New Calling...

So...I got a new calling, and I am SO excited for it! For the past 7 months I have been the relief society and ward chorister..You know, the person who stands up in front of everyone and leads music. Let's just say that wasn't my most favorite calling in the world, but I did it..(Okay, it wasn't horrible, I just hate singing in front of people!) But...anyway..last week after church Greg and I went to the clerk's office (he's the ward clerk) where the phone was ringing. He answered it, then when he went to go get the person it was for, he told me to hold the door. Not thinking anything of it, I did. (The door didn't stay open by itself...) So I'm holding it, and the bishopric gets there, and Greg comes back and we're just hanging out. i walk out, getting read to leave, and the 1st counselor comes up and says, "are you waiting to meet with Bishop?" I say, "No, I don't think so." And he says, "well, we need to talk to you, so come on in." I didn't really know why he wanted to talk to me. I thought it was just about the music and stuff because i was supposed to be getting new organists and musical numbers and such...but no, it was a new calling, and I am now the Young Women's 1st Counselor, and I am SOOOO EXCITED! I don't really know much of the youth in our ward, so it'll be fun getting to know them, and to be in young womens again...I am excited. i just hope I do a good job! The leaders I have to work with, as far as I know, are all fun people, so it should be alright...My first activity is on Saturday, and we're going boating (which I've never done before) so that should be pretty fun! Anyway, just wanted to share my good news with everyone...

oh...and here is a video that is SO FUNNY. i had to post it! Greg and I watched it the other night, and it was hilarious! It's from MadTV....funny funny, enjoy if you feel like watching it!




So, remember the good ol' days when scrapbooking was the BIG THING!? Okay, so maybe it still is, just not for me! However, as I sat on my computer today, bored out of my mind, I decided that I wanted to start scrapbooking again. I have TONS of paper and stickers and all the fun scrapbooking things, so why not do it? Then....I realized that it is SO MUCH WORK! I would have to take everything out of their containers, which are strategically hidden under this desk. Second, I don't really have a place to scrapbook. The kitchen is a mess, so I can't do it on a table, and when I do it on the floor, there is no room to walk through the living room, and I don't have a spare room I can take over and throw all my supplies in. (Can't wait to someday have a bigger house and a real office...lol) So, I'm sure many of you can see my dilemma, right? So then, I started thinking about digital scrapbooking. Now there is an idea. Considering ALL my pictures on on CD's and it's too big of a pain to get them developed. (Either too big of a pain, or I'm just too lazy to do it...) But then there's the whole searching the internet for the right papers/kits/etc to go with my pictures, and lets be honest, who really has the time. Okay, so I do, but here's my next problem. I search these sites all day long and find about a MILLION kits that I like, and have downloaded. Then I have to go through each one so i can remember what they are. It's just a pain. So here I am stuck...I don't know whether I should do it old school, since I have a ton of supplies still, or become a digital scrapbooker...What do I do with all that old paper? I have a LOT of it..and i don't want it to go to waste....hmm...alright, so pretty much I just needed to blog about something, and that was on my mind...Any suggestions, let me know! Lol..Does anyone still scrapbook out there? Really...I want to know!


Last one...I promise!! (Maybe!)

Okay, so I knew there was one more of her by the red wall, but I saved it in a different file, but I found it and had to share, because this one is really my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! Hopefully this will be my last post. Maybe I'll just leave the link to the online gallery...I have this problem where I HATE throwing pictures away. Even if they are way blurry, or her eyes or closed. I just can't do it...Can I just say how much I love digital photography...You can take hundreds of pictures, throw some away, and still have PLENTY left over... okay...to the picture...here it is!

More Moe...

Okay, I couldn't help it. I LOVE these ones too, so I thought I would share..(I have a problem picking out just a few...) Be sure to check out my photography blog for even MORE!!!

**Click on images to see larger view

Okay, I really think that these first two are my favorite!! I LOVE the colors together, and I love how this first one turned out in B&W.

Alright, so honestly, I've never been one for textures. I actually think they kinda destroy the pictures (maybe it's just because I don't really know how to do it) but I thought I would give it a try, and I actually kinda like how this one turned out...

Umm...I like this one too....



