Hipster, Anniversary, New Hair, Ice Cream

One of my favorite things about the co-workers I have had over the last few years, is they still want to get together every now and then for dinner. Those of us still working at the credit union met up with Kim and Cole on night at a newer restaurant in Logan called Even Stevens. Food was interesting, but I rather enjoyed my sandwich. Company was excellent. I love those  people that I have worked with, and I miss the ones that have left lots. It's good to see them every now and then. It's just too mad Caleb isn't closer to join us on occasion.

I actually convinced Greg to go with me. He loves hanging out with people.

I totally felt hipster after eating here.Not that I really know whawt hipster means...I guess I could google it.

"Hipsters are people who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities considered outside of the social mainstream."

There ya go. Totes Hipster!

May 27th was our 11th anniversary. Seems like forever, but has also flown by. I couldn't imagine life without him. It'd be totally boring...or more adventurous...probably a combination of the two. Needless to say, I still love him lots.

"Don't 'fudge' it up"

Our anniversary falls on Memorial weekend most of the time, so I took the next Tuesday off as well just to spend some time with Greg. I still don't think it's fair that he gets summers off, and I get to work. Oh well. Such is life. Maybe someday!

Anyway, we went to "Allegiant". Good movie, but I was disappointed to learn that there is a part 2! Ugh, for reals! Well, I think there is a part 2. There better be because it did not cover all that was in the book.

The NBA Finals were on, so Greg had to make sure the Warriors were going to pull ahead to move on to the Championship.

Greg working on the swamp cooler. Ugh, I swear this place causes more issues than what it's worth! JK, I am grateful for a great place to live that only costs us $280/month (which I still feel is way too much), but at least we can sell it if we ever decide to leave this place.

Grateful that he is willing to help the Relief Society clean the church. Take pressure off of me, as I have a harder time doing stuff like this. He's the greatest.

One Tuesday we had a chiropractor and massage therapist come to the CU where we all got free massages. Holy moly it was amazing. I need one of those at least once a day!

I am obsessed with getting my hair done. Granted, it helps that I love my hairstylist. We always have such a fun time together. We went a little more burgundy w/ some teal underneath. (Teal for Scleroderma awareness) We also cute it a little shorter. It's been fantastic. I love it!

The final results....

My sister and her family are here from Texas, so they came to Logan one day where we went out to eat during my lunch break. Here I am with McKenzie and my favorite niece Lilli.

Back in March, my good friend Melanie moved out to Providence. Not only was she a great friend, but she was also my Relief Society Activity Board Chairperson. She was AMAZING. I never questioned if things would get done, and she always went above and beyond. She basically did the activities by herself, as I was very little help. Now, of course I miss her more as a friend right around the corner, but I also miss her help with the activities.

We only do them every 3 months, but in the last 3 months she has not been replaced. I had a very great debate as to whether I should host an activity in June or not. I decided to go with it, and kept it very simple with an Ice Cream Social.

Greg was a huge help, and did quite a bit for me. (Also, can we talk about Hobby Lobby? I honestly think I could live there. Not even kidding! Made me want to plan parties all the time!)

After getting supplies we stopped by the carwarsh. One of our favorite things to do together...mostly because he likes to spray me.

So we have become obsessed with Red Button Ice Cream. Instead of just doing vanilla with lots of toppings, we went with a variety of flavors. 9 to be exact. They included, Key Lime Pie, Cotton Candy, Huckleberry Pie, Raspberry Lemonade, Raspberry Cheesecake, Vanilla, Animal Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake, and Peach.

I won't get into how there were complaints that I didn't have "their favorite kind." Honestly, I love my calling, but people are just never happy. Frustrates the heck out of me. Also, we only had 15 people show. So, was it a waste of time? I don't know. It kind of felt like it.

Maybe I'll just forego our next meeting. See how many complaints we can get. But it was fun to spend time in the kitchen with Greg anyway, sampling all the flavors. He's the coolest.


Work Anniversary & A Wedding

The end of April Greg and I took a quick trip to Wyoming. It was nice and rainy, and oh so beautiful!

I celebrated my 6th Work Anniversary on April 26. SIX YEARS! I can't believe it's been that long. I initially thought I'd only be there for a year, and now I'm heading into my 7th year. This job has been the best job I have ever had. I complain about it a lot, but in reality, I couldn't have asked for a better job. With all the changes in the last year, I have been overwhelmingly frustrated, to the point of tears, and nearly being sent home for arguing with my new manager, but it has been fine. It is slowly getting better, and even though I still get quite frustrated every now and then, I still don't think I could work anywhere else.

They have been amazing to work with me and my health over the last 4 years, and I couldn't be more grateful. I've learned a lot about the financial industry, and what not to do as a customer/member. I have learned to do loans, mortgages, IRA's, and have had the wonderful opportunity for the last 8 or so months to be able to do all the accounts that are applied for online. It's been a great job, and look forward to another 8 years....maybe...

