What stresses you? (in no particular order)

- my job (more the *inefficient* people I work with, not necessarily the job itself, though check holds make me shudder)
- money (or lack thereof ;)
- my house/cars (worrying what will happen next that we'll have to spend money to fix)
- greg finding a job
- "friends"/people
- my body
- lack of sleep
- the cold


In preparation of Thursday (and my hate of them!), I decided to make brownies to take to work. Now, we have Fat Fridays (where we rotate who brings a treat) but that's Friday. I'm okay with Friday...it's Thursdays that need something extra awesome. Brownies were just the thing. I think I'm going to start making treats every Thursday....


All by Myself...

Can you comfortably eat in a restaurant by yourself? Go to a movie?

Honestly, I can't say that I've ever really tried it. I think movie, definitely yes, bit go to a sit down restaurant...probably not? Because that's kind of weir if I have someone I could go with. Fast food, I'd have no problem with it, but still...why would I go all by myself, when I have someone to go with?


Inefficiencies of Man

What is annoying you?

I could say a million different things, but I think the main thing that has annoyed me lately is the inefficiencies of man, and the lack of awareness of these inefficiencies. For example, if you schedule a meeting for 12:15, and church gets out at 12:00, you can't meet with 10 different people "quickly" in that 15 minutes. That's the reason you have schedules, and people to schedule meetings.

But this is the same situation anywhere...doctor appointments, etc. If you have something scheduled...you need to do your darndest to be efficient in keeping these appointments. I get that sometimes things come up, but every single time? Maybe you need to do a better job with scheduling.

Also, take a work situation. It is just a lot more efficient for me to have the person who doesn't have anything to do already, than to ask the one who already has a million things to do. It just makes sense people. Also annoying that sometimes I'm the only one who sees it that way.


The Last 7 Days

List seven things about the last seven days.

1 -- Celebrated Thursday night with Coldstone (which was much needed because Thursdays are my worst days ever!)
2 -- Came to the conclusion that I need to find a new job...ASAP
3 -- Watched The Lucky One and some clay-mation Pirate cartoon
4 -- Got Juniper Takeout. Their deep-fried mushrooms are to die for...but that's about it. The rest of the food...bleh...
5 -- Found some bad news about one of members who was killed in a car accident over the weekend. I've never had someone really close to me killed like that (knock on wood!), so it was kind of a shock. I just helped him on Friday. He was the sweetest old guy who always had a joke for us. He'll be missed.
6 -- Realized that the world isn't going to stop and wait for me....everyone will keep going, changing, whether I like it or not. (This is why I obsess over 1D. If I don't, I think about other depressing things)
7 -- Learned that you can learn a lot about people you know by stalking people you don't know. Your secrets aren't safe people! (muah hahaha...evil laugh!)



If there were a holiday in your honor, what would it celebrate?

Well, it would be EVERY Thursday (because Thursdays suck, and they need to be livened up), and it would just celebrate my awesomeness. Pure and simple. It also means that everyone gets the day off, as though Thursdays didn't exist. Okay, that's unrealistic. It just means that I get the day off to celebrate how awesome I am.


Favorite Song

What is your current favorite song?

I have lots. Here we go:
"Kiss You" One Direction
"One Thing" One Direction
"Little Things" One Direction
"I Would" One Direction
"Irresistable" One Direction
"One Way or Another" One Direction  --  Single released to raise money for Comic Relief (this video will break your heart!)
Basically any songs that One Direction sings

It's been what, a few days since I mentioned these cuties? You had to have seen it coming!

"Ho Hey" The Lumineers
"Home" Phillip Phillips
"I Will Wait" Mumford & Sons

And a few others I didn't mention.

Going my back to my 1D obsession. I may have watched the Brits the other night. One Direction was performing. How could I NOT watch it? Unfortunately they lost to Mumford & Sons, but one the Global Success award. Luckily, the Brits replayed again later that evening, and I was watching the Big Bang theory with Greg, when I decided to switch over to the Brits to see if the boys had performed or not. Talk about PERFECT timing. They had just announced the award right before 1D performed, so I got to watch it twice. It was awesome.



What has challenged your morals.

Well, I don't know that it was necessarily a challenge, but I suppose it could have been. We got paid yesterday, and while I was quite happy to see the amount that was deposited into my account, I knew it wasn't right. It's not that hard to figure out what I'm going to get paid before I actually get paid (# hours worked x pay rate + incentives for january) So I had a good idea of what it should be before taxes, so imagine my surprise when it was about $250-$300 more than what I expected (after taxes even!) I had a lot of thoughts, like maybe I got a bonus, or a massive raise (I definitely deserve it...in the most humble way). But I just knew it wasn't right.

