Today Was a Special Day

Unlike the other days where I get up early to take Greg to school, come home and get ready, go to work, endure the freezing cold to get ATM deposits, help members, answer "yes" to the fifty "are you cold" questions because I have to wear gloves, wait it out until 2:45 so I can close up then go get Greg and come home, eat, scrapbook, watch Family Feud and The Big Bang Theory, bathe, get beat by Greg at Song Pop, read about vampires and go to bed....today was special...okay no it wasn't. That's exactly what I did. Oh, and listened to 1D, aka, One Direction. Don't think I've mentioned that obsession ever.

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Lindsay said...

haha Bre you crack me up. I think 1D is good too, and all of them are way cute! :) There is nothing wrong with liking boy bands, Dev makes fun of me because he says it's like I'm still in high school. I listen to Justin Bieber too. :) hehe

Maira Gall