Halfway Through August

I kicked off August in the hospital. I had a Right Heart Catheterization that you can read all about {here}. That was an exciting adventure. It was quick, easy, and I got to lay in a hospital for about 5 hours. I survived with just a tiny stab wound.

One of our August highlights happened late at night, as Greg and I were reading before bed I noticed a spider on the wall. Now, let the record show that all I said was, "There is a spider." I did not freak out, or scream. I literally said that and it was done. Greg is the one who shot up and then proceeded to strip the bed in search of Mr. Spider. We had to take the entire mattress off before finding the little guy and giving him a swirly. It was late, I was tired, but it was funny.

Greg got to start school early. He actually started going in towards the last part of July, but I officially had to start dropping him off, and picking him up about two weeks ago. I can't believe it's already school again. What happened to summer?

So, as you know, I love my job, however that doesn't mean that sometimes I get extremely frustrated and just want to quit. The reasons for me being so frustrated probably wouldn't make any sense to anyone, so who knows if I ever get into it. I might over on my Sclero-what? blog, but I don't know. I'm still torn as to how I really feel. Love my co-workers, and the job itself. Just.....frustrated!

Anyway, after one of our morning meetings, I was ranting to Greg about it, and since he very rarely just lets me complain, he sent me this text:

He's the best!!

I've spent a lot of time this summer out on our porch swing. I spend so much dang time indoors, and it's quite difficult for me to do anything outside alone, so the porch has been a great place for me to go and relax. Of course, I still have to have Greg nearby as I can't quite get out of the swing by myself. It's been great though.

This last Thursday we had our Relief Society activity. We did an ice cream social to celebrate the end of summer. We had a decent turnout, which is always nice. It was fun talking with the older sisters. They have some great stories and personalities.

And Greg got to be my big helper this activity. Thanks hun!

Let's see. Controversial topics coming soon...
How to properly raise your children.
Breastfeeding in public

Just kidding. We'll have to see what type of mood this week brings, I do have some thoughts on motherhood that I'd like to share....


Why I Love My Job

It's mostly because of my c-workers. I've been super blessed to have some amazing co-workers. We got some newbies at the beginning of the year, and while that can always be a little scary getting new people and seeing how they fit in, but Cole and Kim fit in. We all get along, and have a great time.

If you remember last year around this time, we did {this} for our boss. Yesterday was his birthday, so we wanted to do something to his office as a 'prank' since he took the day off. On the credenza behind his desk he has pictures of his family and individual pictures of his kids. There are six kids, and six employees, so we facebook stalked each other and printed off pictures from our facebook pages to replace the pictures of his kids. We wondered how long it would take him to notice.

This morning at our meeting, he had received a candy bouquet that was put on his desk, so he picked it up and moved it right in front of the pictures. We looked at each other in anticipation of his reaction. He didn't even notice. He turned right back around and we all started laughing. It wasn't until after the meeting and Cole and Caleb had gone home that we heard him start laughing, He got a good kick out of it, and it was fun for us to do.

(My cute picture that replaced his cute kid's)

We really have a great time, and I love my co-workers. They are the absolute best!

And this happened yesterday. One of the guys I did a loan for brought in some pizza to say thanks for doing a great job. It was awesome. People are so nice. It's great to feel appreciated!


I Got Nothing...

Once upon a time life was somewhat exciting, and by somewhat I mean slightly more than the non-existent excitement currently happening at this time.

I mean, seriously. I can watch 2-3 episodes of Psych, and not blink an eye. It's a complete waste of time, but I can't help it. Nothing else seems to excite me. I even started the series over. That's how terrible this addiction is. 
Work seems to go by without me noticing as well. I know that I am extremely busy (seriously, I have at least 50 loans in my que, even though maybe 10 of them have actually been completed.) It's kind of insane. I just go to work and kind of go through the motions and before I know it, it's time to go home and I can't remember anything I did. Until I get home and try to sleep and then I remember every little thing I did or forgot to do. It's sad. But I like it, and I think I'm doing okay with it. I received an email the other day from our corporate sales dude telling me I'm doing well. That's always awesome to hear.

