5 Favorites...

I think this may be my favorite question yet...

List your five favorite musicians/groups/artists....heck yes! Lucky for you, they are all from the same group!

Don't worry...I'm not really that obsessed...I don't listen to them all morning getting ready for work, I've never watched all their x-factor performances or any other of their interviews on Youtube, I also don't know that Harry turns 19 on February 1, or that he dated a 32 year old (or Taylor Swift). I don't know who Kevin is, or that Louis is my favorite. I've only seen each of their music videos a FEW times, and I don't have a Pinterest board dedicated to just them. I'm also not excited for August 30, and don't know that they perform in SLC on July 25, and I don't REALLY secretly hope someone will buy me tickets.

Not obsessed...not really.


Happiness in Life

What are you looking for from life?

Ultimately, happiness! I think there is something seriously wrong with you if you are looking for something other than happiness. Sure it's important to want to be successful or important, but I think if your goal is happiness, those other things will come along with you. You can't depend on your success to make you happy, but you can depend on your happiness to make you successful.



Let's discuss my feelings for today (since they probably aren't too different from other days!)
--I think those mostly cover what I've felt today!


24 Hours to Live

If I were given 24 hours to live, I'd call all my family and friends and tell them I love them. I'd go to the temple with Greg, followed by some good food and cuddling on the futon. Since we wouldn't make it anywhere cool in 24 hours (and still be able to enjoy it...) no point in even going anywhere.

Oh, and I'd probably get rid of all my crap that is meaningless so no one would have to worry about it once I was gone.


3 Places

Name three place you'd like to visit this year.

Places I'd LIKE to visit, or places that would actually be more likely that I'd visit. Places I'd LIKE to visit -- Hawaii (warm), England, back East (DC, Virginia, Maryland, etc). But since those aren't likely to happen, I would say -- the Hogle Zoo, sunny California (I wanna go to the beach), and Cold Stone (that way I'll at least make it to one of them!).


And since I've been keeping up with P365 (picture a day), here's the one from today. I finally got them on my computer, so hopefully I'll get some recent updates too. I'm following Fat Mum Slim's prompts which has been a good way to keep me going with this since my life is pretty boring.
Since I didn't have to work today, I decided to photograph what I do when I'm not at work, which is usually some type of scrapbooking. Here I'm making some templates. I busted a pack out in no time today. 



I plan on sleeping in, not going to work, maybe do some much needed housework, getting my last 6 months worth of pics off my camera so I can blog, and probably listening to these guys.

And here's another catch-up post if you made it this far:
Families are Forever

Last Movie

seen in a theater....

We don't go to many movies in theaters. It's cheaper to just buy them used at Hastings when they come out on video, so the last movie we saw in theaters was The Dark Knight rises. We saw it July 24...and surprisingly there were only maybe 6 other people in the theater. I kind of liked that movie. A little long and dragged out in parts, but not bad overall.



Seriously thought long and hard on this one (cue Michael Scott..sorry...innappropriate!)

Couldn't think of one too recently.

Maybe a toss up between tucking my skirt in my underwear at church, or totally biffing it on my very first day of work when I started at the CU. No one has brought that up, surprisingly. I wonder if they all forgot. I sure didn't!



What would you like to improve most about your relationships?

I think the number one thing would be communication...kinda ironic coming from the girl who hates to talk to people. But at the same time...that's why it's what I'd like to improve. I'd like to be able to speak my mind in a professional manor (without freaking out like I would probably normally do.) I'd like to be able to handle conflict...be able to confront people, again, professionally. Say what I really mean, without it coming out all jumbled and make no sense. Be able to bring up uncomfortable topics, and be able to really talk through them. Be someone people WANT to talk to.

Yeah...I think better communication would make a whole lot of difference.


Today Was a Special Day

Unlike the other days where I get up early to take Greg to school, come home and get ready, go to work, endure the freezing cold to get ATM deposits, help members, answer "yes" to the fifty "are you cold" questions because I have to wear gloves, wait it out until 2:45 so I can close up then go get Greg and come home, eat, scrapbook, watch Family Feud and The Big Bang Theory, bathe, get beat by Greg at Song Pop, read about vampires and go to bed....today was special...okay no it wasn't. That's exactly what I did. Oh, and listened to 1D, aka, One Direction. Don't think I've mentioned that obsession ever.


