So random!

So, yesterday I was checking out some pics on facebook, and I came across this super cute headband/ear warmer thing that I absolutely LOVED!! Well, I searched the internet last night looking for some and found a few blogs where some people sold them. Then today I get online, and my friend posted this picture:
THAT'S WHAT I WANTED!!! She apparently has these mad crocheting skills...so now she's going to make me one! Here are some other styles...
and for the kidlets...

and she has a shop set up on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RagChain
You choose the color of yarn color for the band, and for the flower...and the button color. So everything is totally customizable...Oh, and this is my favorite part:

They are closed in the back with a button! Who knew I could get so excited over a headband/warmer!

Very cute right? I think so...it's like she read my mind!!!


I love...

How can you not?


My Name is Breanne...and I have a Problem...

This is my phone...I got it back in September-ish...and we bought that plastic covering to go on it. Well, recently I've noticed that it hasn't been staying on very tight...so I've been playing with it to try and figure out what is wrong...which leads me to my problem: I can't leave things alone if they're breaking/broken, if there is a problem with something, etc. I think it's a serious problem too. My phone in particular is driving me NUTS!!! Everytime I pick it up I can feel that the case is not on tight, so of course I play with it, and I'm sure I make it worse! I just can't leave it alone. I'm that way with a lot of things. I go crazy!! If I have a hang nail or a scab...I pick at it and pick at it...I can't leave it alone, usually making it a lot worse than if I'd just let it be! I don't know what you'd call it...OCD? I'm a freak? who knows...but I just thought I would share with you because it really truthfully drives me nuts. Just thought you should know!

Anyway...my life lately has been pretty great. I've been pretty busy, doing a lot of various things from photoshoots, scrapbooking, lounging around, etc. etc.

Before Christmas I was able to go to this:
It was a beautifully freezing day at the Draper temple, but it was so great seeing one of my best friends so happy and beautiful! LOVE YOU GIRLY!

Then came Christmas and of course we stayed up late playing XBox and had a super delicious Christmas day dinner!

Greg 'carving' the turkey
Our DELICIOUS turkey...(doesn't it look so yummy!)

I made the most super delicious HOMEMADE rolls! Yes...I am the best I know!

Most of our food: turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, mushrooms, rolls, cranberry sauce, jellow, eggs. (not pictured: yams and another pan of rolls)
oh, and these nasty things...(the "extras" from the turkey!)
And onto Christmas: here is my tree
We didn't go all out on gifts. Just a few simple things....this is one of my favorite things ever. And if you've seen the commercials you know that I "raise the roof" every time I wear this thing!

After Christmas we still stayed busy doing a whole lot of nothing. It was awesome!!! But I was able to do a few more shoots...

And that is it. Pretty great Christmas/New Year! Can't believe it's 2010!
Maira Gall