...i decided i was in need of a change, so i chopped my hair.

but, i'm too lazy to post pictures, so you'll have to wait to see it.

but hopefully it will bring on a few other changes.

i don't know what they are, or what they will be, but

i do plan on having/making some changes other than just physical ones.

(even though hair is the EASIEST one for change)

anywho. just thought I'd share! the end!

(and because I thought this was cute...and it's kinda springy outside...)
{courtesy SuzyQ Scraps} - love her!



Wow! It's already April! That means 3 months have already gone by, and we're onto #4. Crazy Crazy!

I must say that April is probably one of my least favorite months. I don't know why, I mean, I guess it could have to do with the fact that it starts out with a day called April Fool's Day. LAME-O. I debated this year whether I should do the "I'm pregnant" or "I'm having triplets" prank. But 20 other people did it, so I decided not to. (That's a joke...in case you're wondering. I never even thought about doing that). It's amazing to me though how many people actually fall for that.

Or maybe it could be the weather. I wish it would make up it's mind and just rain already! Sometimes it does, but most times it doesn't. Don't really know what's up with it.

Maybe it's kinda the midway point between winter and summer, and i just want it to get to summer already.

who knows. I'm just not a fan.

But things here are still pretty good. Greg and I were able to go to Star Valley a week or so ago. Got to see some baby moose with mouse-staches...or were the mice with moose-staches...guess you'd have to be me or greg to get that joke. But it was still a nice relaxing weekend.

Greg is finishing up his spring semester of school with a massive 5 billion page project. He loves it, really it's his favorite.

I have been at my job at Deseret First Credit Union for almost a year now...(april 26)...and it's been great. I learn a lot about people that I really don't want/need to know, but i have also met some great people and had some great experience. And I've learned that interest rates are FABULOUS right now, so if you're looking to re-finance either a vehicle, or house....let me know and I can give you some info. They really are awesome, and now is a fabulous time to think about purchasing or re-finance (from another institution, lol)...But seriously, let me know if you are thinking about it, really, email or call me, and I can give you more info. (haha...okay, I'm done, but seriously..let me know!!)

And I think that's all. I get to work all day tomorrow, friday, and monday, so my next paycheck should rock, and I guarantee I'll be exhausted! But what can ya do? Anywho...that's my April for ya!
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