Seriously, I can't even come up with any other clever things to write. Not even kidding. This is all I've got.


More July

Well, the time since my last post seems to have flown by, without really doing a whole lot. We got or car fixed, luckily, and it only cost about $300, so that could have definitely been worse.

I had a few appointments that week that I'll post about over on my Scleroderma blog. My stomach has been feeling better, so that's been nice toi not have to worry about that as much.

Thursday the 10th we had our Relief Society activity. We did a salad/dessert recipe exchange, and had a decent turnout. Anything more than Melanie and me is usually a success. We had some really yummy desserts and salads, and had some great conversation. One of these days we will get a massive turnout, and we won't know what to do with it.

We headed up to Star Valley again just for a relaxing weekend. Like normal, the weather was wonderful, and we had a good relaxing time.

It has been so dang hot lately. It's so not fun! I am definitely not a fan of the heat. I think I'd much rathere have numb fingers and toes than sweaty armpits. Luckily we'lve found some ways to cool down, in the form of Coldstone ice cream, and Sonic slushies. The best part of hot summer days.

A few of my recent obsessions: My new Samsung Note 8.0 that I got for my birthday.

This Special K cereal.

Psych! I'm almost done with all the seasons on Netflix, and I'm really sad. I love comedies.

Paper scrapbooking supplies. I've become a serious hoarder!

Work has been good. Super busy when it comes to loans. I think right now I have at least 10 loans that I've contacted people about and am waiting to hear back, and that's not mentioning the other 10 that are just sitting there. It's good though. It keeps me busy. It's only slightly frustrating when you have to wait for stuff, then they want the loans done right away. Kind of gives me a slight heart attack because I don't want to put off my other duties, but I kind of have to. I really do enjoy the loans. Just been struggling a bit with reality lately. At least we got to try Fizz 'N Fryz last Friday. I just had this drink, but it was really yummy, and I can't wait to try their fries.

And just some summertime happiness from the last couple of days.

Sorry if you follow me on instagram, and are re-seeing all these pictures. I just really don't have much of an exciting life!


My Birthday & Such

July 2 was my 28th birthday. I don't know why I was so excited for it, I just was. Even though I don't love turning older, I figure, I feel like an 80 year old, so I guess my age doesn't matter too much. I had to work, which in reality, wasn't too awful. I was sung to by Steve, which was a highlight of my life, and it was just a chill day.

I wore one of my new skirts...

And took my first selfie as a 28 year old, that I actually quite like, even if my smile is weird. But I think that's just the new normal, so whatevs.

Greg made me shrimp and crab for dinner, which was super delicious, and a variety of cheesecakes. He is the greatest!

Topped off with another epic birthday card, he always finds the best ones.

Then it was over. My birthday present will be arriving Thursday, and I can't wait!

Here I am post work on the 3rd. We got to wear jeans, and I'm so happy to say I finally fit into the ones that my sister-in-law Adrienne let me borrow, As I'm supposed to be gaining weight, however, who knows how long I'll get to enjoy them.

I got off early from work, and went to a Dr. Appointment, then we went to Sam's Club, where are car broke down. It wouldn't start. We sat there for about 10 minutes before deciding to walk home. It's only about a mile, but in 90+ weather? It's not exactly the most fun.

I had the rest of the weekend off for the 4th of July. Since Logan is weird, they shot off their fireworks on the 3rd, so Greg and I went outside for a while to watch. Then we kind of slept in on the 4th, and his parents came down to take a look at the car. After much tinkering, they decided it was probably the fuel pump, and there wouldn't be any getting to it that day, so we packed up and headed to Star Valley so that we could bring one of their cars back. It was a long couple of days, but I'm grateful that they were willing to drive down and back and let us borrow their car.

Greg enjoys teasing his little sister Annie, quite a bit.

This is the house we would like to buy.

Happy birthday to me, and Happy 4th to you!