So, I posted some on my photo blog, but I decided to post them on here too, since most people look here. :) This is Morgan. I used to work with Morgan at Kmart, and she is the one who told me about the volleyball coaching job at Logan High. I love Morgan! Can I just tell you. She is so happy and funny and so pretty and an AWESOME volleyball player. She is headed to Dixie on a volleyball scholarship. She graduated 2008, but she never had senior pics done, so we thought we would spend some time taking pics. We spent a lot of time, actually, and took a LOT of pictures. It was a blast. I couldn't decide which pics to use, so there are a lot. There are a lot more too. I will most more on my photo blog when I get them all edited. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

This one is one of my favorite ones! You're gorgeous Morgan!

I couldn't decide which one I liked best...Brown, Black, or Color....


Good News Minute...

Okay...it's official. I wanted to wait until they posted it first....but...Shari IS HAVING TWINS!!! WOO HOO!!! I get to be an aunt for two more little creatures. How exciting for me huh? Now we just need to convince them to move closer so I'll actually be able to see and spoil them....



I've seen this on a few blogs, so I thought I'd give it a go...

1. Leave one memory that you and I had together, as a comment on my blog. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.


Yes...4 posts in almost 1 day...

Okay, so I know I have posted a lot, but I have a lot of pics. Saturday was my little sister McKenzie's 15th birthday. (I know...she's getting so old, I can't believe it!) Well, the fam, except dad (I don't think he likes to do anything but cut hay in the summer...) came to Logan to spend the day. We met up at Olive Garden to eat. They got there first, and when I was walking up the sidewalk, Kandyce put Lilli down, and she started running towards me yelling, "Breanne, Breanne." It was so stinking cute. I'm telling ya, she loves me. Of course, about 500 times during the day she called me "Kan-yce", so I'd have to ask her what my name was. After dinner we spent the next 5 hours shopping, and shopping, and shopping some more. But it's okay. I got to spend time with everyone, and chase Lilli all over, so it was alright. It was so good to see everyone, and to see Shari and Lilli one last time before they head home. I really wish they lived closer so I could see them more..Especially when the new one comes along...(I love nieces and nephews!) But it was still good to be able to spend some time with everyone, and to celebrate Kenzie's birthday. I still can't believe she is 15. It's so weird to think about. She's getting so pretty too. Geeze.. Where is time going!? Kandyce had the weekend off from doing volleyball camps, so I got to see her too...She had a blast shopping...haha...and Kennan. Again he was the only boy. He is such a sweet little boy. All day, he would ask Kenzie what she wanted for her birthday. And a few times during the day he'd come up to me and say something like, "I think Kenzie would like this." It was so nice of him. I decided to help him out with getting her something, and after looking at a few things that were way out of our price range, we settled on the DVD of Kenz's FAVORITE movie...(okay, seriously, if I had a dollar for everytime I went to Cokeville and she was watching it...I'd have about a million dollars! She used to watch it OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! I'm sure the VHS is worn out by now..) but we bought her "A Bug's Life." Kennan picked it out. What a cute kid. I love him lots. It was a really good day, and I had a great time seeing the family. It was hard to say goodbye to Shari and Lilli, but we'll see them again someday. Hopefully Lilli doesn't forget her FAVORITE AUNT!! Anyway...here are a few pics from our dinner at Olive Garden

She makes me laugh...haha, one more quick story about her..We went out for ice cream, and Shari got her a creamie. Well, ya know when popsicles and creamies and such get down to the very end and you have to eat it just right so it doesn't fall off the stick? Okay, since you all know what I'm talking about...Lilli got to the end of hers and she was just eating one side. I knew it was gonna fall, so I stuck my hand up to catch it. well, it fell and landed in my hand. Lilli didn't care. She just ate the whole thing out of my hand. It was a big piece, so of course she immediately spit it out. But it was rather funny, to me anyway....


Bear Lake Part III

It FINALLY let me upload these. Here are a few more from the lake. Most of them are of Lilli, obviously...but she's just so cute. I couldn't help it! This first one is of her playing in the water. 

**Click on images to see larger**

She really wanted to put these on...haha, it's not something that her favorite aunt wanted her to do. Lol. When my mom and I were taking her out in the water. She had them around her neck. As soon as she started feeling the waves hit her, she had to put them on. What a NERD!!

The bottom one is the look I got when I said "Lilli, look at me." She couldn't see out of them. It was so funny!

