life lately

Haven't been up to a whole lot lately.

Work is, well, work. It's been a crazy couple of days, a couple that i hope not to repeat anytime soon. Here's hoping tomorrow is a little better.

I've been slacking on my working out, but hopefully that will change SOON (Mel?)

Can't wait for this weekend. I have Saturday AND Sunday off...plus Monday AND Tuesday! I work 2 Saturdays on, 1 off, so I appreciate any Saturdays I get off, plus a couple of days.

Our pipes are totally broken. Luckily the important one that broke SUNDAY was able to be "fixed." The others...well, let's just say our lawn might not ever get watered this summer.

I woke up today thinking it was Thursday...realized it wasn't, then kinda freaked because I thought it was Wednesday...and I had treats for our morning meeting at work.

The weather is wigging me out. (If that expression even works!) Not gonna lie, I really wish it would just rain (or snow) all day every day! (okay more rain for the all-day-every-day)...but still.

I think that's about it.


CHS Lady Panthers

A couple of weeks ago I took a couple hours of work off so I could go to Cokeville to watch my little sister play basketball. Now, I'm a pretty darn good sister, (I know!) but I haven't seen her play since she was in 6th grade, so I wanted to watch her at least one more time before she heads off into the big world. It was senior night, so it was fun to watch all those "little" girls honored. It was a fun game, and Kenz played really well. Gotta say, I was pretty impressed! ;) There were even some people (namely her brother-in-law Clay) calling her "Jimmer". It was pretty entertaining. They also won, so that's always fun too. Way to go Kenz!

I do have to say, though, I was pretty unimpressed with some of the Cokeville fans. I have quite the opinion when it comes to cheering "for" your team, instead of against the other team. There were some people who were upset with the calls the refs made, and were acting very immaturely. It got to the point they were yelling at the other team's coach who was also upset with some calls. I was so incredibly embarrassed. It is one thing to cheer for your team, but don't EVER yell at the ref, the opposing coach, YOUR team's coach, or any player that is not your child. (I don't think you should even yell at your own child...but I can't control your parenting...so...) I just think people get so involved in sports, they forget how to act. Seriously, you can't control the calls, and you are in no position to make calls, so just keep your mouth shut, and simply cheer FOR your team. (Seriously...I was SO embarrassed, and I wasn't even related to the people...Cokeville people have a reputation, and when people do that, it ruins it.)

Alright...RANT OVER! Here are some pictures I took of the super-star herself.

She's pretty excited about something...and yes...that is my father waving at the camera...(maybe I should be more embarrassed about that! jk dad!)

haha...this picture makes me laugh...think she knows where the ball is?!? lol

And the cute senior girls...can't believe they're graduating!
Oh, and shout-out to them. After placing 2nd at Regional Basketball, the went on to beat Kaycee (who they actually lost to in the volleyball state championship!) for the 1A Wyoming state title! It's been 10 years since the last bball state title (my freshman year...and then it all went downhill!) so it was an exciting win for the girls and for our coaches! Congrats girls!
Maira Gall