April Showers

April has been an interesting month. I feel really weird and out of it. I don't know what it is. Maybe the random weather. We haven't actually had many April showers, I just couldn't think of a title. This post may be a bit off because, like I said, I feel really weird, but oh well.

Work has been really good lately. We upgraded our online banking system about a month ago. Let's just say it hasn't gone as smoothly as we anticipated. The phones have been ringing like crazy...still. I won't say what I feel about why the call volume has been up, but people just need to calm down and check their emails, and follow the instructions. But because of this, I was lucky enough to be put into a group of MSR's (Member Service Representatives....have I told you the whole we are no longer tellers anymore? That's a fun story.) that were taking web apps. Holy bombarded. Because of some shingles issues, I actually missed the entire week after the launch, but even still we're still getting a ton of loans. Right now, I have 13 assigned to me. But I really enjoy it. I still am learning, and I ask Steve a lot of questions, but I am really enjoying it. Now I just need my own office and an assistant to get me juice boxes. But really, work is great. I get really worn out by the end of the day, but that's because I don't take time to sit and relax. I have to be standing and going.

Anyway....I've had some fun things happen to me over the last month. It's been quite humbling. I am extremely blessed. I'll share more details on my Sclero-what? blog, but I have to show you my new favorite hair tool that my in-laws got for me. It's called Curl Secret, and it's amazing. You put your hair in it, and it sucks it in and curls it. Greg can use it, and it takes maybe 15 minutes to do. It's pretty amazing...

So, I was supposed to have a Pulmonary Function Test done, so I scheduled to leave work early to go do it. However, due to my life being the way it is, I was not able to perform the PFT. Since we already had work off, Greg took me to watch Divergent. Here's my review:

I REALLY liked it. Maybe because Four/Tobias is super nice to look at, but I love the books, and the movie was really good. I feel like it left out a lot of important things, but it was still really  good. I would definitely recommend it, even if you haven't read the books. No, I don't really like the main girl, but Four/Tobias kind of takes control of your mind, so he's all you can think about. It's about time one of my movies has a hottie in it.

My leg looks soooooo much better.  The shingles post is coming soon, I promise.

Pretty Little Liars has been another obsession of mine. I started watching it while bed ridden with shingles, and I can't stop watching. I actually read the books a few years ago, and it is the weirdest story ever, but it's addicting, plus Caleb.Umm, yummy. So yeah. I'm half-way into Season 2. Netflix rocks, by the way.

Also, we have started watching The Walking Dead. Not gonna lie, I'm not a big fan. It totally drags. The "walker" parts are fine, but the rest of the crap that goes on is just blah. We're in Season 2, and quite bored. Hopefully it gets better. I've heard a lot of great reviews, but I'm not impressed.

So, that's a small catch-up. I need to move my pics from my phone to my computer so that I can show more interesting ones, but it just hasn't happened. Such is my life!


The End of March

So, March has kind of flown by. Wow! It's been a good month. I think...so let's do a quick recap of March.

I got my hair done. We have the cutest couple who come into the credit union, and I have her do my hair. She always is so sweet, and does an awesome job. We just trimmed it up, then did a blend. (Dark on top, slowly fades to lighter brown with hints of blonde throughout). It turned out super cute. Too bad I can't ever do it as cute as she can.

Had our Relief Society Birthday dinner. We had a great turn out, and had lots of fun cleaning and washing a million pie tins and mason jars. (Okay, I actually slowly walked around gathering things, but could only carry so much so I didn't drop anything). I was on my feet all night so my hip hurt me throughout the next few days.

My credit union finally rolled out it's new online banking and mobile app. Yes we're a bit behind the times, but they finally did it, and we are so happy about it. It was a slow few days,  and it was actually kind of nice.

We have started watching The Walking Dead. First season totally dragged on, and there were only six episodes. Hopefully the next seasons are better.

Last, last Friday, I opted to stay home due to massive pains in my back and leg. Turns out I got shingles. Hooray for immune suppressing medicine! Yeah, that hasn't been fun.

I stayed home all this last week, and finally on Wednesday I decided to get Netflix so I can watch Pretty Little Liars, since I was in bed so much. I read the books, and they were weird, and I kind of feel like this first season drags on. But I'm into it, so I have to watch. I'll post more about my shingles experience over on my Sclero-what? blog.

And that brings us to today. I decided to stay home again, because I plan to go to work tomorrow, and need all the strength and energy I can muster. Hopefully it doesn't turn out too bad. We shall see. Happy spring everyone, even if the crazy weather doesn't agree.

Oh, and just putting it out there, if anyone wants a blog makeover, let me know. I get bored sometimes and would love to create the fun "about me" graphics and headers. Just let me know! (FB me or something.)


The Price is Right

Work lately has been really great. Today we had our morning meeting, and we had our HR guy up from SLC. He is the greatest. Super nice and friendly, and just a great guy. I took some time to speak with him and Danny, and he was just wonderful. Very concerned, supportive, answered all my questions, and was just awesome.

Then it was super slow today. Donna is off this week, so Kim, Caleb and I were working this morning, with Colton coming in at noon. It was so slow, so we spent a lot of time just chit-chatting. Well it was getting close to lunch, so we were trying to decide how to do lunches. Caleb and Kim were trying to decide who would go to lunch first. They were going back and forth, and Colton happened to walk in at that moment, so Kim asked him to choose. He said Caleb, so Caleb went. (It was quite funny, my storytelling is lacking tonight.)

