summer lovin'....

So, this summer has gone by WAY too fast! Can you believe it's nearly August? July is nearly over, and I still haven't seen Harry Potter. Sad! I Know!!! Anyway...so the end of this month is crazy busy. I have THREE weddings in 2 weeks..My sister-in-law Adrienne is getting married next weekend in Idaho, so I'll be in Idaho and Wyoming next weekend. (I'll have to post Adrienne's wedding announcement that I helped (very little) design. All her idea, but it was adorable...well, i should ask her first..but either way, it was way cute). Then the NEXT weekend Kandyce is getting married, so I'll be in Wyoming again (I'll post her announcement too), PLUS we have youth conference the night of Kandyce's wedding and the next day. Fun! (We're going boating on Saturday, so that means I get to try my hand at wakeboarding again...YAY!) Then the next Tuesday my cousin Whitney is getting married, so it's off to Utah...well...further south Utah than I am. Plus with my trips to RS and BL last week, and Provo, Salt Lake and Cokeville the week before that...yeah..I've just been driving around like crazy (in a non-air conditioned car mind you!) I'm not complaining though, because I love going places. I think another trip to Vegas is in order soon...(not really, but I do want to go) Heck, maybe a trip out to Philly and Georgia are in order as well. (eh...I think I need a job first!) But yeah...that's how my summer has been going. Lotsa going places. I'm sad that I have to miss my 5 year reunion this weekend, but I don't think I'm up for a day trip to Wyoming. I'll see most these people in a few weeks when I'm in Cokeville anyway..lol...(good thing about being from a small town, we'll always see each other!) hmmmm...so yeah...I'm especially excited for the next two weeks, having two sisters get married is fun, plus I get a cute dress and a cute jacket and shirt out of the deal...oh and 2 brothers in law... (haha...kidding clay and mark! :) Anyway...that's all, just wanted to share my summer with you...

oh, and I found this pic while digging through my stash of pics to scrapbook...I totally can't wait to see this little gal in 2 weeks!! and her 2 baby brothers!!! It's been way too long, and she ain't so little anymore!! this was taken last summer when they were up from Georgia..ENJOY!!!


eh...just a few things...

this last week was crazy busy. I don't know why. I just felt like I rushed, rushed, rushed. I had a trip to Bear Lake, then a trip to Rock Springs (random, right? but for good reasons!) Be on the lookout for some picture posts of some cute families from RS. It was weird going back there. We even stopped by the college for some stuff. Kinda weird, and even more weird...i kinda miss it! Good ol' college life! Anyway, so on the way to RS, we don't have AC in the car, so we had the windows rolled down, and I had my arm on the window sill, and well, I fell asleep, and now my arm is FRIED. seriously, there are blisters, and it hurts like crazy. lol, It's not AS bad today, but it's still pretty dark, kinda funny....anyway,

so, since I don't know who checks my design site, I thought I'd post these here, cuz I was VERY happy with how they turned out. Plus I know you people have friends who get married all the time, so you can refer them...alright? OKay! here are some recent designs.

This is similar to the one Kandyce picked for her real announcement. I will post that later.
I designed a REALLY cute one similar to this. I will post that one soon too. I love it!
I had a request for some 5x5 designs, so that's where all these came from...
And, this is my most favorite! I think Clay would have really liked this one....
okay, that's all for now...be sure to spread the word!


Guess who's back?!

So...this is kinda late, but better late than never, right?

Last Friday Brady flew home from his mission in Latvia. He flew in at 6:30, so Kandyce came to Logan about 4:15-ish and we headed to Salt Lake to meet the rest of the family at the airport. We got there really early, but it's okay. I would rather be early than late, and it was only about 45 minutes early, not 5 hours early like the one time we went to pick Dad up from Denver many years ago ON MY BIRTHDAY! Yeah, that wasn't fun sitting in the airport for five hours! ANYWAY...It was so exciting waiting and waiting...and waiting and waiting!!! There was Mom, Dad, Kandyce, McKenzie, Kennan, Aunt Laurel and her kids Luke and Ethan, and Aunt Marcie and her husband Mike. I haven't seem Marcie or Mike (or Laurel and her kids for that matter) in a LONG time, so it was great to see them.

