kitchen. I hear bob open one of the drawers in the kitchen, and then I hear a sound similar to that of pouring water. Finding it odd, I go in there to see bob PEEING in the drawer. I think bob was still half asleep (at least I hope he was..) but when I said BOB! what are you doing? Bob appeared to 'wake up'....lol...It was the FUNNIEST thing in the world, and I LAUGHED SO HARD....and after seeing that picture and having this memory I had to laugh. Made me feel a lot better. in the end, I made bob help me wash the dishes that were in the drawer. (I washed, bob rinsed). (I laughed the entire time I washed the dishes) And Mom and dad woke up to the drawer in the tub (yeah, i was too lazy to put it back) and all the dishes from that drawer on a towel drying...I asked Bob what he/she was doing, and he/she said that he/she had to go to the bathroom, but couldn't hold it that long...haha, when in reality it would have taken just as much time to walk to the bathroom, as it took to go to the kitchen and pull out the drawer...hahahahaha....lol...man, okay, that made my night.  It's all those fun little memories that can make you forget your worries/troubles/ANNOYANCES! :) And sorry Bob for sharing that story, it was too funny. 

And to make BOB feel less embarrassed, there was a different time that another person (call this person Dot) was asleep, while some of us other people were awake in the kitchen, and Dot came into the kitchen, and went to where our garbage is (for those of you who know, it's next to our washer as you come in the back door) and Dot pulled down his/her pants to go to the bathroom. luckily we stopped him/her before anything happened....

And while I'm embarrassing all others, here's an embarrassing story about ME and brady (he's on a mission...it's okay!) When we were REALLY YOUNG!!! oh wait...I had it all typed up, and decided it was too embarrassing. I'll let Bob tell you that story someday, or mom and dad...hahahaha...oh joy!

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

(oh and PS...there is a 99.9% chance that no one would know that movie I quoted. There was one person, and I don't know why I thought she would know it, maybe because I think she would know random movies, but apparently she didn't. but you don't get to know the movie, but it's pretty freakin' hellarious!)

Oh and PPS. I have over 10,000 hits on my blog! WHO THE HECK IS STALKING ME?!?!? and better yet...why is no one stalking my design blog. I would rather you stalked me there, than here..and while you're there, submit an order of cards/invitations/announcements! 

and PPPS! I am going to make the CUTEST thing ever. I can't tell you what it is yet...because I don't know when I'll finish it...hopefully soon, but it's going to be so stinking cute. All you with little kids will think I"m the GREATEST thing/person EVER!


"What makes you think that?"

"I don't know where thoughts come from, they just appear..."
(name that movie!)
Maira Gall