When we were loading up the cars, Lilli decided she wanted to go with me. She got in my car, and said, "bye bye." She tried to lock the door, but I got to it just in time and rolled down the window so she couldn't. When we told her she had to go get in the other car to go home, she didn't want to...She loves her aunt way too much...

Here she is driving. What a cutie, huh?!? LOVE HER!

Bear Lake Part II

Okay, so here are more of the pics of our trip to Bear Lake...(There are more, but the blog uploader is DRIVING ME CRAZY, so I am giving up for now...)  

**Click on the pics to get a better view**

These first ones are of Lill and her Mommy...PS...for those of you who don't know. I am going to be an aunt again in January..CAN'T WAIT!!

Lilli had a BLAST playing in the sand...throwing the sand...and eating the sand...As for that ring, I have no idea what she is doing with it. So has a mind of her own, that's for sure...

She also had a fun time chasing the seagulls. She would run after them, and after running on the HOT sand for a little, she would start crying saying, "Ow, ow, ow," until someone came and saved her..(Usually me, since I am her favorite!)

Mom and I pulled Lilli out in the water. She was a little worried at first, but after a while, and us telling her to pick up her feet, so let us pull her in the water. We took her out to where Kenzie and Kennan were, then pulled her ALL THE WAY back in..Even until her bum was scraping the bottom... The first pic is of Kennan, Lilli and Mom when we were out in the deep part. #2 is after we met up with Kenz, #3 is Kennan with his goggle lines around his eyes. Poor kid. He was the only guy there. We would often look out to see him sitting on a tube with his head down, just letting the waves take him away. It was quite funny actually...#4 - Lilli got tired after a long day of swimming, so after we cleaned her off, she laid on the blanket, and ate some almonds...#5 is of Kenz and some of her friends that met up with us. (Do you see now why Kennan would feel out of place?!)
Alright, well that's it for now, until I get patient enough to try and  upload again. It was a fun day at the lake...and I am happy to say that my sunburn is SLOWLY turning into a tan..(and is fading...haha..)

Random Pics

So, here are some pictures I took the last time I was visiting family in Star Valley, that I forgot I took. Greg and I went for a walk to view some of their property (since I had never seen much of it) Needless to say, the hike KILLED me...haha, and we didn't even make it to the top, but I snapped these photos of the view. Such a pretty area. I love it!


Bear Lake...

So, I was able to meet my mom, Shari, Kenzie, Kennan and Lilli at the lake today. I haven't been to the lake in FOREVER, so it was fun to be able to go and spend some time with my family. Shari and Lilli have been here for about 2 weeks I think, and they go home next Wednesday, so it was fun to be with them too. Here is just one picture of Lilli for now. I have a lot, so I'll get them posted later. I'm TIRED, so here's one. It's so funny. Lilli is such a nerd! But I still love her! Alrighty, so here ya go for now!

By the way...I was hoping to get some sun today because I'm super WHITE...well, let's just say it's  hard to walk...and I'm BRIGHT red! At least I put sunscreen on my face! lol..oh, and I have some super cool tans lines...(Okay, so they're not really cool. they're those fun sunscreen lines...ya know, when you run sunscreen in random spots. yeah. fun stuff. Hopefully I TAN!)


Happy Fourth of the-ly

Don't ask where that comes from...I really don't know. Greg just says it all the time, and it's kind of stuck! Anywho...

Our 4th of July wasn't too bad. We slept in until noon, then hit all the super 4th of July sales....Okay, so they weren't that great, but we still were able to get some things. Clothes, really is all. Greg gave me a $150 limit (which I DIDN'T spend all of...I'm glad to say...) I feel so guilty spending money on clothes, but I did get me some super cute shirts, and Greg even bought himself some (which made me feel less guilty!). So that was exciting...then Greg had to work. After a couple of hours of no calls, they let him go home, since he is the top employee. That was fun, cuz I hate when he has to work on holidays..We spent the rest of the night watching movies and eating food. It was such a nice and relaxing day. I love the first week of July, can I just tell you. Two great days in just four...(July 2, and July 4)...What's not to love about it! Anyway..so that was our eventful 4th...

