December - Please Come Back!!

Oh December! I love December! I love Christmas, I love the lights, the music, the smell, the angry people! Oh, I love it and wish it would come back. It always just flies by way to fast. But here are some gems from December.

A beautiful sunrise.

We finally got our Christmas tree put up, then a few days later, we finally put lights on! We didn't put any decorations on it, and I was just fine with that. The lights are my favorite anyway!

Our "big" Christmas present this year was an XBox 1. Greg plays NBA 2K14 on it, and I play Fantasia, waving my arms around like I'm leading music can be a killer workout. I actually enjoy it though. So I'm not complaining.

My niece on Greg's side was getting baptized December 6, so we decided to head down the night before so I could go visit Kandyce & Clay and meet Myka for the first time. Holy moly, she was cute. She just slept the entire time I held her. With the exception of when I told her she had to wake up for these selfies. I just love her so much. I was a little awkward holding her and couldn't quite figure out a comfortable way to move her around, but it was still a lot of fun seeing her.

We stayed at Kyan's house that night, and the next morning we woke up to this cute little guy. I'm not even kidding, he is just about the cutest little boy I've ever seen. I fell in love with him right away. He absolutely loved Greg.

We had our work party that next Monday. It was a fun night of food and playing games, followed by Caleb serenading Steve, and Steve FINALLY giving Caleb that hug he's been waiting for. It was epic. I have the best co-workers.

You know you're an adult when you're out shopping for vacuums. But we desperately needed one. Like we hadn't vacuumed in 3 months! (kidding!)

For our Relief Society activity we served malibu chicken and had a brief talk by one of the sisters in our ward. It was short, sweet, and super delicious. The best kinds of activities!

I met a girl on instagram who sells hand-stamped jewelry. I'll have to take a better picture, but I had her make me a necklace that said Scleroderma, with a Hope charm, two spoons, and teal beads. I love it!

I bought these super adorbs shirts. I love them!

Sometimes I forget to change into my work shoes....Whoops. At least I was comfortable!

Coin....sigh....I hate coin!

Spent my nights watching cheesy lovey dovey Christmas movies. This was a fave.

Nice cool evening....Just warm enough to sit on the porch for a little bit.

There was a One Direction special on TV, so of course I had to watch it...

What I literally looked like watching the show!

Wrapping presents, watching Elf. Christmas tradition!
And that's all for now. Coming up: Christmas!


November Updates

So November came and went. I started the month by teaching in Relief Society on being 'Grateful in Any Circumstance' based off of Elder Uchtdorf's conference talk. Always fun teaching Relief Society...Always...

Our Halloween lights stayed up for a few weeks into November, and Greg found this awesome massive leaf. It's pretty rad.

I've got some pretty awesome friends. My friend Melanie invited us over for dinner one night, but Greg wasn't feeling well and we didn't want to get her kids sick, so she offered to bring us dinner. It was so delicious. I told her I'm going to hire her to just make extra food for Greg & I when she cooks for her family. 

My sister, Kandyce had her baby on the 4th of November. She is just the cutest thing ever. Myka Jade

State Volleyball happened. I'll write more about it on my Sclero blog, but they did AMAZING and won their 4th straight state championship title. It was so excited, and I'm so happy for my dad and those amazing girls.

We FINALLY got a little bit of snow...FINALLY!

So Steve got a package in the mail but forgot to grab it before going to lunch. Lucky for him we sent him on a scavenger hunt to find it. Unfortunately he got stuck on the last clue which was to give his "mini-me" a hug. To quote Steve, he said, "Hell no!" Guess he won't be getting his package after all....

Kennan played his last year of football in the freezing temperatures in Laramie, Wyoming for the 1A state championship. I didn't realize it was being broadcast via radio, so I was on twitter watching it. They did awesome and won, and Kennan even had an interception. I'm super excited for him.

One Direction came out with a new CD. It rocks my world!

Panda Express has become our new favorite place to eat....Their Orange Chicken is super yum!

One Direction also came out with a new music video. Its pretty much my favorite. They are so adorable.

Thanksgiving was wonderfully relaxing. We cooked our big turkey dinner and watched football. I love days off in the middle of the week. Unfortunately, I did have to go back to work the next day.

One of my favorite things to do during that month of November was sit on my front porch when it was cold and dark out. Weird, I know, but it was relaxing.

28 by 29 Update

Since I am now 28.5, I thought I would post an update on how awful I'm doing with me goals.

1 // Read the Book of Mormon twice -- I am ALMOST done with the first go around. I was doing so well there for a while, I just need to finish up so I don't have to keep playing catch-up.

