New October Hair

When we did the Scleroderma run in June, I met a sweet gal from Cache Valley who's mom had Scleroderma. She gave me her number and told me to find her on facebook. Well, I did, and we've kind of chatted through FB and IG, and then in October, she messaged me and said that I should come get my hair done so we could hangout and talk.

I'm so glad I did. She is not only amazing at doing hair, but she is beautiful inside and out. She so friendly, and fun, and sweet. I'm grateful I was able to meet her, and look forward to spending more time with her...I need my hair done again! :)

You would never guess how old this gorgeous lady is....I still don't believe it, even though she has a 16 year old son...

And random, but today in church the Sister that Greg & I sit next to leaned over and asked if I knew of anyone else in Logan that had Scleroderma. I told her I didn't, and then she said that she knew of a lady who lived in our stake, but then moved and later passed away, who had it. I asked what the name was, and it was Tami's mom. Fun, small world (granted it is Cache Valley, so I guess I can't be too surprised!)

More Catch-up Randomness

One would think it would be a lot easier to blog the current and then blog the catch-up posts, but I can't do it. Maybe it's OCD, but I have to go in order. Sorry. It sucks for you, especially since nothing really exciting happens in my life. But here goes.

I actually convinced Greg to go with me to take 'family' pictures. I asked a lady in my ward who is just getting into photography if she would do them, and she was awesome and said yes. Greg said we had 30 minutes, and not counting driving time, we got it done. We went up to Second Dam where it was a gorgeous fall day.

Of course I can't post the pictures yet, because I really am working on Christmas/New Years cards that will have them on it, and I don't want to ruin the surprise at how awesome we looked.

Funny story. At sacrament meeting one Sunday, a member of the bishopric stood up and was doing the announcements. Well, he misread one of them and said, "Primary Program, Please be sure your kids are WEARING their PANTS." It was quite funny. The best part, he really thought that's what it said, even after when Greg was teasing him about it.

It has been an absolutely gorgeous fall. It was so warm. It was really strange, but kind of nice to not have to bundle up in October, November, and December.

This is totally random, but they re-did the carpet at work...on a Saturday...while Donna and I had to work. The smell of the glue totally gave us both headaches. But if you had seen what the carpet was like before this, you would be as happy as we were to have the carpet replaced. We're talking big holes that had to be taped over. It was bad. We just wish that they had let us have the day off so we didn't have to deal with the smell and noise.

And then they put glue in front of the vault room door, so they had to make a path for us to get in...

After work Greg and I were headed to Star Valley to get the brakes replaced on our car....or something. I can't remember. Maybe it was something else. All I know is that when you put the brake pads on the wrong side, it will result in squeaking.

It was seriously so pretty. I felt like it should have been summer, and we should have been in a convertible with the top down.

But then it rained, and it was absolutely beautiful.

And this is the result of not showering or doing your hair. I look great!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I opened an etsy shop, and it really kind of took off. I was really nervous at first, but when I would get comments like this, it made it all worth it!

Sometimes we go to Kneader's for our morning meetings. Sometimes we get in big arguments, other times I stay quiet so we can all enjoy it. :)

And sometimes life is just hard.

And then you see this etched into the women's bathroom (for whatever reason?) and you make funny jokes about it that could potentially get you fired, but then you're glad your co-workers have a sense of humor.

I really REALLy dislike Halloween, however, it is one day that we can wear jeans, so I try to base my costume around whwat I can wear with jeans. I decided this year to come as a one direction fan.

I am so cool, I know!

We had like 3 groups of kids show up trick-or-treating. Kind of sad. Stupid Trunk or Treats!
And that brings us to the end of October!


Thursday Three | 12.25.14

            • Today was a wonderful day. Beautiful snow, beautiful presents, beautiful time spent with the hubby. Plus the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating the birth and life of my Savior Jesus Christ, who loves me and sacrificed for me. I love Christmas!! 
            • I seriously can't get over today. Greg got me the greatest present, and I love the thought he puts into the gifts, because even when its not something I would normally choose for myself, i always love it. 
            • I'm sad I have to work tomorrow, but its only 6 hours, then I have the weekend off! Hopefully check something off my wonter bucket list....drink hot chocolate on the porch swing while it's snowing, wrapped in my Christmas blanket.
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                        Thursday Three | 12.18.14

                                • It's only 11:10 and I'm going to bed! Yay! I'm actually quite exhausted, and though I'm sure I could think of like 500 things I should do, I need sleep if I'm too make it through tomorrow.
                                • I'm quite excited for Christmas, though I can't believe it's only a WEEK away. 
                                • Anyone know how likely it is to get shingles twice? I don't think I have them again, though today my thigh started pulsating in pain like my other side did when I had shingles. Also, I think I'm going to invent something that measures pain and tells the doctors what kind of pain it is. Dis anyone else run into that when they ask, what kind of pain? I DON'T KNOW, IT JUST HURTS! Also, while I'm ranting for no reason, I really dislike the pain scale. What's your pain level today? Ouch? #scleroderma #sclerodermaprobs #latenightswithbre
                                          Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                                          Major Catch-up

                                          Holy moly. I can't believe it's been so long. In looking back through my pictures, I really don't see much excitement, but I'll do my best to make it super exciting for you. It may be broken up into a few posts as I'm sure y'all get bored reading my random babblings.