Oh, we did watch some fireworks. However, Logan is a retarded city and does them on the 3rd...(I really don't get it...but...) We didn't go up to the stadium or anything, we just climbed on our roof and watched them from there. It was some exciting stuff, I'll tell you what....I wonder how much the show costs...hmmm....okay, but yeah...so that was all the fireworks we watched...Our neighbors have been shooting some off at 1 in the am...so that's cool too. What a great weekend!

Today we had our friends Steve and Chelsey over for a bbq. We had some SUPER YUMMY food and played trivial pursuit on the Xbox. It was a LONG game, but it was really fun. It's amazing the useless trivia my husband knows! :) haha...jk...he's just really smart, and I love  that he knows so much. I told him he can put all that trivia knowledge to good use by getting on a gameshow and winning us some money! :) 

But yeah...so I'm kinda tired, so I'm just kinda rambling, so I'm gonna go to bed. but I want everyone to know how proud I am to be an American, and I'm grateful for the freedom that we enjoy, and often times take for granted...What a great country we live in!

---goodnight everyone...love you all!


Pics from our Volleyball Trip

Alright...here they are! I told you there were a lot. Click on them to see them larger...

We decided to make our own "jerseys" so we bought black shirts and bright colored puff paints. Each girl made their own, and I think they all had fun doing it. They are all so creative, and so different. It was fun to see what they came up with. The last night we got some red shirts and used the yellow paint to draw numbers. They called them their "McDonalds" shirts, but they really turned out nice. Sorry, I didn't get pics of them playing or of  the red shirts...but here they are in the motel making their shirts...

Since we had a lot of extra time (we were done by 2 each day...) We decided to take the girls and do something fun. We kept it a surprise, but gave them a few hints at a time. We told them it had to do with heights and was close to an airport. They came up with a lot of random ideas, but decided we were taking them sky diving...to make it better, we got a little lost and did end up at the airport. Haha...but..we didn't go sky diving. instead we took them to a ropes course in Provo. It was so much fun. We didn't get to do many of the activities, but it was still a lot of fun. It would be a great place to go for family reunions, if anyone is planning one...Anyway...The first thing we did were some team building activities. I don't really want to explain it...so use your imagination to figure these first ones out! :)
The funny thing about these next pics is these two girls are BEST FRIENDS...haha...fun fun...

This activity was a  good one...It took forever, but it was a good one. They had about 6 stumps in the ground and 3 boards. The boards fit into slots in the logs, and they girls had to get EVERYONE across...The trick was not all the boards fit, so they had to figure out which ones did, and there was NO TALKING...lol, that was hard for our girls..but it was a good one for them...There were a lot of funny moments...and for those of you who know about the drama we had...i find the second picture VERY IRONIC! :)

This one I HATED! One person would climb up the tree to a little platform, then jump out to a ring while the rest of the team caught them...Though we were all scared, we all did it. I was the worst though...I told them I wouldn't do it...but they were super nice and kept encouraging me. I did end up doing it...I shook the entire way up the tree. and I wouldn't jump...I just walked off the edge with my eyes closed...I bawled like a baby...haha...but when I got down, the girls were right there to pat me on the back and tell me how proud of me they were...It was a great experience...though I'd probly never do it again!

Here are the steps...Heidi and I (pics 4&5) shows what most of us really felt...Pic 6 is of Felicia, who has been helping us with summer training. We all had to say a goal when we got up there...hers was to finish nursing school (I believe...) lol...She's one of the nicest people, so I wish her the best of luck!

This last one was fun...scary, but more fun than the last one...It's just a swing...Everyone pulled one person to the top, and once you got to the top, you let go and you go swinging...like the one at lagoon, only smaller...about 43 feet I think...It was fun though...

This is me...haha...I couldn't move when I was swinging...I like this picture though...good job to whoever took it!

Rakelle and Heidi...two of our juniors...I love them both to death!

Heidi again...I love this pic of her

Here's Mariah...Love her too...She was one that kept encouraging me to do the one. She was gonna let me go in front of her to make sure I did it...but I told her she had to first cuz we were running out of time and I wanted all the girls to do it...haha, but it didn't work. I still had to do it, but she's a sweetheart...

Here's the team that went! We had so much fun. and this experience really helped us a team. I love these girls to death...and I'm excited to be coaching them...

Back: Michelle, Whitney, Mariah
Front: Rakelle, Heidi, Dylan, Krista, Lauren

Maira Gall