Now, I don't know if they would have ever noticed, but even if it was a bonus or something, I decided to let my boss know that I thought there had been an error. If it were a bonus, awesome, then I could confirm my worth to them, and if not, then while the money would have been nice to have, it wasn't mine and I would have felt guilty for not saying anything (plus if they had come back later an asked about it, I doubt, "I thought it was the bonus I felt I deserved" would fly! ;) Come to find out, I was paid someone else's $350 incentives for about 3 months, and so I wasn't able to keep it. My co-worker joked that I "just had to complain about the extra money", but in reality, I wouldn't have felt right about keeping it, and to be honest, it wasn't even a real 'challenge'. Sure it was frustrating seeing what my account would have had with that, but again, it wasn't mine...and I feel proud of myself for saying something and getting that taken care of ASAP. Who knows...maybe I'll be blessed for being honest about it someday.


To buy...

Three things I need to buy....(in no particular order)

1 - gas for the car
2 - new jeans that actually fit
3 - milk


Vroom Vroom

What kind of car are you driving?

It is a 2000-something, silver Chevy Malibu. A definite upgrade from my Buick Century, Pontiac GrandAm, or Plymouth Sundance, and despite my efforts to bust through a snowbank, and damaging the front bumper a bit, it's been a good car, and I am happy with it. (Besides, it's not my fault that my trailer park managements sucks at plowing and leaves big piles of snow/ice in the middle of the road making it a bit difficult to turn around!)


How I'd Like...

to see myself...

Let's see...happy, healthy, and something else. But mostly healthy. I'd love to be able to do the things I used to be able to do. Things like simply scratching that itch on your back, or putting on socks, clipping your toenails, or the list could go on. I keep hoping it'll all pass, because somedays are definitely better than others. But if I could see myself one way...it would definitely be healthy!



My biggest hope is...

that Greg will be able to find a good job. I don't really care where it is, though I would prefer outside of Utah. I hope for his sake (and MINE) that we'll be able to find something for this coming school year. I know a lot of people have trouble finding stuff right out of college, so that is my hope. Also hope we find it ASAP, even though I know it means we would leave right away. Just would be nice to have that figured out.


Last New Thing

What was the last new thing you tried?

Good question. I don't even know, to be honest with you. I guess the only thing I can think of is artichoke hearts. We had a jar of them for like 5 years because I was going to make a spinach-artichoke dip. Never did. Well, Greg finally opened them, and sauteed some in butter. I was a bit hesitant at first, mostly because they were so old, but they were delicious, and now we have them quite often. Good thing they're healthy...


I finally got my new book yesterday. I love it! It's kind of weird, but I am already half way through it. Love Adrian! Also, I have tomorrow off. Thank heavens! Too bad it's not forever.



My favorite pizza toppings are...

See, here's the thing about pizza. I love pizza, but I'm kind of weird when it comes to toppings. I like cheese, I also like pepperoni or ham and pineapple, but I almost always pick of the toppings. I'll occasionally each some of them, but mostly pick them off. I get that I could just order plain ol' cheese, but it just doesn't taste the same. I love thin crust dominos ham and pineapple. Reminds me of Greg and Western. I also love Papa Johns. The best pizza ever. But yes, we order ham and mushrooms usually, and I pick off the toppings. Anything but meat lovers or any type of veggies. Those are harder to pick off the toppings, and the taste that lingers isn't so good.


Another Birthday

Do you like to celebrate or forget your birthday?

Ummm...celebrate...or forget. If we don't celebrate it, I'd rather forget it. Plus it just means I'm that much older and haven't done much with my life, so maybe just let it slip by without notice...Once upon a time I looked forward to them. When I wasn't responsible for paying for the presents, and getting older was cool. It's not so cool anymore.


But speaking of birthdays. Guess who has a birthday today? That's right...that would be my husband. He's even older than me, so he's super old. I got him a USU hoodie and T-shirt to celebrate the last 7 years of USU. So glad we're done. But we didn't do much else. I'm just glad this day exists and that his mother put up with him for all those years. Happy birthday Greg. Love you!


Sleep... & Valentine's

It's no lie that if I don't get enough sleep, I can get a bit cranky. Not to mention my body hurts and aches like crazy. So, basically I need my sleep.

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Answer: Not enough. This post is kind of gross, so feel free to tune out. You see, I get these nasty sores on my fingers, and they get these really nasty puss build-ups. Right now I have one on the tip of my middle finger, and I had to get the puss out, so I ripped it out, leaving a big hole in my finger tip. It was okay while I was in the tub where it was warm, but once I got out and got into bed, my finger started stinging like crazy. I don't even know how to describe it. There is very little that keeps it from throbbing, so I had to sleep with my fingers in my armpit to stay warm. But I also can't sleep on my side very well because of my stomach issues, so between a throbbing finger and acid reflux, I didn't get too much sleep. I had to finally get up and soak my finger in warm water and epsom salts. After that I slept a bit better, but had to keep my finger wrapped up. The worst is waking up after little sleep knowing you have the rest of the day ahead of you.


Anyway, today is also Valentine's day. We didn't do much of anything. Enjoyed each other's company with a taquitos dinner. Love my hubby.



What book are you reading right now?

Well, since I don't have the new book I want just yet, I'm currently reading Vampire Beach. Why? Because it was cheap at Hastings, and, again, I don't have my new book yet. (It came out YESTERDAY!) So far, it's alright. I always love books about rich teenagers who can do whatever they want...Oh, and supposedly there are vampires. I haven't gotten that far yet, so I can't confirm. I'm just going off of the title.