                                          So, I think I briefly mentioned this, but I have to mention it again, even though, holy cow, it's been three months!

                                          September 19 (? correct me if I'm wrong. I went to Facebook, because I couldn't remember), this little sweetie was brought into the world. Weighing 6 lbs 15oz. She belongs to my sister-in-law Adrienne, and is just a doll. Her name is Breklin Aidra, and I STILL can't wait to meet her. I love new nieces and nephews. I need at least 10 more!

                                          Baby Brek's darling big brother Jax.

                                          And here she is a few months later. Can't wait to meet this little girl!

                                          Now back to where I last left off. After waking up after my class reunion, I just chilled at my parents house. I love their "new" addition. It's just so big and open. I can't wait to have big open space like that in my own home someday. Ever since I was young and still at home, we always had some type of pet. Most of them were strays, but we accepted them (mostly because they were fine with staying outside, and the cats kept the mice out of the house.) The cat population at my parent's home is always changing. Sometimes the cats will leave for a few months/years, then come back.I swear whatever momma cat we had around was always getting pregnant. That has continued, so I had a fun time watching about 6 kittens outside my parents house playing with each other. Oh, how I want a pet...(and no, I can't have one, so please don't get me one!).

                                          It's always fun spending time with the fam.

                                          I got lucky and was able to drive home with one of my good friend's from high school, Camille Petersen Johnson. She lives here in Logan, and I very rarely get to see her! But I love her to death, and we always have a good time chatting with one another. I was so glad to be able to take the ride home with her. I love her to pieces.

                                          Of course, with it being October and all, we had to get our Halloween lights up. I stayed inside where it was warm, while Greg did his thing. I really dislike putting them up, but I love when they are up and lit.

                                          We held our "Fun Friday" craft night in October. I have THE best Activity Chairperson, and she did EVERYTHING. Not even kidding. She is amazing. We kept it small, but it was still fun for the people who came out.

                                          We had a few sisters forget/not able to make it, so I helped make a few of their crafts. This is one of them, and I really love it, and wish I had gotten one for myself, but it was fun seeing the look on the Sister's face of who it was for. She was so excited and just loved it.

                                          As I mentioned in a few posts back, I have really gotten back into designing. I downloaded a trial version of Adobe Illustrator, taught myself to use it, and have fallen in love with it! I had one of my friends from HS contact me and ask if I'd create a baby shower invitation for her. I did, and I loved it. I had so much fun doing it, I decided I really needed to get my Etsy shop open.

                                          So, at work, I have this co-worker who would occasionally (ALWAYS) steal my post-it notes. I decided to write "Dear Cole, please do not steal my post-its. These are mine. Sincerely, Bre" around the edge of the pad. Not even kidding, an hour later I couldn't find my post-its, so I asked Cole if he had them...Sure enough, they somehow made it over to his desk. Lol. It's kind of a running joke amongst us. I also have Cole and Caleb worried anytime they have to use my station to not mess anything up. (I really don't mind, as long as they don't adjust my chair, because I sometimes can't get into it.) Anyway, I was at work, and went to use my post-its, and saw this message from Cole. It make me laugh a bit. I have the greatest co-workers for sure!

                                          So, I was wearing my One Direction shirt one Saturday, and we went into Smith's to grocery shop. When we got to the checkout, there was a teenage boy bagger who looked at me, clicked his tongue, shook his head, and said, "Psh, One Direction." I totally called him out on it though...Little punk! It was pretty funny still.

                                          Same day we went to Hastings, where they were having Star Wars day. I learned pretty quickly that I have a fear of adults in costumes. I don't know why, it just seriously freaked me out. They had some people dressed up as Star Wars characters. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

                                          Sonic runs are a favorite thing for the tellers. I've been craving Dr. Pepper like crazy lately, so Steve very willingly went and got drinks for all us girls! 

                                          And now this random post is ending. I need to go get ready for church...I've got 15 minutes. Peace out!


                                          Thursday Three | 12.11.14

                                                • I took today off from work. Why? Wanted to complete some other stuff. Did it work? Somewhat, but not as much as I'd like. Guess I'll be taking tomorrow off too. #jk #unfortunately 
                                                • This month is going by way too fast. I need it to slow down, snow, and be Christmas all year long.
                                                • Movies I MUST watch by Christmas: Home Alone 1 & 2, Elf, and A Christmas Story. What am I missing?
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                                                        Thursday Three | 12.04.14

                                                            • I can't say "b" or "p" words if I'm laughing, or smiling. It can really kill my awesome jokes and stories. Like today I was telling Greg about one of my elementary teachers' butts (Cokeville people will know what I'm talking about...Hopefully...) and I was laughing too hard, I couldn't say butt. I had to say rear end. #sclerodermaprobs 
                                                            • I get to see one of my new baby nieces tomorrow! #cantwait 
                                                            • I really wish I could go without sleep. Do you know how much I could get done? I wouldn't have 14 outstanding orders, that's for sure. But I love that I'm able to do that, so I can't complain too much. Just need more time!
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                                                                  Thursday Three | 11.27.14

