November News

Well, November came and went. Like really fast! It was a really good month, though. Not a whole lot of excitement, but there was some.

They weather was nice a beautifully  fall. It was never super cold, and very rarely snowed. 

For whatever reason, I crave chips and salsa pretty much day after day. I even sent out an email to my coworkers asking anyone that would listen if they would go get me some. I even offered a $1 tip! Luckily I have awesome coworkers, and Donna was so willing to get me some. Don't worry, I shared. But not until after I had my share. 

It did snow a little, and it is always so pretty when it does. It was never super cold, but surprisingly this snowfall lasted a little longer than it normally does.
 Greg said something that only he thought was funny. Luckily I caught him laughing at himself on camera!

On the 19th, Kandyce was in town, so she brought Liam and Myka over to visit. It's always fun having them come over. They are getting so big. Liam is the cutest, and Myka is a sassy little child.
They had fun playing on my exercise bike, and torturing each other.
And Miss Myka loved the princess coloring book I gave her. I love having them stop by.
Right after they left, my father-in-law came down so we could drive to Salt Lake to look at a car. We have kind of been looking for the past 6 months or so, but decided we needed to get one before winter. The place we were going had one car that we were looking at, and then that same day they added another. The one we originally went down for had some hail damage, which was fine, but it was also being "held" for someone else. The second car that we looked at was beautiful, and even though it was a little more expensive, we decided to go for it.

Talk about a huge step for us! It was hard handing over the money, but luckily we were able to pay cash for it, (which we have been saving forEVER for!)

Waiting at the dealership to purchase it.
 Ahhh.....so hard to let go of that cash!
 But it is pretty, and fancy, and definitely an upgrade from our 2003 Chevy Malibu. Sharknado is a 2015 Chevy Malibu, and we love him.(Greg mostly!)

Pretty sure he loves it more than he loves me! :) We may have drove it around just to drive it. We are cool like that, but we're grateful for it, and feel good about this purchase.

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