Nightmare on 13th

So Friday night Lacey and I took our 5 senior girls down to Salt Lake for their "senior trip." We went out to eat, then headed over to Nightmare on 13th. It was so much fun. I love the senior girls we have. They are so much fun, so whatever we did was going to be fun. And though they really wanted to go to Disneyland...our budget just wouldn't have covered it. But it was loads of fun. I don't do scary very well, so I was a little nervous about it. Last year Nightmare on 13th was rated one of the scariest haunted attractions in America by the Travel Channel. They even did a little video about them, I guess. I have also never been to a haunted house, so I was pretty excited about that. The entire thing took about an hour, and we didn't even have to wait on line. If you plan on going, buy your tickets online and you can get a VIP Pass (no waiting in line) and an additional few rooms for way cheap(ER). I think it was like $20-$25, but compare to $35 it's a good deal! ;)

Anyway, so I get scared really easy, so I made sure I wasn't first. There were two girls in front, I was with three girls in the middle, then Heidi and Lacey brought up the back. lol. I did NOT want to go first, and I'm glad I didn't! I made sure I was always close to someone. It wasn't really too bad. The times I got freaked out the most was when the stupid people would get in my face. It freaks me out SO bad!! I'm sure they are told to do that, but I wanted to push them away. Seriously. Like I had some dude get in my face, so I covered it and turned around and he was STILL there when I uncovered my face. NOT cool! Lol. I'm sure they find it totally hilarious though! It also didn't help that Lacey was behind me POINTING AT ME and mouthing "Scare her!" What a brat! lol...I had one chick totally breathe on me too when she was up in my face. Totally gross! Kinda made me mad so I just pushed pass her. I did jump quite a bit, but none of it really freaked me out. There was a room with mirrors that I closed my eyes through the ENTIRE thing!! lol. I don't do mirrors, and I was afraid of what I'd see if I looked! There was one really cool room where there was a tunnel spinning and a walk way through the tunnel. I SWEAR the walk way was tilted because I totally felt like I was tipping over. But they say it wasn't...so whatever..lol, It was totally trippy, and i was dizzy forever after, but I think that was my favorite part.

We added the extra rooms to our pass, and honestly...that was THE WORST part of the ENTIRE house!!! When you first walk in it's completely dark, and the walls are really close together...I was towards the back with Heidi and Lacey, and i was walking first. The ground was funky too...like really padded. But I was walking, freaking out because I couldn't see and I'm totally claustrophobic, and I hit a dead end. I started panicking because I couldn't see, and Lacey and Heidi were really close to me and I honestly thought I was stuck! It was so bad...but not NEARLY as bad as the end. I made it through that first part okay, but was still a little panicky. Not to mention it was WAY hot in there. But when I we got towards the end there were like two sheet type things with air blowing into them, and you had to push your way through. It wasn't just a little air pushing the sheets...it was blowing way hard, and the walkway was REALLY narrow! I got like a step into it and started freaking out. To make it worse the girls in front of me were going REALLY slow...I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Heidi was behind me and she was the same. When we got stopped in the middle of whatever you want to call it, it was horrible. I was screaming at the people to keep going. It was horrible. and to make it worse....Once I got out of it...there was ANOTHER ONE!!! It was honestly like my worst nightmare! When we got out Heidi and I were both shaking and on the verge of tears. I thought i was going to have a panic attack in the middle of it...I'm sure that would have been fun...lol. I was shaking so bad forever after we were done. But it was a lot of fun! Lol...We were going to go to another one in Ogden, but it was too expensive, so we just headed to Logan, went to coldstone and got ice cream (mint mint chocolate chocolate chip...YUMMMMY!) then headed home. It really was a lot of fun, and they are a fun group of girls that I'll miss like crazy!

But anyway...if you're considering going to Nightmare on 13th...I'd totally recommend it...Shari, if you want to come back and go to it with me...haha, I think that would be really fun (and funny!) But seriously people...go to it!!!


