Name a person...

....you wish you didn't have to deal with today...


so I'm not going to choose a name. It really was an okay day, so this is a tough one. The members I helped were all fantastic, otherwise it would have been one of them!

And since I don't know who reads this, I'm not going to be honest. I'll just take a pass for today!

Anyone seen Impractical Jokers? Pretty freakin' hilarious!

Also, had a mishap with some french toast, and syrup not staying on my plate. My carpet is now sticky and it drives me crazy because one, I had sticky. Like really hate sticky! and two, I'm not sure where it's spilled so I can't clean it until I step on it, which I try NOT to do. I'll just be wearing socks for the rest of forever. Hate...Sticky...It makes me want to cry!

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