I'm in love...

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! (Name that movie...)
Okay...who are you in love with? I would say Greg...my husband...and I have a mini crush on these guys..... http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=%252F#/watch?v=T4cdfRohhcg


Last Phone Call

The last phone call I received (not counting work calls because I don't remember who it was) was Jan 12 and was Katelyn calling me to see if I'd play the piano at church. Now the last call I actually answered...Dec 31 from Greg. Thats right...we pay excessive amounts of money for about 30 minutes of actual call time.


What did I get done today...

I went to work -- didn't kill anyone, so that was good. Avoided a possibly heated conversation about stopping at stop signs (because I was in a bad mood and made them stop talking about it! Ha!)

hmmm...I created some digi scrapping templates, and I think that's about it!

Didn't get too much done apparently!


Some catch-up posts

I should probably do it the other way...catch up the most recent and work backwards...but at least I'm catching up. Here are two I did today.

Bear Lake w/ the Kiddos
5K to the Temple

Sunday Dinner

Growing up, I always looked forward to Sunday dinner. The actual eating, not the prepping. We always had roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and when Teichert's introduced us to grated carrots, we never turned back. I was in charge of peeling the carrots, Brady grating them. We always fought about it too. (Let's face it, we fought about everything really.) Then when mom took the roast out, I always took a little piece from the edge (because it had the most flavor). When the gravy was made...I had to test it by dipping bread in it. It was a sad day when we didn't have bread (or just yucky wheat bread. Sorry mom!) It was delicious!

Now that I'm married, we have a similar tradition. We have roast nearly every Sunday, and it's my favorite meal of the week. (Mostly because I know I like it, and can actually eat it!) Today we had crock pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts (who knew they were so healthy!) Followed by no bake cookies for dessert. Yum!


My surroundings

Describe my surrounds...

Cluttered (haha..this is always the first thing that comes to mind. Someday...)
Cold (it's freezing this year!)


To improve...

5 things I want to improve this year...

Patience  --  I pray daily for patience. I probably should pray hourly.
Less Judgmental -- Before judging, take in their situation, and give them the benefit of the doubt.
Complain Less -- My life really isn't that bad.
More Confident -- Don't be afraid to try new things
Care Less -- About what others things...goes with the one above.


Where I went today....

took greg to school
home to get ready for work
get greg from school
home again

so very exciting!


My Community...

I actually don't want to answer today's question either...mostly because I don't want to offend anyone in my community! (actually because I can't think of 3 things I love about it) So I'm not answering, and am too lazy to find another topic for today.

Today has been a weird day.

I had two work nightmares last night that gave me a weird vibe. Then our work meeting was different. Then the conversation after 1:30 was odd too.

Then a comment someone made kind of upset me...mostly because it's true...but it still bothers me, because it's something I'm working on.

So then I decided to finally take down our Christmas tree. I may or may not have had a meltdown when Greg wanted to take it down Saturday. It went by way too fast. WAY TOO FAST! I hate that we don't have any more fun holidays for a while. I vote that there should be a holiday every single month.

Also, One Direction. Kind of love them at the moment. I'm not usually a fan of guys in skinny jeans, but these boys....I kind of dig it! (And they are all legal, so I can say stuff like that!) Harry's hair kills me. There's just a lot of it...but he's a cute kid and has a killer voice. But I have to say that Zayn is the hottie of the group. I may or may not have watched their music videos a million times tonight.

"I'm Harry!"
(whole group pops up)
"From One Direction"
(even though now every time I hear that song...I keep hearing Drew Brees singing, "and live while we're young")

Like I said. Weird day.


Favorite Time Waster..,

What is your favorite way to waste time at work without getting caught?

Well, since there is SO MUCH to do at work...I'd have to say Pinterest. For some reason, it's not blocked...Lds.org, blocked. Pinterest, not blocked. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING. Because I most definitely am NOT! I do try to limit my Pinterest surfing to Saturdays though. During the weekdays, it's usually KSL and reading the comments, since people are kind of idiots, or searching for jobs (for Greg). I just google "INSERT STATE HERE school districts" and go through each school district's job postings. I actually enjoy it.