Before this one I read Safe Haven, which, while sad, actually had a happy ending, unlike 99% of Nicholas Sparks books. I kind of want to see the movie, beyond the fact I'm not sure it will follow the book very well, considering she is a blonde in the movie, and has brown hair in the book. But it does have Josh Duhamel, so can't go wrong ever there....ever...

And before Safe Have I finished the Vampire Academy 1-6, and spin-off Bloodlines 1 and 2(twice), and book 3 is the one that I still haven't got yet. I'm super excited to read it, but will probably have to read 1 & 2 again before, because that's just how I do. I have to read the whole series before the newest one. I just do. I really REALLY can't wait.

Also, they are making a Vampire Academy movie. Not sure how I'm going to feel about it. It may ruin the series for me. The actors are no one I recognize, though the main girl is the girl in Beautiful Creatures (which hasn't come out yet) so we'll have to see if she is a good actress or not. As long as Dimitri and Adrian meet expectations, I think I could deal with a sucky Rose. Too bad they didn't just get Chris Hemsworth like I requested, and too bad I have to wait one year from tomorrow for it to be released. I think I'll survive.
ehh...I think he'll do!



How many photos did you take today?

Not near enough. Try ZERO. For someone who claims to be a photographer, I sure don't take many photos. I don't have a fancy phone, so I very rarely take pictures with that, and I don't take my DSLR with me, even though I carry my 'camera bag' aka yellow purse. I really need to do better, but when you just go back and forth between the same places day after day, there isn't too much to excite me enough to take a photo. I need to carry my point and shoot more often though. Just in case. Who knows what I'll miss.


Worst job EVER!

What would I consider the worst job in the world?

Being a teller at a credit union...kidding. I think it's a pretty great job. Not too many complaints (other than I'd really just rather NOT work!) But in reality, I think I'd hate to clean up after rich, dirty, lazy people. I think I'd get too angry to be doing their dirty work. Or a job where I was getting constantly yelled out. I'm not the nice person I once never was.

some people have way too much time on their hands!


10 Things I'd Do If I Were Rich

List ten things you'd do if you were rich....in no particular order.

1 - Pay off our student debt
2 - Buy two reliable cars
3 - Fix up our trailer so we can sell it for a decent price
4 - Travel to New York, Hawaii, Canada
5 - Upgrade our computers and camera
6 - Donate to charity
7 - Do something nice for our parents
8 - Update my wardrobe
9 - Quit my job
10 - Front row 1D concert tickets


Name a person...

....you wish you didn't have to deal with today...


so I'm not going to choose a name. It really was an okay day, so this is a tough one. The members I helped were all fantastic, otherwise it would have been one of them!

And since I don't know who reads this, I'm not going to be honest. I'll just take a pass for today!

Anyone seen Impractical Jokers? Pretty freakin' hilarious!

Also, had a mishap with some french toast, and syrup not staying on my plate. My carpet is now sticky and it drives me crazy because one, I had sticky. Like really hate sticky! and two, I'm not sure where it's spilled so I can't clean it until I step on it, which I try NOT to do. I'll just be wearing socks for the rest of forever. Hate...Sticky...It makes me want to cry!


Lately in Feb

Lately...life's been about the same.

Work is alright. I love my job, just not some of the things that go on, but we  have a lot of fun. I have some great co-workers that keep me laughing.

My baby sister is getting married...that's kind of weird. She's like 10, so it's a bit crazy.

We had New Beginnings tonight. It turned out really well. We had our girls choose a pair of their favorite shoes and how they help them to "Stand in Holy Places." Our girls are amazing. I love hearing them talk. They're pretty fantastic. It was a great night.

Ummm...think that's about it!


15 Minutes

If you could spend 15 minutes with any living person, who would it be and why?

Okay, you gotta know that I would change it to living persons, and ten bucks goes to the person who can guess who those persons would be...


Okay, not really. You don't get $10, but I do think it would be rad to spend 15 minutes meeting these guys.

Because they are dorky...and the only other person I could think of was Kim Kardashian, so...



What is your favorite color?

Well, this is tricky, because it all depends. My normal answer is black...because how can you not like black? It goes with anything. But I like turquoise and gray combos.
or gray and yellow
or really gray and anything

Or turquoise and orange
And no...this isn't any sort of announcement...it just happens that all my friends are moms who pin baby stuff all the time. They pin baby stuff, I pin 1D stuff. I guess we're even!

Now when it comes to hair color...this is what I'd love to do with my hair.

or this...


1...2...3 Wishes

Three wishes I have for today...

Relax at home --- granted
Eat yummy food --- granted
RAVENS win the superbowl --- granted
(It's about time one of my teams won something...plus, as an added bonus, I get to give two of my co-worker 49er fans crap tomorrow! They don't think I know my sports!)


So, you remember how I was bragging about keeping up with this journaling/P365 thing...yeah...total fail!

Here's to a better week than the last two. Despite a now broken computer, hopefully we'll survive it!
Maira Gall