Volleyball Banquet

So, we had our final volleyball banquet tonight. I missed the first half because I had to play for the Young Women's meeting..(can't think of the name right now...) Anyway. It went pretty well. We gave the girls awards, then the girls gave each other funny awards (i.e. diva award). The seniors (Morgan & Nicol) were in charge. Well, they gave Lacey and I awards too. Mine was the "Tightest Coach" award (they gave me a tie) because I am the "one they could talk to about anything." Sweet huh? I about cried. They love me. I'm gonna miss those two like crazy. They've been so much fun. It'll be tough next year without them. Then the whole team got together and gave Lacey and I each a $30 gift certificate to Iggy's and......the best one of all.....a free ONE HOUR MASSAGE!!! how sweet huh? I can't wait to get mine. It's much needed. lol...
Maira Gall