                                                                    • I stayed in my PJs today, and my hair was a mess. Greg asked if I was a cat lady, because I was starting to look like one. #hedontthinkimsexy 
                                                                    • I did not brush my teeth before crawling into bed, and I don't plan to when I get up in just a few minutes.
                                                                    • I feel off. My neck hurts, my stomach, other things are going on with my body that I'd rather not talk about. It's hard to really enjoy days off when I don't feel 'normal'. #thenewnormal
                                                                        Thursday Three was developed by Kristin from RUKristin. You can read more about it {here}, then play along over on Instagram and follow me @bre11414.


                                                                        Homecoming 2014 - Part 3

                                                                        After the football game, and after chatting with my friends for a little I walked with my good friend Buck over to the gym for the volleyball games. The games weren't really close to starting so I decided I would try my hand at playing volleyball. The last time I played was over 2 years ago, right before I really stopped being able to move. So I just wanted to see what I could do. First of all, I can't get my wrist and hands together very well. Second, straight and simple doesn't work when you have a permanent bend in the elbow. Nonetheless I gave it a shot. She was about two feet away from me and the first time I tried, I nearly fell over. It was pretty funny. My reflexes are so dang slow, and for whatever reason I was closing my eyes. I'm sure I looked like a beginner, as opposed to someone who has been playing the game for over 23 years. I didn't try setting because I know it would hurt to bad on my fingers. I also can't get them in the shape of a ball, so I didn't try. It was funny, but sad at the same time. I wanted so badly to go out there and serve the ball and play pepper.

                                                                        It was fun to see the girls play. It is so crazy how old they are getting. For reals, when I was a senior in high school, the now seniors were in first grade. But man, I would give anything to have been able to play with them. They have some super talented girls on that team. Girls that can jump, hit the ball, pass. It was fun to watch. Unfortunately they lost, but it was still a good time watching them play.

                                                                        Like I mentioned in my other post. We had our 10-year class reunion that evening. Holy moly, I can't believe it's been that long. I skipped my 5-year reunion, but was glad I was able to make it to this one. I have seen classmates every now and then, but not all of them. We had a great turn out, with only 3 of them not being able to make it.

                                                                        We met at Buck's aka The Hideout Motel where we had dinner (this was before the varsity game, so I missed the JV volleyball game). It was so good seeing everyone there. I just about cried when I saw all my girl friends from high school. There are only 5 of us, so we were pretty good friends. I haven't really seen Stephanie or Tatum in a very long time, so it was really good seeing them. Some of the guys brought their wives, so it was fun to meet them too. It was seriously like old times. We had loads of fun sitting around talking. Even though our topics were a bit more mature than they once were. Lots of talk about pregnancy and lady parts, and, yeah. That type of stuff. Luckily I was gone for those parts watching volleyball.

                                                                        Me & Aubrey Birch Boyer

                                                                        Me & Tiffany Lester Willardson

                                                                        We got photobombed by Nathan Fiscus (See next photo)

                                                                        Me & Stephanie Cox Basset (With Nate in the backgroumd)

                                                                        One of our schoolmates who is a big time film director now (right, James?) came over and asked if he could ask us some questions and film us. He just asked about Cokeville, and our thoughts on coming back. It was really neat to hear how more mature we are all, while still having a little bit of immaturity that we were used to. I'm not sure what he is planning on doing with that film, but I would love to see it.

                                                                        After a while we headed to "The J" where one of our classmates was working. It was really good to see him, and to hang out at up there again. Then we headed back to Buck's where we watched some old videos. That was pretty fun. We had a good time laughing and reminiscing.

                                                                        It was really, really good to see everyone there. It is so funny how things have changed, yet how things still felt the same. I loved our class. We were all pretty good friends for the most part, yet we all had our little fights and things that annoyed us about each other, but that seemed to be all gone. I guess those 10 years gave us time to grow up and get over those things.

                                                                        Ryan Hammond, Tyson Teichert, Buck Boyer, Nathan Fiscus, Tiffany Lester Willardson, Tyson Helm, Me, Aubrey Birch Boyer, Stephanie Cox Basset, Tatum Teichert Clark
                                                                        (Missing Tyson Davies (yes, we have 3 Tyson's in our little class), Mark Shea Mackey, Scott Walton, and Steven Phillips)

                                                                        Here's how we've changed:

                                                                        11/14 are married (1 is engaged) (2 are married to each other)
                                                                        14 kids between the 14 of us - at least 1 more on the way
                                                                        We live in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado
                                                                        We are engineers, mechanics, welders, computer geeks, managers, tellers, teachers, marines, marijuana growers (he's the one in Colorado....it's legal!), and stay-at-home moms.
                                                                        We all have way nicer cars than we did back then.
                                                                        © GREG & BRE AULLMAN
                                                                        Maira Gall