So, i watched (am watching) the CHS concert via the internet (thanks dad!), and I have to say it brought back some rather funny moments from my days in choir! I'm pretty positive that I even sang the last song the young choir sang...haha...and if you missed my brother singing...well, you really missed out! He totally rocked it. Haha, mom and dad better save it forever. He's pretty much the best...

But really, it ALMOST made me miss my days in choir. Oh goodness...so many 'great' times (ie, getting yelled at everyday by the "Darr-minator" getting in trouble w/ the parents, and then later finding out that it really WASN'T my fault...despite all the times I said, 'I didn't do anything!" lol). Oh to be young and to be able to get up in front of people and sing...haha...And Celebration was a ton of fun too...(even though that's when I got in trouble the most) but late night practices and celebration trips..what's not to love...lol...I really have to admit that I enjoyed Celebration...

anyway..this is totally random, and my thoughts are all jumbled together, so I'm going to leave you with some proof that I actually used to really do this type of stuff...hahahaha...ahhh...good times!

Haha...those black dresses were so ugly!!!


Is this bad?

Yes...this is what my eyes looked like yesterday. They are still red, but getting better. I don't know what's wrong. My eyes have been doing this for a couple months now. They'll get really red, then it'll go away after I sleep. They hurt like crazy too...lol, I would blame it on contacts, but I wear them for MAYBE 5 hours a week....not even that much most weeks. I have been wearing my glasses the majority of the time since volleyball got done, so I don't know what's going on. I do think the reason they were this bad was because I wore my contacts for about 8 hours yesterday...as soon as I got home I took them out. I set up an eye appointment for tomorrow though (since it's been only about 3 years since my last...) and I have problems seeing (haha, and yes I do still drive! Probably not very safe, right?) lol, but we'll see what the doc says. I don't think it's pink eye...but I do think it's infected (haha..what do you think?) lol...But yeah..It creeps me out to look at myself in the mirror (hold all jokes on that one!) but it's kind funny too...so yeah...anyway, it made me think though that I probably need a hobby AWAY from my computer....any suggestions? (I know. I woke up at 9:30 this morning and thought, I should get out of bed...but then I thought...what am I going to though? I don't want to get on my computer and be on it all day....so I went back to sleep!) lol...

this is random, but speaking of eye doctors...I called at 1:15 today to set up my appointment for tomorrow. Got a call from Shopko (where I have my appointment) at 3:15 reminding me about my appointment for tomorrow...haha..okay.....

Anyway...some good news though....this was dropped off at my house a couple of weeks ago. I'm pretty stoked! No more having to practice my songs at the church now! Looks pretty good right? and it plays well too! Yes...I'm excited about it!



To my mother-in-law for giving birth to an adorable baby boy on this day 28 years ago!

(and for putting up with him for all these years! hehe!)

And then for letting me marry him! :)

I wouldn't be where I am without him! I love him lots and lots and lots!

Happy Birthday Greg!
Maira Gall