The Not-So-Awesome Happenings Part 1

Truth be told, I can be a LITTLE dramatic sometimes. I blame it on my childhood and upbringing, because I don't want to take responsibility for myself. One of the negatives to being on a "mood regulator" is that I either feel super AWESOME, super CRAPPY, or super nothing at all. Major moodswings for sure.

Well, sometime the beginning of February, my co-worker Donna was in my manager's office. She was in there for quite a while, and it looked like some tears were being shed. I tried asking Steve what was going on, but he just kept saying, "You'll find out next" or "I don't know anything." I knew he was lying, because he's a big fat liar! (JK, but I can tell when something is up with him that he's not telling me.) Usually I can get it out of him, but he stood his ground, even though I should have been better at the hints he accidentally left.

I thought for sure that Donna was announcing that she was leaving, whether for another job here in the valley, or a bit more far-fetched, taking a job within the CU down in Salt Lake Area. It had me worried because I love Donna. Of all my teller co-workers, she has been the most amazing one to work with, and talk to. I'd go crazy if she left. When she came out, you could see that she had been crying, but then she signaled me that it was my turn to go talk to Danny.

I head in there and shut the door, anxiously awaiting the "bad news". I did not expect to hear what he told me next. He would be leaving the credit union to move to, Cheyenne, Wyoming (I know, right?!) as he had accepted a job at another CU there. Talk about a major shock. In the nearly five years that I've been with the CU, I thought for sure that I would be the one to leave, and that Danny and Steve would be there forever.

It really affected me in a way that I can't explain. I think you would have to know my relationship with Danny. (I have to be careful with my words here, in case he is reading this.... ;) Let's just say that I was probably his least favorite employee to get into "discussions" with. I pushed his buttons, and he pushed mine, however, we got over the anger/frustration and it didn't get too awkward.

But, he had been there for me a lot over the last five years. He was there when I got sick, and helped me adjust my schedule to be the best for me. He listened to me complain about my frustrations at work, and encourage me every step of the way. It was hard to hear that he was leaving. I shed some tears, quite a few actually.

I had a lot of thoughts and fears, which I won't get into, but I was really concerned how it would affect the dynamics of the branch. Not even kidding that we are the best group of employees. We all get along. We are all so different, but our personalities mesh so well, and we are all hard workers, making work both fun and effective. So, for this little shake up, who knew what was going to happen.

Who knew indeed! To be continued....

(See, dramatic!)


Thursday Three | 03.26.15

                        • I was using my camera as a mirror, figured I'd snap a pic.
                        • I helped clean up the office today. That was exciting. 
                        • I just have a lot of thoughts and feelings. Probably should learn a better way to express them.
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                                                Thursday Three | 03.19.2015

                                                                    • This has been the longest week. For reals. Work is getting more and more awkward and I just need things to be done. Just done! 
                                                                    • As I'm scrolling through my instagram feed, I'm beginning to feel annoyed at all the "mommy" groups. No I don't hate you for having kids, I just feel discriminated against for not having kids. Therefore I'm looking for some other non-mommys to have a "discriminatory against mommys" group. Who's in? #imbeing78percentserious 
                                                                    • I need something. Not sure what yet....but I need it.
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                                                                                          February Happenings

                                                                                          February was another month that just kind of flew by. There wasn't a lot that happened, but the things that did happen were kind of tough at some points.

                                                                                          First things first though. Valentines day and Greg's birthday. We kept things pretty simple, like we always do, when it came to Valentines day. I had to work, then we got Texas Roadhouse to go. We had a gift card so we went big and got the prime rib and an onion blossom. It was very delicious. I'd give it a 9/10. Then we just chilled at home and watched movies and TV.

                                                                                          Kandyce asked me if I could make some Valentine's cards for a little exchange she was taking Liam to. I made him some Mickey Mouse ones, and she said that he wouldn't put them down.

                                                                                          Greg's birthday fell on the Sunday after Valentines day. We were lucky and got to speak on prayer. We spoke with a missionary in our stake who recently returned from him mission. He took up a lot of time, then I spoke for about 10 minutes (even though it didnt feel that long.) Then Greg spoke last. It went well.i dont mind speaking anymore, not sure why. I just don't have that fear, however, I do dislike preparing the talks. But its all good. That was only the second time I have had to speak since being married, and 4th time in my life. I cant complain too much.

                                                                                          After church we had cake, and Greg blew out his trick candles that he picked out. Then we ate cake, and later had dinner. Again, pretty low key. Crazy that 10 years ago me and that then 23 year old were planning our wedding. We are so old now (especially him!) Happy 33 to Greg!

                                                                                          I'm going to skip the depressing parts for now, but don't you worry. I will share them. Oh, trust me, I will!

                                                                                          I was able to take off on a Thursday afternoon to go to Cokeville to watch Kennan's last home basketball game. I have only seen him a handful of times, which is quite sad, because he is quite good. Kandyce, Liam, & Myka were there too, so it was fun to be able to spend time with them.

                                                                                          Silly boy "eating" my sandwich. He's such a stinker!

                                                                                          Then we headed into town to watch the games. We got there halfway through the girl's game, so it was a lot of fun to be able to watch them play. They are all such amazingly beautiful girls. I love being able to see them play and compete. Plus their coaches are my same coaches, so it's always fun to watch them in action and see them yelling at someone else for a change.

                                                                                          And then the boys played. Baby bro is a captain, which is awesome. He has played varsity since he was a freshman, and I couldn't be more proud!

                                                                                          Also funny, his coach was my volleyball coach. I think seeing him yell/swear at the boys fits him more, though he was an awesome coach, and I was lucky to play for him and my dad. I just think boys can take the yelling/swearing better than girls (and yes, yelling & swearing went hand in hand with him! :)

                                                                                          It was a great night, and fun to watch them play well. Kennan did so awesome, and I loved being able to watch him play.

                                                                                          As far as the good things that happened in February, that was about it. I'll post the not-so happy February stuff soon. It just goes along with what's happening now, so I can't jump ahead just yet. Too much life to cover first!


                                                                                          Thursday Three | 03.12.15

                                                                                                            • I feel like I look different. Maybe it's a good hair day, or my teeth are super white.
                                                                                                            • I need to go on a road trip to the beach. Who's in and who will drive? I'll buy the Dr. Pepper!
                                                                                                            • Angry, tired, annoyed, bitter, obnoxious, giddy, happy, content...all emotions felt within about a 5 minute period... multiple times. Totally going to "live below the line" for a while. #theozprinciple
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                                                                                                                                Thursday Three | 03.05.15

                                                                                                                                                • I have always kind of thought I was adopted... this trip confirms my suspicions. 
                                                                                                                                                • I am super excited to be here (Casper, WY)... Just wish it wasn't so long of a drive.
                                                                                                                                                • I have the strange urge to try and shoot a basketball. I just think it would be an epic fail.
                                                                                                                                                • I dressed myself today. It took like five minutes to put on my jeans by myself, but I did it. #donttellgreg
                                                                                                                                                                  Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.