WWCC Get-together (Late Post)

I don't know why I didn't post this earlier. I really thought that I did.

But every so often, my teammates from Western will plan a get-together to watch our old team, Western Wyoming Spartans (now Mustangs...Spartans was way cooler), take on our coach's team now, Salt Lake Community College. Quite a few of us are still around this area, so we planned a get-together when WWCC played SLCC the end of September, so we actually had a great turnout this year. I hadn't planned on going this year, as I hadn't in years past, but my sister Kandyce texted me one day asking if I wanted to go, because one of our teammates, Katie, who lives in Cache Valley, was planning on going and could give me a ride. I said sure, and I'm so glad I did.

Katie and I met up with my roommate my freshman year and also teammate, Jackie, and then continued with her. We met a few of the other girls at Cafe Rio before the game, then headed to the gym. It's been a very long time since I've seen a lot of those girls. I think Katie & Jess Jeppsen (who actually wasn't there) are the only two I've actually seen in the past 5 years. The others I keep in touch through facebook, but even then it's just liking photos, stalking statuses, etc. It was really good to see all of them. I think we were only missing 3? It was fun too, because my sister was also there with her two kids so I got to see them as well.

Kandyce, Stormy, Thermop, Brooke, Suey, BCuzz, Chels, Katie, Jackie, me & Alyssa (missing Meg, Jess J, Jess Wilson, Hilary & Kylee)
So, interesting fact as to why my sister is standing with MY team ;) ....Kandyce played at WWCC in 2002 & 2003, and I played in 2004, so her 2003 team was basically the same as my 2004 team. In my opinion, if we had had her for my 2004 team, we totally could have taken Nationals. But 8th place was pretty rad too. Also, interested fact. Katie is the daughter of my dad's assistant coach when he was at Bear Lake. So, we basically grew up together.

After the game we all headed to Leatherby's where we enjoyed delicious desserts (and I got to spend time with Liam & Myka)

I may, or may not have eaten the majority of this....Liam helped a little...

Roomies!! Jackie, me & Jess

Me, Jess W, Katie & Meg from way back when...

It was a fun night. Fun seeing and talking with old friends & teammates, watching volleyball, and spending time with my sister and her kids.


The highlight was towards the end of the night. When we were getting ready to pay for our desserts, I was just looking around, eyes wandering, when I noticed a table that had a girl and three guys. The kid with his back towards me was wearing a sweater vest, and I knew immediately who it was. I couldn't believe it, of all the places we both were that evening, it was my co-worker friend Caleb, who ditched us and moved to Murray to take a position there. What are the chances? I went over and talked to him, and I think he was as shocked to see me. It was pretty funny.
Yes, I took a picture of him stalkerishly. There was a guy behind me as I was taking the picture, and it was my turn next to pay, so I waved to the guy and said, "Go ahead, I'm just stalking this kid real quick."

Highlight of my night!


Thursday Three | 01.28.16

                  • A cheesy smile covers up the fact that you're about 96% sure you're going to die from a cold, right?
                  • Closed 2.5 loans today, plus opened 2 accounts, and that's not even a busy day....
                  • so ready for the weekend. This week has gone by so slowly....so....soo...slooooowwww!
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                                        Most Memorable of 2015

                                        I'm so grateful for smart phones & for the awesome cameras that come with them. I'm also grateful for Instagram, which helps me document my life. It was kind of fun looking over my 2015 posts to come up with my most memorable moments of 2015. I forget how much I actually did, and different things that happened.

                                        Since I spent my entire Christmas/New Years break helping others document their 2015's, I didn't get a chance to make our holiday cards, so I decided to do a blog most of the memorable moments (good & bad), and things we did in 2015. (In no particular, but trying to keep it particular, order)

                                        {Greg turned 33! (three candles + three candles = 33)}

                                        {Cowboys vs Packers = Bre vs Caleb = Potatoes vs Potatoes}


                                        {Surprising Kennan at State Basketball in Casper}

                                        {A definite year of changes at work}

                                        {Saying goodbye to my manager of nearly 5 years}

                                        {Having TWO  people bring me Dr. Pepper on a Saturday...that's when you know it's bad!}

                                        {My best-coworker friend (at least that's what I called him) leaving + Kim leaving = 2 trips to Beehive Grill}

                                        {5 Year Work Anniversary}

                                        {Greg & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary}

                                        {Greg ordained a High Priest (niece & nephews visited) + new calling to the High Council}

                                        {Baby brother graduated High School}

                                        {Basically FREE vacation to CALIFORNIA!!!}


                                        {Good food, good company, downtown San Diego at midnight, drug dealers + hitch-hiking}

                                        {Water balloons + zoo adventures with these crazy kids}

                                         {Turning 29 + magenta hair}

                                        {This adorable picture}

                                        {Greatest co-workers ever (well, except the original greatest co-workers ever!)}

                                        {My family + my sclero-family}

                                        {Baby brother left on his mission to Orlando, Florida}

                                        {These amazing girls!}

                                        {USU Volleyball game}

                                        {USU Football game}

                                        {Breaking out in hives}

                                        {WWCC vs SLCC + these girls + Liam & Myka + seeing my long-lost co-worker friend}

                                        {Officially becoming full-time + new job responsibilities}

                                        {Juanito Bandito with my crazy parents & Grandma}

                                        TV Series watched:
                                        New Girl {b}
                                        Gossip Girl {b}
                                        The Killing {g + b}
                                        Psych {b}
                                        Supernatural {g + b}
                                        Alphas {g + b}
                                        Undeclared {g + b}
                                        It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia {g + b}
                                        Young & Hungry {b}
                                        Friends {b}
                                        Brooklyn 99 {g + b}
                                        Melissa & Joey {b}
                                        Jericho {g + b}
                                        Jessica Jones {g + b}
                                        Dare Devil {g + b}
                                        Helix {g + b}

                                         New Food Places Tried:
                                        Logan Burgers
                                        Beehive Grill
                                        Famous Dave's
                                        Phil's BBQ
                                         Rockin' Baja Bar & Grill
                                        The Crab Hut

                                        I'd say it was an okay year!


                                        Another New Year

                                        2015 flew by, and I'm starting to think that 2016 is going to be the exact same way. We are already a week away from February.

                                        I worked on New Year's Eve...until 5. It was a super exciting/crazy day. I mean seriously, who waits until January 31 to do their RMD? And then, of course the wisest, knowers of RMD's all have the day off. What that means is, Bre makes things up and prays that it all works out in the end. (Which is basically how I live my day-to-day, but with IRA's and RMDs, man oh man alive, I REALLY need to make sure things are right. Even harder when you're the only one in the branch who knows much about them...)

                                        Anyway, we did get off "early", if by closing 1/2 early is considered "early". Greg and I didn't do much after, in fact I was the only one still awake at midnight. We were both lying in bed, he was asleep. I didn't even realize it was midnight until I heard fireworks going off, and didn't understand why. It took me a minute for sure.

                                        Working the drive through when it's snowing out is the greatest.

                                        Mom & Dad were in town and texted me, asking if I wanted to go to lunch. Ummm...Yes please! We went to Olive Garden, and it was super delicious. Thanks for taking me parents. You guys are pretty cool.

                                        Merry Christmas to me. I bought myself some pens and those adult coloring book things. Not going to lie, they almost stress me out more than help, but they are kind of fun...

                                        We've been binge-watching Arrow together, while I have been binge-watching Gey's Anatomy. This is my life now. Bring on 2016!
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                                        Maira Gall