Scrapping/facebook stalking
Listening to Fun., Justin Bieber, Phillip Phillips, Mumford & Sons
Watching America's Funniest Home Videos
Feeling tired, Angry (stupid non-rules at work...seriously tick me off!), mostly tired though.
Craving Mint-chocolate chip ice cream from Coldstone
Need to take out contacts, soak in a hot bath tub, and just go to bed.

At least Monday is over. Other than finding out that I had a check returned, (which makes me angry because of the non-rules that we have), it was a good day. Busy, but good. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm pretty exhausted at this point, but Dimitri and Rose were worth it for the 20th time. Even though Book 4 isn't my most favorite of books, I just couldn't put it down. So what if I know what happens. It just gets better and better. I'm probably going to go start book 5 now too. So goodnight. I made up today's topic because I didn't like the one that was suggested...How do I nurture myself? I don't even know....

(Don't get me started on the non-rule rules. It's the one thing that I butt head with my boss the most. I feel like rules should be rules, so this doesn't happen. Luckily I followed the non-rule rules so it's not really THAT big of a deal...hopefully...It's just the principle of the matter!)


What Made Me Laugh Today...

Before sacrament meeting started, I leaned over to Greg and said, "Oh, Tawni is pregnant." To which he responds, "Donny? Donny from Backstreet Boys?"

Yeah...I didn't know how to respond!

Oh, and this picture.
(Real or not, it's hilarious!)


When I Go Out...

...with friends, what kinds of drinks do you usually order?

I usually get something pretty strong...water, 7-up, Dr. Pepper if I'm really feeling wild! But since I don't ever go out to "get drinks", that is what I would normally order if I went out to dinner. Usually just water, because it's cheaper! (and healthier!)


Three Things..

that rub me the wrong way...

1 -- Laziness...if you're getting paid to do something...DO IT! I don't care if you're having a crappy day, or if your life sucks, you are getting paid. This is your job. Just do it! Don't expect everyone around you to do it for you. Don't get mad when people get upset with you for not doing your job. Seriously.

2 -- Facebook posts. I get the whole, "This is my facebook. If you don't want to hear what I have to say, don't listen." blah blah blah. Let's face it. If you are going to put crap on facebook...expect crap back. Don't give them that whole, "Don't listen" spill, because they have every right you do to say stupid stuff back! I really should just delete the people that annoy me, but to be honest, the majority are people I love, and want to know what's going on in their lives. It's just pathetic to me how they act in public. Like seriously, would you say stuff like that in person? I know I find it easier to say stuff on this blog, or on facebook, but I try not to post stuff that I wouldn't say in person. I just think facebook is becoming a dumping ground, and everyone feeds off it.

3 -- Stupidity. I won't expand on this one too much, I think it's pretty self-explanatory! Plus, what I really wanted to post would rub other people the wrong way, so I won't go there until I start password protecting my posts! :)


My Favorite Website Is...

If that means, where do I waste the majority of my time....


or if I'm at work

pinterest (okay...but only on Saturdays)

I think I'd go crazy without the internet. How sad...


Goals for 2013

What are your goals for this year?

(I make resolutions every year....very rarely keep them!)

*Get caught up (and stay caught up) on blogging.
*Keep up with P365 (photo a day)
*Daily blogging/journaling
*Get more organized
*Read scriptures daily (finish from where I am, and finish again!)
*Do my Personal Progress (so when the girls ask me if I finished our goal, I don't have to lie to them)
*Complain less (unless it's a terrible day, then I get a free pass!)
*Workout more, or at least attempt a small workout (whether yoga, pilates, simply walking, basically get off my butt!)
*Meal plan better, eat out less, try a new recipe...at least once a month (I said once a week last year. Yeah, that didn't happen!)
*Do more service and get to know more people in our ward
*Stop doubting myself
*Fulfill my mother-in-law's Christmas wish!!


Favorite Memory of 2012

Alright, so it's a new year, and I do plan on getting 100% caught up! Including a top 10 of 2012 post. But for now, it's back to the daily blogging, in which the first question of the year is...

What is your favorite memory from last year.

Since I'm not caught up on blogging, you'll have to wait to hear about it, but I think I'd have to say my favorite memory of 2012 was going to Lagoon with Greg, Shaina, and Jesse for my birthday. It was a great birthday surprise, and I enjoyed every minute of it!
Maira Gall