Anyway, waiting for Brady to get off the plane and walk down the stairs seemed to take FOREVER. We claimed our spot early (when Kandyce came home, there were a lot of people in front of us!) so we could be right there when he came down. For about 20 minutes before he actually came down we stood there, and heard this a lot, "There's a suit!!! Is that him? Nope it's a pilot." Two minutes later. "I see a suit...is that him? Nope, just a pilot." It was quite comical. Then FINALLY!!!! We see a couple of missionaries come down...and there he is! He looked the exact same as I remember...only a little older. We all started bawling, lol...and when he got off the escalator, yes I was the first to give him a hug. I thought about hugging the other missionary he was with (his family was there too), but I didn't. It would have been funny though...But yeah, so he went around and hugged everyone else. It was SO good to see him. He's pretty much the same, just a bit older and more mature. But I'm glad to know his teasing hasn't changed. We went to dinner after the airport, then they headed home, and Kandyce and I headed back to Logan.

Saturday I went back to Cokeville. When I first got there all his HS buddies who have returned from their missions were at the house, and they all went to re-live the good ol' days, so I just hung out. When Brady got home, Mom, Kennan, Brady and I went on a night 4-wheeler right. Way fun, Brady and I went together, and nearly died swerving for bunnies! Yeah, I could just picture Trevor and Brady on the 6 wheeler swerving to NOT hit Dakota and rolling the machine, resulting in multiple broken bones! haha, but it was still fun to hang out with my little brother again!

That night Kennan and I slept out in the camper. haha. I don't like mom and dad's beds, so I was going to sleep on the couch, but then Clay was coming, so he was going to sleep on the couch, so i asked Kennan if he wanted to sleep in the camper. It was a little cold, but we heated the mattresses (how cool is that?) and it was actually not too bad, except in the morning when I woke up at 8:00...WAY TOO EARLY!!! But it was fun. It was also Kenzie's birthday on Sunday, so happy b irthday to her. I can't believe she is old enough to date (and drive!!) CRAZY!

Sunday Brady and Trevor Teichert (who left and returned the same days as Brady) spoke in both wards. They are both the same, just with a little more experiences. Trevor does look a little different to me...I don't know why...he just does, but still a great kid. Both did a great job, and it was fun to hear of their experiences. We also had a lot of family come support him, which was fun to be able to see everyone. He had some missionary buddies come see him too. IT's so crazy that he is finally home! He did a great job on his mission, I'm sure, and I'm so proud of him. But I am SO glad he's home! Though I wish he was going to USU, I'm sure he'll have a great time in RS, and maybe even find him a little wife! (HA! WEIRD!!!) Anyway, we had dinner over at Grandma's NEW HOUSE, which is totally awesome! So big and it was perfect for all the family and friends that were there.

Well, I didn't take many pictures (only ONE!) I know..I was going to at the airport, but thought, no way. I don't want to be stuck behind a camera! So you'll have to wait until mom and dad email me some pics!!! But yeah. So I'm glad Brady is home, and I'm grateful for his wonderful example. I love him lots, and think he's pretty much the greatest ever!

Here is a pic that Aunt Marcie took (stole from her blog!) I'm too lazy to get my one pic uploaded...and mom and dad apparently are too!!! lol...so here he is!! Isn't he handsome?!?

Oh Sunday night we were able to do video chat with Shari and Ben so they could talk to Brady and the rest of us. It was so crazy. Lilli has gotten SO BIG!!! Shari looks super hott (with 2 t's) and Ben looks pretty good too. But it was a lot of fun. Shari put the boys to bed already, so we didn't get to see them, but Lilli is a character. She is so funny. I got her this card for her birthday that when you opened the envelope, it's some cats meowing Happy Birthday. (you're welcome Shari!) Anyway, she got that and showed it to us...haha, it was so funny...I am the world's greatest aunt, I must say!! I buy things that annoy the crap out of the parents, but the kids love...Anyway it was good to talk to them, and I can't wait to see them in less than 3 weeks! Love you guys!


