Kids Say the Darndest Things...

So I've mentioned this little girl before, but she is such a doll. The daughter of the girl I coach with (I think she's 4?) is just the funniest girl ever. So, back in summer, i would have Lacey give me rides home from summer workouts, and everytime we would tell her little girl that I was going to live with them. She did not like that one bit. lol..she would start crying and say I would have to live in the wild. Well, once volleyball started, Lacey would tell me all these funny things she would say. Like this one time they had stopped to get lunch and she asked Lacey if she could eat in the car. Lacey said she could, but then she said she would just eat it when they got to the school. Then this little girl says, "Never mind I'll eat it now so Breanne won't eat it." Lol...what?!? haha. I don't even know why she thought that.

Well, today, I show up to practice, and Brightyn is sitting on the floor playing her PSP (?) and she had a lunch bag right next to her. I won't over by her, and went to set my keys and phone down and she grabs the bag and pulls it towards her. I didn't really think anything of it, then Lacey started laughing and told me that on the way to the gym Brightyn said (something similar to), "If I hide my lunch do you think Breanne will eat it?" haha...I asked Lacey if that's why she grabbed the bag when I went to set my stuff down. I wasn't even going for the bag! lol, it was so funny. I mean I tease her when she has like treats and stuff, but for some reason, she never wants to share with me, and she thinks I'm going to steal all of her stuff! I find it pretty funny. She's so funny, and quite fun to tease. I just find it hilarious that she thinks that I'm always going to steal her lunch.....

anyway, that's all...I think i need to go to bed! Ha!


LOVE MY BLOG?!? Yeah...I'm already changing it to make it more festive! :) For now enjoy it in all its boringness!!!
(I'm too tired to fix it tonight...I'm running off of about 4 hours of sleep....)


I know the holidays are like FOREVER away, right? But it's never too early to start thinking about your holiday cards! Here are some I recently came up with to show off the different sizes I can do, and to also show off some of my mad design skills! ;) (totally playin...I'm WAY tired..so sorry if this is a little LOOPY!)

How this works: browse through my designs and pick out something you like (or if you want something totally different, that’s okay too!) Head over to this link: http://btadesigns.com/WAOrderForm.html and fill out the form (I know its for wedding announcements, but I haven’t got the order form up for Holiday cards! Sorry…I’m still re-constructing the site!:) The more descriptive you are, the faster I can have a proof to you. If you don’t have a specific design in mind, just tell me all of your ideas, and I’ll come up with something. The proofing process is free, and I can generally have a proof back to you within 24 hours. Once the proofing process is complete, and you are 100% happy with what we’ve come up with, I will send it in to be printed. Before I can send it in however, I will need to receive the payment in full. I currently accept cash or check (cashier’s or personal). It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to receive your order, unless you are ordering a digital copy only, then you will receive that as soon as payment is received. No refunds unless an error is made on my end. I will NEVER send your order to printed until I receive a 100% OKAY from you.

I will also accept photos not taken by me. Sometimes the candid photos make for the best cards. However, if the photos are not done by me, then I will need a copyright release from the photographer.

Wow! That was a lot of info! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I’ll be happy to work with you

Okay, now onto the designs...and I may sound like totally snobby, but I think these are totally cute!! haha! Here ya go...

Beginning with one of my faves: (click on them to see them bigger) a 5x5 tri-fold. So many options when the cards have this many panels.

Fold cards are my new faves! This one is 5x5, but also comes in 5x7 (at the same price) and 4x5.5 (a little less)

Another of my mostest faves!

This year I am offering the digital-file of your holiday card...meaning...I design your card, then I email you the digital file for you to print them off yourself. This saves on time, money, and s&h!! I only offer 5x7 & 4x8 (and I guess I could do 4x6...but honestly...if I were you, I'd pay the little extra to have them printed 5x7...totally worth it!)

and here are the prices:

Seriously! EMAIL ME! I'm happy to design something for you! :)

But yeah...so that's all for now...I am up too late, and I have practice in 3 hours...hmm...should I go to sleep or not...That is the question!!

Oh yeah, and feel free to post this button on your blog...

because I don't have a premium photobucket account, you would need to host it yourself...just right click and save to your desktop...then upload it. If you want it and aren't sure how to do it...let me know...I'm happy to help...besides...if you choose to show off my button on your blog..who knows...a big ol' discount could be coming your way!!! Thanks everyone for your love and support...I really appreciate it!

and a special thanks goes out to: SuzyQ Scraps, Tracie Stroud Designs, Pamela Donnis Designs, and Dani Alencar


I had this plan...

to get a whole bunch of other stuff done...but then I decided I wanted to change my blog background...You see, I don't like the typical blog backgrounds...I have to design my own...

so...that's what I did ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I took ideas from HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE and a few random sites I found to come up with what I did...and ya know....I kinda like it...just kinda though...i plan on changing it, but I learned some new fun things, like putting signatures...pretty sweet, right....so now...who wants their blog re-done?

kidding (kinda)

the point is...I am so tired, and shouldn't have done it! I had a million and one other things to do..but this is how I spent my night....

the end!


Summer Rewind...Part I

Alright, so this may be a repeat, but I totally can't remember what I've posted, and what I haven't. So we're going to start at the beginning...of the end of the summer...I have like 1000 pictures from the first 3 weeks in August to share...Gosh August was SOOO busy!