2 //  Write a note to 28 people -- 0/28 written
3 // Try 28 new recipes -- 0/28 tried
4 // Do my Visiting Teaching every month -- I think we're at 3/6
5 // Begin a 50 states album -- I have stuff FOR it..Just need to sit down and get things together
6 // Learn 10 fun facts about each state (to include in 50 states album) -- ^^
7 // Create an exercise program & do it at least 2 times a week -- Did okay for a little while. Need to step up my game starting MONDAY
8 // Document a 'Day in the Life' each month -- Nope. Keep forgetting. My life is too boring
9 // Learn more about my ancestors --  Not doing so well on this, though I have plans to  get some info
10 // Try 12 things I've pinned on Pinterest -- 0/12 Tried
11 // Read a General Conference talk each week (52) -- I have read a few...Need to do better!
12 // Perform 12 Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) -- 0/12
13 // Plan a girl's day out -- Planned in my mind, just not realistic plans
14 // Read 28 new books -- 3/28 (I'll post about this later)
15 // Create and send 6 care packages -- 0/6
16 // Have 12 planned date nights with the hubby -- 1/6, totally flopped!
17 // Run or walk a 5K -- Not yet
18 // Go 28 days without Facebook -- Not yet
19 // Take at least 3 pictures each day -- Doing well on this (Sorry those of you who follow me on Instagram)
20 // Memorize 28 scriptures -- 1/28
21 // Do something to raise awareness for Scleroderma -- Not yet
22 // Do something awesome with my hair -- Done, and will do again
23 // Buy 2 new outfits -- Nope
24 // Eat at 5 new places -- 1/5 (PANDA)
25 // Go on a real vacation with Greg -- We'll see
26 // Grow my Etsy shop -- Somewhat
27 // Still have no ideas for this
28 // Or this one....
I'm doing such a bad job!


Thursday Three | 01.01.15

              • 2015 is going to rock. I just know it!
              • My sister asked if my niece could wear my blessing dress. I didn't even know it still existed, but of course I said YES. I can't wait to see it on her. (Plus it's not like I'M going to need it anytime soon)
              • I am finding it very difficult to want to work out. I think back to the first week of volleyball when you are so sore you can barely move and think that I survived that, so I can survive this, but then I think how different it is now, because it's not getting better, and I don't dare push myself too hard because I don't want to have no energy. #lifeslittleproblems #sclerodermaprobs
                            Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                            New October Hair

                            When we did the Scleroderma run in June, I met a sweet gal from Cache Valley who's mom had Scleroderma. She gave me her number and told me to find her on facebook. Well, I did, and we've kind of chatted through FB and IG, and then in October, she messaged me and said that I should come get my hair done so we could hangout and talk.

                            I'm so glad I did. She is not only amazing at doing hair, but she is beautiful inside and out. She so friendly, and fun, and sweet. I'm grateful I was able to meet her, and look forward to spending more time with her...I need my hair done again! :)

                            You would never guess how old this gorgeous lady is....I still don't believe it, even though she has a 16 year old son...

                            And random, but today in church the Sister that Greg & I sit next to leaned over and asked if I knew of anyone else in Logan that had Scleroderma. I told her I didn't, and then she said that she knew of a lady who lived in our stake, but then moved and later passed away, who had it. I asked what the name was, and it was Tami's mom. Fun, small world (granted it is Cache Valley, so I guess I can't be too surprised!)

                            More Catch-up Randomness

                            One would think it would be a lot easier to blog the current and then blog the catch-up posts, but I can't do it. Maybe it's OCD, but I have to go in order. Sorry. It sucks for you, especially since nothing really exciting happens in my life. But here goes.

                            I actually convinced Greg to go with me to take 'family' pictures. I asked a lady in my ward who is just getting into photography if she would do them, and she was awesome and said yes. Greg said we had 30 minutes, and not counting driving time, we got it done. We went up to Second Dam where it was a gorgeous fall day.

                            Of course I can't post the pictures yet, because I really am working on Christmas/New Years cards that will have them on it, and I don't want to ruin the surprise at how awesome we looked.

                            Funny story. At sacrament meeting one Sunday, a member of the bishopric stood up and was doing the announcements. Well, he misread one of them and said, "Primary Program, Please be sure your kids are WEARING their PANTS." It was quite funny. The best part, he really thought that's what it said, even after when Greg was teasing him about it.

                            It has been an absolutely gorgeous fall. It was so warm. It was really strange, but kind of nice to not have to bundle up in October, November, and December.

                            This is totally random, but they re-did the carpet at work...on a Saturday...while Donna and I had to work. The smell of the glue totally gave us both headaches. But if you had seen what the carpet was like before this, you would be as happy as we were to have the carpet replaced. We're talking big holes that had to be taped over. It was bad. We just wish that they had let us have the day off so we didn't have to deal with the smell and noise.

                            And then they put glue in front of the vault room door, so they had to make a path for us to get in...

                            After work Greg and I were headed to Star Valley to get the brakes replaced on our car....or something. I can't remember. Maybe it was something else. All I know is that when you put the brake pads on the wrong side, it will result in squeaking.

                            It was seriously so pretty. I felt like it should have been summer, and we should have been in a convertible with the top down.

                            But then it rained, and it was absolutely beautiful.

                            And this is the result of not showering or doing your hair. I look great!

                            As I mentioned in a previous post, I opened an etsy shop, and it really kind of took off. I was really nervous at first, but when I would get comments like this, it made it all worth it!

                            Sometimes we go to Kneader's for our morning meetings. Sometimes we get in big arguments, other times I stay quiet so we can all enjoy it. :)

                            And sometimes life is just hard.

                            And then you see this etched into the women's bathroom (for whatever reason?) and you make funny jokes about it that could potentially get you fired, but then you're glad your co-workers have a sense of humor.

                            I really REALLy dislike Halloween, however, it is one day that we can wear jeans, so I try to base my costume around whwat I can wear with jeans. I decided this year to come as a one direction fan.

                            I am so cool, I know!

                            We had like 3 groups of kids show up trick-or-treating. Kind of sad. Stupid Trunk or Treats!
                            And that brings us to the end of October!