Well, fast forward to Kim being on her lunch. I was having Caleb check the two ATM's and then he asked if I wanted to do them, or if I wanted him to. I told him I didn't care, that I could, or if he wanted to he could. We then got into another argument about who had to choose, so I said, Let's have Colton decide. He didn't want to, so we decided to play a game. We were going to guess the value of Colton's truck according to NADA guides, and the closest guess, without going over (Price is Right style), didn't have to do them. Yes we are dorks. We have been doing quite a few loans lately, so this was fitting. I just wrote down a random number, and then we looked it up and guess who was actually really quite close? That would be me.

It was quite entertaining, and yes this is a silly post. I just have to remember these fun times at work...kind of like Colton wanting to sing "What Makes You Beautiful" as a duet with Caleb. That was epic.

I love my job.


The Rest of February

February is almost over. Crazy! It's been an interesting month, but good all the same.

We had our enrichment/Relief Society activity on the 13th, and we played the "Not-so-Newlywed" game. We wanted to something on love, but be able to reach out to everyone, so we thought this would be fun. We invited the sisters to bring a loved one (spouse, friend, etc.) and we had a decent turnout. We got the questions from The Dating Divas, and then invited each of the Priesthood leaders and their wives to be on the panel. We even got our Stake President and his wife (they're in our ward). Then we had the 1st counselor in the bishopric, High Priest group leader, Elder's Quorum President, and the Young Men's president and each of their wives. There were some great laughs, and we ended the night with brownies and ice cream. It was loads of fun.

The next day was Valentine's day. We worked, then headed off to Star Valley so we could spend some time with Greg's sister Adrienne (who lives in Virginia) and her almost 2 year old (his birthday is today. Happy Birthday Jax!) It was a good day, and a good trip. There is a ton of snow, and was pretty cold. But it was fun to see family. We haven't seen Adrienne and Jax in about a year, and then Shaina and Jesse came up. We don't get to see them as much either since they moved to Bountiful area. Plus it was nice just to hang out.

My Valentine from Greg...I think he stole it from some kid at school.

Road trip food (Arby's), the fun bumpy bridge outside of Grace, raining almost the entire trip.

Road trip selfie!

Greg & Jax...I think Jax wore Greg out.

Greg's birthday was the 15th, and we just enjoyed a fun, relaxing day in Star Valley. He is 32 this year. I got him a few shirts, and some chocolates. Love him.

On Monday the 17th I got a text from Kennan letting me know that his last home basketball game was on Friday, and that if I wanted, they could come pick me up. Since I haven't seen Kennan play EVER, I thought it would be fun to go. It was fun, and Kennan did awesome. I can't wait to watch him again next year. Hopefully I can make it to more games.

Papa & Liam, Uncle Donald, they block off a section just for the Thompson family.

I can't believe he is already a junior! It is so crazy.

It's so crazy seeing all these kids. There was a section on the opposite with the little elementary kids, and I kept looking over there expecting to see Kennan. I can't believe it.

It was a fun game, and they came out on top. Good luck at regionals this week!

I stayed the night and was woken up early in the morning by a snow plow! It was not even snowing the day before, I was not expecting it. It was coming down pretty good when I finally got out of bed. I spent the morning with the family. Mom and Kandyce helped me make some pizza pockets, and then we watched Ender's Game (SO good! I really liked it.) It was a lot of fun, and good to spend time at home.
Dad doing the dishes, Liam being a stinker, and mom making the chicken pillows.

There are like a million cats, and all that snow came down that morning.

Liam being a bit dramatic.


When You Mock Me & My Boy Band...

...you better be ready for some revenge!

So, ever since I declared my obsesion with One Direction to my co-workers, one of them, Caleb, has mocked me relentlessly. Any time they are mentioned, Caleb goes off on how stupid they are, how bad they suck, etc. (And you'd have to know Caleb to truly understand...we think he likes to argue, just to argue! But we like him, so he sticks around)

Last Thursday, another co-worker Lee came up and asked me who sings "Story of my Life." I told him One Direction, and he didn't believe me. He said that it didn't sound like their normal boy-band stuff, but that he really liked the song and couldn't stop singing it. (Lee is a little more supportive of my obsession, and doesn't make fun of me near as much.) Well, Caleb heard us talking, as Lee was trying to figure out the style of music it sounded like, and Caleb said he could figure it out. However, when we told him who we were talking about, the mocking started. He again went off about how stupid they are and how he couldn't believe that Lee liked them, and blah, blah, blah.

Friday, I get to work, and Lee asks me if I'm friends with Caleb on facebook. I told him no and asked him why. Apparently Caleb admitted on facebook that he listened to "Story of my Life" and watched the music video, and he LIKED THEM BOTH! Oh my goodness, you have no idea how happy that made me. I knew I had to do something, and I only had two hours to get it done before Caleb got into work.It had to be good, and I was totally giddy for that whole two hours. Here is what I did...

Had to officially welcome him to the fan club!

Made his official Directioner ID

A perfectly legit use of company ink and paper, in my opinion!

This was my favorite part...I also stalked him on facebook so I could find a picture of him to print off and put on a heart so he could feel like part of the band.

It was awesome. As soon as he walked in he said, "Someone told Breanne." I tried to play it cool like I didn't know what he was talking about, but let's face it. This is way too awesome to not take credit for. He laughed about it though. Good times, good times.

Also, in case you wondered. "Story of my Life" is my most favorite music video of theirs. All the pictures....so beautiful! I even cried when I first saw it. Their new video, "Midnight Memories" is pretty funny too. I really enjoyed it. Thank you One Direction! Totes love them!

And PS. Shanna, 1D is way cooler than BSB, though Caleb has told me that BSB was the best concert he's ever been to. He hasn't been to a 1D concert apparently! :)