I've got another new nephew!
6 lbs 8 oz
18 inches!!

Can't wait to see him! :)


Is there a doctor out there??

So, a while ago I made a post about my wrist, and how I've had problems with it. Well, I've been looking at it more and more lately, because it's been hurting more than usual. Usually it would just come and go, but this time it's stayed. (Now, the pain is very tolerable. I can do all the things I need to do, ie, play my computer and volleyball! so it's all good :) But I've noticed when I bend my wrist there is something that sticks out. It's hard, and it hurts when I push on it. If you feel on your wrist (and sorry I don't know what all the bones and stuff are. you just have to go off of my description) Anyway, there's a bone that seems to go to the index and thumb, then there's like a small indentation...(did you find it? lol) anyway, it's right in that indentation where the "thing" sticks out. Weird right? Can anyone tell me what that is, and why it would be sticking out? Like I said in my last post about it. I've had this problem since maybe my junior year. I did have it x-rayed, but nothing came up. I think it's worsened over time, and I think playing volleyball lately (setting in particular) has caused it to worsen. I just hate not knowing what's wrong..lol...I just want an answer, I'm not here to complain..haha, well, kind of, but still. I just don't know what it is, and if it's something that could be really bad...The thing I worry about (honestly) is that I won't be able to play the piano if the pain gets worse...haha, how lame is that? I'm sure there are a million other things that I'd need that wrist for, but that's what keeps popping into my head... <---sigh---> oh well! :) Just thought I'd see if there is a doctor who knows what could be the problem. it's really crazy. you'd have to feel it to really get it. WEIRD!!!!!

hmmm...so some random stuff...I got stung by a hornet the other day. I was just standing at the car cuz greg was going to work, and I had my keys in my hand, and I felt this burn, and i thought I had just touched some hot metal, until it started to sting!!! NOT COOL!!!

My BFFFFFFF Natalie is FINALLY home from her mission! I can't believe it's been a year and half, and even more, i can't believe she remembers me since I wrote her ONCE!!!!! (I know I'm a bad friend!) But I can't wait to see her!

I heard the word Cokeville on the news (weather) today. I couldn't believe they actually said Cokeville...how weird is that?!? Okay...that's all...I don't have anything else...but I wanna know what you think about my last post too...lol, the more I look at the pics, the more similarities I see...the noses, the eyebrows, the big heads! We sure are cute...I could keep him as my own!!! (and I just might when they come to visit...muah hahahaha!) okay goodnight! (or morning, depending on how you look at life!)


You be the judge...

So, last Saturday I was at my sister's bridal shower, and my Aunts Laurel and LaDawn stopped by. Laurel looked at me and asked if my mom told me what she said...lol, I said, no, and she went on to say that she thinks one of Shari's twins looks like me...okay, I had a total blonde moment, I was thinking...'who is shari's twin?' cuz when we were younger people used to think shari, kandyce and I were triplets, so I was a little confused...well, then my mom steps in and says Alex. Lol, I know I'm a dork...so it got me thinking...and I'll let you be the judge. Here's a pic of me (stolen from my parents blog) and a pic of alex (stolen from shari's blog.)

There is a bit of an age difference I think, though I'm not sure how much...They claim that we have the same big head...WHAT?!? of course he has nice brown skin, and I am 180% white, but I dunno...the more I look. I guess I can see where he gets his cuteness!!


thanks for all the birthday texts, calls, facebook messages, blog posts, etc. they all made my day! Sorry I missed some calls. I was, ummm...sleeping...and, then...ummm...eating....but I got the CUTEST voicemail of Lilli singing me happy birthday. What a cutie! You guys are the best, and I had a fabulous birthday! Thanks muches!
Maira Gall