Thanksgiving 2016

Our Thanksgiving was nice and peaceful. Fairly uneventful. The food was terribly delicious. Greg did a great job as he always does. We had turkey, potatoes, stuffing, mushrooms, shrimp, all that yummy stuff. And enjoyed it all while watching the Cowboys win their Thanksgiving Day game. 
Then we set up our tree and some of our lights.

Like I said, pretty low-key. We did take our new car out and drive around a little bit, so that was good fun as well. Then we went to bed.

I had to work the day after, so that is awesome! It was pretty slow, so that made it nice. Steve took the day off, so we decided to decorate his cubicle.

This is about all I contributed. One of us had o work! :)

It was fun, and Steve loved it. It was a good, fun Thanksgiving weekend.

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