Looks like Obamacare, but stands for "Online Accounts Member Service Representative Expert of All Expertise." Yes, I gave myself a title. Don't judge me!

Just some Utah drivers for you....

Had a member send me a flower through the drive thru. Sweet, right?

Then later, Kim, who worked with us a while ago, brought Steve & I cookies. She's a sweetheart!

Our latest obsession. Love this brand of ice cream and fun flavors.

Greg and I got to talk on Mother's Day. I got up and said, "I feel as though it's tradition in the church to ask the best mother in the ward to speak on Mother's Day." I'm funny. I know. We actually spoke on service.

My co-worker Caleb, who left us last year to become an assistant manager at our Murray branch, got married on May 14th. I went down to his reception with my co-worker Steve & his wife. It was fun to see Caleb again. You have no idea how much we miss him. There just isn't anyone to argue nonsense with, but luckily we have an instant messaging system, so we'll "chat" every now and then. His wife is gorgeous, and I'm so happy for them.

Fun fact, the girl in the blue dress is actually from my ward here in Logan. I've known her for the past 11 years. She was roommates with Caleb's wife. She was at our ward a couple of weeks ago, and asked me about Caleb. I laughed and told her how much I liked Caleb, and had to ask her about Brittney. Not gonna lie, I've been a bit worried about him finding a girl who loves him as much as he loves her. I think they're pretty good for each other.

And they also had this fun photo booth. I thought about taking a picture solo, but felt a little silly. The last photo, I'm making that face because Steve & Kaye were totally trying to make out behind me.

It was a good evening, and I'm glad I was able to go.


Thursday Three | 06.02.2016

        • Do I need to explain again the difference between depositing a check, and cashing a check again? When you say "I'd like to cash this", and I give you cash, don't try to argue with me saying you told me you just wanted it in your account. You said cash, I give you cash. End of story. There is a difference. Maybe we need a weekly "finances" post? Also, pretty positive I'm failing as an adult. #tellerlife #adultingsucks
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                                              Niece & Nephew from Back East

                                              Greg's sister Adrienne and her family have lived back east for the past 5-6 years. Maybe more. She has two kids and the newest one I haven't even met, and she's over a year old! They came to stay with my in-laws for a few weeks while her husband was out of state for business. They made a trip down to Logan for a weekend so we got to spend time with them.

                                              It was really good to see them. I hate that I don't have any nieces or nephews super close. My closest is still 2.5 hours away. It would be so much nicer if they were just in Logan.

                                              Laura, Annie, Adrienne and the kids came to Logan on Friday night, and came over to our house where we ate, and played with LEGOs.

                                              I became quite good at playing with LEGOs. I had no idea who have the people Jax was talking about when we were playing, but he doesn't need to know that, right? Fake it 'til you make it!

                                              Saturday we went to Wal-Mart to get a little shopping in. I snapped this picture of Greg & Breklin, and still feel like he looks like he may have kidnapped her, and they are looking over their shoulder to make sure they aren't being followed. (I definitely watch too much TV)

                                              After Wal-Mart we headed over to the Willow Park Zoo. Y'all should know by now how much Greg and I love the zoo. All the birds, and wildlife you could see out your backdoor in Wyoming. Always good times.

                                              They had a "petting zoo" that held about 10 or so goats.Breklin enjoyed it, but Jax wanted no part whatsoever in it.

                                              Jax did enjoy feeding the ducks, though. That's always the highlight of the zoo for the littles.

                                              It's always good to see these people. We don't get to see them  near enough. Like I said, we haven't even met Brek until this weekend, and she is 1+ years old. Crazy, right? I keep telling Greg we need to go visit them every now and then!


                                              Thursday Three | 05.19.2016

                                                  • I've learned that I have to have lots to do to not go crazy. Today was awfully slow, and while I don't wish for it to be busy, I just have to have stuff to do.
                                                  • If I don't make it through tomorrow, due to this cold, someone may take over my IG account and pretend to be me. It's each of your greatest dreams. #grammarplease
                                                  • I had a dream last night that we bought a new house, rather a new, larger manufactured home. Also dreamt my teeth were coming out. #totalnightmare
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                                                                                      Thursday Three | 05.05.2016

                                                                                        • Reasons I don't work out: I never feel good after. Never. And it's not a "haven't worked out in forever" not good, it's a "can I make it through the rest of the week without literally crashing" not good. Try explaining that to people. #youdontknowmylife! 
                                                                                        • Old people. Get your shiz together and get your finances all figured out before you get too old and senile. That way you don't have to come in with your rude, grouchy kids who don't understand that we can't just put them on the accounts, there is paperwork that has to be filled out. #momoneymoproblems  
                                                                                        • I'm obviously grouchy. For reasons stated above. Had to tell people to be quiet because it was too loud and I couldn't concentrate. Then Had to open an account at 5:00 and really struggled with it... #andtodayisonlythursday
                                                                                                                          Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.