I've said it before...

but I seriously CT for the most AMAZING designer ever. She totally rocks, and I love working with her. Check out this little element pack that she made (just for me btw!!!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and figure some of you volleyballers might love it too!!

Haha! They totally make me smile!


I have a big ol' post that I want to do...but I haven't found the energy yet to write it...so...just stay tuned. It will come (HOPEFULLY) really soon!



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Once upon a time...

I used to love to scrapbook. I was lucky (or spoiled, depending on which word you prefer) enough to have my own room. The summer before my junior year, my parents gave me bedroom a makeover and part of the makeover included a massive desk. PERFECT for scrapbooking...I wouldn't have to spread all my crap all over my floor (though I still did!) Well...

now that I am in my own house...I don't really have much space for all my crafting. Most of my scrapbook stuff is shoved in those plastic storage things under my little desk in my living room. The stuff I don't use as much I recently moved to our "storage" room. (pretty much the extra room in our house where we SHOVED everything that doesn't fit outside of that room...seriously, don't try to go in there. You might not come out alive!) Well...for mutual Wednesday we made recipe books using scrapbook stuff. I was in charge, so I busted out almost all my scrapbook stuff (half of which I didn't use by the way!) Well...long story short...it's still out! I have no desire to put any of it away. I am now reminded why I don't scrapbook as much anymore! (that and digi scrapping is SO MUCH COOLER!) It's just such a hassle to put things away! I mean I have SO many other things I could be doing . . . . . . . . (LOOOONG awkward pause!)

anyway..yeah..i was just reminded of that! Pretty lame, I know. I just have nothing exciting to say...well, I do...but it's more of a venting rage about certain things, and while I think most of YOU people (meaning Cokeville people) would understand...I don't know who reads my blog, so I will wait until AFTER certain things are said and done before I vent about them...I can't risk getting in trouble as I already have nightmares about it! HAHA! okay...enough making no sense to you guys!

It rained all last night, and it was awesome. I fell asleep to the rain, and woke up to the rain..(very early at 5:00! Yes...be proud of me!) plus there was snow on the mountains, and that rocked...unless you're my sis-in-law whose car window we tried to tape shut didn't work and she got a couple inches of snow in the backseat of her car! NOTE TO ALL OF YOU! If your back window doesn't roll up...don't call me or Shaina to come fix it...apparently we aren't any good! but I can't wait until the snow starts falling, and Utah people start driving even more crazy!

OH...speaking of CRAZY Utah drivers...ugh! Nearly every day on my way to practice I almost get in a wreck. The street I go onto is behind my house, and I have to make a left hand turn on a somewhat busy road (no lights!) Well, yesterday I got to the stop sign and there were three cars across the road making right hand turns (the same way I'm trying to go) So I get there, and it's busy, but the first car can go....then the second car can go...and I've been here about the same time as all three cars...which means I got to the stop sign before car #2 and car #3 FOR SURE! Well, I knew it was going to happen, but I do it anyway...there is a small gap in which I can cross and turn left, but as soon as I gun it to go...car #3 decides to go...resulting in me half way in the road with a truck coming up fairly fast...ooooooh....I was SOOOO MAD! A- I was there FIRST!!! There's no arguing it! If there are 3 cars on that side, and one on my side...I'm there before #3 for sure...RIGHT?!? and B-You would THINK that because it's easier for their side to go they would let me go...WRONG!!! I was soooo not happy! It seriously happens everyday! I can't stand it! Have some courtesy people!

....eh....maybe it's me that sucks at driving............................YEAH RIGHT!!!

That's my venting frustrations about Utah drivers. I could go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!! lol..sorry you Utahans...I'm from Wyoming, so I am a good driver...and in a recent poll by bre...Utah ranks #1 on rudest driving (ask ANYONE from Wyoming!! hahahah!!!) Maybe we should ALL think about that next time we drive....(haha)

OKay...seriously now. I'm done..this turned into a forever long, unnecessary post about nothing! I'm thinking it's time for bed for me! I'm EXHAUSTED!!
Maira Gall