Anywho. (I think I've already posted most of this, but here is a QUICK run-down, plus pics at the end!!!!) The last week in July/ First of August was my sis-in-law Adrienne's wedding. I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters-in law getting things ready for the wedding. We made all the desserts, and the cake (which I didn't upload a picture of...but I will...) All of the bridesmaids had a bachelorette party the night before the wedding, painted toes and fingernails and chatted about life. Great fun. The wedding was so beautiful and Adrienne looked GORGEOUS! We are SO happy for her and Mark...and like I've said before, we REALLY hope that they get to move back closer to home. We haven't been able to see them much this past year as they moved to Kentucky then to Philadelphia. We sure miss them! (though I'm still thinking a girl's week back East would be super fun! ;) Anyway...here are a FEW pics from the weekend. I have so many...I just really wanted to get some up...I'm such a basket case right now...too much going through my head...haha, so sorry if this is all rambled! JUST SKIP TO THE PICS ALREADY!

Here are the two flower girls. Kyla and Allie...They looked darling in the dresses that Adrienne made for them...and surprisingly, they looked totally similar. You'd have to check my facebook for pics of their similarity, but it was crazy...This is my fave pic of Kyla. She's such a doll!

And another sister-in-law we don't get to see much. Though I must say they are a bit closer than Adrienne & Mark...lol...but here is Juanita and Mikes darling little family!

(We missed Kyan's family too...their oldest got really sick the morning of the wedding and they weren't able to make it!)

Me and the sisters (minus Juanita)...Aren't they gorgeous?! Yeah...totally not fair to be pretty AND skinny! lol!

And just TWO of my favorites of the couple....LOVE this one...(Love it even more in color, but uploaded this one instead!) But still..gorgeous! They make a great couple, huh?

And my handsome hubby....looking thrilled that we made him help out at the reception..
That's all for part I for now...I will probably post random pics as I go, but this is all you get! :)

Last chance...

Alright...so here's the deal....I am in DESPERATE need of some Halloween/Fall pictures (to scrap). If you have any and would like some LOs made of your child FOR FREE!!! (Before I start charging!) email them to me ASAP! There are A LOT! of Halloween/Fall kits coming out right now, so I need them really a lot. I am scrapping with the same pics of Lilli...and need some new ones..lol. I don't care if they are from last year or whatever. Just would really love some. I would take them from blogger and facebook, but the quality isn't high enough. So yeah..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! :)

In exchange for the pics I'll send you any LOs I made...Thanks muches. I really appreciate it!

Also...stay tuned. I have some summer stuff I need to get caught up on! UGH! I was going to do it today, but there was a football game on....dang cowboys!

ps...my email: bre11414 AT hotmail DOT com


A real post!

Here it is! But you have to go HERE to see more!

I know...

I'm on a roll (is that the right spelling?), but wanted to share this with you....

Head on over to this site and enter for the chance to win a pre-made blog template from The Design Girl. She is AWESOME, and has some awesome stuff...go check it out!




ATTENTION: It’s been announced and confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton are not returning for Season 7 anymore.

Are you kidding me?!?!? That's the ONLY reason I was excited for today....What now?!?!? I am soooooooooooooo sad....but don't worry. I'll still watch it! Though I knew it was going to happen that they would ruin my favoritest show!



Okay, yeah, Greg is at work, and I'm watching the VMAs and blogging...so...first...NEW MOON! WOW!!! again..Taylor Lautner...however, when they showed edward with his shirt off...GROSS! seriously! Grossed me out...Jacob...now that is a different story...again, I've always been Team Jacob...I'm not one to switch just because the actor who plays him is better looking! so go me!

And...seriously...again...biance's dancing creeps me out! I think she is such a weirdo. NO ONE should EVER dance like that wearing what she does! I think I may throw up now...I really don't like her much. She used to be okay...now everyone's just crazy! seriously, right?! Sorry to anyone who likes her. I think she's a freak.....

Wait...Pink's whatever may have been even more weird...just not creepy...whatever! Glad I'm normal! :)

nothing new...

hmmm...so really...I have nothing new...but...

ONE TREE HILL STARTS TOMORROW!!! And I am so excited!!! I'm just really hoping it doesn't end crappy...(like Gilmore Girls did!) I REALLY thought that if it had ended after last season, it would have been perfect. but I'm very excited to see Chad Michael Murray more...

And I'm watching the Vampire Diaries right now...kinda weird, but holy cow there are some handsome guys on this show....though I am pretty sick of a million new vampire shows and books coming out right now. I still like twilight the best, oh and taylor lautner....enough said

hmmm...what else...

oh, Lady Gaga at the VMAs...WEIRDO!!! seriously! What a freak! I really only watched the pre-show...I think Biance's 'Single Ladies' video is really creepy. I don't like her much either.

mmkkay...well, really. I should post some pics, but I'm not going to right now...one of these days, cuz I have some cute nephews and a niece that I got to see recently and got some SUPER cute pics of! okay...I'm done!



Alright, so in my very little spare time, i really like to digi scrap. Well, one of the CTs (creative Team) that I'm on is a designer from Utah, and she is also LDS. She just opened a new store and has been pumping out kits like CRAZY. I've loved every single thing she has made...but now I am even MORE in love with her stuff...Check out these new kits that were made by her and a few other designers...I HAVE to have them, and so do you!

Here's the first one...a Girl's Camp kit...

Here's one called "Above Rubies" centered around the YW values

And my most favoritest ever!!!

So cute right?!? I loved them. I can't wait to see what else they come up with. But I wanted to share...All the images are linked to the shop if you want to pick them up! SO CUTE!
Maira Gall