Bucket List

In no particular order...

Rappel down a waterfall
Rappel into a cave
Learn to surf
Learn to snowboard
Go skiing
Go Dog-sledding
See the northern lights
Bamboo Rafting
Kite Surf

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Sail a boat
Scuba Dive
Sky Dive
Indoor Sky Dive
White Water Rafting
Shooting Range
Fly in a Helicopter
Fly in a Sea Plane
Drive a Sports Car
Ride a Motorcycle
Polar Bear Dip
Experience Zero Gravity
Walk a suspension bridge
Walk on Fire
Ride Bikes on the Beach
Paddle Board
Drive a race car
Fly in a private Jet
Race a go-kart
Ride a camel
Ride a segway
Ride in a gondola
Ride in a Limo
Ride on a cable car
Ride on the subway
Ride a tandem bike
Ride on a train
Bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge

Ride an Elephant
Bathe an Elephant
Feed a Koala Bear
Hold a Monkey
Hold a Snake
Horseback ride on a beach
Hug a redwood
Make a Snowman
Make Snow Angels
Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean
Ride in a Horse & Carriage
See a Coral Reef
See the Salmon Run
Sleep in an Igloo
Sleep in a Yurt
Stand under a Waterfall
Swim in the Ocean
Swim with a School of fish
Swim with Sharks
Swim with Dolphins
Swim with Stingrays
Swim with Manatees
Swim with Sea turtles
Walk on a black sand beach
Whale Watching

Go to an Aquarium
Build a Sand Castle
Stand on an ocean cliff
Explore a Rain Forest

Learn one new skill each month for 1 year
Blow Glass
Create a flower arrangement
Be published
Write a book
Carve a pumpkin
Create a Travel Scrapbook

Create a video & upload it to the internet
Get a caricature drawing by a street artist
Go on a Cruise
Get VIP Passes to a show
Go to a book signing
Go to a drive-in Movie

Go to the Movies by myself
Pose with a figure at a wax museum
See a ballet
See a Broadway play

Sing Karaoke in Public
Be an Extra in a Film or TV show
Be in a music video
Be in a studio audience of a TV Show
Meet someone famous
Fly First Class
Be on the radio
Attend a film festival
Get my fortune told
Throw a themed party
Go to a One Direction concert 9/16/2014
See Ed Sheeran in Concert
Meet someone famous

Get a complete makeover
Get a fish pedicure
Get a foot massage
Get a spa pedicure
Get a spray tan
Get acupuncture
Get a professional body massage
Have a facial
Have a professional photo shoot
Spend the day at a resort spa

Pick huckleberries
Attend a pig roast
Bake a loaf of bread
Cook every dish I've pinned
Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef
Eat at a food truck
Extract honey from a beehive
Have a progressive dining experience
Host a cookie exchange
Start an herb garden
Stomp grapes
Take a cooking class
Eat at Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Eat at Man vs Food Restaurants
Learn to use chopsticks
Murder Mystery Dinner
Go to a food festival

Take part in GISHWHES
Get a tatoo
Visit a castle
Attend a masquerade ball

Drive cross country
Drive along the California coast in a convertible
Go to Disneyland
Go to Disneyworld
Harry Potter World
Drink butterbeer
Visit Universal Studios Hollywood
Walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Go on a solo roadtrip
Take pictures in a photobooth
Win a contest
Own a GoPro

Participate in a charity walk
Raise $ for a charity
Take part in RAK
Donate books to a school
Make car packages for the homeless
Send random care packages
Make a difference
Help others complete items on their bucket list
Leave notes for strangers

List 3 things I'm grateful for each day for 1 year
Master a New Language
Learn French
Pay the toll for the person behind me
Plant a tree
Establish a foundation in your name
Unplug for 24 hours each month
Go complaint free for 1 week
Get a bachelor's degree
Decorate for all holidays
Create my personal history
Buy a home
Own a Beach House
Have kids
Speak in Public
Quit my day job & work from home
Fund my Bucket List Adventures solely on Etsy sales
Write a letter to your future self

Attend the Olympics
Rock Climb
Fly a kite
Ice Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Go to a World Series Game
Attend an NBA game
Attend an NFL game
Visit all NFL stadiums
Attend a Superbowl
Attend an NBA championship playoff game
Attend an NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship match
Participate in a 5K
Play a Round of Golf
Learn to Play Tennis
Attend the Kentucky Derby
Be Comfortable in a Bikini
Go to a Self-Defence Class
Do a Color Run
Do a Mud Run
Go to NASCAR Race
Be on a Jumbotron
Sit front row at a basketball game
Beach Yoga

Attend a Luau
Live in Hawaii
Live in California
Attend a unique small-town festival
Celebrate a holiday in a different country
Climb a Lighthouse

Go on a Cruise
Go on a Safari
Go to an Aquarium
Pan for gold
Sleep on a houseboat
sleep in a tree house
stay at a bed & breakfast
Visit New York City
Visit all 50 states
Get my passport
Go to Vancouver
Drive Route 66
Lay on the Four Corners (4 States at Once)
Trek the Mendenhall Glacier Caves | Alaska
See the Northern Lights | Alaska
Hike into Antelope Canyon | Arizona
Helicopter into the Grand Canyon | Arizona
Walk the Wave | Arizona
Do the Half-Dome Ascent in Yosemite | California
Eat at the French Laundry | California
See Yosemite National Park in the Winter | California
Do the Hollywood Walk of Fame | California
Rappel into Moaning Caverns | California
Walk on Glass Beach | California
Stand Under the Hollywood Sign | California
Ride on a Cable Car in San Francisco | California
Ice Castles at Silverthorne | Colorado
Explore the Everglades | Florida
Swim with Manatees | Florida
Climb the Haiku Stairs of Oahu | Hawaii
Learn the Hula | Hawaii
Drive the Road to Hana | Hawaii
Walk on Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach | Hawaii
Attend the Kentucky Derby | Kentucky
Spend the Night in Martha’s Vineyard | Massachusetts
Walk the Las Vegas Strip | Nevada
Carlsbad Caverns | New Mexico
French Quarter | New Orleans
Play at Coney Island | New York
Grand Central Station | New York
See a Broadway Musical | New York
Times Square | New York
Niagara Falls | New York/Canada
Multnomah Falls | Oregon
Eat a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia | Pennsylvania
Badlands National Park | South Dakota
See Mount Rushmore | South Dakota
See the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville | Tennessee
Bryce Canyon | Utah
Zion National Park | Utah
Leave a Contribution on Seattle’s Gum Wall | Washington
Go to Pike Place Market | Washington
Skagit Valley Tulip Fields | Washington
Thomas Jefferson Memorial | Washington DC
Visit the White House | Washington DC
Grand Prismatic Spring | Wyoming
Niagara Falls

Bucket List Journey: http://bucketlistjourney.net/my-bucket-list/
1102 Things: https://blog.1002things.ca/the-list/

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