The Pajama Game

Back in November, I was able to get a little time off work to go watch McKenzie in the high school musical back in Cokeville. She had a lead role, so I wanted to watch her. I had always known that she could sing/act. I remember when she was little, she had a solo in a "Sunshine" (is that what it was called, lol) performance. Holy wow, that tiny thing could belt it. Brady and I sat on the front row screaming for her (even though we weren't supposed to!) But it was a lot of fun, and i was excited to see the performance.

I have never seen/heard of the Pajama Game, but really, how many of the musicals the high school has put on have I actually seen? I was in 3 musicals when I was in HS, and it was always fun times. My senior year of "Annie Get Your Gun" was the best, and like I said, super fun, so I knew that even if the play itself was lame, it would still be fun. And it was.

Kenz played the role of Babe, and Beau Petersen played the lead across from her. They both did a great job, and fed really well off each other. Both could sing, and both could act, and it was a lot of fun! It was fun seeing all the kids who were still in Elementary all grown up. I didn't recognize a few of them, but it was still fun.

Kenz really did a great job. She is so incredibly talented it's not fair! ;) She can sing and act, and really the only thing she can't do is walk in high heels! (haha, jk Kenz!)

Here are a few pictures I took. I was too into the play to really take a lot..lol, super cute costumes and wigs all around, right?
Beau and Kenz....
The entire CHS student body....almost!

Like I said, they fed really well off each other. It was cute to watch. This song was the cutest of the night (well, the first time they sang it...but this was still cute.) See THIS Youtube video of the original song...Kenz and Beau were a lot better, I thought..lol

And sorry to post this picture Kenz, but I think it's so cute! You're a babe!!

It was a lot of fun watching her and seeing how grown up she is! i can't believe it, but she's amazing, and I love her lots! Great job Kenz!

And on the way home, the roads were pretty crappy, but when I got around the lake, it was actually really pretty, so I thought I'd stop and take a picture.
Maira Gall